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⭐️STAR APPLE Caimito Taste Test | Fruity Fruits

⭐️STAR APPLE Caimito Taste Test | Fruity Fruits


I miss this fruit so much. So delicious. We used to have a tree when I was growing up.

Edit: I just came across the part where you took out the seeds completely. The clear part of the seed is also edible. Just spit out the pit.

When I was a kid we had a caimito tree in our place it bore fruit every February. Unfortunately we had a typhoon and destroyed the tree.

Would i taste it? i would taste you!
you probably taste like a freaking rainbow with all those cool fruits you eat

We have these in west Africa but it's yellow and red on the inside. As kids we used to chew the flesh inside and the more you chew it it turns into actual gum. Such a fascinating fruit.

My favourite fruit actually. Growing up in Việt Nam, this fruit can be found anywhere in the countryside

I miss this fruit so much, I’m from the Philippines and my grandparents on my dads side a gigantic tree of star apples and we’d pick them everyday for a treat. It’s been 2 years since I last went after 8 years of living in Canada and the taste brought so many memories. I’m hoping to relive these memories one more time with my grandpa before he passes, thank you so much for this video Emmy!

The sweetness of that fruit is not worth at all when you freshly picked the ripe fruit directly from the tree… It has a lot of latex and yes if u eat that a lot will give you bad constipation. I used to have the tree behind my home

I'm so silly. Up until a few years ago I really thought (as an american) I've seen almost every type of edible fruit available. Not even close.

Yay! Another fruity fruits one! I have to tell that this is my favourite series in your channel. Greetings from spain!😉

There are two varieties of that I grew up eating. The white flesh with green to browning skin when riped and that one! Like others have mentioned, this fruit never falls off when they ripen. The tree is huuuuge with specks like flowers. The leaves have dark green obverse and brown reverse colours. I miss my hometown now lol.

We have lots of these just falling off the backyard during the season. We even made jam. It's even sold in local markets. It's locally referred as star apple, caimito or even spelled ay kaymito. Yep. We live in Manila.

In Vietnam, it's called Vú Sữa (literally means breast milk 😂) because people say it has the sweetness and milky look like breast milk. It has a horrible chalky texture when eaten unripe. They have a green peel in Vietnam though. I've never seen a purple one. 🤔

I'd love to try this but I have a latex allergy so if other more familiar fruits with latex cause problems, I imagine this one may be a real problem

When my kids were in Elementary school they used to give them a fruit called a Grapple. They loved them. I used to be able to find them in my rural area occasionally but they were pretty expensive for what they were ($6 for 2 fruits ) but they were delicious, a mix of an apple and grape in taste and texture.

I'm here watching you eat Caimito while I eat one as well. One of my favorite fruits! We also call it Caimito here in the Philippines

I love Caimito…I use to eat them when I was little. Seeing you eating it made me crave to eat one. OMG I'm from Puerto Rico at my home we have a two trees one Purples like the one your eating and Green.

I want to see you try a Calamondin! I got a Calamondin tree recently and I'm SO CURIOUS to know what the fruit is like but mine won't have ripe fruit for a while.

I'm from Trinidad and you should try tasting a fruit called the Toncabean. It's very interesting ☺️

This is so weird I am actually eating star apple right now! One of my favorite fruits! You can never just have one lol. They also come in a green color and the flesh inside is white.

omg caimito! used to have a tree of it on our backyard, back in laguna 💕 it's in season right now in the philippines, all over the streets!

That's not a Star Apple – it's a sugar apple if i'm not mistaken
We always it here in the Philippines, my house is literally under a very big Caimito Tree

On pulling that thing open, I half expected there to be an alien being inside it, so weird looking… 😛

Yikes! You had me 'til "tastes kind of lIke cooked carrots." Eek! Imho, 1 source of cooked carrot flavor is plenty.
You do great show and tell, Emmy. 😄 Thanks for posting!

We eat this in Nigeria, but the Orange Version, called Agbalumo (African star apple) by the Yoruba of West Coastal Africa.

When you're extremely allergic to any form of latex and this fruit literally looks like something that would love to kill me…

Emmy, have you ever had a bad reaction to one of your taste tests? As someone with food allergies, it's something I'm always thinking about

I had the white variety. It tastes almost like sweet-milk to me, and I think in Vietnam it is called the milk fruit because of that.

in the jungle of Peru, the shell is yellow and the inside is translucent and gummy, it is rich but sticky

You know what this fruits is called in Vietnamese?

It's called "vú sữa" literally means "breast milk"
In VN, this fruit is commonly white on the inside, not purple.

They are delish. There are green ones also which taste slightly different. Some people call it milk fruit.

Sorry but it look like something raw and bloody.. Not that it don't taste good but the look is not great on youtube

Hi Emmy! I'm a new fan of your channel (I just found you last week). I'm sure you've probably answered this a zillion times, but what is the phrase you say right before you try something?

Omg. This is my favorite fruit. I’m from Trinidad and Tobago and I wait all year until I see this in the markets and fruit stalls and then I just buy them all 🤤🤤❤️❤️ It’s also called Caimet here

I love caimito I'm from Mexico and we have it in Yucatán is super sweet, juicy and yummy… We have all the exotic fruits over here.

Emmy, now I know where that name (Caimito) came from… People called the southernmost sector of San Juan, PR (the most countryside one, about 8 mi. SE where I live) just for THAT fruit. You can't buy it here in supermarkets, but some people may still grow it in the countryside.

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