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10 SURPRISING things you didn’t know you could do with your Amazon Echo Device

10 SURPRISING things you didn’t know you could do with your Amazon Echo Device

– Hey, what’s going on everyone? Today, we’re going to be
talking about 10 surprising things you did not
know you could do with your Echo device. So, stay tuned. (upbeat music) Hey everyone, welcome
back to another video. Whether you’ve been in the
Amazon environment for a while or you are brand new,
hopefully there is something you are going to
learn from the list that I compiled today. Now I’m gonna do my
best in this video not to use the
default wake word. If I do, I will beep it out so I don’t activate
any of your devices, but with that said,
let’s get started. All right, so in no
particular order, starting off at number one, we have delete all
Amazon voice recordings. That’s right; you guys may
not have realized this, but everything that you say to your Amazon
devices is recorded. It is saved to the Amazon cloud, and they use that
to better determine your likes and dislikes
so that your devices can better cater to
you, or so they say. Another reason they
save your recordings is so that the voice
assistant can learn your voice and how you pronounce
and say things to give you a better
experience using this. To delete these items,
you can either say it directly to the device by
saying delete everything I said today, or you
can go into the app or the website. To go into the app, you
would load up the Amazon app. In the top left corner,
you would hit on the menu, go to settings, and then
go to Alexa privacy. From there you can go
to review voice history, and then delete all
the items from there. Next up on the list is changing
your device’s wake word. So we have the standard Alexa
for waking up your device. But did you guys know that
you have other options to wake your device up? If you load up the app,
go to menu, settings, and then device
settings, you can select each individual device that
you have and set a different wake word for each one of them. Or select the same wake
word for all of them. The other three
options that you have are Echo, Amazon, and Computer. Number three we have on
the list is brief mode. So you know how if you’re
talking to your device, and it repeats back
everything that you say or repeats back
what song is playing or what movie’s gonna play, and it just seems
really drawn out? What you can do is you
can go into settings and enable brief mode. What it’ll do is
it’ll actually remove all that extra
talking that it does, and then just respond
back to you with a ding. For example, if I
were to tell my device to turn off the
master bedroom lights, instead of it repeating
back to me, okay, I would just get a ding,
and the lights would go off. So that’s a cool feature to have if you’re tired of
listening to the devices talking back to you. Computer, turn on the
master bedroom lights. – Okay.
– [Host] Computer, enable brief mode. – Okay; instead of me
talking, sometimes, you’ll hear only this. (techno dinging) – Computer turn on the
master bedroom lights. (techno dinging) So did you guys know
that you can whisper to your Amazon devices? This is something that was
brought to the Echo devices a few months ago. And it’s been really awesome
for my Echo Show five that I have in the bedroom. So now, if I try to
talk to the device, instead of it
blasting back to me, if it hears me whispering to it, it will whisper back to me. Computer, what’s the weather? – I think you just
whispered to me. From now on, when you
whisper, I will whisper back. You can always say
turn off whisper mode. Now, in Lake Forest, it’s
58 degrees Fahrenheit, with mostly sunny skies. Today, you can look for
lots of sun with a high of 61 degrees and a
low of 41 degrees. – This has been super
handy when I want to enable the good night routine at
night which essentially shuts everything
off in my house, and I can do that without
having to wake my wife up. All right, number five on
the list is Alexa Guard. What essentially this
does is it arms your house if you’re leaving. To activate this, you will
need to go in to the settings to turn it on, but
once you have it on, if you’re leaving the
house, you can just say, Echo, I’m leaving, and it
will turn on the Alexa Guard. What this does is that
it will listen for things like smoke detectors going
off or glass breaking. If it hears these
things, it will send you a text notification, letting
you know that something is going on. Another feature of Alexa
Guard is that you can turn on away lighting. What it’ll do is it’ll
mimic people being at home by turning random lights on
and off throughout the house in the evening, so
that way people think that you’re home. Computer, I’m leaving. (techno beeping) – Good bye; I’ll
start guarding now. – [Host] Computer, I’m home. – Got it; I’ve stopped
guarding your home. – Okay, number six that
we have on the list is changing Alexa’s voice speed. Now do you find that
when she responds, it’s either too
fast or too slow? Well now you can ask your
device to either slow down or speed up. What you can say is,
Alexa, speak slower. Or, Alexa, speak faster. Now there are seven
options for the speed. We’ve got the default one,
which is right in the middle. There are going to be
two slower options, and up to four faster options. Every time you say
slower or faster, it’s going to bring that
increment up by one each time. If you wanna go back
to the default speed, you can say, Alexa, speak
at your default rate, and it’ll go back to
what it originally was. Computer, speak slower. – Okay, I will speak at
this speed from now on. – [Host] Computer, speak slower. – Okay, I will speak at
this speed from now on. – [Host] Computer, speak faster. – Okay, I will speak at
this speed from now on. – [Host] Computer, speak faster. – Okay, I will speak at
this speed from now on. – [Host] Computer, speak
at your default rate. – Okay, I will speak at my
normal speed from now on. – All right, number seven
on the list is changing the default music service
that plays on your devices. Now, obviously these
being Amazon devices, Amazon music is
the default player when you initially set these up. But you can change it from
anything from Pandora, Spotify, I Heart Radio,
and even Apple Music. To change this, you
will go in to the App. Go to menu in the
top left corner, click on settings, and then
from there you will select Music and Podcasts. In there you can set your
default of what you want your streaming service to be. All right, number eight
on the list is setting up multi-room audio. Now you can do this if
you have several different Echo devices and you
want to connect them up to all be playing
music at the same time. This brings a really cool
music experience throughout the house, and to do this,
you would load up the app. In the bottom right
corner where the tabs are, you’re gonna click on devices, and then in the top right
corner, there is a plus sign. You’re gonna click
on that plus sign, and then select setup
multi-room audio. From there you’re gonna
create a group name, and then select all the devices
you wanna be in that group. So you can either select
whole house or just downstairs or just outside. However you wanna set that up. And then when you wanna play it, you’ll just tell your device, play music in the whole house, and it will do everything there. To get it to stop,
you will just say, stop playing music
on the whole house, and it’ll stop
everything in that group. All right, number
nine on the list is changing the equalizer
for each device. If you are not happy
with the sounds that are coming out
of your devices, you can change the
equalizer on each device. You can either verbally
say it to the device. It has three different
settings that it can change: the bass, the mid-range,
and the treble. So you can say, increase
the base by one. Or decrease the treble by two. If you don’t wanna
talk to the device, and you wanna use the app,
you can also go in to the app, select that individual device, go to audio settings,
and then from there, you can go in there and
tweak it so you can get the perfect audio for
what you’re looking for. All right, finally at
number 10 on the list, is changing Alexa’s accent. Now there are tons
of different accents that you can choose
from by selecting different languages and
different countries. What you would do is in the app, you would go to the menu,
go down to settings. In settings, you would
select your device settings, and then from there, you
would select the device that you want. And in that device settings,
you can click on language. Now there is a huge list
of different accents that you can choose
from, and if you notice that we’re selecting
this by device, so you can set different
accents for different devices. And from there you
can pick the accent that you like the best. With Amazon devices coming
to more and more countries, there are more and
more languages being
added all the time. So you can always
go back and see what new stuff is being added. Well, anyway, I hope this video was helpful for you guys. I hope you learned some
new things about your Amazon devices, and what
they are capable of, and what you can do with them. If so, give this
video a thumbs up. Let me know that you liked it. Don’t forget to subscribe and
hit that notification bell for more content like this. And I’ll see you guys
in the next video. So I just bought this
Samuel L. Jackson celebrity voice and I
wanted to test it out. Computer, tell Sam
to tell me a joke. – Did you hear what
happened at the toilet bowl? Number two got flushed. – Hmm-hmm; computer,
have Sam tell me a joke. – Why do zombies
study all night? To get A head. (laughing) – Computer, have Sam
tell me a good joke. – You’re mama’s so nice,
you should hug her twice. – How is that joke? Computer, have Sam
tell me a joke. – Here’s an acting tip; don’t. – Okay, so there is a demo
of the celebrity voice. Cost a dollar; it’s up to you
if you wanna get it or not.


Thanks for doing this video it helped me a lot and learned a lot setting up some devices. What smart plug would you recommend.

Nice video Steve. Some great tips in here. I learned a few Alexa abilities. I also learned that Samuel L Jackson is not a very good comedian. LOL!

Thanks. I discovered Alexa whisper and it makes me chuckle!!!!! have any tips on stopping her playing random creepy Christmas music late at night without asking?

Brilliant, whisper mode…. haha. My Wife thinks I'm now mad.

Guard mode is good as well. I've got Nest Protect devices on a mesh network around the house, but only standard units in Kitchen and garages. So Alexa in these rooms fills the early notification gaps.

What's the downside to deleting my voice recordings? If I've had the echo for a long time and the system is learning my voice, will it set me back in terms of Alexa's ability to understand my requests?

Outstanding video! I really like the first tip. I didn't know you could just issue that command directly instead of going to the app or website. Whisper mode is also pretty amazing!.

The guard mode makes me think Alexa is going to release tiny warrior ninjas to kick some butt lol! She's pretty amazing so far. I find myself wanting to say, "Alexa, clean up the kitchen"… Guess we're not quite there yet.

There is also a setting in the app that allows you to automatically delete voice recordings older than 3 months or 18 months. I sat mine at 3. Much better than having to remember to manually delete them all the time. I think they should have a setting for 1 month as well.

When I change my language, I get the message, "The selected language does not match your Amazon Account and is not fully supported in your country. If you make this change, some Alexa capabilities, skills, music and content may be unavailable." So that doesn't seem like a good idea.

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