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Геннадий Измайлов (UKR): как все начиналось

Геннадий Измайлов  (UKR): как все начиналось

Good day, dear viewers, our subscribers and guests of YouTube channel A2Apis
today we have a great opportunity to finally personally (not on the Internet) to meet Gennady Bonislavovich. Get to know Gennady Bronislavovich Izmailov Gennady Bronislavovich, firstly, on my own behalf and I think from many other beekeepers I would like to thank you: there are a lot of people on your videos gets a lot of valuable information. In my opinion, you one of those beekeeping speakers, the most informative, the most sensible It is interesting and pleasant to listen to you – and most importantly – useful! Therefore, first of all, many thanks! We wish you good health those millions of views that are already on the YouTube channel “Bulatov100” (Sergey Bulatov a big hello and also our gratitude) those millions of views let them increase still maybe you will be the first to get into the Guinness Book of Records with the first billion views on beekeeping. Today we are in Borispol (Ukraine) today will be a lecture (presentation) by Mr. Keld Brandstrup (DK) from Denmark. Yesterday we are in an informal setting met, talked, there were a lot of very questions but of course the main interest today is to see, hear, what he will be telling interesting about beckfast bee breeding Gennady Bronislavovich, let’s imagine that this video the first time a person will see who has never seen you before, never heard of you Please tell about yourself how did you come to beekeeping and why bees? I can’t say that I accidentally hit (in beekeeping) I was interested all my life communicate with nature. Starting from fishing some weekend (days) After graduating from the Aviation Institute, I worked in the Design Bureau, it’s in the city, a big production I was always drawn to at least the weekend somewhere (go out) to nature>>Take a break from technology?>>Yes, from a busy city, somewhere further were relatives who had a private sector (a house in the country) – hens, rabbits, etc. but I (exactly) was not very interested and there was such a case (regularity or not?) here the case also plays an (important) role Relatives lived from the city of Kharkov (Ukraine) 3 hours drive I went to the train and (saw) the tray with books lies Lies the book of the author Shabashov “If you have bees” Then it all (books) was worth a penny (inexpensive) I think I’ll buy it, I’ll read it in the train and here is a very accessible form for describing bees I was somehow interested and I caught myself thinking that I can handle this (bees)>>Immediately on the first book?>>Yes, I’m interested those. there were (outlined) the basics of beekeeping bee biology I think I have the opportunity where to put the bees and I then took in the library a large binder of Beekeeping magazines at that time it was (was) the only magazine where you could (learn) something>>The only source of information?>>Moreover (it was possible to get) operational information. Although there are a lot of books now you can get it too In general, I became interested, read found several beekeepers (started) to communicate with them but there was a problem: it was 1985-86 it was almost impossible to buy bees>>This was due to the fact that beekeeping at that time was considered a closed industry and beekeepers (not shared) or why? Apparently, the problem was (what): where my relatives lived there are good places, this is Lazovaya Kharkov region and they (places) melliferous and the people who kept the bees there, no one was breeding and selling bees Why should I sell if I am 50 kg (honey) shake, even with a hive-lounger>>And then how much was a kilogram (honey)? 3 liter can (cost) 25 rubles>>yes yes, I remember that price- This is with the average citizen (USSR) salary of 100-120 rubles? I also remember these stories, we also had a beekeeper in the village – a 3 liter jar means it cost 25 Soviet rubles It was very serious money – in fact, this is a quarter of the average monthly salary of a Soviet employee who earned according to my data 100-120 rubles>>what I clearly remember I graduated from college in 1978 and my salary was 120 rubles, plus a bonus, somewhere it turned out 160-170 rubles (per month) But it’s still an engineer Sorry, I took you away – they (beekeepers) did not sell (bees) it was hard to buy (bees) And then already in Kharkiv we have (still exists) a shop in which they changed the wax and moreover, he was in Kharkov alone where you could buy equipment, honey extractor I bought the first honey extractor for as much as 32 rubles Wow – 3 kg of honey=honey extractor? Well, one and a half 3 liter cans roughly. Was it a 2-frame (manual) honey extractor? no, 3-frame, non-negotiable (honey extractor), aluminum manual her somehow in the first season by accident drove with a friend to the bazaar, he was in a car, I say can (take) a honey extract? he says yes no problem There is such an expression – randomness is not accidental! It’s voluminous, it’s not convenient to transport it and so the car was we loaded it and took it. I bought my first bees in a person who contained bees in the city is it in Kharkov?
yes in Kharkov, he lived in a private house about half of his apiary he sold in the spring and the second half went with her on a nomad for honey there he made layering, returned them again to (the previous level) restored, in short, the apiary? those. he was engaged in both honey and breeding (bees) I came to him when in the yard (at home) the bees are standing and started to discuss the price He asked me – on what did you come? and peeps through the fence I say – by tram. he then – for you, the price is 120 rubles for bee layering somewhere around 4-5 frames (with a bee) type of bee package but I say – and how is this connected (with the price)? he says – I don’t like those who come to the Volga (a brand of an expensive car from the USSR) those price 160-170 (rubles) and those who walk cheaper for them now i can say these were daughters from a Caucasian rock formation of bees those. 1986>>Those first bees that you acquired-were they in nature-peace-loving? or such strict? Accidents are not accidental and here the question of relativity – everything is relative spiteful or not worked in a mask but for a very long time in those days there were no (beekeeping) costumes white bathrobe and mask and in summer when it’s hot swimming trunks (shorts), bathrobe and mask Here is a beekeeper costume.
those. could work they were not vicious. So (sometimes) they could sting hands everything is fine with a smoke those. within tolerance. So the first layering (bees), 120 rubles – almost a month’s salary>>4re layering (bees)
>>4re layering (bees) Have you bought? so you were a rich engineer i look? those. 4 month salary? well and how did your (beekeeping) road develop further? these 4re layering (bees) I have already transported them by then managed to acquire a (land) plot which was already closer to Kharkiv, only 25 km. and there these bees were placed and I realized very quickly that the book and the living bees are two big differences and of course I really regretted that I there was no practice. Now I would advise meet someone first (with a practicing beekeeper) and at least walk around the apiary, see because it’s very hard to plunge right away – here I brought the bees, we must open them, watch something and what to watch (unknown) I will say from my experience when you teach someone most trained people these are those who bought bees, season worked with them and they really had questions that he doesn’t know something and wants to know such people perceive information very well and they already have some (practical) questions – they ask them receive answers to them – i.e. (they) the most grateful audience those who tried and he had problems after that actually …. by the way, 1986, in which I started (bees) this is the year of the Chernobyl accident Belarusians from her (accident) also got decent so you are in the know. There was a plague of bees. from 1986 to 1987 it snowed about 2 meters those. this year nothing at all (no snow) (and then it fell) snow in the level with a fence, crossed the snow through the fence i made remember the bees April 5th from the house and snow was still waist-high hives stood in the snow and bees circled from 9 bee families I have 3 left losses of bees in Ukraine were then about 60%>>radiation? I then and now I can’t (for sure) say what the reason was but I think most of it is due to a long winter those. April flyby is not peculiar my personal mistakes were: due to the fact that the first season, I did not know that the bees have bribes (the period of collecting nectar) and development depends on it, and I could not stop those. I thought it was warm – the bees should work and in August they stop (develop) you have to cook them earlier in the winter I brought out the queens in the first year>>Is that fate apparently? there were already cuttings on my bees and I did not prepare them in the winter they were weak Well, they disappeared (perished). But still for the next season I restored everything and wintering is next 100% was.
>>Gennady Bonislavovich did someone in your life appear who helped you from the point of view of the teacher? or you “stuffed cones” (gained experience) independently we live now (the current generation of novice beekeepers) at a unique time – you can get beekeeper profession without leaving home how did you advance (forward), how did you build up your knowledge? the whole method of scientific poking (trial and error)?>>I rewind the picture a bit I said I ran into a problem due to the fact that I didn’t even have (basic) practical skills (with bees) there was no video then. Books, photographs – and that’s it if this were (video) I would be a little developed faster and therefore the role of the mentor is great and you need to try now (find a mentor) – through the video (learn) you can but it’s a little bit wrong. Mentor needed but I myself everything went I literally for the 2nd season there was a desire to communicate with people meet with (other) beekeeper people share information, experience there was one neighbor, I also tried buy bees but he so I didn’t sell them and apparently there was almost nothing to learn from him the wrong level of (knowledge) he had and actually his beekeeping ended up with I have a swarm (of bees) flew alone due to neopotnosti he (neighbor) caught him – but I didn’t take a swarm of bees and on his next wintering all the bees died one of my swarm remained (survived) then he was recovering from this swarm it took me 2 years to find a society beekeepers in Kharkov. everyone said that it seems to be there, but where exactly – no one knew but then he found people, met, 30-40 people were going there and already live communication went, I found people there from whom it was possible to (had) information there were the same meetings (beekeepers) as now
>>I understand you took over the palm and now you are actually a teacher for new beekeepers!
>>well, it didn’t immediately (happened) it was the 90th year 30 years have passed>>How many years have you been currently connected with bees? I remember clearly – this is from 1986>>1986 minus 2020 it turns 34 years – a whole life!>>In principle, after communication with Keld Brandstrup there is a little more (experience) often someone is more lucky someone used to gain access to some knowledge, to some information Going back to Keld Brandstrup and going back to your selection I know that you are breeding have you been working with beckfast lately you can say are an adherent of Buckfast bees in Ukraine for this you get “on the head” (you are criticized), as far as I know from fans of other bee breeds, but the topic Which bee is better now I suggest not to start it what do you expect from a meeting with Keld Brandstrup from today’s lecture?
>>Yesterday communication (with him) in an informal setting – it turned out so that I was almost (the main) speaker in this conversation and asked a lot of questions we didn’t touch bees much (at the request of Keld Brandctrup)
>>But nevertheless, they (questions) still concerned the bees it was still very interesting – we talked about life, but nonetheless this life is directly connected with bees, everyone is very deeply immersed participants what knowledge or impressions did you come for to this meeting (lecture) today! I will say so i am breeding there are selection methods that I’m doing say almost 30 years – it’s called “mass selection” what is (essence): we find the best (conditionally) bee family in the apiary, not paying attention on its origin – here it is (simply) the best we derive bees from her and use (her) daughters season goes by, we again highlight the group best families usually you need to ensure that they are not related and next year we again bring out the queens and so here the work goes this work for several seasons brings an increase in apiary yield by 20-25% are these 20% every season? from the start of breeding (phased) until completion?
>>by the way, say that selection can be completed – no (impossible)!
>>I agree This is a process (ongoing) If you just stop everything will return immediately (to the previous level) and we raised the issue of continuity yesterday in beekeeping – I knew a lot of people who were also engaged in such selection there it’s popular to call it (you can) – such selection and got the result (good). and as soon as this a man passed away, he always takes with him all your best practices with you another person buys an apiary water already, the bee is ready – literally in a season in 2 seasons everything dissolves the reference thread is lost breeding work and all this (results) disappears I’ve been doing Buckfast since 2011 already will be the 10th season. When we brought the first bees it turned out that bees have a pedigree!>>The acquisition of Buckfast was due to the fact that you first learned that the bees have a pedigree, they lead and control it>>I was pleasantly surprised that in addition to the mother there are lines (still) and paternal (lines) then I had to study literature, and find out that there are flying points (places for mating bees) there is artificial insemination of bees have mating control and today I can’t imagine breeding without control mating (fertilization) of bees. everything else is profanity even doing beckfast bee 10 years I have tried do artificial insemination myself – in principle, it turns out if the queen bee weighs 0.2 grams and costs 200 hryvnias, it is by weight (it turns out) more expensive than gold! so when I do artificial insemination, they turn out 4 times more expensive than gold and still quality (quality stability) does not allow make wide use of this case (method) here we are for two seasons made a flyby (bee fertilization point) at home and only its presence made it possible get let’s say conditionally controlled mating but (source) material from which we created groups of analogues, actually selecting the best from groups of analogues – you can call it breeding work. Everything else is not breeding And now we are faced with such a problem I was very pleasantly surprised that we have the opportunity to acquire material from abroad (from Europe) and this is material over which people have worked for decades, i.e. pedigree Buckfast bees are seen right up to Brother Adam those. 100 years we took this stuff I’m generally very skeptical related (earlier) to the fact that somewhere there may be better bees than mine>>Well, where can bees be better than yours? I work, I kind of do something It is common for many people to believe that they are the best when the Buckfast bees came to me, I accidentally took them moreover 6 F1 bees, they were one line kind group of analogues
>>I wonder whose material was the first?>>From Eugene Valya By the way, he seems to have already registered there in pedeegree, but have not yet posted my data good material and this predetermined that I am now engaged in Buckfast bees>>Again an accident or is it still fate?>>Not fate, but there are no accidents, maybe it turned out like this: to surprise me in breeding queen bees, in bees and now and then it was hard. although not yet passed not a single season to me who is nice not surprised. Those. every season someone pleasantly surprised?
>>Yes, it is pleasantly surprising those. I find information which I did not know before. And even yesterday chatting with Keld Brandstrup too I learned something for myself (new) By the way, your channel too – well done
>>Yes, thank you very much Gennady Bronislavovich!>>Interview with limited beekeepers (breeders)>>I thought you would say: Disabled interview))) Guys approach abroad for breeding work and with us – we still have room to grow and so here is the experience that we get from your interviews and communication with bee breeders and breeders enables us do not go smoothly up, but through a step through two steps (jump over) no need to do the work that has already (been) done by (other) people
>>And reinvent the wheel>>Yes, they say-do this and look here and here and we try these valuable tips – and (it turns out) yes, really no need to repeat dead ends and making mistakes
>>No need to bang your head against the wall, if someone has already made a door nearby, you don’t just have to enter Gennady Bronislavovich, time is running out, we need to hurry already so as not to be late for the lecture (Keld Brandstrup) returning to yesterday’s informal meeting and interesting communication with Keld Brandstrup what insights (discoveries) yesterday you heard, besides the fact that there is a problem lack of knowledge heir there is often no one to pass on breeding achievements maybe something else was a revelation for you? You probably already know who Brother Adam is. and (what is a bee) buckfast and when you sit with me and Keld (Brandstrup), who also sat with Brother Adam this already (means a lot) Чувствуется некая вовлеченность в эту среду (атмосферу) , причастность к этим людям? Большой заряд энергии я получил после того, как мне попали в руки 2 книжки – в Украине перевели 3 книги Брата Адама 2 из них, я их вычитывал! Технический перевод, построение предложения Братом Адамом… он же монахом был>>В первую очередь он был немцем по происхождению (намекаю на особый порядок слов в немецкой речи)>>Все что можно (было) сказать просто – он (излагал) с какими-то (сложными) формами я абзац брал, вычитываю, жене говорю, вот послушай фраза вот такая – я мысль чувствую, но тут какие-то есть лишние слова – и она мне сразу: это говорит монах писал я говорю – да, действительно, those. он не может сказать просто, ему нужно пафасно на что-то 3 раза ударение сделать я вычитывал книгу получается, я ее не (просто) прочел, а я ее прожил потому что даже возникали такие вопросы: читаю абзац и не понимаю о чем речь идет, пропускаю – читаю-читаю дальше а там в конце написано, вы ж помните, что я говорил – О!! вот, что было в первом абзаце! я вам открою секрет – многие абзацы приходиться перечитывать – действительно с первого раза понять их невозможно, серьезная литература такое (тяжелое) чтение…но оно очень сильно развивает, нужно делать усилия над собой Первое описание (в книге) “Испытание пчел у нас” показали тот и тот результат “у нас” -это такое было… не понятное окружение (место) и когда я уже до середины книжку прочитал оказалось, что “у нас” это четко его пасека (в аббатстве Buckfast) those. у нас это я проще написал потом “на своей пасеке” или “на нашей пасеке” и все становиться на свои места those. вы помогаете сейчас материал Брата Адама легче воспринимать и учиться на нем так получилось, что первую книжку я не вычитывал (желтая была), а розовую я уже сделал и третья (книга) сейчас уже готова, но ее еще не опубликовали Люди которые читают (сравнивают разные книги) говорят, а что так получается – тут я ничего понять не могу, а тут как-то все нормально поняв суть (что человек хотел сказать читателю) прочитав всю книжку и тогда возвращаясь к редактированию можно сделать его (автора книги) мысли более доступными Геннадий Брониславович, огромное спасибо за то, что уделили свое время, огромное спасибо, что помогаете нам приобщиться на русском языке к творениям Брата Адама я считаю, что это один из самых увлекательных авторов на тему селекции искренне желаю вам крепкого здоровья Сергею Булатову большой привет, спасибо за то, что он нас знакомит с Вами и вашими рассуждениями, мыслями вашими обучающими семинарами и видео надеюсь, что сегодня на лекции Keld Brandstrup вы получите еще много много новых знаний уедете отсюда наполненным и мы эти наполненные знания благодаря Сергею (Булатову) еще много раз и долгие годы будем видеть на наших экранах Thanks a lot! Крепкого здоровья!


а есть пасеки гибрида бакфаст в РБ, в Украине, в РФ? сколько семей? и сколько каждый год тонн меда? вот бы список почитать. мне бы штук 20 таких пасек, чтобы хотя бы картину увидеть. а не слова.

🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🐝🐝🐝🐝 Привет Вам с Харькова. Интересное интервью.

Можно купить у вас маток бакфест? Дайте ваши координаты пожалуйста

Спасибо за информативные виде.надо же мы с мужем закончили ВУЗ в 1972м.а первых две семьи тоже в 1986г мне подарили.муж был категорически против,но я выстояла.вот 35 й год и держу.всем участникам видео здоровья и благополучия!

Нозвание по немецкий не правильно с формулировано. Правильно было бы… 'Wie war der Anfang' или ' Wie es geschah', ' Wie hat er es angefangen'.

Важные замечания в конце ролика- Брат Адам прежде всего немец. И попытки перевода,без учета стиля мышления, не отягощенные некоторой подготовкой и чтением немецких философов или "Фауста" Гете, приводят к примитивизации смыслов. "…если Бакфаст не может сказать сам за себя, то он должен быть уничтожен!"- эти слова для немца естественны и исходят из стиля мышдения. Это напрямую не переложить в другие головы.Ныне он был бы за уничтожение бакфаста, так как другая сторона немецкого мышления требует сохранения не только бакфаста. Гайдар более в стиле брата Адама в этом вопросе.

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