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⚜ | Where was the Luftwaffe on D-Day? – German Response to Operation Overlord, Normandy

⚜ | Where was the Luftwaffe on D-Day? – German Response to Operation Overlord, Normandy


German humor shows in your myth. I never heard of it. The only (non)myth there is that allies crushed germans in the air. Which is true. The actual myth concerning air-force from that time (and onward) was how supposedly allied fighter-bombers were effective on tank-hunting. Also I find a problem of totaling allied plane loses out of context, giving impression they had been shot down by "superior" german fliers. When in truth 99% were lost to the flak (not to mention those looses were insignificant to the allies). Allied supremacy was so big that later in the ardenness allies were stunned by the fight that luftwaffe put up and there are accounts of "allied infantry caught like a deer in a headlights" before few focke-wulfs doing ground support. This didn't come from anywhere after all. Since normandy germans were practically unable to deliver any ground support, so though they were flying and desperately trying to win the battle for air supremacy – they were rarely able to even reach area's of their targets. So they were practically unknown threat to the average GI joe on the ground. They would be lucky to find a smoldering wreck of a german plane somewhere in fact. After all, it would be far easier to find an allied one shot by the flak.

Still, not a bad vid. Some insight on what I already knew. If you're feeling to debunk some myths, how about Wacht am Rhein? The myth is that air force was grounded by the weather which doesn't hold up to the facts at all. In fact, the very fist day (or second, I don't have my book at hand to refresh my memory) allies even have strafed kampfgruppe's peiper's column, notably detracking and doing minor damage to a few tanks from a king tiger column (which allied pilots of course have labelled as 'utterly destroyed' in their reports). Not to mention allies just kept doing their scheduled bombing operations behind the front among other things. So no, weather was bad but air force on either side wasn't grounded as the myth (and another movie classic "Battle of the Bulge") tells us.

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I didn't watch the video. But I can't believe it's such a simplistic question. So I will answer it. Where was the luftwaffe on D-Day? Largely defeated. And unwilling to take what assets they still had and waste them on overpowering Allied air cover. They were held in reserve for eventual defense of the Homeland. Question answered, video not necessary.

M A H . Thanks for a concise document.
A couple of questions , Did the confusion over 'Is this a diversion, is Calais still Allies
objective' + did Hans Oster & others within obstruct the 'German response' ? AC.

I like your channel and this is not big deal but in your maps the land looks like water in a lot of your videos and it's quite confusing

Where was General Erwin Rommel During D-Day? Do that next. Because it's a fascinating story that very could in my opinion have been the key to Victory on D-Day for the Allies. Yes we got wrecked with casualties but the Gernans weren't prepared for the attack at all. We literally surprise attacked them that day. The Germans Weather reporting tech was out dated and they believed an attack was impossible due to weather and stormy seas. They were sleeping in on a Saturday morning when shells started hitting their positions , Planes started dropping paratroopers and bombs , and the ships started landing on the beaches. I heard a German guys point of view of D-Day. It was surprising.

german landser talking to new recruit, "if you see a sliver airplane, it is american, if it is brown, it is british, if it is green, it is russian. if it is invisible, it is ours."

Colonel Hogan tricked members of the High Command to believe that Hitler had put Colonel Klink in charge, basically crippling the Luftwaffe.

15,000 Allied planes, and one of the Nazis said American industry was only good at producing razor blades and phonograph records?

It really amazes me that, on documentaries on TV, you just don't get this depth of information. I mean depending on where the documentary was made you might get something that is reserved, almost frightened of upsetting people, to BS and propaganda masquerading as fact.

Ha! Where was the Luftwaffe all through the war?

Hitler's Boner for tanks ruined his plans.

Air Superiority won the war

before D-day able to implemented the 8th airforce of US had sacrisfied more than 30,000 air crew on bombing industrial areas and cities belong to Nazi , number of aircrew lost was more than ground force died in D-day landing

Nice video keep it up bro mostly on internet we see the propaganda videos specially in movies can suggest some German movies regarding ww2 more I respect for Germans bcoz they fight alone

secret weapons of world war 2 is a great book, it also has an explanation, the Luftwaffe was distracted by a ghost fleet, whose main weapons were moonshine and window.

When i first saw this i said oh this is bis plays with bo when he plays this game but good video very informative

It looks to me that the German response was uncoordinated and piecemeal at best. There doesn’t seem to be any massing plan in place to over whelm the American defenses in a strong coordinated effort. It looks like a plan to throw darts at an oncoming truck! I can easily see where a strong concentrated effort to come at the D day invasion force from the south to north with a diversion in the north to draw defending fighters north would have at least been a plan to attack in an effective way. I just don’t see any sort of attack plan that works to concentrate an attack which would have been far more effective. Especially against the supply ships and transports at anchor.

A Jagdgeshwader was not a squadron. It was the equivalent of a US or RAF fighter wing, and consisted of 3 or sometimes 4 gruppen, each consisting of up to 9 staffeln or squadron units. So there were 2 fighter Wings in France, consisting of about 150 fighters, but they were spread out over almost 30 plus airfields, some out of range of the Normandy beaches. So the response, even without the Allied suppression on the airfields was never going to be as fast or as forceful as it needed to be.
And That's before you count maintenance, training and fuel issues already biting into the responses possible in June of 44.

At 6:49 you said 108 bombers but it clearly says 109 which is it? This is utterly unacceptable and you should take down this video right now or else you lose all your integrity and if i do not see this false information resolved i will be taking you to court

I’d wager that far more allied aircraft were shot down over Normandy by friendly fire, than by the Luftwaffe

the germans always had the better machines, personnel and more kills compared to the allies. it was the sheer mass of men and material that led to defeat.

It has been my impression that the Luftwaffe was dead as an effective airforce by March 1944. They managed only nuisance value thereafter despite a spike of missions in early November due to lots of new aircraft being built (Bf 109Ks). These were poorly flown and easily dispatched. I heard that some USAAF fliers barely saw German aircraft in their entire tours.

I am so happy that we killed those damn nazis. Must have been a great feeling when we overtook the hill and smoked them. If they had raised their arms to surrender, I would have stabbed them all to suffer

Which source do you take as an 'the most accurate' regarding the numbers of German aircraft that vary in year of 'printing'(1980 & 1997) . The vast differences can't be explained in 'recognised losses' over just a few days…

It it makes you feel better, before the Longest Day popularized the myth that there were only 2 fighters on the beaches – the general public wasn’t aware that there were any German fighter sorties at all

You forgot the pre invasion aircraft losses ,

Luftwaffe losses were actually 75% total across the fighter & bomber squadrons

German pilots had more experience because they flew til they died or the war ended. Junior pilots could get the advantage of learning from experienced crack pilots. But they were pushed into service and quickly died anyway. Many were used as shields by veteran pilots to cover their backs while they attacked. New pilots had more chance of survival if they volunteered as test pilots.
About the only advantage of being a pilot was the chance of flying West to surrender to the Americans. Ground crew often ended up being pushed into the front line against the Russian. Like in Courland.

A friend I had when I worked at Illinois bell older brother was shot down and killed on D day his last names was Lintze ( and yes he was American ) . Also had one of the kids I went to grammar school with dad died on the beach that day .

Frankly, given the almost complete lack of fighters, experienced pilots & fuel, there was bugger all the Luftwaffe pilots could do. At best they could annoy the Allied air forces. Expecting any more was just a dream.

Sorry buddy but NO EXCUSES are VALID when the ENTIRE WAR depended on NOT allowing the Americans and British to get a foot hold in EUROPE in other words you got your ass kicked by the 8th air force and can't admit it…German humor my ass

OH by the way the real failure was NOT beating the British in 1940.. Oh how those Spitfires kicked the vaunted German air force's ASS

FINALLY (but, of course, you ARE German) someone who pronounces „Korps“ properly in German as well as how it should be pronounced in English: the FRENCH way (as an homage from the Germans to the French army – which, until Sedan and the June 1940 victory parade in Paris, they held in high esteem.

Not even the French ‘historical’ commentators of nowadays realise this!

Next target: get the Anglo-Yankees to pronounce „Reich“ correctly (‘ReiSH’… as in SHeriff) and not “RIKE” (like bloody Dutchmen)!!! Or maybe, they should try “Third Empire” (as the „Weimarer Republik“ was indeed „Das zweite Reich“ And in the next Century – if we are lucky – they might drop the “WUOlkswhagen” syndrome…

« À part ça », as always an excellent researching job: congratulations!

Does any of this Monday morning quarterbacking really matter? The Germans were idiots and have been screwing up and losing wars for over 500 years! Their really good at getting into wars and copying technology but they never win? BMW cars are like German history, lots of gagets but no reliability.

I am Austrian but I must day that German people where always friendly, heloful and nice to me. I never had in my live bad experiences with them and belive me, they have very good humor. Theyr comedians are much better than ours and forget all cliches about Germans.

That’s not a good example of German humor. A good example of German humor is to send SIX MILLION JEWS to “work camps”.

Where was the Luftwaffe on D-Day?

Well it certainly wasn't ANYWHERE NEAR NORMANDY! … Pips Priller & his wingman don't alter that statement, OR the odds. 😏☠️

Where was the Luftwaffe on D-Day? In England, the channel, France, Africa, Germany, Russia, Italy, the low countries. You couldn't plow a field without turning up a German plane.

On 6:49 you said that between June 7th and 9th, from the 670 aircraft relocated from Reich defense to France, 108 of them were bombers, yet in the video it read as 109 bombers. It is a small mistake, but I am still curious to know that which one of the estimates was most likely to be the correct one?

Do you know why the litter "C" is afraid of all the other litters ? Because all the other litters are not Cs. Get it ? Nazis also pronounced notces.

By mid 1944 the german military machine was almost in meltdown.
They were beaten, they KNEW they were beaten, and many german military men had by this point accepted the inevitable and they were loathe to risk their life.

They didn't want any part of the fighting by mid 1944 and were tired of war, as were everyone else.

The terribly low morale of the german armies in 1944 cannot be overlooked.

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