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Рядом с DIMASH / В гостях Американец Дмитрий Лебедев об ARNAU в NEW YORK [SUB]

Рядом с DIMASH / В гостях Американец Дмитрий Лебедев об ARNAU в NEW YORK [SUB]

And so, I’ve been under two days
some kind of impression just here! As if you are stunned by such a walk
and as if rethinking everything .. Hello dear friends of the Echo of Petersburg channel! In the studio, Sasha Karelsky and Vanya Chervinsky. Friends, hello everyone!
And our special guest, who is now is with us in a straight line. His
name is Dmitry with a beautiful surname: Lebedev. He was
an eyewitness to that triumphal concert which everyone is discussing now. It was held December 10 at the Barclays Center in New York. Hello, Dmitry! Hello guys! It’s very nice to be on the same line with you, have a chat. Thank you for inviting me! I think now our subscribers will have the first question is where are you from? Tell us a little about yourself in order to keep things up to date. Well, where am I from? I was born in the city of Kustanay, this is the Kazakh USSR. Now I live with my wife in
California not so far from Los Angeles and there we live together. But in Kazakhstan I I’m very often and I’m in Russia
often passing and always therefore great. Here is my homeland! I miss. I can’t leave for good therefore, I am always at home. Here at
me mom, brother and now son is here to study in Kazakhstan school. He likes it here.
Class! Then one more question. And for how much
concert advertisement started in advance Dimasha Kudaibergen in Los Angeles? When did she begin to appear and was there at all? You know, guys, frankly, how much I was in Los Angeles – I did not see her. I specifically not looking, not looking. But when just by I drove the streets I did not see any advertising. She didn’t catch my eye. But I’m more of a homebody, so maybe I just did not notice. Dima, everyone calls
concert Dimash Kudaibergen December 10 here truly such a powerful conclusion to his fruitful year. Tell me, was he really like that? And now I want to supplement, because I know that Dima was at the Arnau concert in Nur-Sultan. And you have there is something to compare. That is, was it really the best a concert of all time? Of all times? Well, from what was in my creative or some kind of teaching, musical career, that’s what I saw and on what
I had to be concerts – well, this I did not see the delight and especially such a terrific atmosphere. Because Dimash is an amazing performer, an amazing singer, the best singer for me in general, among those that I have ever seen! Including among living and among non-living artists! But even this atmosphere at the concert, which I watched on Arnau – it is not transmitted by anything, it was simply amazing! What impressed me a lot: not only the whole organization, but I was impressed by the people who came here. This is how one family is, when you don’t know people, but there is such a code the magic word Dimash and all – went
conversation, communication took place, “and how are you first did you recognize Dimasha? “,” And what is your favorite song? “And now, literally, you can spend an hour to stand with strangers and talk, and such communication is amazing! Simply great! It seems that you are just ready to immediately invite as a friend, because it’s felt among Dimash’s fans, you know, this one the atmosphere or something like love and
what a friendship. I’m only in I noticed good churches. I will say that in
some separate churches, but nowhere else! Here, you know how a community is. Dmitry, but the fact that the Kazakhs, Russians, Chinese have long been shocked by
Dimasha is a well-known fact. That’s how did the Americans meet him? Americans .. I saw here at the concert, this is the concert that was on December 10th, so this I was surprised too. We did not expect this. My wife and I came, she’s in her own way that I’m doing YouTube channel, that I’m doing reactions to Dimash. And she did not expect. For some reason, she thought that there would be mostly people advanced age. And she says that the first thing that’s interesting is to see who will come to the concert Dimash. I asked what her expectations were. She thought older women would mostly be. For some reason, she thought that even people will be older than me. And when we arrived, we saw people mean absolutely of different ages. And 18 year old and 20 year old, mostly of course somewhere from 25 years to 55 years. Most of that age. But then again, from 25 to 55 years old people totally different! Different skin color,
different nationalities and different languages. And so we got up, guys turn in front of us and speak English. I saw people completely different. With Chinese, in Kazakh, in in Russian a lot and a lot in English, here. Everyone is talking, well, simple cool! I’m interested in this: they said that it was predicted that there would be some stars of the American show business that could to attend Dimash’s concert. They said that Justin would be. You nobody Of them not met in the lobby or in the hallway? I get it guys. I heard something about it, but here at the concert I did not see anyone from famous personalities, but some kind of talk it’s been that there are some famous people here. But I personally did not see. I was just busy with mine. You know, I immediately went closer to the scene, there began to look for a place where closer get up, from what angle I will shoot, because I was very asked by our subscribers make a video. And of course I did, posted many subscribers thank you and in this regard I am certainly very happy! As for the atmosphere, I’m even they said that when you shoot –
try to enjoy concert and at the same time for us something
take off. It’s as if one doesn’t prevented. I think I succeeded, thank God. And I also received pleasure. I have a spouse helped. She also stood, she has a camera on the iphone, and I have a samsung smartphone and here we are filming a little bit and in this respect I really liked it. As for some celebrities, I have not seen them. But they took away from us in the Ice Palace equipment immediately at the entrance to the Ice Palace itself. And how were things in Barclays Center? By the way, yes, I can say something about that, because when I went in I had a holder for the camera and me missed with this camera holder. But some of the guys who were there they say: “And how did you go with this holder? And we are not they let us in, they didn’t let us! ”That was the moment. Was it hard to break through to the stage? Because in Nur-Sultana was not suitable. And they say that there were even numbers, that is, each the number was numbered and it’s just that the scene could not be approached, because the Chinese Dears in three rows, by appointment, they took pictures. In Nur Sultan then you know I had this
the impression that Chinese fans are there it’s just that everyone has occupied
it really wasn’t easy to get through don’t get through. But in America, here in New York there’s a smaller hall, an arena smaller. There are about 40,000 spectators in Nur Sultan, I don’t remember exactly. But in America, in Barclays the center of the audience is two times less and therefore you could watch and you could even wave from the stands and one could even talk, exchange words. That is, everything is very close and could be closer to the scene
come up. And there were also fans from China, lots of! Right where I stood there were a lot of them. Here on the records that I made you can had to hear chinese fans. But still, I was close to the stage. There are literally 2-3 rows in front of me
only now the guys stood, that is, Dimash was four meters from me. That is, I saw him from close. At times it felt like when He looks at me. I thought what should I do? He is looking at me! On the one hand it’s nice but he suddenly appeared. Have you seen this concert? We looked deep into the scene there was some kind of staircase and then suddenly someone in black began to leave. Four meters from me. The girls screeched. Was great. He surprises every time, right? Picked up and left the floor. Usually coming down from above, huh? Yes, no one expected, no one warned. Suddenly he leaves. Wow! This is just such an effect. But the effects, they also certainly add such zest. But Dima, they said, and we are aware that there were several blocks. And the Russian-speaking was a block and the Kazakh was a block with Dimash and in Chinese he managed
sing. According to your version, what was the most emotional, the most touching one, where did you feel the nerve right? This is a very good question, a very unexpected question. Well this is always subjective perception, agree! You know this, it’s like a dish served with food and asked what did you like. And one will say that I have a cake, the other will tell me this .. Here is the musical kitchen – it also has such specifics that, well, for sure, here you are ask me now or ask
someone else and you probably all they will say differently, agree! But in my personal opinion, when Dimash started singing “Love of Tired Swans” as soon as the music started – right away the squeal went! That was very emotional. Everyone already knows these songs by Igor Krutoy – “Love of Tired Swans” and the rest. But the Chinese fans are certainly more reacts to the Chinese block. That is, each audience at Dimash reacts differently. After all, what is surprising is that he finds common contact with each audience. I just amazed! He says: “The Chinese, are you with me?” and they squeal! And then he speaks Russian and I look Russian here, too, screaming, speaks Kazakh and I hear that there is already the Kazakh language on the left. Another English language. That’s all! Whole the stadium reacts because English is international communication. Just great! Here I have not seen such an atmosphere at any concert! When the audience came to the artist completely from different sides, from different
territories from different continents and the artist is trying to establish communication with all categories of people, and Speaking in different languages. This is amazing! I just don’t have one artist! There was not, and never will be! Maybe it will be well, but so far I haven’t seen such an artist trying to talk, not just trying, but he really
it turns out this communication! Dima, tell me if the American audience is really natural. there were people from different countries, but
this American audience – she has special attitude? Do they express their emotions more clearly? Or just like in any other room? Well, I would compare only with Arnau. I was on two Dimash’s concerts: Arnau in Nur-Sultan
and here in New York in USA. Rather, it’s already in the USA, because I am already in Kazakhstan. Friends, I would say that although the hall was smaller size, but I would not say that here is the reaction of the audience something different. Arnau in Nur-Sultan also had an amazing atmosphere and somehow I don’t even know, there was simply a stadium in Nur-Sultan. And in New York, the stadium is smaller. Here there was a closer atmosphere, as it seemed to me, maybe due to the fact that everyone was closer to Dimash. Because those stands on a huge stadium – they mostly looked at the screen, but here it seems to me most people didn’t look at the monitor,
and they look like this times on Dimasha directly, to me
it seems even to those on the podium sat. Moreover, here we are standing very close and here he is Dimash – right next to him! You know, you can almost reach out and touch! Moreover, he often approached somehow directly to the
edge and sometimes it was possible to him touch even. We saw that
one girl there even him kissed! Yes? I have not seen this moment! He came up and she almost from the stage didn’t dragged off! Dima, were you in the fan zone or did you have a sector? We are in the fan zone! I specifically targeted to the fan zone
wanted because well first of all to me more like to be in the fan zone, I would not want
sit on a high chair, you won’t get up anywhere. I’ll tell you more guys, but at this stadium, many wanted to go down to the fan zone. Well, as if
tickets seemed to be expensive in the stands. And next to the stage – these are the most expensive tickets. So from there, some women said: “Let us go to the fan zone, we want to go to the fan zone.” But security was not allowed and Can you imagine, my wife says to me, look, they want to go to the fan zone. But they could not get through! Probably especially when the jacket flew into the hall? I knew that the trigger should fly! But I’m right in this place right
opposite stood. I say to my wife: “Look, that’s where I stood – the jacket is just there
flew in and I could catch a jacket! “. And she says: “Why did you leave, did you know that the jacket would fly?” And I say that I have a different task! I honestly forgot about the jacket, I only later remembered that she could fly there. Yes, we knew that the jacket should fly there. This is already a chip Dimash, right? Yes! Apparently Dimash is not the first jacket to fly? Yes Yes! But Arnau is on a world tour, so I think he will need a lot of jackets! Soon because of this, tickets to the fan zone will cost more! Maybe! I’m about I thought about it and I’m still wondering why tickets to the fan zone are no more expensive, and even cheaper. Because it seems to me that many fans in the fan zone – they would never exchanged a place in the fan zone! For no carriages!, No matter where they are or for any places they would not go! It seems so to me. That’s why I didn’t take a ticket to the fan zone, because it’s cheaper there! Not! What will I see or what can I
take off if i will be far away? Well, I do not! It’s as if closer and that atmosphere – it is simply irreplaceable! It is impossible to replace anything! I do not know how it is here on the seats, there is also probably good too atmosphere, but probably the fan zone is still better! Here many would like to go down even from the stands to the fan zone, but this was not possible. Then such an extreme question of our meeting to ask. After the concert we They took numerous interviews with people who were from the concert. To you with someone managed to talk? And in general, this is what people shared, what emotions, what impressions? You can in a nutshell
convey or some kind of story can to tell, which was after the concert?
You know, before the concert and after the concert it was what I already said. Well, firstly, after the concert, everyone here there was such a jubilation, all excited, all so happy. Even on concert it was visible! And this whole
the atmosphere that was at the concert, she just went out there and she
preserved and people continued to talk. Wow! I’ve always like this atmosphere! And you know, I’m two days stayed in this atmosphere and only when he left, when he was on an airplane, she gradually began to calm down. And so, I’ve been under such the impression is simple! Euphoria or what?
And here is some kind of feeling like as if you are stunned and you walk like this rethink all of this. You can in Kazakh, if convenient! Let’s switch to Kazakh! “Hello dear friends!” Write your comments, write questions. If you are interested, we will do here’s the second series with a respected Dmitry and we’ll tell you something else! Yeah friends with we were an eyewitness of the triumphal concert of Dimash ARNAU in the barclays center. Go to the original channel of Dmitry, he has there wonderful records. Enjoy and let’s be friends! Thank you guys so much! Thanks that
invited! I will gladly continue our conversation, at least for the second time, at least for the third time and let’s to be friends of course! We have already made friends! We still made friends on Arnau in Nur-Sultan, where did you come from St. Petersburg and it was very nice to talk with you, meet and become acquainted! Thank you very much Echo of St. Petersburg! I’m in the next video, of course I’ll also invite everyone to your channel so that they also watch here is this video and your channel, by the way I’ve subscribed to it for a very long time! I really like your channel guys! Thanks! Thanks! See you soon! rakhmet


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Какое видео! Ё моё Смотрела не отрываясь,требую продолжения,молодцы ребята,вы просто

Мой любимый канал! Как приятно вас слушать ,Иван,Александр! Спасибо за приглашение Дмитрия Лебедева,очень достойный человек ,замечательно передал атмосферу Нью Йорского концерта Димаша ! Всем здоровья и прекрасно встретить Новый год ! Пусть он принесет ещё больше успехов вам всем и каналу "Эхо Петербурга"! Жду продолжения общения канала с Дмитрием и другими яркими поклонниками Димаша.

Спасибо большое ребята!Но позвольте сказать вот о чем.Очень плохо работает Пресс служба Димаша. Почему не провели Пресс конференцию в Нью Йорке для американских журналистов?Телевидение местное пригласить…Да,зал был полон,у Ди много поклонников,dears,но …Пресс служба должна выполнять свою работу,так ,как того заслуживает Мировая звезда.Это недоработка,я думаю.

Дмитрий, вы очень толерантный, спасибо за исполнение Аққуым и коментарии о концерте ДИМАША

Дмитрий Рахмет сізге Нағыз Жанкүйер..👍💕💔💔💚❤❤🎤🎸🎶🎶🎵🎺🎺🎻🌸🇰🇿💋


Уа алейкум салам уа рахматуллахи уа баракатуһ
Уважаемые, Рахмет.
Ждем вторую часть. С вами так хорошо пообщаться.

Ребята , так приятно за вами наблюдать )))) Вы такие классные! Вот что делает Димашемания!

Супер интервью! Дмитрий Лебедев – класс!💋💞💞💞👍👍👍👍👍

Очень добрые и душевные люди , интеллигентные и искренние ! Пишите и снимайте побольше , любим и уважаем Вас !

I was not as fortunate as to be as close as our friend. We were by the stage where they played the Dombra's and Dimash was harder to see than anticipated. The only time we got a good look was when they were playing Dombra's and even then Dimash looked the other way! That was disappointing but the concert most certainly was not. It was WONDERFUL.

Молодцы ребята, приятно было слушать вас, слежу за вами и очень хочу еще раз послушать господина Лебедева.
С наступающим Новым Годом, пусть будет радость ваша полная.

У меня внуки любят Димаша, послушали его и теперь просят включить песни Димаша. Он МИРОВАЯ ЗВЕЗДА! Все любят за доброту и воспитанностьДИМАША !Спасибо, Эхо! Побольше таких роликов, ребята!


Здравствуйте, ребята!
С наступающим новым годом!
Спасибо Диме за интересный рассказ.

Здравствуйте! Отметьте, что казахстанский американец.😄😄

Спасибо вам, Это отличная идея пообщаться с очевидцем концерта! Такие ощущения и эмоции передались будто сама там побывала! Это здорово!

Спасибо,Эхо Петербурга!Вас слушать всегда интересно и приятно,и гостей Вы приглашаете, близких по духу,с которыми и Вас, и нас объединяет любовь к Димашу,как к певцу и как человеку.Спасибо Дмитрию за его беседу,за видео,ждём продолжения.Успехов вам,ребята и с наступающим НГ!👍🙏

Вы светлый человек Дмитрий Лебедов! Спасибо за все хорошие высказывания и за Ваше видео! Не понимая ни одного слова , 11 дек,с утра в поиске какого нибудь видео с концерта, наткнулась на видео Карли Роуз,ее видео смотрела до конца,как будто понимаю и знаю английский!… Достаточно было увидеть ее восторг!.. Потом только смотрела полностью Ваше видео

"Эхо Петербурга" и Вам спасибо! С меня лайк и подписка! И у Вас обоих голоса добрых отзывчивых людей!

Me encantó el programa de hoy, aunque ya he visto muchos programas sobre Dimash en NY, el de ustedes es el mejor como siempre!!!! Los disfruto mucho, ojalá que cuando Dimash venga a México 🇲🇽 puedan venir, me encantaría saludarlos en persona!!!!💖🎶🇲🇽

ООО ребята молодцы мы так ждали ваши совместные видио спасибо вам за Димаша

Дмитрий без акцента сказал на казахском, молодец! Очень приятный, интеллигентный человек. А вам ребята спасибо большое. Ждём продолжения.

Дмитрий ,большое спасибо, за Ваш комент.приятная и живая беседа!

Всем привет!!! Ребята спасибо за интервью! Дима переодически смотрю вас на вашем ютубканале!!! Вы классный!!

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