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$225K PROFIT IN 1 MONTH With BITCOIN, Amazon FBA, & Affiliate Marketing

$225K PROFIT IN 1 MONTH With BITCOIN, Amazon FBA, & Affiliate Marketing


Are you actively trading BTC or HODL and just calculating your profit?
Forks going to be interesting and sure as hell gonna be hard to swing trade! Best of luck with it

What's up Tanner I'm new to your channel like probably second time watching. I'm subscribed and I been interested in drop shipping and shopify. I been watching a lot of YouTubers that talk about shopify. What's the difference between Amazon and shopify. I do want to join the class but I'm brooooke as of right now. I'm become a real estate agent my test in a week.

There is no way you made over $5,000 on youtube ad revenue alone…. are you including brand deals in this amount?? if not i doubt i believe the rest of the numbers either lol

Depending on your niche, october might be slow due to kids going back to school and the parents having less disposable income to purchase stuff and also a lot of people put their summer vacations on credit so i guess it catches up to them early fall..cheers !

Way to rock it Tan! It's been awhile since I've checked in. I've been in the trenches trying to get to where you are. Thanks for all of the relevant content man! You keep everything so crystal clear that you might put Windex out of business! Keep crushing it! – Young

Impressive numbers, I respect your transparency allot. I want to learn more intricate tricks using Amazon. Thanks for the free knowledge. Glad I found you!

U prob dont care but idk i feel like i need to say this…i watch literally all ur vids and college is ruining my life, i do stocks(slightly successful) and now beginning FBA HOPEFULLY IT WORKS OUT!🙏🏾

Can you do Amazon FBA from South Africa? It's not one of the listed countries but can I still do it with a e wallet or something? Or if not when are more countries going to be accepted?

Hey tanner!
Quick question
Say i decide to change suppliers but its the same product, will i have to give them a different upc code?
Also what if i make a few changes in my product title.

I'm doing some temporary work at my local Amazon Fulfilment Centre and I had to stop picking and do some housekeeping because there wasn't enough work to do. They also sent some workers home early one day, a week before that. October must be one of those months.

Mind boggling how much money you can make online in such a short period of time. If I realized trading in time for money earlier was the problem I would have been all over this stuff, unfortunately I did not know about this years ago. No need to struggle paycheque to paycheque forever when passive income streams like these exist.

What's the most your Amazon course has made a month so far? Are you running Facebook or Instagram ads for your course?

So that's the thing about these courses, people get successful but the main money come from courses they make about how they did it.

October is slow because people hold back for Black Friday(November), Cyber Monday(November) and of course Christmas (December). That is why January often looks like October, either side of holidays and deal season. Perhaps this doesn't just effect shoppers but also marketers investing / saving their budgets?

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