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$100,000 PROFIT We Bought 100 Amazon Pallets for $2000 Storage Wars

$100,000 PROFIT We Bought 100 Amazon Pallets for $2000 Storage Wars

hey guys so here’s another intro for
this new video with just about to watch I’m sorry I got several different
interests or little things are coming it’s just because new ideas come to my
head anyway we buy and already people were criticizing us for that and once I
put it on social media they said oh nobody’s gonna sell you a hundred
pallets for $2000 well guess what guys maybe not to you because you don’t know
what I know and how to do things if this video gets three thousand likes
that’s what palette we were shooting for to get back ten thousand dollars I
haven’t even told Casey and how much we’re getting for that palette but let
me tell you we shattered more than ten thousand dollars and you’ll see that
stuff sold on eBay so that’s know and ifs buts or maybe maybe it’s sold
somewhere you guys gotta go to our eBay listings and you’ll see everything for
sale when this video comes up on Thursday I already have some of the
stuff listed on eBay but now here’s the deal he made a spreadsheet
I made a spreadsheet one that’s in a do we miss let’s go to the salami all the
guys used to tell it tease of the thing might your spreadsheet look like because
I have spreadsheets with everything that’s great I love it it’s not much it
makes these well that’s how you know stuff but remember this look this is
what I’m trying to tell you guys later on the video I’m gonna show in a
spreadsheet I’m gonna show you my best palette I’m gonna show this stuff on the
best palate towards the end of the video then I’m gonna show you the spreadsheet
was in there how much debt thing our goal was just off that one talent ten
thousand dollars we shouted that number I haven’t told Casey what that number is
here but it’s more than ten thousand dollars if you want to know so here’s
the deal people I would say this stuff is not possible you an idiot Rene does
this just show I go around fill up warehouses then I unload him again just
to make a youtube video and make it yeah that’s what people say it is stupid you
know not all people most of yours are good but we always get those idiots
coming in there and then those people you know they get frustrated and they
want to call me fat because that’s the only thing they got left and I was
thinking about that cuz somebody called me fat F earlier and I’m like why would
you do that and I figure it must be so frustrating that is fat guy is out
working you out earning you out doing everything so instead of calling me
names Arleen it’s okay it doesn’t believe me
instead of calling me names listen learn pay attention because you can do it do
you can in any city it’s not that hard as long
as you open up your mind take off your visors and say it’s
possible if you think stuff like that is impossible it’s all fake
click off shut off don’t watch the video don’t waste your time go watch cardi B
doing a rap of something that’s much more fun right anyway so here’s the deal
if this video we had and we never had three thousand likes on a video I think
at least not in a short term if this video gets three thousand likes with
three thousand comments saying how did you do it we want to know please share
the knowledge that doesn’t cost you anything to leave a comment is literally
two seconds and to click alike is literally a second if it gets three
thousand of each I’m gonna share it a secret I’m gonna give you the breakdown
why didn’t deal happened how it happened every stage of the deal I’m gonna
explain to you how did I make this deal happen we bought 100 pallets for $2,000
we didn’t have to take him out we just took what we wanted it wasn’t a clean
answer situation we ended takin about 60 to 70 I lost count because we started
breaking down pallets and combining him and we ran out of time the things they
only had a day and a half man we never worked that’s a couple days so but
anyway uh when we do work so our before yes I know if you’re tired so anyway go
watch the video enjoy it um later on the video one pallet we’re gonna do more
than ten thousand dollars out of it leave us in the comments let us know
what you think of this deal remember three thousand likes three thousand
comments saying we want to hear it and I’ll share the knowledge part of me
doesn’t really want to share this knowledge because it actually works and
it’s so simple and most people don’t think about it but you know what if
three thousand people say we want it I’m gonna give it to you guys if not maybe
I’ll share it one day in the future enjoy a video thank you for watching
what’s up guys hanging here with one of my guys Dustin
he’s the one that said that skateboarders dead and stunted stuff
like flaming him every video go back to my videos we just got a last-minute call
actually had to go rent two trucks our trucks are full we’re gonna go up by
pallets and pallets of brand-new stuff lay down the videos I’m sure I’m gonna
get a lot of haters say fake fake fake cuz that’s just how to justify their
life but later on I’m gonna tell you guys how I did it and we’re gonna unpack
all the pallets and see how we do so let’s go head up to I think we’re going
to Vista yes we’re going to Vista so we’ll see you guys soon
and I’ll show you guys stare warehouse with saying I’m dead tired cuz I just
came back from the Costa Rica trip keep lying all these pallets I’m showing
behind me and you guys all the haters all the time all these pallets not these
white pallets those the water pellets but everything over here 40 is pretty
close 100 pallets full of merchandise I just bought all these pallets for $2,000
boom I’m thinking I’m gonna make in a long-term $50 deal maybe more it’s a lot
of eBay stuff I’m gonna show you stuff as we have it in the store we’re gonna
show you stuff that we impact I’m gonna show you some stuff right now but then
when we get back in the store but there’s so many naysayers that
there’s so many haters tell you can’t make any money well guess what guys
right now click that subscribe button connected like button because when you
subscribe to us you’re gonna get an education that makes you money get out
of the video I’m gonna tell you how I got these lower ok guys so we got these
this is one pallet Revere channel French scented candle oh no 28 so all this
stuff will be coming off how many bar just 18 in a box I think Oh 32 cartons
so fun they have 18 boxes quantity per carton
18 by the 18 boxes 18 180 so it’s about 300 candles in there
280 at 3 bucks apiece that’s 9 hugs do we shoot this video real quick so here
are some kind of kids toys in this palette I think these are all paddles um
for stand-up kayaking actually just says kayaks paddle paddle a kayak fellow this
whole pallet full right here sweet smokes two packs the reason I’m
trying to go fast I’ll show you guys these right here refrigerator upgrade
for water filters um they are probably nothing on my store but they’re probably
eBay items here standard paddles stand up water boarding pedal Pat’s seat saver
I don’t know what that is I’m assuming a few kids yeah it’s for you if you kids
pee if you have little ones you can put that in your car this is some kind of
cut that’s probably nonsense item unless it’s good online where you can cut with
your fingers do you sweat here marry me these are brand scarfs look how nice
these are and I have a whole pallet of it over here
you know 360s palette that’s Kenzie’s gained a little bit dark in here these
are things right here that are gifted pets that’s it’s probably nothing for my
store but this will hopefully sell online I’m gonna look it up gifted bets
mm-hmm here’s a whole pallet up to each leashes those will sell ok here is oh
yeah I got a two or three pallets of these not much but a dollar ninety-nine
these will sell I don’t know what Sunday I’m not gonna look these announcer the
great thing is I only have to take what I want
I think on this deal I invested 2000 Sparta gonna be another 2,000 and truck
rentals cuz my trucks are full and storage and stuff like this but I think
I’m gonna be able to probably make fifty thousand dollars on this deal by the
time it’s done I probably have to put it in out of ten thousand maybe by the time
I’m done with all the overhead this is some kind of per week a bath
work something you know what is this I don’t know a lot of shoulders at the
store I don’t know what does this here’s a palette of friend the ceiling fans
these will bring in a store $29.99 each you know there’s like ten of them there
oh it actually this looks like there’s more surfboard Cesar returns but they’re
brand new surfboards already loaded some in a truck so you won’t get to see this
until we get to the store and see this goes for deep I’ll show you guys some
more stuff but I tell you guys all the time subscribe to the channel I mean you
know people always everybody pretends as they do what we do but they don’t and
they fake it there’s a few channels out there that are genuine and actually do
it and you can tell by what they do you’re smart you pay attention and they
keep on not showing good stuff is a pallor right here over time be
penetrated action this expired so we won’t take this that is a bunch of this stuff we won’t
take this well these are card poker sets looks like a palace get the one with
okay guys so we continue sorry attacking my god instruction I don’t know what
this is right here dork or race of place pay six six plates which from um if you
guys know anything about razor plates a super expensive and I got a whole pallet
of it right here I probably have two or three thousand cops in it so I’m
assuming the rest of it it’s the same thing you see us make sure Oh historical
pace cartridges oh that’s this whole company’s
historical hey Destin come here don’t go so you guys look good after tell me if
I’m sorry Dustin but you can see razor blades are usually expensive I mean
that’s like 2000 packs in it this palette is super important I want this
very next okay like as soon as we can make sure get off
the track like this and here’s some other shipping back from Kent I don’t
know this is all razor plates I don’t know his name but yeah it’s different
things so as I want to tell you guys I really don’t know what I bought yet I
just buy smarter buy quantities these are some kind of duffel bags where we
have two or three pallets of backpacks that are brand new these are light
string lightbulbs I’ve never even look what’s in here so you guys will be part
of the first yeah okay looks like a second oh let me take it back
look how cool these are these at least five bucks apiece on ebay six in a box
310 across so it’s total of two rows that’s 20 10 times 6 is 60 120 per box
or quantity 96 how did I get that maybe it’s only eight across there um
so let’s say 100 per box we got 1 2 3 4 so dozen 24 we got 2400 these lightbulbs
even if I sell them wholesale with shipping at 2 bucks apiece that’s I’ve
got an all pallet right here that’s how you guys have to think car trunk
organizers half a pallet these are life savers we don’t get to take these this
looks like more paddles so what I do tonight I always want to make a deal I
take the best stuff first this looks like more you so much bulbs these are
more these light bulbs actually uh San Diego visitors guy does it crap it’s
like the worst thing so far right here oh these are brand lights lighting sets
those okay so now what me and Destin will do will
go through this stuff oh these are the backpack so we have like probably a few
hundred of these I’ll put these on my sword to 9.99
they’ll sell like hotcakes this is free bath bomb set I don’t know
what that is so this isn’t kind of give away something for you back but we got a
pallet of it that’s 50 in a box probably few so it’s 15 a box 100 200 300 private
thousand of those and then I don’t know what’s these boxes back there we’ll get
to them as we go I will show a lot of this stuff when we get back to the store
home comfort that’s quite a lifes see sometimes people say why don’t you buy
storages you’re fake you know cuz I don’t buy all the storages I’m a
money-making piece person I will sell horse shit he’s our money to string you
like bubs I will work on horse shit if it makes a lot of money and then this
right here so this is DNA Geno Tech this is either $10,000 pallet or completely
worthless I’m gonna research it in a minute or a
gene DX for collection of human DNA so if I can’t sell these I don’t know this
might be just for hospitals but if I can sell this this will be worth a lot of
money sometimes if I can’t sell that stuff you need to find third world
countries and they’ll buy it so this stuff has more to stuff I’m not taking
any of this nitro crib weekend so I mean I could sell everyone to bizarre things
worth maybe I might take a couple pallets if they give us an extra day I
will Perry’s ami Casa Brendan stuff here this is supplies for 3d printers just
plastic those are probably at least 10 to 20 bucks apiece on eBay and I got a
pallet of it check these I just will be great in my
store kitchen utensil set $9.99 all day long at $9.99 I’ll sell like hotcakes hope you guys enjoying this to it but
this is how we roll that’s why I tell you you really want to learn you know we
do entertaining dumb stuff too sometimes this is some kind of baby bath Neela
actually I saw you online these are 20 bucks apiece I don’t know how well they
will sell like save our lives so when I got to take those need to Chris okay so
did this whole palette here is marijuana which is mirrors like a back on Mary’s
apply 10 20 bucks apiece these are all water we’re not gonna take those okay so
here I know these are great online pest control ultrasonic a bunch of stuff here
look better TSA compliant tap travel toilet reset that’s probably good oh
here eat this espresso ol box perfect winter’s coming these are banks lifesaver we’re not
taking there’s no more fizz mirapanis bags will take the full will take them
at the end soon calm these are kitchen tools five plates barrel set we great
for online I mean for the store cargo roof back those will be great
and these a little roost I don’t know what that is OOP this is what I get Oh you know what
I think want to shave us these all the mirror ones so that’s how we do it at morgan lentes
now we’re gonna go look at something else
oh we start waving up to this section has some interesting stuff here too using some kind of Amazon message
catalogs that they were giving out we’re not gonna take dose mattress protect us
17 so I spy three four hundred Oh stills will sell show you what these are mattress protect us twin XL I’ll put
these in my store for $4.99 that’s 50 nos just on this palette here is these a
rapid try feet towels D sell online for 20 bucks we’ll sell these there is more
peace razor so we’re definitely taking those some kind of basket we’ll take it
but it’s not our priority right now so also the keys like we gonna work an
extra two or three hours but we’re taking the best products these are Titan
mag four pack cup Walmart I don’t know what that is since I could give away mmm private label is more you stupid pills
this is packaging stuff which I really care about
let’s get aside if they’re still here if they didn’t get taken away which tickets
the guy said it didn’t there’s awesome lego sets in here somewhere where are
these big things these are these wine decanters pencil
shop like just stuff dollar ninety-nine the storm dollar ninety-nine design this
is stupid to contact Islands cases but we’ll take them at the end but right now
goal is just to load the truck up with the money items I want to leave you
tonight with twenty thirty thousand dollars in a truck which i think is very
doable these are a child proving he’s our pride 20 bucks appear on eBay
maybe ten I don’t know coffee mugs this actually looks like guitar case
Dennis t-shirts hey did you take the pallet of t-shirts
already did you take the pallets with the t-shirts okay that was good t-shirts
right there’s a whole brand new pallet of
t-shirts hey you know which items I want rent so you know which items are one
right so then what I want to do I want to take I want to load up on half of the
truck and then we’re gonna start pulling pallets over here that we gonna take for
sure but as we pull out stuff as we keep on seeing better stuff then we decide
what’s the best stuff we take first chugger okay I’ll help you in just a
second sorry are these socks we cannot take these unfortunate was part of not
taken and guys do me a favor whenever you make these deals people make deals
with people and then they tend to say oh I’m not gonna take this stuff but then
they get greedy and they take it which I know of common sense is not to do it but
trust me people see it these are water pumps for pools here’s aquarium heaters
and filters be a man of your word and people will work with you forever I
don’t know what does this oh jeez attach a temperature on barbequing hopefully my
camera work is good cuz I’m kind of excited to be honest oh this is some
stupid clock oh these are good land we brand-new babu baby tilesets jeez what’s
all great for Christmas this is so good I’m gonna have to work my ass off the
next two or three days after your private as well take seven days by the
time about just two or three days just to get it all out of here but by the
time we’ve done this it’s gonna be few to filet bacon deal okay what is this
month with the pillboxes water heat us aquarium pumps look at this one
especially the best one I’ve seen in there just these little aquarium heat
stick okay guys so we’re gonna go up these stairs you said there’s a whole
bunch of stuff they left upstairs I’ve never looked at it he says if you see
anything up there that you want go ahead and take it so we have to get try to get a full
cliff to get it down if we want any over just throw it down buddy this guy said
it’s not that good this stuff up here so we’ll see I see ceiling tiles couldn’t only take
these rocks that would take normally but I’m looking more for merchandise packaging racks huh that’s no scam P her story so that’s it
was presentation thing I’ll probably coming you dad
I was a whole pallet geez I’d like a honey box of podcast we’ll get these so
the promise is a time thing we have to have everything done by Thursday now I DS normally would be gold to me
because I get to for five bucks apiece so you have three bucks apiece on my
school so that’s like three four hundred dollars right here so if I have time at
then I’ll come get these on Thursday Oba oh there’s more pool pumps I should
get these these cards actually got to roll on cards and just all says
miscellaneous test equipment huh I don’t know about this so we’ll see what we can
do this is out of stuff that they’re taking we can touch this but just to
give you guys a picture everything you see there and all those basically alder
Browns all these bronze that’s a truck 24 foot truck for comparison so we can
take all that stuff what we want that’s two pallet down there with the scarves
um I’m gonna help my guy load pictures now the white pallets is this water
pounded up getting to actually is actually loading these pallets um you
know I’m just gonna put this quick post in it cuz people already saying when I
post it on my social media stuff oh it’s fake it’s not possibly you full
of crap and you know what if you hate it if you don’t think it’s possible you
don’t want to learn anything just turn off the video don’t waste your time
because I’m just gonna educate this whole video and if you’re not believable
you’re just wasting your time and don’t waste my time because if it doesn’t get
any views I don’t make video so it’s really simple if I don’t get thumbs up I
don’t make videos so I don’t want you to think you’re watching it if you’re not
really watching it but he’s a cool tool these are like special back supports but
anyway um later on in the video I’m probably gonna explain how I made this
deal happen if you guys want to know how I made this deal happen thumbs it up and
leave a comment saying I want to know how you did it if this video gets too
long I’m going to make a separate video six play exactly step-by-step and what
secrets for success we did in order to get at the electus yes no guys this is
not an everyday deal if you don’t get a hundred pallets every day for 2,000
bucks disses like lucky as hell but is it just luck was a good business
raishin you can decide later now let’s go to the video hey guys I’m just doing
a quick video because otherwise people gonna say oh you didn’t doesn’t have
anymore so this is a 10 by 20 pact we just put
12 pallets in here we’re gonna take 2 more 10 big ones in guys like all this
sponge filters filters aquarium pumps heaters
look at all his aquarium stuff we got all kinds of race streaked like these
are surfboards like brand new the cords for the board I guess a private couple
thousand of these in different colors I have fins I have gnats I have like 9
on paddle boards that are going online Oh
these right here short stack jacks these are like something for babies to put on
your car seat to make it nicer so some of this stuff we’re just loading because
we’re working out but elsewhere like on 4 hours sleep but we have to finish this
oh geez I’m down here a brand new dark betsy kind of can see him in the corner
but i guess you can’t really see i know what they are but just as one unit we’re
gonna go fill another unit i’m gonna get 12 more pallets then we gonna get
another 12 pallets for the store so we end up taking the first truck we took
about probably 25 pallets this was 12 we didn’t have 36 so we’ll
probably end up taking 60 to 70 palace but by the time was said then we sent a
little trucks out for all kinds of soft boards and paddles and stuff like that
so just so people say and i really buy it or didn’t get it it’s the first unit
cuz you’re not amazed i notice they’re not a storage unit this one’s not packed
as tightly just because we use some more room but ten columns in there not a good
stuff so today we’re using a flat back flatbed
because the whole city didn’t have any more box trucks and Edda boxrec is still
full we’re gonna work on it later so now we’re going back to the warehouse we’re
getting the last 12 but abajo pallets let’s go take a look we already
pre-packed them all so they’re ready to go thanks for watching so far guys it’s
gonna get interesting hope you enjoyed this video this is to life a lot of
haters say it’s not possible but this is what it takes check it out the last truck 26 footer
nedda one loaded Justin Sarah more interest we’ve been doing this for 14
hours a day he’s like oh wait he’s like yeah whatever screw bargain hunters it
just pointed it no oh yeah plus we they brought our little truck that was Phil
too so we did about 70 pallets so we ended up keeping 70 out of 100 pallets
just still some stuff over there you guys can see but a lot of this is
packaging or you know stuff but you know what I probably could take another two
three four hours slow sell us like pill boxes we took some but it’s about it I’m
done that’s it so we took the best stuff we worked out but off now team bargain I
just it’s 11 o’clock and I look at them they like hating life right now I’m a
bad dad to the channels helping all day I’m like you know what you can stay home
from school tomorrow because she’s learning a better lesson with this if
any teachers see this I deny everything me Destin been working out butt off all
day but uh we’re gonna head back to the store we’re gonna show you some stuff
remember if this video gets a thousand likes I’m gonna do a video explaining
how all this happened how we made it happen a lot of people yeah a lot of
people say this is not possible already posted pictures people say yeah you’re
full of it you know it’s just to hate us they hate because they feel better about
their lives because they can’t achieve it
that’s it once it’s good – if somebody else succeeds you have to have excuses
so it’s fake but if you want to know how I did this
how the whole deal went down at one key thing I didn’t business that mate does
still happen including a tool deal including punch-out of deals I will tell
you secret it has to have a thousand likes and you have to go intercom and
say hey Rene I want to hear it so you know obviously the comments would have
to be over a thousand and if I see this interest I share an information if the
interest is not there don’t share information so I mean um it’s probably
smarter if I don’t care to be honest but I love you guys and I said I want to
spread knowledge so there you go knowledge let’s head to the store hey
guys so we’re done today work all day long on about fourteen pallets price
stuff market separated so I’m gonna show you guys
some of the stuff we did right now some of the stuff that we find first
we got this whole pallet rake is all full of brand-new like jogging pants
that must be like for 500 pairs so those will go at the end in stores same with
these and I’m both of these pallets are for online sales
I also found a killer box that prior to show later on in the video because I’m
taking it home to put on eBay that goes in my garage probably five dollar box
for one single box um these slits right here they were in a
box where we sold a couple of day they’re really nice and neon colors you
cannot see it at night time now but $19.99 people going to snow Jan so she’s
been organizing putting stuff together pest repelling eighths $2.99 I got a
whole pile of that too Oh rooftop cargo bags these sell for 45 or ebay we have
1990 90s these things right here $4.99 3 pack bombs that’s these were actually
free but they were super popular so every now and then they pop them on eBay
they actually sell for 20 bucks apiece on eBay so I’m gonna talk a couple home
I’m gonna list some of these tonight my praying out tonight by the next couple
of days and just see if they sell if they sell out Paul he’s I’d like 500 of
them um this is kind of tough for San Diego but you know it’s the right season
right now Fort Worth Dryas I just put 5 bucks
apiece on them ok these hammocks portable hammocks we did ten bucks
apiece they sell for 20 and ebay fiber FX he’s a special hairbrushes would a
$2.99 each good oh we had half a pounds of this stuff heat dish 60 bucks apiece
they’re brand-new but 90 to 100 bucks depending on which store these are
brand-new we have 60 bucks apiece what else so I got some stuff here has a
bunch of stuff to girls uprising back to I say hi Casey
everybody’s like tired nobody’s happy right now everybody in life so we have
um you know several hundred of all these different eye kits and stuff we just do
99 cents each coke glasses then we have um just brand here Meryem a scarf and
they’re like all different colors they look really fancy you know we’re gonna
do 999 and dos I don’t know if I have a pallid these Makassar class I think it’s
had a few so um but yeah these mermaids will probably do 90 99 undos then we
brought this box home at the end which was stupid like I don’t even my guys
loaded it but it’s the world map and you kind of can scratch it off so we’ll sell
these for dollar ninety-nine we now have a few hundred of these angel oceans 99
cents this is the only product I don’t like these wind accantus so Casey made
me bring him in but with some for $9.99 uh true chef five piece chef starter
sets for kits we have five ninety nine of those these are land of the we I
think it’s all organic bamboo 999 they’re like 30 bucks on Amazon wine
pours dollar ninety-nine or here’s to windy Candice we have my $4.99 you so
it’s actually not that bad thermometers dollar ninety-nine right so
once as we put it out keeps big white boxes of massages those
are acupoint two suction cup sets pet cloves dollar ninety-nine so the cheap
is on eBay are like four bucks we have at a dollar ninety-nine
these are pet carriers for 99 everything is cheap these are huge flamingos
blow-ups we have a 999 I believe a 499 our you know pillow protectors Queen
King toddler two packs $2.99 for two pack this is a really good deal right
here on memory foam lumbar pillow swear he sold a few tiles today of $4.99
they’re brand new packaged you know BB birdies all organics crip
protectors they put 299 of them I don’t know why this should have been for non
yen but okay yeah mattress protectors for Crips oh you know definitely a
matter of things they pressure yeah they should just I mean they should be for
non you answer just reprise them tomorrow for sell somewhat sell some who
cares then D things done to have some kind of bags for $4.99 hair towels I
think we put dollar 99 on dose you can see we’ve got a huge mess in the corner
we have to fix tomorrow we have DS right here like so these backpacks we put 10
bucks on a finger so damn it we have these right here two dollar ninety-nine
for a week if you want them for 30 days $4.99 actually can put these on eBay and
get like 15 bucks with Free Shipping but and I just don’t have time time we have
these right here on he’s a gift that’s there for lupus for the scratchy lupus
just a big one bless structure Cubs all in a nice oh you know what take one of these home for
us will you take one then we have so these are the healthy body box so um
with $5.99 already sold a few of those this I usually don’t like putting in my
store but I got about 50 of these bad D cell in the hookah stores for like 60 to
100 I put $29.99 each yeah was so – yeah this was so fast as soon as I put this
on Facebook I’ll sell them all so actually I’ll take a few pictures put
some of the stuff on Facebook later probably DS backpack so to design a
backpack some $9.99 but I have probably a thousand of those these right here DS
a makeup travel bags but I was a nice girl I had a lot of compartments in it
would put four bucks on them right makeup so that way if a guy wants
to buy it and put whatever magic in there that’s great
and I think I showed some of this stuff so that’s more this was just an average
truck tomorrow when loading a good truck works much better I have two pallets of
raisin plates which is probably they’re all gonna go online it’s pretty this
brand new raises and raised a place that’s right ten thousand dollars and
razor blades by itself all right so I don’t know if I show this right here for
I think I forgot these but these are long boards I have six complete once I
got three Mona truck plus I get four surfboards somewhere these are kayaking
gnome paddles those like 60 bucks on eBay these are the longboard paddles I
have 300 or softer longboard paddles on eBay tasking one $29.99 for the cheapest
ones on amazon $99.99 I’ll probably be the cheapest ones online with like
$49.99 but I have 300 of them so that’s $15,000 hey guys we’re back day 1
million 10 pallet episode so start unloading another truck 24 foot truck
today doubt he’s gonna be remember I showed
you guys do ceiling fans at the warehouse right here um I was gonna
settle originally like $29.99 39 some girls looked a little bit nicer to me so
I just really quick looked it up to see what they go for online cuz I don’t want
to put 59 on it and only like 19 I knew these sell on eBay take George George
Kovacs they’re made by a company called Minka Aire modern I’m a spectra
slipstream also a VA ssin you can look them up yourself they’re selling on eBay
depending on a model between 300 and 500 not asking but actually sold so I’m
gonna sell for like two three four hundred bucks apiece and I think I got
about I see seven eight 9 so I think I have nine of those that I
can see there might be como up there so that’s pretty good even at 200 bucks
apiece does 9 ceiling fans 18 or else that’s my money right there see keep on
watching keep on learning just keeps on going
sucks today my back hurts I’m so work hard harder than I’m supposed to at this
point but it’s okay but that’s the difference guys so if you want to watch
go ahead and make it and you know all the people that have excuses and stories
it’s not possible it’s because it’s not positive because they don’t make it
possible you just bought then do it you can do it too I want to show you got
some stuff later but unload this truck right now and I got to go through what
goes in the store and the rest got to go to an eBay warehouse I think I showed
you guys to raise the plates but so guys when to clean up processing day
to Cheryl’s working hard she stole a sweater from the company not approved
until afterwards guilty let’s put a judge what we’ll send you a settlement
offer that very nice so let me show you guys the best product I have a palette
and a half full of dis all kinds of refill cartridges I have like several
different shavers I will show you this product later on because I was actually
going to a different office I’m gonna be in charge of this product cuz it’s high
money that product was the whole score has to tell me about the raises but
haven’t shown you Casey uh did a YouTube needs you to move a little bit faster so
guys I tell you all the time look look at these fan base back here
but the coolest thing right now so they get to buy stuff before you even comes
out but I get it all the time people walking up to me it’s like oh we don’t
see your storage was anymore but like hey we’re watching YouTube guess what
they said they watches you guess one introduce yourself hey Alex Morrissey
would appreciate you guys watching I’m sure you guys are subscribers at this
video will be out Thursday so I’ll be fun so if you guys say we faked
everything is just age they just bought it for real okay guys we’re local
friendly Germany again see all those pallets we just packed us up and a
pallet up in the store and in his store girls are walking up working hard
Jessica I just went home so she doesn’t take a lunch a day so she wouldn’t ovid
early not early she actually worked overtime but I mean we sent her home
first cuz she had the longest day already Dow check IDs he’s a brand new
Ford brand new longboards not the longboard surfboards yeah so I think I
showed you the paddle boards we had 6f where he saw one a day for 300 bucks
which was probably way too cheap but whatever
yeah with any price event so not a happy customer bargain hunters in a background
over there you guys see Tatiana work at heart
say hi Tatiana so we gotta finish it off this was day three we loaded three ten
by twenty s1 10 by 25 I’ve almost two truckloads in store I’m
gonna show you guys some more stuff I don’t know everything I showed you so
far so we have some really really cool deals but this was a fun deal like I
think we ended up with 60 to 70 pallets probably about 70 that we kept and you
know just deal is probably it’s we have well $100,000 of merchandise now some of
the stuff we have a lot of it’s gonna take a long time so but we’ll see so
while we finish this I’m gonna give you guys a quick tour so you guys can see
what’s going on hey guys so still working on the load from hell the trend
continues more YouTube as bargain hunter threats you guys wanna introduce
yourself Peter Cain way to say is that spider-man hey guys you guys watch the
videos you know I only sleep like three or four hours I’m tired
so Peter Cain and wow that sounds like Harry Potter English that’s a really
cool name like I love it with people of cool names
you know Mara by winds Viet that’s super awesome well thank you I didn’t know I
would have totally guessed British so I’m super cool but thank you for
watching guys we appreciate you to support what are you guys getting right
now back bye guys if you watched a video get like a thousand he’s backpacks with
Christ over 999 best deal in town perfect thanks for watching guys work on
these these are a young rich nation it’s a hip hop Randy’s as footed sweatshirts
and then we have to make sure the clip music is awful because I gotta come into
for copyright very young rich nation then also me these shards are brand new
but they’re from a different deal these flamingos right there like I don’t want
to take him we have like probably 20 DS and Casey put them how much do you put
in a flamingos how much do you price to farming goes 20 bucks
Oh worried so – I don’t want to take him so now probably won’t well you guys
probably she said just super cool she called me dumb dumb said I want to take
him well these maps actually don’t wanna take these we’re actually been selling
those – have you been selling more you scratch off maps I saw some earlier so I
don’t know if I showed you guys this right here we got these double O kitchen
knife sets I probably have I don’t know four or five one of these will sell for
$9.99 then we have these ceramic sets I sold a bunch you have you sold you
severe no I saw some $4.99 these bath palms are still might make a big mistake
eBay then we have about 610 a deist a of Revere french vanilla lavender I think
is it only two flavors we have not flavors don’t eat them since so we sound
those for $2.99 a candle oh that’s funny I don’t think it what’s up yeah don’t so
that’s a really good oh nice people are buying that stuff that was work those
just brushes we have like a dozen off is great 3 bucks apiece we also have so
they’re not here yet oh yeah so here’s some of those scarves I told you guys
about yeah those will sell really well we got
about I don’t know we must have 500 thousand of these they’re like really
good Christmas products you feel really good quality yeah we sell for 10 bucks
apiece Meryem a home the heat dishes haven’t
sold but those will sell I’m not worried about them I mean I can only throw sunny
Bethany to Oh long day right Nana once you help
mommy and Charlotte attend thank you so then right here these Dorko primer
razor sorta so wait till you guys see my good product but these right here we
have about a hundred off and actually been selling with 30 plates woman
selling these for $9.99 really fast and here’s some more t-shirts so we have
like hundreds of these shirts they have $4.99 there’s like a hip-hopper and we
got these brand new pants we’re doing $4.99 this whole row right here we just
did it’s pretty much all brand new clothing but like all good name brands
and always some coffee pots it got messy but we just filled this up at the end of
Saturday and Sunday it’s gonna be slow Monday slow and Sunday can’t get busy
but just what we have to do with Dandi spacewar right here I probably have 500
these widths at least $4 ninety-ninth like lego types little key things
somebody asked if you could wear them as cape which yeah probably could but
they’re made for chairs I don’t know and then here’s more tea so we have a
lot of these sweaters I think we only charge in like 6 or 7 bucks for Brenda’s
what is there like really good quality some type of hip hop Brent hey now to do
me a favor uh actually I’ll come doom so these are all boxes of brand new Dukes
of Hazard Daisy Duke I mean that kind of crappy fingers but they all did the
whole assortment of Dukes of Hazzard those are more Jokers which I just three
more in here which is funny I had a whole bunch is actually my last one we
sold all the other ones you guys probably seen his in past videos oh so
then we got stuff like I mean there’s stuff everywhere in the store hey check
this stuff out yeah I don’t really have you sold yeah I
don’t want to take this either huh yeah those pants are good size too good
quality there’s more stuff oh we just put these watch this play out
so these are made at a parachute cord they’re brand new I probably have a
couple hundred of each kind I just put him out at five bucks apiece
to have 20 bucks on eBay there you go uh what else
oh here these multi knifes right here so we charge $9.99 for those we had about
40 of them and my girl’s been telling me that we sold almost every one of them so
I see five and a stacked on this oil price when I say everyone personal half
he’s a super cool emoji ball still sell what’s nice a box has like 100 of them
so it’s a hundred bucks a box um see join the battle I don’t know what that
is I don’t know if we put fresh stuff back here but we sell a lot of the stuff
today yeah see like the store is really a mess right now but it’s okay you know
what when it’s messiest when you know when you’re making money when everything
is perfect you don’t make any money so check guys that’s my back stock up
stuff just guess we did all that just cuz my help didn’t come in today which
is okay a new knife sets and oh those are welding gloves right then and show
those here we got boxes and boxes of welding clothes
I probably of a thousand pairs of brand-new welding clothes I’m just gonna
sell them for five bucks a pair which again is gonna be that’s one pallet only
so remember one pallet I figure cost me about 35 bucks that’s cost storage labor
moving everything you know I spend six hundred nine hundred dollars in extra
trucks over the last five days um so I’m probably gonna be in tomorrow under a
hundred bucks a pallet but each pallet is so um each pallet shouldn’t be make
me easier dowels and as pals I make me to 3,000 like the welding clubs there’s
at least a thousand of them huh you know put them by the mattresses for right now
it’s like straight up into mattresses by the boxspring that’s the only place for
right now this is the same company so but as a
difference scarf this is more like the wolf thing I don’t think we have a lot
of money at least ten bucks I would think they’re like really good quality
model of Casey if they’re nicer I mean ten bucks I think not less than that
they’re really good quality feel them yeah those are the same thing like ten
bucks each I mean feel the quality what does it say it’s made out of acrylic
scarf creative hood I know ten bucks we don’t only have one or two boxes on so I
don’t have high quantities oh he does is pretty pink Oh give me a little swelling so we were saying you could make ice
cubes with it but then our employee said what did she say Mike jell-o jell-o
shots jello shots and then when she said she made a joke about it she said – a
jello shot started to bomb I always tell you research research research I just
found something we’re looking up so my girl showed me this Saturday we thought
it was a whole box full of these little strainers 99 I just looked it up score
remember I paid for all the pallets two thousand dollars this is one box
probably one eighth one tenth of a palette let me show you I tell you guys
we learn new stuff every day that’s why you constantly have to read and educate
yourself and see what’s out there Thermomix and a prime mispronounce of
tm5 it’s some kind of special cook I kind of heard about this before and I
couldn’t tell you exactly what it is there’s something smart cooking this one
is Brian Newman box has never been used on ebay they’re listed for thirteen
hundred and fifty dollars here’s the rest I just took it apart cuz I was
trying to figure out what it is there’s more pieces in here on ebay they’re
brand new thirteen hundred fifty bucks used once not asking but actually sold
800 900 so I’m pretty sure I’m going to put this up $4,000 brand-new and
probably sell it tonight so another score that paid half of the deal right
there hey guys so I haven’t shown you my best product yet skinny when it spectra
which I thought was crap goes for like 520 bucks again guys guys don’t don’t
drink wine at work this is what happens can’t form a straight now you guys know
what happened to all the wine so anyway sure okay
actually you guys in a comment section even come and how many bottles of wine
you guys think Casey drinks how many like two over under just given under
over five under three yeah she has that though you know grandma needs her coffee
with the special medicine so I’m gonna show you some of the plates so what I’m
gonna do I’m gonna show the product and I’m gonna leave a count of how many we
have of that particular product and how much I think it’s worth per product now
remember I’m gonna sell these on eBay not for single pack I’m gonna do three
packs five packs 10 packs but I’ll give you a right rough average what I think
how much is per product and I’m hoping these razor plates will go close to
about ten thousand dollars for the one pallet we already have that one you guys
started or co-prime we have in a store we got about eighty or ninety sets and
we’re sipping sound those at ten bucks a set and actually been selling really
really well so um these boxes right here these are gonna be killer so I’m hoping
we got close to $10,000 just and raise our plate but let’s take a look
so guys these are the first product i’m gonna show you this box because it’s
open these are torkoal peso seven four
cartridges you can look these up online so you don’t agree with the price each
box has 72 of them that’s how they’re packed right there no brand new so
that’s the first product there should be a number next to how many I have and how
much I think they bring so that’s the first product okay here’s our next
product I have three these long boxes the door cope a six six plates with
drummer four cartridges these boxes stay on the top and on the side that day uh
300 a Pete okay here we got these we got like five boxes of these six two of us
and five loose ones these are torkoal pay six precision for men so torkoal pay
six looks like I got about so what staffed 24 29 IDs then I have cartridges
we have these all pay six so looks like this right here I’ll put the number how
many a half right here and I’ll keep on adding them up so I don’t have to keep
on redoing it the box of this okay I don’t know how good this box is because
this is was it comfort than to just two more boxes of plate
so each 72 packs in the plates was 144 packs but I guess even a 2 bucks apiece
at 300 bucks and then right here so we have four complete boxes at 36 and one
parcel easy to comfort then raises I don’t think these are worth a lot of
money either probably actually got another one
so far two three bucks apiece but don’t quote me I’ll put it in a bubble what
these are worth so it looks like I got 120 probably
close 150 packs or else my partner’s gonna call 140 what’s 132 that’s 128
yeah we’ll call it 150 packs okay just Fox was okay so these all talk
up a six plus six plates with drama so you get six plates here
oh no that’s digit 2 drew my pack so I don’t you I think you get two plates you
get one Mountain one backup yeah two partridges they have six plates one
handle and then on eBay I think itself like 30 bucks but I’ll put up the price
and then you get two extra refill kits so you got ten ten card versus than just
for 30 bucks that’s the cheapest I think but I’ll double-check so I’m gonna count
these right now to see how many there are so guys I just finished his box
that’s the only one I haven’t even touched these bags yet and this is how
much merchandise came out so instead of showing everything I’m just gonna do it
again like I said um I’m just gonna do a count otherwise they’ll be boring you
don’t want to see everything I mean you guys see the quantity this is a
different shape that’s called paste power and then uh just Oracle paste
power these are the cartridges for it so again I’ll put next to the number how
many packs actually half of these and then I don’t know if I show just one but
actually this nothing isn’t miscellaneous but I
thought you took pay sevens in here right is this paste powder too so I’ll
check what isn’t here so I’ll just show the number next to it arm practice I
know we have more in store I already talked about the fans you know remember
three thousand likes and I’m gonna tell you how I did this deal here’s a new
product does the store copay 6 disposable 3-pack so 6 plate precision I
don’t know if you can interchange those kind of weird but disposable ok guys so
I just categorized the pallet of razor blades I did not include 280 packs or so
we half of those premier which was selling for $9.99 in the store here’s
the final number this is one of my favourite things to do – cool so this is
to estimate what we should get on ebay for that was actually in a low end like
these right here these are the dork or 6 plus 4 card packs and this pays to 7 for
card packs I said I should get about 8 bucks apiece I probably can get 10 bucks
apiece but then I took some off for shipping so and I’m gonna set them on
set of 3 so I’m gonna cost 6 bucks of ship so actually I make more than that
the only one that’s questionable steez comfort razor tooth comfort that can’t
really find them so there’s 558 and raises but that I can get into store
easy so this is questionable to refill packs I have six hundred twenty four of
them at 3 bucks apiece I put 1872 I don’t know if they will sell online I
probably should be able to sell those in my store so that’s 18 hundred dollars
but like I said I was more conservative for better stuff so you know what this
should get about $25,000 – eBay fees so some wind shipping if I can clear 20,000
on this and this stuff sells them and this is not a hard selling stuff razor
plate sells and I think these all come from the dollar day shaving Club that’s
why that’s what this brand comes from so yep we scored some refill packs three
four bucks here’s two quantities that’s one pallet almost $26,000 guys I
bought 60 or 70 of them for you seen the other stuff remember if you
want me to tell you how I did this 3000 likes this video has to have with the
comments this would be a record for our channel and force it helping us set a
record which will be kind of cool that’s how you guys show love to us doesn’t
cost you anything I’m gonna share knowledge with you more more knowledge
okay guys so right now I’m working on more pallets this is a miscellaneous
palette we have remember my the goal was to do you know thousand bucks of pallets
we took between 16 and 17 so this is just one box right here is about 40 G’s
in here I’ll make you super cheap 3 bucks a piece here’s another box great
bunny thinking of PETA’s for birds i think yeah bird feeders so probably 5 to
10 bucks we just priced i don’t know what’s in this box or just some surf
stuff and it is a miscellaneous pallet – i’m here so we have these pants that we
just start setting up to this play i’m going to show you what the girls are
doing right now we actually sell them at 5 bucks a pair there’s special jogging
pants but they’re super comfortable so the great foot in winter right now and
we’re just not setting up this play where you sold seven pair to three
different people and everybody’s buying multiples which is nice so you see right
here so this is coming up and it will only end up having six rows they just
separating the sizes because people are lazy so if you don’t have it by size
they’re not gonna buy but oh yeah so these are these are really nice sweat
pants that we have out


How long do you hold inventory vs selling in bulk? I imagine storage fees for this much merchandise gets costly. Do you ever wholesale to other stores to move more inventory quickly to save on storage fees or do you piece everything out yourself between your EBay & Retail stores

I used to do exactly what this guy is doing… Then I switched over to dropshipping my own items on Amazon and shopify… More money, less overhead and headache. If he ever switch like I did he would find the same.

I buy and sell most of my coins/silver and gold here on this app. It's very unseen and doesn't get enough credit in my opinion, Check the app out and search for silver or gold coin collections!

I have a question. The naysayers and critics of your business are as you say jealous of your success. So why bring them up over and over? I believe you as well as thousands of others that you are doing what you say you are. In addition your buys and sales are entertaining to watch and I am learning from you. But in bringing up the negative remarks about your videos and business is getting old.
I can understand if you need a counter-agent to your work to be successful on Youtube, I mean even Batman had the Joker, Superman had Lex Luthor, even God has the devil. If you are bringing up the doubters as a ploy to garner more watchers for your videos, then I understand. However, I as well as many others probably are getting tired of hearing you say that people are calling you names, and doubting your business. I say forget them and never mention them again. I am here to see the content not the controversy.

Don't sweat the small stuff. The doubters will always be with us. As an Air Force pilot in Vietnam, I had a physical to make sure I had no "jungle crud." That physical was on 12 September 1972 and I've not seen a doctor since. No headaches, colds nor flu shots. I canceled my health insurance 10 years ago. This isn't my ego talking, but an understanding of the Law of Attraction. Seen the movie on YouTube, The Secret? While in Vietnam, I had a sweet affair with a Vietnamese woman. She moved to Saigon and I thought that was the end of that. Later I learned she was telling our daughter, that one day in this wonderful world they would find me. In early October this year, the mother moved into my apartment building. I sat in our social room looking into my daughter Trang's eyes and asked, are you really my daughter? Even before she answered I saw my daughter, Stefanie's face. When she said she was my eyes filled with tears, as I said, I love you, honey! Even a "magical" experience like that isn't necessary, but a positive outlook that everything always works out for me is magical. Here's one you can verify: Fall of the 2017 hurricane season and a monster 5.0 was aimed at Miami. Three other spiritual friends with me decided to FEEL it making a right turn into the open waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The next morning it had done just that, not returning to our coast until much further north…after we released our Energy. Didn't Jesus tell us even greater things we would do? A group of Buddhist monks prayed for Washington D. C. to experience love and peace. Almost immediately the crime rate fell 30%. No one that ever walked this planet was not in touch with their Inner Being. With every thought/feeling, we mold our world. I love the comedy of Father Sarducci on Saturday Night Live. He said I know like Hitler, I'm going to hell! But for him, there should be more humidity! He also pointed out that Canada lies all across our borders. Oh sure, we're friends now, but friends have a way of falling out. I say, now, before it's too late we must NUKE CANADA! I'm happy for you to learn how to turn your world upside down. I can show you how to change everyone in your life! Here's a clue…it's an inside job! A big first step is to stop watching every news program especially CNN and Fox news. I had a YouTube video of about 3 or 4 months ago. It was called, Uncle Ted and was the result of falling asleep one night and asking, God what would you do if you were President? This idea flashed through my mind the next morning. Build a super, 3-lane highway the length of the Baja peninsula for that intend on a vacation. No wall needed! Construct an off-ramp every 50 or so miles where our Spanish friends could live as a family. On the desert floor, cashews can be grown in the open air. Mexico has a water shortage, but a desalination plant could be constructed near La Paz, Baja. Further down, greenhouses would be needed. This could be financed by the World Bank. The United Nations to oversee delivery to where a hungry mouth calls out. I Tweeted Vladimir Putin (Russia) and he liked my (read, God's) ideas and follows me via Twitter. I respectively asked (as God) if he would move his War Games south to Yalta and leave Ukraine alone. In exchange, I would ask Ford and Chevrolet with Russia to build the next-generation electric car. Parts to be made all over Eastern Europe, with full assembly in Moscow. Then on to flatbed trains to St. Petersburg beside the Gulf of Finland with shipping throughout the world. Vouchers for free or discounts for participants. Each Russian family to receive one free car. Finally, (as God) I would ask Russia to join NATO! A friend said then they would know all our secrets! Duh! One last thing from my experience. Only 3 countries have a Gross National Product, exceeding a trillion dollars. The USA, China, and Russia. If I had a net worth exceeding 10 trillion dollars, I would not give one cent against any of our many Wars…we have a war on poverty, drinking, drunk driving. A war against every type of dis-ease: heart failure, stroke, diabetes, any hospital that wants to raise money to cure anything! A war against child abuse, abuse of animals, people…farm tractors. Anything! Ask yourself if only one of these "wars" is going down…? They are not! Better one should set fire to their pile of hundreds! Pure unconditional love is the only thing standing between you and your heart's desires. You are a unique child of God and deserve to do, have or be whatever you deserve. You were born with a lump of clay in your hands, You can mold it into something lovely…such as Fredrik Handel did by creating an 8-part vocal and full orchestral score in ELEVEN DAYS! Or, you can begin thinking you have brain cancer and kill yourself. Brain cancer isn't contagious, but my gentle brother-in-law died from it…as well as his two siblings in his life. God loves you and I do too! I'm happy to be your cheerleader. [email protected]

Rene your not fat just too short for your weight. Besides they're probably the ones living in their momma's basement needing to be on my 600lb life. I love your videos and keep them coming. You and wifey have an awesome Christmas and New Year.

You aren't fat…you are fluffy because you are filled with MONEY! Go get it!!! I would like to hear how you did it! Great video!!!

I WANT to know how you did this. More importantly I want to know HOW I DO THIS!

Ignore the idiots Renee. Let them torture themselves with their own ignorance.

All I want from Christmas is to LEARN HOW TO DO THIS!

Yo I'm glad you guys made a channel. First time I see you guys outside A&E. Honestly you guys are the funniest of all storage hunters, you got haters you doing something right. Bro what fast and the furious crew you had to get to highjack this simitruck load?

dude your definitely one of the guys on storage wars that shared the most ideas, and i found your channel so happy to subscribe.thanks for sharing your experiences.

So the show isn’t scripted/fake!!!!!????????

Edit: This is a dead serious question.

I watched the series and love it but the later seasons seem scripted/fake.

I like what you do, but how long do you realistically take to sell everything? This is more than a job…I'll take my 9 to 5 any day. I've done this on a small scale, it is stressful and tiring, working 7 days a week, 24hrs a day, never knowing if your gonna make enough money at the end of the day, paying off all your bill's and helpers…It's not what everyone thinks it is when it comes to making big money…. good luck. Keep it up. I enjoy watching your channel.

Rene, if I was Younger and in better health… I would love to be
out there doing storage units & dumpster diving., At 71, with
bad legs, back & lungs… have fun without me, LOL GRAM in TX

uhh kinda cool to see..but bro you didnt show or prove that you paid $2000…id guess you paid a lot more…..also those fans are like 100$ at most

I'm a chubby chaser so u look great to me Rene.. People make fun n hate bcuz they are so jealous of u and what u have. Ur wife is gorgeous, ur daughter is beautiful n ur very, very successful in what u do. Ignore those jealous haters n keep sharing ur knowledge with us!!! 💙❤

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