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Стол из СССР с АУДИОСИСТЕМОЙ! Поясни за Инсталл 3. Дима vs Tchernov Audio

Стол из СССР с АУДИОСИСТЕМОЙ!  Поясни за Инсталл 3. Дима vs Tchernov Audio

Hi, everyone!
Loud Sound here. This is an unusual review.
Install Showdown with Dima Bekrenev
of Boombox Studio, as promised. It’s unusual for a million reasons, right? For one, a sound quality system
will be ut up at Loud Sound. And it will be done
not by someone random but– Wait, let me just. This is not the complete list, is it? I had to write it down.
Well, this is the shortlist, right? The system will be put up by: 2015 Europe Champion – SQ Expert (!),
Europe Runner-up – Multimedia, Lacked a bit.
[D]: The winner was my client. [D]: My client won the first place there. So, you put that system together, too?
[D]: Yeah. Europe was all his 2013 Champ of Russia – SQ Expert,
Tuning, EMMA Racing – he’s a decent driver, too. 2014 EMMA Racing – Champ of Russia 2014 Runner-Up – SQ Expert, You only go up as Expert, do you?
Amateur wouldn’t be that fair, right? [D]: The highest class, right. 2014 Bronze for Amateur Multimedia and SQ Expert 2015 Bronze for Multimedia 2.0 Just so you know, I
am the Champ of Russia in Rookie 3-Channel [D]: You’re a two-time champion! [D]: Hey, you were Amateur Unlim.
– That was SPL. [D]: Yeah, in SQ you
won a competition on a series. You’ve been asking for SQ a lot. The sys is not top-shelf,
won’t cost you kidneys Its main idea is
an affordable hardware set one you could take out
for a joyride round the town, and take it out
for a competition. With good settings. [D]: With this system,
provided quality installing and setup, [D]: you can do pretty well
at competitions. [D]: Sure, you’re unlikely
to do it in higher classes [D]: but mid-scale classes –
you got it. Okay, step in here.
So, this is Dima. I intended to introduce him
but he stepped in ‘cuz I don’t know all of it.
He’s here to help me. He’ll be putting it up.
We, of course, will butt in. We couldn’t let Dima do Machete so we have a JBL Partybox.
Courtesy of the JBL guys. We’ll torture him with it today and an even more quality device You should know
this isn’t just a cassette player. This could be the first time
in the LS history that we do this. We’ve had everything –
HUs, CD receivers, MP3 players, DACs but this is the first ever case that we have a magnet player. And we even got
a real cassette by Sector Gaza. Cool, huh? Now, this is sound quality, guys. This episode will have
fewer rules. I’ll explain why. For one, Dima came
with his own toolset. And we’re allowing it. For two, Dima came
with an assistant. There is Ian. And we’re allowing him, too. You may think it’s ‘cuz
he’s championed everything there is. Well, no. That’s not it.
Sometimes I’d drop by at Dima’s and ask him for, like,
scrap wire pieces when I lacked a bit to my sub. God, you f*ckin beggar,
must be what Dima thought to himself but to me, he’d give the wires.
Those were mostly Tchernoff, right? [D]: I mean, it was flattering. [D]: There was a time when he’d come
and spend hours at my place every day [D]: Well, sure, why buy
yards of wires [D]: if I always have cut ends.
I would share them happily. [D]: See? It wasn’t all for nothing. [D]: The horse grew off the feed.
– He just called me a pony. Anyway. Remember you gave me
Tchernoff Audio? Here, I’m giving it back. [D]: Thanks!
– One time, there was a case when Dima gave me Cuprum Original.
You would’ve sold your soul for a piece then. They had Classic, Junior,
Cuprum Original back then. Different classes of wires.
And this Cu Original was a super top-shelf thing. And Dima would really share when I needed a piece for my system,
he would give it to me. I don’t remember if I paid back. What I wanna say is
half of my systems were put up near Dima’s atelier. By me or by him (like half of them). Some were dome 100% by Dima. [D]: Some I just mentored. So, you get it.
This is gonna be a cozy video. New Year’s Special, I guess.
‘cuz. [D]: At least Christmas. It’s about 2 weeks till New Year so I’m guessing you’ll see it
right about that time. We’re gonna have lots of stories
while Dima will be putting this up. I think that will be
our main challenge to you. You’ll have to listen. [D]: Yeah, the biggest problem is distractions. [D]: Any distraction
breaks off your concentration. There will definitely be
tricky questions to SQers. SPLers love asking SQers questions. Like, Why do you need 0 Ga? What for?
I’ll ask it later. When you’re putting it up,
I will ask: Why do you need a 0 Ga cable in an SQ? The feed wiring, like the acoustics,
are Tchernoff, power cables are also Tchernoff. This system composition
is an SQer’s dream, tbh. Back at my time, Tchernoff +
Hertz + Audison was to die for. For the HU, we have today Pioneer
and more! The additional head will be a surprise. [D]: Let’s call it a sound source.
The Pioneer will be the actual HU, [D]: but we’ll also have
a sound source for the hi-res. And what that is you’ll find out later on. Let’s first check the system. So, Dima, tell us the point, the idea. And a few words
about the components. [D]: You start any system
from considering what it’s for. [D]: This here is for competing.
For successful competing. [D]: Systems following the classic
3-way + sub pattern, have more chances. [D]: For the front acoustics,
we’ll use Hertz’s new product – [D]: Cento CPK-165. [D]: The box contains
a 2-component system. [D]: On top of it, we’ll have
mid-range speakers [D]: that will provide us with the very mid. [D]: The bass set starts
with a 10″, a competitive classics. [D]: A 10 has an advantage over a 12″. [D]: We can comment on that
if you need. [D]: The speakers will receive the signal
from this wonderful machine. [D]: It’s processor+amp combo. [D]: This lil’ box has
8 amplification channels [D]: which you can bridge,
and a 9-channel processor. [D]: The 9th channel
is for the monoblock. [D]: ‘cuz it’s no good practice
feeding both the front and the sub off one amp. [D]: So, we have a special amp for the latter. [D]: It’s a monoblock
that’ll cover the task. So, this is 310 W @ 1 Ohm. What is the sub, Dima? Sorry, we have 540 @ 2 Ohm
and 310 @ 4 Ohm. An audacious claim
considering the size. [D]: You have the tool
to measure consumption. Have you seen what’s happening
to the poor tool? Here. I’m signing mugs on it. This is the world’s most advanced
amp testing stand and we use it as a photo background
and a mug signing station. We’ll test these, I think. You know I’ve always been skeptical
about power claims. But some tinies back it up. [D]: To switch between sound sources –
of which we have two – [D]: we’re using an Audison DRC. Is it nice? ‘cuz this thing
should be somewhere in plain sight. [D]: Looks nice. [D]: It allows you to switch between presets
and sources and control levels. Levels as in?
[D]: General volume and the sub volume. [D]: The components are clear. You’re all looking at these pieces.
We’ll get back to them a bit later. But now, some interesting stuff. Let’s say a few words
about the wiring. [D]: Tchernoff Audio Cable Standart is.
– Standart? I remember they had Classique [D]: Yeah well, the company policy changed.
They issued new product lines. [D]: And so now
they gave us some wires. [D]: I’ll be honest I’ve never worked
with these ones. So these are new?
[D]: It’ll be interesting. [D]: These are not fresh-off
but I usually work with higher classes. [D]: But they’re perfect
for this system. And, like I said, acoustic
and power wiring. Tchernoff Audio cables
have always been of great value in caraudio. They say Tchernoff wires were used
in the Russian space shuttle. Is it true? [D]: Many technologies to produce these cables
were adopted from the military industry. [D]: This is the reverse situation –
technologies came from the military to caraudio. If you’re watching this video
and your last name is Tchernoff or if you sell Tchernoff, were the wires used in rockets or did the wires use
the military and space technology? Okay, we forgot to mention the table. I’m not gonna say anything about it,
I’m just gonna do this. [Meme Alert]
[Soviet foldable New Year Table meme] [D]: A sound so familiar that it hurts!
– Yeah, everyone just had a throwback. Sounds like New Year, right?
[D]: I wasn’t joking about the pain. Yeah! You’d hit your knees carrying this.
[D]: Or hurt your feet. It was very painful.
And it would flap all the way. If you had one of these, you know it.
[D]: Oh, how many fingers were pinched. If you’ve never carried this table
you don’t know what true New Year is. I spent half my childhood
under this table. I built a fort under here.
I hung a blanket here, had some lamps. This is where I got my first electric shock.
I remember that moment. Remember those metalhead lamps? [D]: Table lamps?
– Yeah. Everyone had one. In the USSR, everyone had the same things.
When I say ‘lamp’, Dima knows what I mean. It had this awful lamp base. I screwed out the bulb
and was sitting down there playing with toys and the bulb. Ah, the button was broken
so I would screw the bulb in and out. So, I took it out
and put it somewhere and then shoved my fingers
right in the base. Okay, we covered the hardware.
Now, a few words about these. Dima insisted on these.
I said, in this show, you DIY your butt off. So, you got it.
Dima’s got no rules. [D]: A regular ring simply cut out
with a file or a fret-saw doesn’t work here. [D]: Here, you see a funnel. [D]: The ring’s diameter is 141 mm (5.55″). This should make it more visible. See? This wall is at an angle. [D]: The speaker has
the fitting diameter of 141 mm. [D]: This part is wider – 156 mm. [D]: 15 mm may not seem a lot
but in quality audio everything matters. [D]: Why you all the details? [D]: Often installed speakers
play not low enough [D]: or the mid-range is twangy. [D]: It’s simply the tunnel effect. [D]: They make huge podiums,
very tall sitting slots. [D]: The speaker has no space. [D]: Please, remember – a speaker’s backside
should be as open as possible. [D]: No air retention.
Speakers go up AND down. [D]: For the downward motion,
the air should go sideways unhampered. [D]: Hence the funnel. [D]: The mids and the tweeters
demand a different approach. [D]: The mids are most often
installed in crafted podiums. [D]: In this video, we can’t show you
how a podium is made. [D]: I recommend you use rougher and –
note! – non-magnetic materials. [D]: Aluminum is your best choice here. Dima, could you do us a tiny favor?
[D]: What? Start a YouTube channel. You’re like an encyclopedia.
That info is trivial for you. And you, I’m sure, are thinking,
‘My God, Dima knows so much!’ If we tell all that in our video
it will last for 2 hours. You do have Instagram, tho, right? [D]: Yes. That I do. This is not us promoting Dima.
Although we are doing it in this video. It just comes with the thing. But I have a ton of questions right now.
I mean, I know you have those questions. Here’s his Instagram.
DM him your questions. I can foresee
a lot of ‘fun’ questions coming up. Please, don’t ask Dima
what sumboofer will pump it. Ask your questions about podiums
and aluminum rings. I’m sure if there are too many questions,
he’ll start making short tutorials on Instagram or start a YouTube channel. So this is. Here. You gotta know
that nothing’s changing. Kuzya has the best time so far.
But we’ve decided to forget the time. We can never start
‘cuz we always want to talk more. We’re not finishing it today, are we? [D]: My plan was to do it in one day,
provided no distractions. I will distract you. [D]: It’s nice of you
to mention my Instagram, Alex, [D]: but I have a lot more information
and interaction on my Drive2 page. [D]: Su, guys, I suggest
you subscribe to my page there. [D]: Moreover there’s
my personal blog there [D]: where I cover installs
including Alex’s cars. [D]: And finally there’s my own car’s page. [D]: I am preparing it for competitions.
I hope to take it out in 2020. [D]: And I’ll try to succeed. [D]: Oh, there’s also a tweeter cup. [D]: We’re not likely
to use it in this system, [D]: I’m just showing it to you. Why aren’t we using these? [D]: There are original
plastic cups in the box. [D]: They’ll be quicker and easier to fix
on this wonderful New Year’s table. So, we’re starting. Dima and Ian are starting.
Arty and I don’t know what we’ll do yet. We will unpack this Partybox, right? [D]: Please, step back. This table was supposed
to hurt someone. I’m gonna be fair. We got it and I’ll say
what I think of it. It really is a good device. If I got a Ravon (Daewoo) as a gift —
tbh, they wanted to give me one — You don’t even know what it is. I got an offer:
review a Ravon car – get a Ravon car. If I were driving a Ravon and saying,
‘Hey, look, I got a Ravon so I’m promoting it’ I still wouldn’t know what to say. What is there to say? Let’s cut the wait
and open it. For one, they have a claim of 1 kW. 1.1 kW it is. That’s one bold claim.
Doesn’t sound unreachable, tho. when Sony Xplods claim 1300 W Come on. I folded here. Dima’s heard my systems
play Metallica quite a few times. We’ve spent a lot of hours
on competitions. Oh, I’m gonna tell
how we met. Dima needed to go to competitions
and I needed – noise proofing was it? [D]: Actually, in all videos,
you’ve been telling not my version. [D]: Maybe I should tell it now? [D]: I got a car quite late
and when we met I didn’t have one at all. [D]: I was a judge then, and I had
to get to competition somehow. [D]: So you came to me to get a service.
I delivered that service [D]: You even paid me.
– But I didn’t have money! You said you’d do it for less money or for free
but you need it to get to Voronezh. [D]: I think it was a discount. [D]: Plus, it has always been considered
good manners when a participant [D]: gives a lift to their installer
who doubles as a judge. [D]: So, you got quite a few perks. [D]: You had someone
to keep you company, [D]: plus, we set your sys up
the night before the competition. [D]: And I got a free ride — Wait! Not exactly like that. The day before the competition
we finished installing. The setting was done on the day. Dima clicked a few things,
and I got my forst cup. Imma bring it. This is my first cup. It was then.
[D]: Yeah, it took us a couple hours. I took Dima to Voronezh,
and he fixed my proofing or something. Or did he replace the HU? And he set the EQ there. I got in,
said, Something sound off. Let’s fix it. He said, leave it. So I learned settings
for competing and for daily are not the same. Competitive SQ may not be
suitable for daily use simply ‘cuz the evaluation CD
may be far from what you listen to. I don’t know whose version is right.
It was all the way back in 2007 [D]: We both got what we wanted.
You came and scored the cup. [D]: Your intention was
to win with sound pressure. Nah, the pressure thing
started next year. [D]: You were aiming at pressure!
You head two Rs! [D]: SQ was your side performance.
And we beat everyone in SQ. Okay, let’s check some photos.
This is my install of back in 2007. I don’t remember the Rs, tho.
Ah, right! Two in an enclosure! [D]: Two Rs, I’m telling you. Oh, right! It was twice important
‘cuz I met the Stradivarius there! They saw those Rs in the enclosure
and made me a bass reflex and raised the level from 137
to the crazy 140-something, 144 dB, I think. 145 dB for a sedan was out
in the stratosphere back then. And amp was a 2-channel
AB-class SoundStream with a bridge. Alex Tarasov patched it up for me
to keep it from going to safety. That was radical! I said,
I need it not to switch off of high temp. He fixed it but later
I would find drops of solder on the amp’s bottom. It would heat up so much
the tin would drip down. Hey, gotta read up.
We’re like chimps with this bracelet. It is for something
but we don’t know what yet. It’s lit up.
It might be the remote. It might measure your pulse.
But it has no plate so I doubt it. Maybe it does
and akes it blink in sync Whoa! This is what they said.
The whole space is lit up. Not just the balls. You can rest
your phone or tablet here! Let’s press here. Look. Dima! [hungry whale sound]
What’s this? Where’s the volume? You’re stuck, man. I’ll start the Sector Gaza cassette.
Hey, and you can DJ. Whoa! Can you imagine, Dima? -It’s got the guitar, drums,
piano, sound effects. -And you can make an assembly. Press this button a few times. These will be different effects?
– Right. And you can even record this. -These are the drums. Here. Hold this.
I will put up my show now. -The bracelet reads gestures. Lemme try it. Alright. Dima, you comfortable? [D]: So far so good. I’m just not done composing.
You’ll witness my genius now. Dima, I am really sorry for this.
But we’re just getting started. [A]: You can start Sector Gaza
and mix it up. Awesome. I thought this was
just a speaker with toy buttons and this is a full-scale
music station. In the meantime – while we
were reading the manual – Dima finished installing
the mid-ranges and the subwoofers. [D]: The mids are fixed already.
– These you’ll screw in right? See? Dima gives no damn.
He can do it on a New Year’s table. Let’s see what’s behind.
We got a bass-reflux here. Comments with ‘It’s reflEx coming in 3, 2.’ Have you checked this curve? – Wow! It’s bent! Exactly. We got RCA ins and out,
a 3.5 mm AUX Left/right for setting
a real stereo with two of these. One can be L
the other one R. Or both L. Or two separate monos. Gains. For the mic and the guitar. And that’s it. Where’s the guitar input?
Ah, there it is! Hey, Denny, check out
the song I wrote. Can you play along? I composed it just now. Something you’ll never do
‘cuz you don’t have the ear. – I just don’t do drugs. Okay, let’s cut it.
Let’s plug in the guitar. Grab your pipe,
we’ll play music now. So we’ve checked out the speaker.
It is awesome but it is not cheap. It costs about 56,000 rubles. Look at this fire. So cool! Alright. Let’s get to the point. We’re here to do serious stuff so it’s time to plug in the guitar.
You remember how to play that pipe thing? What’s up with your wiring here? [D]: The peculiar part
in plugging this amp in is this slot. [D]: You don’t have your usual terminal
with a wire or a plug and a bolt to clamp it. [D]: This here is a Molex
wich is both good and bad. [D]: Being small the amp is usually
hidden in hard-to-reach places [D]: where you can’t always control
the connection reliability. [D]: With a terminal, you know
your wires won’t fall out of it. I’m being hypnotized
by this thing while you talk. – You can wave, too. – Try up and down. Look, it’s a piano! Dima must like me.
[D]: So, what’s the wristband for? Dunno. But this gives something. But not always. Gotta learn to use it somehow. – We should ask a traffic policeman. And you’re like – YAS! Where’s the beat?
I need some beat. Let’s change. Dima, tell us how things are going. [D]: We got a very convenient car.
It’s easy to install in it. We must have hit him bad.
He thinks this is a car. [giggling] I told them to get pot.
The morons got bath salts. I’m kidding. Dima has his own approach.
Kuzya laid the wires on top of the table, Tigran drilled holes. Dima is no vandal or Kuzya. So he’s just pulling them down. This is a unique install. I doubt
you’ve seen anything like it before. I can see the amps are fixed,
the speakers are all fixed. The mid-ranges are not fixed yet. The tweeters are fixed. I am about to do
what many have dreamt of. I will assess an install
done by a judge. How many. well, not lives.
How much nerve have you, Dima, ruined? The Kharchenko brothers
in Moscow had to take out the box. They only gave the guys
two minutes to fix it all. Can you imagine? They had a fuse they had to show
or something. [D]: It was one minute. They had to take the huge box out,
unscrew the subs. That was epic! They held a tiny grudge
against Dima that day. Alex, Yuriy, if you’re watching this,
that was all him! If you forgot. They may not be grudgy,
but I forget nothing. Well, that’s what a judge does. [D]: You can’t imagine how many
real competitors thanked me [D]: for finding all their flaws
during the locals [D]: so that when they got to the finals,
they were sure of the install and lost 0 points. That, of course, is very true.
I’m just mocking you here. There have been tons of arguable moments. I’ve always tried to screw the destiny over.
Remember the carpet cover? I once read this scary piece
in the EMMA rules: ‘Hidden installation elements
are not being judged.’ They just give you max points
by default. I just pulled some carpet
on my trunk. And Dima here was the judge. Oh, wait, no. You were
the Head judge. They came to you later. The judge comes up, says,
‘Take off the carpet’. I’m like, No. I have an install under it. He says, ‘How do I evaluate it, then?
– You don’t. The rules say you don’t evaluate
the hidden elements. Gimme max points. I have a picture of it. I used some scotch tape
to make a huge + sign on it. I stuck a +
and said it’s my install. The judge called Dima
and I think I got the upper hand there. Well, they told me
to show it. Just to make sure it’s okay. But I did get max points. Later we found out
in Europe, those rules are absurd. Some lawyers read those and then you the right door open
for the measuring, per rules, But the rules do not forbid
covering the doorway with armor. Dima’s not reacting to me.
He realized the talks are too distracting. Okay, so, the pipe almost. made Denny black out today.
He can’t play the thing. So this is what we’re doing today. Gimme some beat. – Bad music.
Really. It’s terrible. I can play Leroy Brown. Look! [We don’t think you can] I don’t. Dima can handle anything
perfectly. I sometimes think he’s. You’re a better musician than Denny. Where are you, Denny!
Come here! Wait, no. Don’t blow. Look. Now go! This I was hoping
to make more about caraudio. With Tigran, everyone said
there was too much trolling, too little caraudio. [D]: We’re only doing caraudio. [D]: There are 3 wires
along each of the sides so far. [D]: Mid-bass, tweeter and the mid-range. [D]: Now we need to connect these
to the wires from the Audison connector. [D]: Since we’re
twisting the wires together, [D]: I recommend you clean up 3
or even 4 cm (1.2-1.6″) before you start. [D]: What I usually do
and can vouch for to installers [D]: I suggest you connect your speakers
to the amp last. [D]: When the speaker is already hooked up,
we first check with a battery [D]: if there is power at all,
the polarization, We can see some movement, too.
[D]: We check for short circuits. [D]: I’m checking the mid-range. Look: the + wire on the battery’s + side the + connector here.
The speaker should go up. This is how you should check all speakers:
three +s here, and + to + on the speaker. If it’s all correct,
your speaker should go up when you connect the + wire
to the battery’s +. [D]: One more hint.
Many people use duct tape. [D]: Despite all the logic,
the insulation – or duct – tape is no insulator. [D]: I recommend you use
heat shrink tubes. How come insulation is no insulation? [D]: Well, it’s not reliable. Can we get
a short circuit thru duct tape? [D]: Let me rephrase.
Your car is not a house. [D]: At home, the tape insulates well
but here we have a lot of moving parts. [D]: There’s friction,
temperature and humidity go up and down. [D]: In this case, use heat shrink
just to make sure. Can you imagine the hell
in the comments now? Insulation doesn’t insulate?
– Duh! Comment crap+fan time! [D]: Just remember that tape
is more prone to water leaking thru, [D]: which breaks contact.
And it tears easily. [D]: You can insulate it with tape
but a slight pull would break the connection. So, use heat-shrink only!
Which you can buy at I’ve never used it, tbh.
Well, I used what I got. And when there’s nothing,
you get some off of where there’s plenty. The best way is to use insulation
with heat-shrink, some rags, scotch tape, snakeskin and never ever
connect it to a feed source. Then you’re 100% safe. That’s sorted. Now, here.
Arty read the manual. Turnes out, a double clap
is one sample. You can choose which. Twisting changes the light.
I mean, the thing is dope! Can you imagine the aftershock
of this partybox? You take it to some countryside
just to listen to music Two bottles of vodka later,
with this, you’ll be a DJ village. He-e-ey! I will play now! Set a beat sample,
then one more sample turn on the guitar,
then put on your jam over Bluetooth and everyone can see
that not only you have great taste but you’re also good
with instruments and a DJ station! This is basically a DJ station. Especially for wasted people. Okay. Let’s promote
duct tape now. What brand? [D]: No, no, no. We won’t!
– Kuzya’s at Dima’s neck asking the brand. Why not?
[D]: There’s too little tape left. Oh, you don’t know
where to buy more, either. And people in other cities?
Kuzya, you like it? This is some installer thing. Vinnie. Vinny Vinytape? I made this!
Didn’t you know? [OST – Mission: Impossible] Dima, can you set this one later? When you’re done with the processor. [D]: Does it have an interface?
– Sure! A 5-band EQ. You don’t show an unfinished job to a fool.
But you’re no fools, so look. Something beautiful is happening. So what about the twistings?
I missed it over the whole thing. [D]: Nothing extra there.
– Just twisted wires, huh? But in general, do you use solders?
[D]: I prefer to go without any tin. [D]: For a bunch of reasons.
For one, the flus is hard to wash out. [D]: You need to wash it out
very thoroughly. [D]: If you don’t wash the flus off,
it may destroy the wire over time. [D]: Better avoid that. [D]: Pure copper works
wonderfully on pure copper. Comment Crap+Fan – 2.
The Return of the Tin SQer. Or are there none left?
I remember Stinger. With the tin and stuff. [D]: Many may ask why the hell
would you solder wires in speakers? [D]: Amps are all soldered, [D]: the terminals are soldered,
RCAs – all soldered [D]: but all of that is done in-house
and the wash it out thoroughly [D]: unless it’s real low-quality. [D]: Here, in a garage or a studio
you can’t wash it that well. We gotta mention the wires. This is the first out of the 3
Install Showdown episodes with real copper wiring. We’ve always taken
aluminum for the example but the guys from Tchernoff –
we ran it by them – said no. Even though
the system is efficient even if it’s merely for an example, image is crucial.
There should be quality copper wiring. What happens now is
Dima needs a remote. What is this rem, Dima? Aluminum? Really? Here. [D]: Do you have gloves? Right. Dima’s allergic to the word ‘aluminum’. Aluminum is great
when your cellphone’s framed with it. But you should never use it
in wires. I oxidises and– What did you bring? [I]: These are end pieces.
We got two kinds. I just mentioned the system is hi-end,
and there we go. We can spoil anything.
Even this Audison-Hertz-Tchernoff masterpiece. Here. Dima brought an aluminum remote. Any system should have
a tiny piece of anti-caraudio in it. Everything is perfect here,
from the composition down to the table. Something’s so beautiful
and attractive here but I can’t grasp what. Is it the glossy cables
or the nice distributor? Or all of it? But the looks are just. Cool, right? There’s a box on top. [D]: And some colorful fuses. Dima just told a story. I thought
I would do the next one. You’ve been asking for IS with me. Dima told a great story.
Please tell it to show what I’m like. I didn’t know it.
[D]: I was shocked! [D]: I was used to treating
components with respect. [D]: One time Alex and I were installing
a Pioneer 88 in one of the Fords [D]: And – for some reason –
we were hooking it up to the stock amp [D]: And Alex goes like: Look!
Locks the acoustic wire to the body, [D]: then acoustic outs
to each other [D]: the amp fail-safes
then restores. I was shocked! So there were a few sparks, so what?! I keep telling it’s nothing.
No one believes me. Don’t do that, though! I don’t know what the HUs are like now.
The 9855, he ’53. The 88, both of them. All of them could handle it. Not sure what happens to the modern ones.
We lock the amps together via acoustics, too. The amps have a higher death chance, tho. With HUs, when it’s simple
and the music’s off, what’s the harm in locking it?
There’s barely even feed in there! We missed the moment!
What are you doing, Dima? And why? Dima’s charging the capacitors. [D]: I want to draw your attention.
This is how long our + wire is. [D]: Because we want to put
the battery down on the floor. [D]: Always remember to install a fuse
somewhere on the wire after the + connector. [D]: No farther than 40 cm (16″) from the connector. [D]: Some of you know this, some don’t.
I’ll remind you. [D]: The power supply units of the amps
and the HU, there are capacitors. I installed this here. [D]: There are capacitors
which have low resistance. [D]: And the first time there’s feed
they kind of short circuit [D]: This is familiar to those
who hooked up an amp [D]: and fit the + straight to the battery.
– I did. [D]: Alex has done it.
– 100% of times. [D]: But all manufacturers recommend
you charge your systems first. [D]: You can use a bulb for it.
Now, how do you do it? [D]: To charge a bulb, you put one wire
to the battery’s + connector, [D]: the other wire to your system’s wiring. [D]: Once you connect, the bulb flares up
and then just slightly beams. [D]: Once the bulb is done flickering,
you can connect it. There was a spark!
[D]: Because the HU was feeding. Btw, the HU is 91 today.
While we should have the 92! The 92 is the coolest ‘cuz it’s newer. And we
don’t have newer ‘cuz someone forgot to order it! But Pioneer should know
that we used their HU. This ain’t no sh*t, eh? Well, Kuzya, it has been about 4 hours
with a processor. Yeah, we should’ve done
the time thing. The system is on. Dima’s taken out his laptop.
So will you finish today? [D]: Nay, we’ll keep filming tomorrow. I am filming now.
[D]: Ah, okay. No Astel&Kern=( We wanted the player.
[D]: We’ll get it, no worries. I forgot the player
and Arty forgot the wire. So, unfortunately, there’s only
Alex the Lowerer’s thumb drive. And a Pioneer HU We wanted a taste of audiophilia here. Well, the sound is nice
off the first run. But you gotta direct it, right?
[D]: Sure. No point otherwise. It plays into the ceiling.
Well, you can bend over like this. I haven’t seen this. What is it?
[D]: It’s new software. I have this Helix to set up tomorrow.
So I thought maybe they have changed it. Is this a new upgraded interface or something? [D]: Yep. New software for this amp. Let me remind you,
we have a combo device. So, one channel is Well, we’ll go through this. We wanna go home today. And, yeah, we’re not in the mindset
for explaining figures and setups. And we still wanna hook the player up. So we’ll go get some sleep
and for you, it’ll be – how many seconds? [K]: 3.
– I always say 3. Pick a different number. Two? Okay. Two, one —
[D]: Well, look here. [D]: We can move the legs
so it can balance on them. Dima is a true SQer. He is seriously considering
what would be the better way to test the table. This is exemplary work.
Well, Dima, this is so you. Did you seriously
overdirect the tweeters? [D]: Of course. When I was fitting them
I was thinking of where the sound would go. Okay, let’s say a few words
about the system we got here. We can simply
relocate all of this into a car and we won’t need anything extra.
Well, apart from podiums. We got all the wires, all components.
A few words about the head. This is a good one, 9100.
There’s a better 9200 but we don’t have it. Hi-quality audio components –
whatever that means from Pioneer’s claim maybe they meant the DAC. It’s very likely to be that. The market’s not crazy about them
but it wants it. People don’t know what DAC is
bit Pioneer calls it ‘Hi-quality audio components’. It has a decent 13-band
channel-on-channel. Equalizers. Wi-Fi!
Did you know about it? For Apple Carplay, yes. CarPlay and Android
support display mirroring. USB, CD, SD, HDMI. This thing has everything there is.
[D]: Except for casettes. Flac 24/192. For some reason.
I don’t know why they have the 192. I don’t know who can hear that.
Reads any video formats. And it even has – try it! –
a detachable panel! [D]: This one?
– Yeah. Dunno. [D]: Yes! It drives here,
and you can take it off. [D]: Whoa! It’s anti-theft.
21st century is here. Well, yeah. Well, in the 21st century you
can’t get into a car without breaking the glass. Which costs more than the HU. For an additional source –
or what did you call it yesterday? [D]: Sound source. We have HU
and a sound source. We hooked it up via an analog cable. Just to run it. The idea was
to hook it up digitally, it does have a digital output. This player plays every format out there
including flac, hi-res, and even dsd. You can google it. Well, those formats are
the ultimate quality. So, this system works for audiophiles
who haven’t evolved to maniacs yet. [D]: I would call this system
a nice mid level. [D]: This is a starter. You can listen to it
just for fun, you can compete with it. Andy! What’s with all the hiding? [A]: I’m peeking out. I predict comments saying
‘Where’s the fuse?’ Your religion bans you
from putting anything up with no fuse. [D]: I actually do have fuses on me. [D]: Here, tho, we got everything
under control and we’re sure it’s 100% safe. You need to explain yourself here, too. Could you imagine Dima Bekrenev
would not istall a fuse on the +? Me neither! Alright, this is no car,
there’s no place to fall. But don’t you ever do this in a car. I did that. And people
keep reminding me that. I didn’t but you should. If this cable
hits the car body somewhere, with no fuse, you’ll have a fire. And with one, it will burn,
and only this part before the fuse will be charged. [D]: I need to add a few words.
Yesterday I said duct tape is no insulator. [D]: At competitions, the judges
do not consider duct tape an insulator. [D]: So, if you say, ‘Look, I’ve insulated
everything with duct tape,’ [D]: you’ll get a penalty.
Heat-shrink and other means are. Explained! Duct tape is no insulator
‘cuz EMA doesn’t consider it an insulator. We got an 8-channel combo device –
a processor with an in-built amp All 8 channels are employed. Despite the fact
that we have 6 units. Dima bridgeded the mid-bass speakers. Note that after some playing
the amp is a bit warm. Wouldn’t call it hot. So pick the placing
for this one thoroughly. Some closed space would do. [D]: You can’t close it off completely [D]: but just an inch between the panel
is enough for the air to pass through. And a cooler for air circulation. These offer an awful wide
range of options. They’re very compact. They’re both
around the size of a palm. Like a glove compartment. I recently got a photo
of a Lada Niva’s glovebox with 3 amps and a processor in it. And, well, the sub feeds off the monoblock. Let’s now do some money counting, right?
Thet’s what people like. You can see all the names
and the boxes. But you’re too lazy to google
so you ask in the comments about the cost. Let’s take a quick run
of the prices. [D]: Well, this is your domain, Alex.
I’m not always aware of the pricing. Say, someone comes to you and says,
‘I want some music.’ [D]: 30 minutes later
I might make a commercial offer. Once again for you, guys, the exact prices
are right under this video. Click the link. It is in the video details.
Scroll down. It says: System composition and prices.
You’ll find all the pieces with the prices. We might offer a discount
following the review. And if you’re in Rostov-on-Don
you can have Dima install it. Or can they?
[D]: You can do anything at Dima’s. [D]: You can get a consult,
get advice on components. [D]: You can have it all installed. Anything. Any good?
No good? Gotta turn it up, huh? [A]: It’s fine.
– The ’13 is louder, huh? This sound can drive you mad in the ’13. Your kidneys hurt. But here you can hear
some of the sounds muffled in the ’13. Lana Del Ray will send my video
straight to the ban-list. There were Yellow
and Michael Jackson already. Is this okay? It sounds so nice
and looks so awkward. Xmas tree anywhere? And now let’s ask Dima to tell us
what the settings are. I suggest we just turn on the PC. And you’ll show
the Audison’s interface tell us the frequency ranges
for the mids, mid-ranges and tweeters. The software is.
I almost called the interface ‘big’. The scale is big. You can see it all well.
It’s very convenient. Touchscreen would be perfect. [D]: With your laptop
it would’ve been just perfect. The previous one had small dots
and it was hard to hit them. This would’ve been super convenient. [D]: Here, you can see the speakers. [D]: Tweeters, mid-range,
mid-vass, subwoofer, listener position. [D]: This is where we set speaker levels. [D]: The levels are uneven now
but keep in mind they have different sensitivity. [D]: Tweeters here,
then mid-range and mid-bass. [D]: Here, you choose a speaker,
click on it to set filters. [D]: Say, the left mid-range
has 4th order HPF at 350 Hz [D]: and 6 kHz LPF, 4th order So, mid-range speakers
play between 350 Hz and 6 kHz. [D]: The same for the right one.
Tweeters. The left one starts at 6 kHz. [D]: The right one – the same. [D]: And the mid-bass. This bracket
means the channels are bridged. [D]: These play between 80 and 300 Hz. [D]: I think I’ll reduce this
to 60 Hz once it’s all warmed up. [D]: For now, to give the speakers
a smoother start, [D]: I’m keeping it at 80 Hz. There are few people
who support my settings. I’ve always tried to filter
the mids no higher that 250-300 Hz. In stage systems. But that’s not how you do in stage systems.
If you have a speaker, you use the hell outta it. To do it, you do a higher HPF
and a higher LPF and so it yells. So, in wrong (!) loud systems I’ve always called them wrong.
Some call them ‘from Stavropol’. Kharchenko bros, sorry. To make it loud,
that’s how you do it, sure. You filter it higher
and pump up the power. But I believe a mid-bass
should play between 60 and 300 Hz. Or so. [D]: I want to show one thing
that makes this processor different from the rest. [D]: Hold Ctrl, and you get
a cross in this window. [D]: You pick a tweeter, a mid-range,
a mid-bass and a sub [D]: and there’s a yellow line
in the EQ window. [D]: The line shows you
what’s up with frequency response. [D]: And it’s very visual. You killed my whole audio gallery! Play up, Arty! Whwaaa!
How do they sing like that? Punched in the nuts much? Now, this is a New Year’s table!
Need the salads! Nothing special.
Just listening to the table. Arty, you promised. Or was it Dima?
You both did! Come on. I don’t like the stage here. Let’s see. That’s it! This is what I call quality! New Year’s Table! Nah, I already filmed it all. Arty, I think it will fall.
It will be the biggest fail. So, this audio system costs how much? How much? [D]: 200.
– 200k? [D]: Wait. The speakers are about 30k.
The HU is 50 k. [D]: 15 k for this. This – 7k.
– Guys, we have, like, 20k worth of wires. [D]: About 35k of acoustics. [D]: This is 2. Makes 100k.
This one’s minor. [D]: Makes about 160-170k. Ew! I don’t need that! I’d rather get a new iPhone
and an iSomething. Subscription to Apple Arcade
and Apple TV and extra iCloud space. Have you paid for iCloud?
[D]: Nope. Noice! So, this is our video.
We didn’t get to troll Dima a lot. [D]: I’m surprised.
– I just didn’t have the heart. He is not just one of the SQ forefathers.
He’s a key person in my caraudio career. Leave your comments.
Subscribe to his accounts, too. He answers all the questions in DM.
[D]: Yep. That’s right. Subscribe to his Instagram
and hope to see you on YouTube soon. And if you’re watching this around the holiday season –
I don’t know how long I’ll edit it. It’s Dec. 14 If it’s the season, Merry Xmas
and Happy New Year! I know me. I could be
Happy past holidays. – We asked Alexander
to stop his New-Year drinking spree. Dima, if you’d want to add a few words. [D]: Yes, I’d like to thank you, Alex.
You’ve created a great series. [D]: We can cover different aspects here. And do table audio. [D]: Thanks a lot to your team.
You’ve done some great things. [D]: Like finding the table. That was a challenge, right? [D]: I want to thank Tchernoff Audio
for the hardware provided. [D]: And thanks to my assistant Ian.
– He’d hiding there. [D]: Ian has been a great help.
It would’ve taken twice as much without him. [D]: And thank you, guys
for watching, taking interest. [D]: You are the reason
we do all this. [D]: You are why things happen. F*ck you, trolls! I’ll cut it. – But it’s not certain. Make sure you like, subscribe.
Fine, leave comments. We’re not looking for YouTube Tops.
We’re doing this for fun. To get to the Top you need to — what?
Review and compare hobos? With these Top charts,
we don’t need to be there. Leave your comments.
upvote. It’s really pleasing. And. That’s it. Bye, everyone. Live LOUD.
And bye, everyone, Live QUALITY. Look. An epic moment is coming! Whoop! We don’t need it. I don’t know what you want. Coca Cola? Really?
How about we burn this thing? Let’s try, huh? – Impossible. I can burn anything.
Even stock speakers. I’ve done it.
Was it my Ford? Don’t remember. I burnt it on BMW. If you do this, then this,
then this, then this. And then this. You can record video
and play music at once! You record and play. The same wat via BT.
You can use two cameras. So many things in one video.
A New Year table playing Coca Cola. Then, a 3.5 mm mini-JEC. Which you can plug. not in everything,
right, Arty? And we’re recording video
with the same device we’re using to play music. All these tricks,
and none interesting. All you need it Hertz, Pioneer
and the LOUD SOUND around. That’s a lot already.
We had it all. SQ, Dima Bekrenev, Coca Cola. Bye, everyone. Live LOUD.

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