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#1 Best Free Keyword Research Tool For 2020!

#1 Best Free Keyword Research Tool For 2020!

Hey, Miles here, in this video,
you’re going to learn how to do keyword research for free. In just a second, I’m going to jump
on my computer and share my screen. You’re going to get to follow along and see exactly
how to use the #1 best free keyword research tool available today, and ultimately you’re
going to get everything you need to be more effective with your content marketing and
your search engine optimization strategy. Now be sure to hit the subscribe button because
I have some keyword suggestion tools. I’m going to teach in a future video, so hit subscribe
and hit the bell if you want to get notified when that video comes out. Of course, I appreciate
any likes, thumbs up, shares, all of that, but here is the tool, so the tool is Uber
suggest and you can get to it by simply going to U-B-E-R-S-U-G-G-E-S-T,
and it’s a quite simple tool. Now this is built by Neil Patel. I’ve got
a little story. I was hanging out with him in Vegas at the affiliate summit. And I know
a bit of the backstory here that I’ll share in a little bit, but let’s jump in. Now, the
simplest way to start is by just going into the search bar and typing in a keyword phrase
based on something you’re looking for. So I’ve got a few examples down here and we’re
gonna start with best kitchen knife. Now this is, you know, if I’m doing a, an affiliate
blog, if I’m a mom blogger who does a lot about cooking and recipes, this is where I’m
going to go. Now you’re going to notice the first thing in the top right corner. You can
register for free and get more keyword suggestions. You’re going to see where that comes into
play. And I don’t actually use that. This is that next video that I’m talking about.
I’ve got five separate keyword suggestion tools that blow the doors off of this. Um,
it’s probably good to just sign in and get it since you’re using this tool, but be sure
to subscribe so you get that next video. Now, the first thing you see right up top is a
search volume. Though. The reason you want to pay attention to the search volume when
you’re doing content marketing is if you title your blog, posts your videos correctly, they’re
going to be in alignment with what people are searching. If you title them incorrectly,
that means no one’s gonna be able to find what you’re doing because you simply chose
the phrase that no one’s actually searching. So that’s the first metric we’re paying attention
to here is what is the actual search volume and then there’s the S E O difficulty. Now the SEO difficulty is an organic number.
The pay difficulty is obviously paper click. This is obviously the cost per click and the
SEO difficulty is the other factor that you want to keep in mind. So you’re always playing
a little bit of a mental balance game. You want high search volume, but you also want
low keyword difficulty or low SEO difficulty as he calls it here. And then he gives you
a little heads up that the average page ranks has 51 backlinks and a domain score of 79
now he doesn’t exactly say how he calculates the difficulty and the domain score, which
is one of my challenges and why the paid premium tool that I still personally use. They give
me more insight so I can get a little bit more surgical with my data to know what I
need to do to overtake the competition. But this is great if you’re on a budget, if
you don’t have 50 bucks a month to invest in a proper tool, this is a great place to
go. Now we searched down in the bottom and you’re going to see he has additional keywords
suggested here, but they’re all extremely similar and that’s one of the flaws of this
tool is how similar they are. Now you notice right here on keyword ideas, these tabs on
the right will actually bring you more keyword suggestions. So I just went from suggestions
to related and they’re still very similar. Okay, we get best kitchen knife sharpener
at this point, but then we can get into the questions and these questions are related
to the best kitchen knife. So who makes the best kitchen knives? But if you notice the
keyword volume, we’re down pretty low at this point for still having a relatively high SEO
difficulty score. Okay. And then you get to the prepositions
where they start adding the N of and all of the, the different words do it. And then comparisons.
These are the types of phrases they’re used for comparisons. Um, so if you probably noticed
as I flipped through these, the suggestions don’t change all that much, which is okay.
Now below this is really valuable data here. This is showing you what is currently ranking
for our main keyword phrase that we typed in, which was best kitchen knives. Now one
of the things that he does add that’s really smart is this Facebook social shares. And
it gives you at a glance, an understanding of which post actually gets the most shares.
Now you might think, Oh, of course the first one does. It’s not always the first one. And
what that tells you is you actually want to go look at the type of content that gets shared
a lot because that means they did something, the hook, the angle, uh, what they did in
that post for some reason went mildly viral. I mean if you look at the numbers, there’s
well over 10 X more social shares than number two, and there’s like 50 X almost compared
to the number three results up 25, 30 X. So it’s drastically more shared. So this is where
you can understand out of what’s ranking on the first page of Google, which ones got shared.
And that’s the type of content you want to study and you want to model because you want
to create the kind of content that people love enough to share it. Hopefully you like
this video enough to grab it and share it out on Twitter or share it in a Facebook group
where you know, they’re digital marketers. That’s my goal with my content. And that should
be your goal with your content too. So this is really kind of the, the basic level of
working with it. Now I want to show you what I usually do is
I want to go deeper. So for me, I’m not really doing best kitchen knife. I’m going to do
best kitchen knife for vegetables because I like specificity, right? And my goal here
is to lower the SEO difficulty, which we did, but at this point we only have 10 searches
per month. And this is the path, right? This is the pattern. This is the game that we’re
playing as search engine marketers is we’re really trying to find those keyword phrases
that have low difficulty and also a high search volume for us to go after. I really like keyword
phrases that are between 505,000 searches per month with low difficulty because I can
often go after them and rank really well. Um, so let’s do best gift for, so as we’re
recording this, we’re, we’re in the holiday season and of course best gift for, I’m missing
some things, right? Like I literally didn’t that sentence. So
what I want to see is what are the most common phrases? So best gift for a friend. Best gift
for men. Best gift for a man, best gift for mom. So it giving me an understanding of what
actually, who’s actually searching for the best gifts. And this gives me the types of
gift guides I could potentially meet. And then again, you can search through right to
the right to the right to all of the different, um, types of keyword suggestions that they
do offer. And this is a really great way to go with this, to get the keyword ideas and
to get different ideas. Um, let’s go into the keyword ideas on the left panel here.
So I just click the left panel and here’s where it gives you the opportunity to obtain
even more keyword phrases. And it takes a minute for this to load because it’s pulling
data from a number of different sources. When I was speaking with Neil, he actually
said this tool when we last talked was costing him $16,000 per month to run. So the question
becomes, is this going to be free forever? And also why is he doing this? Why is he putting
out all this money? And I’ve got a his answer that he told me after I asked him that, and
you can see here, it will give you up to 435 more suggestions for free. You just need to
sign in for Google, but I’m just trying to show you all of the different ways that you
can use this tool and it gets us all the way down to best gift for a one-year-old best
gift for mom, et cetera, et cetera. Lots of different phrases here. Now on the right we
have the best gift for search results page and what gets the most social shares. So I’m going to go down to the best gift for
one year old and I am going to click the little arrow. What this does is it re actually searches
the main page. Now I can see on this main page over here to the right that this top
post right here on today, I’ve got 1400 shares and then this post here got 90 shares. This
is the kind of content you want to look into. And maybe you’re doing, I’m first person view
drones or racing drones and maybe you’re just exploring, you know that that’s your niche.
That’s where you’re at. You’re in the racing drone world. So you’re just trying to come
up with new ideas. And again, we’re, we’re noticing here that that most of the keywords
that are suggested are actually including the exact phrase. So it’s not going out and
finding me the FPV even though FPV is in here, but it always seems to come back to racing
drones. And this is a perfect example right here.
So racing drone league has actually sir 16 difficulty score with 4,400 volume. These
are the types of numbers that I really like to look for because this means that I can
get onto the first page with a relatively new website and I could probably gobble up
a bunch of traffic. But then that becomes a question of like, is this relevant to your
audience? Okay. That, that actual like the relevance, the um, the search intent behind
this is this actually something that’s, that’s worthwhile to your audience. If you’re teaching
people how to build and race drones and talking about finding a local racing drone league
does definitely make sense. Clearly people are searching for that. So it’s a great way
to meet your audience where they are and introduce them to your brand and your content, et cetera. So let’s just kind of flip through some of
these other keyword phrases here. You can see as I go to related, it’s still, it’s all
racing, drone based content. Um, then you have the questions that people all often ask.
Um, then you add the prepositions and the comparisons, et cetera, et cetera. So what
I want to do now is I’m going to open, we’re going to go kind of do some reverse engineering
of a competitor through this keyword tool. So on racing drones, I’m going to [email protected]
so you notice the number two actually has a ton of social shares, right? 16,000 social
shares by the number two. And I’m going to pull this URL here and we’re going to go right
back to the top to the homepage and I’m going to start and lead by the domain name now.
So the first time we use this tool, we went in from the standpoint in the view of here’s
my keyword phrase, I know what I want to talk about. I know the topic that I’m looking to cover.
This is reverse engineering, what’s working for your competitors. So I’m just typing in
that one. Get FPV. Obviously we’re assuming I’m in the a first person drone. This is a
drone niche if you don’t know what FPV is. Um, and then now what we’re able to do is
we’re able to see essentially what this person ranks for. And you can see that they’re ranking
for over 66,000 keywords and they’re getting almost 200,000 monthly visits. They have a
very high domain score and they have a lot of backlinks. So this is a very strong website,
which is exciting for us to know. Now what you can do is you can look at their top S
E O pages here and you can see by country it’s showing us literally what are their best
pages that they’re getting the most number of visits from. This is extremely valuable for us as content
marketers, so I can see cameras for drones. HD drone cameras is actually their number
one post. So now that I see that, since I didn’t see it on my keywords suggested, I
can go back to the top here and I can type that in, which we’ll do in a moment. But I
want to show you a little bit more on what’s going on here on this. You can also see that
there. I’m a little bit seasonal, right? The Christmas season probably is a very big season
for them and then down here it gives you the actual keywords for the individuals. So camera
for drones as we saw above, is actually one of their best keyword phrases. FP, drone,
FPV, drones, race drones, drone for raising camera with drone. These are the different
keyword phrases that rank well and then all you gotta do is click on the little arrow
and now it actually does a keyword search for you on that phrase. It gives you the search volume and it gives
you the difficulty and we’ve found here, and we can see this is a very difficult keyword
phrase, so we would need a very strong site in order to rank for this, but you can see
right down here camera drones at Walmart is actually a 35 difficulty which comparatively
speaking much less difficulty and maybe you’re doing a holiday gift guide and you’re going
to do the top 10 best camera drones available at Walmart, 2,900 people a month search for
that. Walmart has an affiliate program. There is a way to make that cashflow positive for
your business over time. And really this is the game. The tool does more than this for
sure. And again, you have the ability to see what kind of content ranks well below. But
this is really the ultimate game of keyword research. You want to go in and look from a couple of
different lenses, right? We start with ideas. Here’s my idea for my topic. You cross reference
the keyword research tool to find out. Number one, is this an extremely difficult keyword
phrase? That’s not a bad thing if you have a very, very strong website, but if you have
a new website, you want to make sure you’re focusing on low difficulty phrases and then
you want to make sure you have the phrase that has the highest search volume also and
that’s really the main key. But then once you get momentum, you can go find your competitors
and you’ll see them popping up in the search engines all over every keyword phrase that
you want to go after. There’s that website again, boy, they rank for everything. Do some
reverse engineering, what are they ranking for and dig down through that data to find
the lower difficulty score phrases they’re ranking for. And that to me is one of the big things that
this tool is missing. You’re not able to sort by the difficulty score, which my favorite
tool, I’m all link to that one above. It’s up there. Um, that tool is the one that I
use every single day. I don’t actually use this tool, but I wanted to show you how to
use this tool because it offers a little bit more data, a little bit cleaner data, and
also it allows me to sort all of the columns by the difficulty score. Um, I’ve got more
trust. It’s helped me build, you know, we reach 850,000 visits per month and it’s because
I’ve been building off of that tool. So, um, with that said, finally, this is a free tool.
Neil Patel told me personally that he is spending $16,000 per month, and this was a while ago
on keeping this tool up and running. And I asked him, what’s your end game here?
Why are you doing this? Are you going to turn it into a paid tool at some point? Because
if you’ve been around on my videos for a while and if you made it at the end hashtag 1% to
you, um, you notice the last free keyword research tool I showed after about six months,
went to a paid model because we were all together hitting the API so much. It ended up costing
him a lot of money and he had to lay that cost back onto us. The users, Neil said that
he has no plans to turn this into a paid tool, which I give him a big thumbs up for. And
his goal is to get people hooked on it at corporations cause he wants to sell Google
enterprise access to this. He wants to sell major corporations enterprise access to this
for 20, 50 a hundred thousand dollars per a year. And a few key clients at those higher levels
are going to pay for all of the uses of individual. So the idea is to get us all a, get a lot
of people using the tool, loving the tool. So when you go in at your day job to request
a tool, you request this tool and there’s an enterprise level. That was his explanation
of it. Um, honestly it works. It’s a great tool if you’re on a deep budget, I still think
KW finder is a superior tool, but either way, regardless of what you use, you got to do
keyword research on every video, on every post. You gotta make sure that the titles,
the descriptions, the angles, what you’re talking about is indeed what your people are
searching for. And when you build content over the next months and years to come in
alignment with what people are searching for, you’ll find that you’ll get indexed more quickly,
you’ll get better rankings and you’ll get more traffic because you are helping Google
get the Google searches, get the Google searchers right. The user is searching Google, you’re helping
them get what they’re looking for. And it all comes down to this keyword algorithm and
the keyword research. I hope this has been helpful. Give me a thumbs up if you like it.
Any questions? Get at me in the comments below and of course, be sure to subscribe because
they got the keyword suggestion tools coming out. That’ll give you some crazy good keyword
content ideas that you won’t find from a tool like this. I’m miles back there. Thank you
again for your time and I look forward to connecting with you on the next video. Until
then, be well.


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