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– [Kendra] How long
you guys gonna be gone? – Maybe a month. – [Kendra] Have fun. (cheerful music) This is an amazing dirt cake. – [Jeremy] That was a big
hit right there. (chuckles) It made it all the way! – Good morning, we just woke up over here. Jeremy is still out of town. We’re missing him, but we have a fun day ahead of us with friends. It’s so nice to have
something to look forward to. It makes the time go by
so much more quickly. – I wish that the fun times were slow and the bad times were at super speed. – [Kendra] Isn’t that funny
how that happens in life. The fun stuff goes fast and then the lame stuff takes forever. What are we having for breakfast? – Pancakes. – [Kendra] Cinnamon oak pancakes and bananas and milk for breakfast. – I made a sea turtle.
– ooh. – [Kendra] Elise always eats
her pancakes in creative ways. What are you gonna make? – A (mumbles). – Ooh that will be cool.
– Look what I made. – [Kendra] What’s yours? – [Laura] Looks like a dress. – It is a dress; it’s a
human with a dress on. I made a doggie. – Yeah you did; I see the dog. (rhythmic pop music) – Hey Jenae. – Hi daddy. – [Jeremy] Nae-nae-, look. Doggies, look. – [Kendra] Hi Troy. – [Troy] Hey what’s up, Kendra. (cheerful music) – So every year for Easter, my family does the Easter egg roll. You find a hill; you try to
make the most creative way for the egg to go down the
hill without getting cracked. (soft music) (muffled conversation) So mom, how long does
this tradition go back? This started in your family, right? – It was my grandad Hatch–
– Your granddad? George Hatch and he did
it with his 11 children. (relaxing classical music) – Well the sun came out today, which I became super super grateful for. I needed to see the blue sky and the sun. It is unfortunately still really
cold at least this morning. It might warm up this afternoon. So we decided to head with
some friends to our church gym. We’re just gonna have the kids run around. They’re gonna do obstacle
courses, dodge ball, kickball; you name it, anything
to get their energy up. (rhythmic music) Nice! (muffled crosstalk) What are you doing? – [Boy] So we’re going… They pushed their (mumbles). (muffled crosstalk) Which is where the bucket’s up, which makes it so if they need something, you just put it in there and pull it. – Time for a giant game of kickball. (muffled conversation) Ahh! (chuckles) Good try. – Bomb it! (children yelling) Ooh! Run, run, run, Michael! (muffled children crosstalk) He scored! High five. Nice score. So apparently the kickball
game is boys versus girls. That’s you and the tough face. They’re ready. (cheerful music)
(children muffled crosstalk) Whoa! Run, run, Isaac run! Run run! (rhythmic music) You’ve gotten so good at that. – I’m gonna try to do this (mumbles). – [Kendra] Hey that was a
valiant effort; I’m impressed. Whoa! (soft guitar strumming) (muffled crosstalk) – So I found these boards. I’m gonna use them. As often happens, I may
have gotten too ambitious with my egg path. We’ll see if we can get it to work. (soft country music) So if I can just create a
soft landing down there. – Well it is warming up. There’s a breeze, but
it’s like 50 degrees. Definitely warm enough for the
kids to get outside and play. So we’re at my friend’s house and the kids are gonna get to run and explore. – We’ve got walkie-talkies
and we’re ready to go out. All we need is backpack
and a few more stuff. – [Kendra] What are you
packing in the backpack? – Some supplies if we’re hungry. – Oh wow.
– What about some beef jerky?
– Yeah we could take that. – I’m not sure–
– They’re acting they’re moving out. (laughs) How long you guys gonna be gone? – Maybe a month. – [Kendra] Whoa have fun. (muffled crosstalk) – [Jeremy] They used
glow sticks on this one. (lively music) (muffled crosstalk and yelling) It’s over the bridge. Ooh! We’ve got a crack? – That was pretty (mumbles).
– Eggs. – [Jeremy] No cracks! Here it goes. Yeah! (laughs) (imitating chicken clucking) (children mumbling) – [Kendra] This is snowball
and we’re gonna see if Jenae likes bunnies
as much as she like dogs. She drops all the toys. – [Woman] Do you wanna pet it? It’s soft like a dog. – [Kendra] She’s like that’s
somethin’ and I want it. – Jenae, look. What do you see? (mumbles) there you go. She’s like what in the world. There, here he comes. Hi. (laughs) – So my friend is super smart and when the boys go out
exploring on her property, they take a walkie-talkie. The boys were so cute. They just walkie-talkied us
and said we love you, mom! That’s awesome. Hello, Miss Laura. – Hello.
– Your makeup’s really fun. – Oh thank you. – [Kendra] So our
friends are puppy sitting this adorable puppy. Can you wave? Say hi. Hi. Hello, Rose. The big boys are goin’ out
to join the little boys. – [Troy] This one’s
called the danger zone. Ooh I like the beginning; that’s cool. Here it comes. (cheering and yelling) – [Jeremy] Yeah! Good job, Troy! – [Woman] Is it cracked? – There’s just a touch.
– Oh disqualified! The Granny Jo. Here it comes.
– There it goes, the granny run! There it goes. – [Jeremy] Yeah, yeah! It worked! – [Troy] It’s comin’. – [Jeremy] That was a big
hit right there. (chuckles) It made it all the way! (yelling and cheering) This one is called kamikaze.
– Kamikaze. (laughs) I know, right. – [Boy] It’s goin’, it’s goin’. – Oh my goodness.
– Ooh! (yelling and cheering) It is cracked. – What happened? (Troy laughing) Well the Easter egg roll may be my favorite formal tradition. I’m so sad that the kids aren’t
here and Kendra’s not here. They would have really enjoyed that. (soft, relaxing music) – So our friends live
out on all this property. There’s trees and grassy areas. I love that the kids get to
come out here and just explore. – There’s a big water bottle, waterfall. – (laughs) Did you call it a water bottle? – Yeah. But it’s a good amount
for a creek like this. – [Kendra] Dude I mean I
wish I had my boots on. You guys are gonna build
a rock path for me? – [Both] Yeah. – It’s very gentlemanly of you guys. Okay, let’s keep goin’. So the big girls set
up a mud bakery up here at this awesome dirt pile
that our friends have. What did you ladies create? – A cake and cookies. – [Kendra] This is an amazing dirt cake. Nice, a real dirt Popsicle. What are these? – [Girl] Giant cookies. – [Kendra] And what’s over here? – [Elise] This is our batter. – [Kendra] Oh this is the batter. Wow. You’re doing a great job with the mud. That cake is incredible. Elise is making the first slice. It’s a tough cake, huh? – It kind of crumbled, but–
– Wow! You can call it a
chocolate crumble mud cake. – The inside of it looks really cool. – [Kendra] It does look awesome. – There it is, they’re comin’ down. So we’re doin’ a family
ultimate Frisbee game. Ultimate! (muffled crosstalk) Ultimate! (soft rhythmic music) (muffled crosstalk) – Stay with it, stay with it. – I love our family traditions. – [Woman] It’s not (mumbles). – [Kendra] More friends, more drawing. Lisie, what are you guys doin’ this time? – [Elise] Ice lemon. – Lemonade?
– Yeah lemonade. – [Kendra] Awesome. Here are Elise’s creations. Are you liking it?
– Mm hmm. – [Kendra] What do you
think of this kind of art? – I love it. You can learn how to
draw pizza, French fries, hamburger and all that stuff. – [Kendra] So you can
just draw all your food? – Yeah.
– That’s awesome. So now what are you girls making? – Slime. – [Kendra] Ooh you’re
trying a new slime recipe. – With no glue.
– No glue? Does it kinda jiggle? – Well actually it’s
not really working yet. We’re tryna add a bit more
activator to see what happens. – [Kendra] See if you can fix it? – [Elise] Yeah. – [Kendra] So what are
you girls gonna do now? ♪ Play-Doh, Play-Doh ♪ ♪ (Mumbles) ♪ – [Kendra] Alright. Play-Doh. – {Child] Wow! – [Kendra] Are you
gettin’ your nails done? – [Child] Mom made it. – [Kendra] Hi, Henna. (Jenae cooing happily) Hi, Henna. He said I’m so glad to see you. I think Jenae might be
more excited to see Henna than Henna is excited to see Jenae. (soft rhythmic music) – So our whole family is on the tracks heading out to a
conference for our church. – I am super tired, but
we had a really fun day. The kids had an awesome
time with their friends and I had a really good
time with my friends too. As I was driving home after dinner, we had dinner with my
friend and her family, I was just feeling really grateful. There’s been some seasons in my life when I didn’t have very many friends; when I was feeling really lonely and I didn’t have people
that I could talk to and just open up and be myself with. Over these last couple days as we’ve been spending
some time with my friends, I realized how open I am able to be about decisions I’m struggling with, about anxiety or depression,
about parenting challenges. I just realized how slowly over time, these ladies have become
very very dear friends to me. I’m just really grateful for that. having good friends that
you can be yourself around is a huge blessing and I don’t take that blessing very lightly. – I just pulled into the garage. I’m so excited to be home I love you, muah. (soft piano music) – He’s home. – Goodnight, J house out. (classical music)

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