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🔥 Affiliate Marketing For Beginners 2019! Simple $500 Per Day Tutorial!

🔥 Affiliate Marketing For Beginners 2019! Simple $500 Per Day Tutorial!

So I got a request the other day from a viewer asking me to do a quick tutorial on affiliate marketing for beginners Now I’ve done videos like this before you can see this thumbnail right here but I’m gonna give you my updated version of This type of training and make sure you watch to the very end because I’m gonna give you a bonus at the very end I’m gonna show you how you can make 500 to a thousand dollars per day Simple way of doing it – brand new strategy You won’t believe how incredibly Effective this strategy is and I’m talking about using this strategy to close high ticket sales Which will give you high commissions with that set guys. Let’s get into the video alright guys welcome back to the channel Victor a buddy this here and I appreciate you visiting with me and checking out my Latest training video in this video. I’m gonna give you a step-by-step training on affiliate marketing for beginners really simple for 2019 but if this is your first time visiting with me on my channel and you want to learn how to make money online with Affiliate marketing then go ahead and hit that subscribe button down below because we come out with daily videos on this channel showing you tips and tricks and strategies on how to make money online with affiliate marketing and we also talk about mindset and Motivation so we can all enjoy a life of time Passion and freedom. So since this is for beginners Let’s identify exactly what affiliate marketing is affiliate marketing and basic terms are referrals basically, all you’re doing is that you’re referring a Potential customer to a product or service that they already are looking for You are the middleman and if they buy using your affiliate link Then you get the Commission Now who’s doing affiliate marketing everybody’s doing affiliate marketing if you look at these big-time youtubers these mentors and gurus that have all this huge following they all have affiliate links in Description promoting something and once again if you click or I click on that link and you go to a particular website promoting that product They will get a commission if we buy next up is picking a niche now. There are three niches that are Recommended that I highly recommend myself to stay within now those niches are relationships wealth and health now those are usually the best niches because people will have pain points within those three niches health wealth or relationships people trying to lose weight people trying to earn money and people trying to better or improve their relationships And if you have a product or service that can provide a solution for that pain point and you can get that offer in front Of that person. They’re probably gonna buy the next step is setting up your funnel and Your autoresponder now, I personally use click funnels from my funnel building system and I use Aweber for my autoresponder You can use whatever systems you want If you’re interested in checking the ones I use I’m going to leave those links down below in the description And yes, they are affiliate links. So if you purchase I will get a commission These are vital tools when promoting affiliate products because the funnel system that you send your customers through Has to be set up and the autoresponder that is going to follow up with those customers with the pre-written Emails has to be linked to that funnel system here in a second I’m gonna jump into my computer with you and I’m gonna show you my blueprint on this setup alright guys, I wanted to show you my blueprint for beginners with setting up your funnel system And how it shouldn’t work. Okay So first of all, here’s traffic now when I first started my affiliate marketing business I I just I made a big mistake I sent traffic Directly to the offer here Which was a huge mistake Okay, that’s not something that should happen because people don’t know me they don’t like me they don’t trust me yet They have no idea who I am. I’m some random guy sending them to a sales offer And you know, we haven’t built anything yet. We haven’t built any trust. We haven’t built in a rapport And that’s why they say people buy from people they don’t just buy because there’s a great offer from them So keep that in mind so the traffic needs to go to a capture page now a capture page should be something that Motivates somebody to give their name and their email or at least their email address because that’s gonna be the secret sauce here That’s gonna be important that’s super important with your affiliate business So you send with a capture page you capture their name and their email address from the capture page? This is where a lot of people miss it also so from the capture page you send them to a bridge page and a lot of people miss this step and this is really Important and what that is is it they’re warming them up. You can insert a video of yourself here Congratulating them Welcoming them that’s gonna build some trust some rapport and it’s also gonna show that hey there’s a real person in front of me here That I’m and I’m dealing with it’s not just a machine And of course some text and it’s warming the customer up to the offer that they’re about to see Okay, so this is really important If you decide to do a video in here It doesn’t have to be about a minute or two minutes long. Just again welcoming them congratulating them for taking the next step Letting them know that hey in the next page when you click on this link down below I’m gonna introduce you to so-and-so or I’m gonna introduce you to this offer or I’m gonna introduce you to the weight loss system That’s helped thousands tens of thousands of people, you know that type of thing so That’s really important to have a bridge page and I build my capture and bridge pages with click funnels like I mentioned before the links Gonna be down below if you guys don’t have it yet so from the bridge page They’re gonna click the link in the description right here on the bridge page and that’s gonna take – the actual offer. Okay, and You may get a sale or two from doing that Okay, the majority of people though won’t buy on the first look that’s just the way we are wired Okay So that’s where the autoresponder comes in and it’s super important to have this set up before you start sending traffic to your funnel Okay, you have to have your autoresponder setup I’ve got use Aweber myself again, a link will be down below If you don’t if you don’t have an autoresponder, you can check it out There’s a 30-day free trial by the way. Click funnels has a 14 day free trial. You’re welcome to try that as well. Okay, so So from the offer The people that don’t buy are gonna go to your autoresponder that’s already set up now The autoresponder is designed to do the follow-up with that client for you Remember, you’ve already captured their email address all of these things are linked together okay, and Once they go through your autoresponder system They’re immediately going to get the first email and then the next day they’ll get another email from you and in these Emails you don’t want to just put your affiliate links in every email You want to build some value? You want to give them some you know, some free stuff? You want to give them some good that free stuff doesn’t have to be you know You have to have a product to give free. It could be free value something that you’re showing them that they did maybe didn’t know Something that will create a sense of trust if even you know, so it’s really important that these emails and a follow-up email Sequence that can be a lot of people say you have to at least seven I think if they at least 12 to 20 Follow-up emails depending on the offer It could go further than that could be 40 or 50 The nice thing about it is this is where you’re gonna be making your sales here on the email sequence with your autoresponder You’ll meet again You may make one or two sales here on the initial look but with the value that you’re giving them in these email sequences that you have set up already then then you can also do a Email showing your a link reminding them they hate. What a great offer It was and when they click on that link within that email that’s gonna take them back to the offer again right here Okay, and that’s really the whole point of this system automation with Autoresponders is so important because that’s that’s where the magic is happening It’s happening while you’re sleeping because people are looking at your offer at all hours of the night in a day while you’re sleeping It’s working for you. This is a machine that’s setup that is working for you So let’s recap traffic to capture page Capture page to bridge page which warms them up bridge page to offer you may get some sales here you may or may not and then from the offer to go a lot automatically to the autoresponder that is the basic blueprint of an affiliate funnel Capture page bridge page offer an autoresponder. So if so, where do you get the products to offer? So if you’re starting out, you can go to Amazon Associates now, I believe Amazon might be the largest online store in the world I could be wrong, but I think Amazon is probably up there with you know As far as what they offer anybody looking for anything to buy can probably find it on Amazon Now here’s their associates program You can actually sign up for an associate to be an associate with Amazon in other words Start promoting anything you want from the Amazon website and become an affiliate and start getting commissions Now, what does Amazon pay here their program rates so luxury beauty cult Amazon coins They pay 10% as you can see headphones the beauty music instruments Business and industrial supplies 6% furniture 8% So anywhere from 1 to 10 percent is what your commission Be one nice thing about Amazon is that if you send somebody if somebody clicks on your link and they go to Amazon Even if they don’t buy whatever it is that you’re promoting if if they buy something on Amazon within the first I believe 24 hours You are gonna get a commission off of that. Even if it wasn’t the offer you’re promoting simply because you got them to the website So within 24 hours if they buy anything on Amazon if they’ve clicked on your link and they’ve made it to Amazon With your link again Even if they don’t buy your product if they buy anything and say buy a television, you’re gonna get a commission on that television So that’s the nice thing about Amazon so you can make up to 10 percent commission With their products now I’m gonna show you a product that I did and I you by the way with Amazon to become an associate You’re gonna need a website. Okay. I created my website with Bluehost. I’ll leave a link down below for Bluehost They have some outstanding rates. I’m gonna show you the website this I did this about a year ago Okay, this is the first thing I ever did when I started my affiliate business so you can see it’s called ninja tip reviews Okay, and there’s myself and my lovely wife And I did a review on some headphones So I had some joggers wireless bluetooth headphones I use those currently and I did a review on it. I put it on a blog Here’s a review Jarv, joggers Pro bluetooth headphones, so I wrote out this review And of course I these are all links even the pictures are links and I took these pictures straight from I believe the the headphones website and I just embedded them into this little Write-up that I did. So I wanted to test it out and I wrote this quick review because I actually used it I didn’t have to ball by it. And then I tried it out. I put it on my website So this gives you an idea of what you can do. You can write reviews You can also do video reviews and I’m gonna go over that here in a second. Okay? The other place you can go to to get products and ideas to sell is clickbank. Okay? Clickbank is an online affiliate marketplace huge with tens of thousands of products You can promote so you can go to the but all this is free by the way to sign up you go to affiliate marketplace here and You’ve got you know computers an internet business investing a business which would be my niche, which is affiliate marketing education Health and fitness, which is another one. I mentioned earlier if you click on that It’ll take you to all the health and fitness Products that you can promote up. I’ve actually done videos on how to select a product on Clickbank how to promote it with a whole funnel and everything else So if you get a chance check out those videos, too, if you’re interested in learning how to promote Clickbank stuff okay, so you can go to Amazon and Clickbank, so I’m gonna show you a capture page that I did any bridge page that I did as well So here it is. This is the current program that I am involved in. It is a high ticket program We’re talking about big-time commissions, but here is a capture page. That is set up already. Okay? I’ve got a picture of myself now when somebody clicks get started now This is what’s gonna pop up It automatically is gonna require an email. Ok, as soon as they put their email address in there. I’ve captured that So now I can use my autoresponder to follow up with them But once they do that, it’s gonna send them to this page, which is the actual bridge page or sales page if you will Okay, and they’re gonna watch this video And I’ve got some tip. We got some testimonials in here all this good stuff. This was pre done for me actually by my mentor 7-figure super affiliate Josh elder Within his program if you want it all set up for you and you want to start learning how to make high ticket Affiliate sales. I’m gonna leave a link down below for my number one recommendation On how to start making a passive life changing income online So as soon as they finish watching this video They’re then going to click on this button here and that’s gonna take them to the next step of the funnel Okay, so that gives you a great idea of how this works looking at the blueprint again Okay. Remember you’re gonna send traffic to the capture page capture page abridge page bridge page to offer then into the Autoresponder now, how do I get traffic to the capture page and get into my offer? well, I’m gonna show you an example of in my opinion the best way to market any affiliate product in 2019 and moving forward and beyond simply because it’s a video marketing. Okay So if you look at this is my YouTube page Okay now If you don’t have a YouTube channel that’s free. Also, you don’t even have to get on camera if you’re camera Shy you don’t feel comfortable in front of a camera. You can just start doing review video on a particular product So let’s look at this is this is best camera. Let’s look at cameras best camera for YouTube. There. It is right here Okay, so I’m gonna click on this one right here. This has three hundred sixty three thousand. Well actually look at this one I’m gonna click on this one for YouTube beginners is great. Okay, six hundred and three thousand views from think media I follow these guys you guys are incredible. Okay, so if you click on this Of course there’s an ad because as channels monetized but you’ll watch the video now if you look down here Look at all of these affiliate links right here This is a Canon M 50 that he talks about in this video. That’s actually the camera that I currently use Great camera, by the way, I’ll leave a Philly a link. Just kidding. I’m not gonna leave an affiliate link That’s not what this video is about After you watch this video If you click on this link it guess where it takes you takes you directly to Amazon To that her camera at six hundred and forty-nine dollars That if I buy this camera, he’s going to get a commission. Okay now You have six hundred and four thousand views on this one video. Okay. Basically, he’s just doing a review video. Yes He has a large subscriber base I understand that but you don’t have to have a large subscriber base To get your video in front of a bunch of eyeballs You’ve got about ten million people going through YouTube on a daily basis Okay, if you learn how to rank your videos and I’ve done videos on that as well, okay? If you learn how to work SEO if you learn titling and thumbnails you can get your videos ranked high on YouTube without a large audience and The people that start watching your videos may become subscribers to your channel But you’ll have your affiliate links loaded in here as well Okay, so my number one recommendation for you to start promoting with swarm free traffic is to create a YouTube channel and Create a review video around the product that you are currently promoting Okay, so I’m gonna give you some examples. I’m gonna go to my channel. I’m gonna go to videos okay, so if you look at let’s say Affiliate bootcamp or if you look at right here six figures strategy revealed So if you look at this video here, okay, sick his six-figure strategy review That is the current high ticket offer that I am promoting. I’ve got four hundred and nine views I’ve gotten several opt-ins on this program already just on one video So it’s really important that you understand the power and leverage of YouTube. Okay? This video is gonna be there forever might my links if you click on this video may have seen my recent. Sorry about that loud Okay, but if you look at my video Here’s my link right here. And if you click on this link guess where it’s gonna take you straight to the Capture page that we talked about earlier, there it is Again, you click get started and I want your email address. Okay, so These are the basic and standard things that you need to learn with affiliate marketing This by the way is the training I was referred to at the beginning of this video on how you can make 500 to a thousand dollars a day For beginners and it’s really simple Okay the strategy that Josh elder who’s my business partner also maaan mentor is using it’s not a strategy that Anybody else is using right now? Everybody’s going to automation on high ticket affiliate sales. They’re not getting involved with any of it They just want the system do all the selling for them. Well Josh decided to go to more of a personalization Strategy and it works guys. Okay, because remember I said earlier people buy from people Okay that has been true since sales began people buy from people that they like trust and know so remember guys if you’re interested in learning how You can start making five hundred to a thousand dollars or more per day with passive Life-changing income this is the link that you need to click down below. I’m gonna leave it there in the description And also I’m going to leave it Pin to the top of the comments section high ticket sales and high ticket commissions aren’t for everybody Okay, I’ve learned that So if you if you’re interested in checking it out click on the link you and I will have a quick chat Make sure it’s a good fit from all of us and if it is then we can send you a lot more information on it Okay, so guys. I hope you enjoyed this video I hope got great value out of it If you did hit that subscribe button right now, and I just want to leave you with a couple of thoughts The first thought is this It’s time to invest in your business Time to invest in yourself and the second thing is something I’m gonna quote my mentor Josh elder something He says in almost every one of his bit videos All you have to do is suspend disbelief believe in yourself Believe that you can do this believe that you deserve to make and create a successful online business All you have to do is suspend disbelief


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