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๐Ÿ‘‰ Clickbank for Beginners – Make Money Online [Affiliate Marketing]

๐Ÿ‘‰ Clickbank for Beginners – Make Money Online [Affiliate Marketing]

hey hello everyone this is the Diana Castillo
for money maker area comm and this is gonna be a Clickbank for beginners
tutorial so if you were thinking about starting with affiliate marketing with
Clickbank this video is for you also I’m gonna reveal how super affiliates are
crushing and how they are making sales pretty consistently it doesn’t matter
which type of product they are promoting so if you want to know how they’re doing
and you want to learn more about Clickbank please watch this video but
before I get into the topic is this is a pretty first time you’re in my channel
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as I mentioned before this is gonna be a Clickbank for beginners tutorial okay
and remember stick to the end because I’m gonna reveal how super affiliate are
making sales consistently okay first of all if you don’t know what Clickbank is
this is what it called an affiliate marketplace okay it’s free to join and
you can find tons of products on different niches so you need to go to
clickbank ahhm and click here where it says create account you’re gonna land on
this page okay it’s 100% free to join and by the way if you want to change the
language you can click here and you can put it on French German Italian
Portuguese in Spanish okay so there is no excuse right okay so here it’s 100%
free to join you just need to choose your country okay there are tons of
countries over 200 countries so I’m pretty sure your countries gonna be here
just choose your country you just need to put your first name your last name
and your telephone number okay make sure that the email address you’re gonna use
it’s gonna be a email address that you check pretty often because they send you
Bala Belen formation okay and you just need to make sure that the password it’s
gonna match all that criterias here you’re gonna click here it says okay
first you need to take hit so you are gonna agree with the terms and
conditions and you organ Utley here recess join Clickbank okay
that’s it remember this is a hundred percent free account once you have your
account or if you already created and you want to see which are the products
are available you’re gonna click here resist affiliate marketplace okay so
you’re gonna learn here on this page okay this is a feeling’ marketplace this
is how your account is gonna look like so you’re gonna have your that’s what
the report that is gonna show you how many clicks and how many sales are you
getting what was the commission okay and by the way if you’re wondering how
you’re gonna get paid there are several ways in which you can get pay they can
send you the money to your bank account they can mailed you a check or if you
have a Payoneer account rep a link our you can receive the phone on your cart
so there is no excuse of oh I don’t know how to withdraw the money okay so as you
can see here you have all the categories like betting system business computers
cookie education employment fiction games so it doesn’t matter which needs
or industries you’re in you are gonna have a product to promote these are
digital products but you can also find physical products as here
my recommendation it’s go with they heat up products so you don’t have to worry
about shipping about the fact that the customer is gonna set like they do not
receive the product or it’s damaged the Commission’s are greater if you go with
digital products people get their product right away so it’s way better at
least for me and if you’re asking me which are the top three niches my
suggestion is go with with the top three niches with this health wealth and
relationship okay that’s my recommendation but if you don’t feel
like it don’t worry go with the one did you
decide to go in this example I’m gonna go with the health and fitness
nitch by the way you’re gonna find out that there are some nations here okay
for example we have Beauty dental health diet and weight loss nutrition so you
can go as in-depth as you want and you’re gonna have the products and you
can see you have different every sells money per sells so how do I determine
what’s a great product okay if you click on the niche everything is gonna be sort
by gravity sorry by popularity my suggestion is gone sorry by gravity
why because a product can be really popular but if you check out how good
it’s a gravity that means that there is a lot of people who are making money by
promoting this product and not just one person okay so that’s why I suggest you
to go with the gravity right so as you can see the most popular product right
now or a hot one it’s the Cinderella solution I usually check that they do
have a mobile version okay this is uh I also check that they do have an
affiliate page as you can see the most popular product says most of them have
an affiliate page and they do have an affiliate support email why because they
take care about everything and they want to make sure that you are gonna be
promoting them as you’re gonna be getting results because if you get
results they’re gonna be making money as well remember that USN affiliate
marketing you’re gonna be driving traffic to that offer okay they take
care about the processing payment they take care about the product or the
quality of the product they take up care about the customer service the refunds
if they needs to give people support okay so your only job it’s to drive
traffic and if they give you what you need it’s gonna be way easier for you
especially if you’re just getting started
so here you do have their affiliate page so let me click here right so as you can
see they do have the VIP affiliate tools area
so you’re gonna actually hear okay here he says are ready to make serious
money with Cinderella will shoot your only the best converting offer and click
ma’am but the boom they say like you’re gonna save 150 you can get or you can
stand up here and you can get an affiliate package the affiliate package
has everything here okay here it’s what they’re currently statistics are okay
people are making or they can make seventy three dollars or more per cell
the Commission you’re gonna get 90 percent of the Commission and the cost
per click or the earning per click it’s three dollars okay so this is a great
very great product they are giving you two people two reasons why this is a hot
product okay first of all its compare pretty high on warm and call traffic
cold traffic means that it’s people that you don’t know okay it’s people that you
just don’t know it can be using pay-per-click you name it Instagram
Facebook Google Ads okay so that’s called traffic people that you don’t
have any kind of relationship warm traffic it’s people that you know okay
and they have a really high commission that’s three ninety percent it’s really
really crazy okay so they do have here like the Facebook ad conversion click so
that’s why I told you that you need to have a product or that you’re gonna
promote that they’re gonna give you everything so if you don’t know anything
about Facebook Ads they teach you how to promote this particular product by
clicking on the Facebook ad clicks okay it’s a high converting people I’m quite
hungry market amazing feel it support that’s something really great and this
is something that I usually check the law reform rate perfectly cereal but I
know there’s always people who are gonna read fun okay they’re gonna tell you
here what’s their target market so as you can see you have all the information
if you don’t have a Clickbank account they’re gonna let you know how to create
it how to promote it this is really great
if they do have a Facebook friendly video sales letter some images if you
want to put it on display ads landing pages if you want to do quizzes okay
so this is really really great because they do have even the the ad copies that
are working the emails okay so as you can see it’s all in teen in detail they
take care of everything okay and how are you gonna drive traffic to this offer
traffic it’s really important so how are you gonna be driving traffic to this
offer well there are several ways you can join different facebook group that
are related to this niche so right now you know what their target market is so
you need to find out Facebook groups that are related to the needs you can
provide them value and if they reach you on a private message you can let them
know like hey I do have you know this this product you can also go with pay
traffic so that means that you’re gonna be driving traffic to the offer that
it’s gonna be you know Google Ads YouTube ads Instagram and Facebook ads
so you name it but there is something really important and then this is
something that I told you at the beginning of this video okay how do
super affiliate really make money online it’s because they’re building the lists
okay they are building their lists the money is in the list and as you can see
yes Cinderella product give you everything if you drive traffic directly
to your offer you are not building a list so that means that every single
time you want to make money you need to put tons of money because you are
driving direct traffic directly to the offer but super affiliates they build
their list okay they have their own landing pages they are their own product
pages you can create this with build roll if you want or you can do it with
Carter literally below but there is an easier
way to do this and this is by using something this is a system that it’s
called the Liz levers system okay the les livery system
provides you the landing pages so you do not need to create the landing pages if
you go here to marketing they’re gonna provide you the landing pages and you’re
gonna have those emails okay well this is loading let me show you oh here is it
okay they’re gonna provide you the landing pages so you don’t have to
create the landing pages you’re gonna have two leads your Lisa ain’t gonna be
here I’m not gonna click here because there is some information there that
it’s really private okay but you’re gonna have you’re gonna be building your
list they are gonna offer you write the landing page that is already there by
the way you do not need to set up an out of responder but they partner up with
some short so you’re gonna have the autoresponder it’s populate immediately
after you sign up okay so you’re gonna have the follow-up messages here so this
means that I did not create this high converting messages okay I did not
create them the system did it for me so as you can see here I have created lists
ragnar of our hundred people right but the most important part here is that you
are gonna have viral pass ups that means that every 5th lead if someone is on
your team every 5th leads it’s gonna go to you so you don’t have to worry about
you know putting tons of money because it’s a team effort okay that’s why this
is called the list levers system okay it’s because this is a thing if for
every 5th list you’re gonna get that lead and to that leads you are not only
gonna have the power to market them the less lever system you can also you’re
gonna also promote same short so they’re gonna be building your email list as
well and don’t worry about the traffic
because they partner up with traffic out for DD okay so you don’t have to worry
about building your landing page you don’t have to worry about creating an
email follow-up you don’t have to worry about driving traffic because they
provide you everything right and the most important thing remember that the
money is in the list so the idea here is not only to promote the list lever
system but you can go to clickbank or you can go to any other marketplace that
you want and you can choose a product you and you can start promoting it
because you already make one investment and you capture people and they are here
on your autoresponder okay this is what we call warm market and hot market they
already build a relationship with you they already knows you so they are ready
and they’re hungry to buy your products the products and services that you’re
gonna promote so this is how powerful the system is you’re building a list the
email autoresponder is there you can add your own email swipes remember that for
example days on the Cinderella product they will have their own email
structures you can add them to the list livery system and they’re gonna be
getting a lot of information and there is something else okay remember that
you’re gonna be making money okay if someone by the Liz Lieber system you’re
gonna be building your email list you’re gonna be making money
if someone’s it’s just insane sure because they need an hour responder if
you decide to sell traffic because people net sells traffic okay you’re
gonna be making money because of the traffic Authority and as you can see
here I have 20 cents click cash what is click catch okay
if someone join your email list right but for some reason they are not gonna
make any purchase you know they do not make any Portia’s for whatever
don’t worry you are gonna be making money as well okay
if someone click a link okay because this isn’t it’s made this way that if
someone clicked the link if they use your lates because they are market other
products is and someone click you are gonna be making money as well so you
don’t have to worry about making sales because you can grow your list yes if
you make a sale with leverage you’re gonna make money if you’re gonna make a
sale witless and short because they need it you’re gonna build money make money
if someone buy traffic because they understand that traffic authority have
really good quality traffic you’re gonna make money if your start promoting your
own products as your own services your Clickbank product says that you really
like you’re gonna be making money and if someone click on the link you’re gonna
be making money so there are several streams of income if you are really
interesting of joining this opportunity I’m gonna lick the link below so you can
check it out okay so if you have some comments if you have some questions
living in the comment area and I’d be more than happy to answer them don’t
forget to subscribe to the channel hit a notification bell and give me a thumbs
up this is it for this video I see you on the next one


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