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😂J House VS Studio C🏆

😂J House VS Studio C🏆

(whack) (Jeremy laughs) (bright music) – I found our first geocache. (blender whirring) (laughing) – So while we were in Utah, filming with Studio C, the one billion view celebration, we lost our camera. It’s so devastating. We had so much fun and we filmed a bunch of stuff, and that footage is gone. For now, I’m still hoping
the camera shows up or turns up, or somehow is found. Anyway, what happened was Kendra and I were doing this peanut
butter hair challenge. – And go! – [All] Oh! (laughing) – Oh looking good, looking good. – [Man] This is brilliant. – I don’t know. – [Man] Alright alright,
working your way across. And it’s time for you to give us your one answer, – What is it guys?
– What is your answer? – Okay, we think it’s cornrows. – [All] Yeah.
(bell dings) – You got it! (cheering and clapping) – So after the challenge, our hands were all covered in peanut butter, we were all messy, and I took my camera from someone who was filming for me and I was gonna go and change, and I set the camera down on a table. That wasn’t the smartest thing. I should’ve put it in
my bag or in my stuff, but I just set it down in this table in the middle of all the chaos and I didn’t find it after that. So it’s gone. (mishap music) (groans) Luckily though, Studio C filmed all of what we did with the challenge, so you can go and watch that video. I’ll iCard it right here. Okay so make sure to go
over to Studio C’s video and give some J House
love in the comments. It was a tight competition. We had so much fun with the
YouTubers that were there, and I’ve been a huge fan
of Studio C for awhile, and so getting to just hang out with them and have a fun time, it was amazing. Also, my dad was here
filming the adventures of the kids, and they
did do some cool stuff. – I found our first geocache, and we’re gonna go find some more. (rustling bush)
(adventure music) – I found it. – Cool. Come here. – I got the log. – Let us know in the poll if you have done geocaching. The kids did a lot of other fun stuff too. They went bowling, they baked cookies, they played at their cousins’ house. (uptempo music) (sped up talking) (sped up cheering) – Go go! (pins knocking) Yay! (cheering) – I got ’em all. (enchanting music) (egg knocking) (blender whirring) – Don’t worry, I washed my hands. (laughing) ♪ It’s getting colder ♪ ♪ It’s gonna be Christmas ♪ ♪ And on the higher wing ♪ ♪ Every day you come enjoy ♪ ♪ The fine creations ♪ – [Grandpa Rod] Be
careful with that stick. ♪ Every day ♪
(dramatic music) ♪ Town ♪
(stick whipping) – After we lost our camera, we took some footage on our phone. Nae Nae. (Janae cooing) – Hi.
– Hi. (dramatic music) – And after we got home, we were able to say hi to our kids and show them the video from Studio C. – It’s Caleb.
(gentle music) My buddy. Oh I missed you. My buddy. How are you? I missed you, oh. Do you know who else missed you? This one. This one right here. Look, it’s your Lise. (whack) (laughing) – [Jared] Aww, let me see. – [Man On TV] Very detailed, this is brilliant, this is brilliant. – I don’t know. – Anyway, I’m so sorry
this video’s shorter and that we lost that footage. We’ll have a normal vlog up for you later this week. J House out. Do they know where we’re going. (jazzy music) – We’ll be back soon.
– We’ll be back soon. – It’s really kind of funny. – Laura! – Love you. – [Kendra] Bye guys. So we’re at this crazy
awesome house for a party, and they said we can explore.

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