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29/02/2020- 100 TL. plastik tabanlı basit ve ucuz kovan imalatı. Arıcılık nasıl yapılır.#imalat

29/02/2020- 100 TL.  plastik tabanlı basit ve ucuz kovan imalatı. Arıcılık nasıl yapılır.#imalat

BEEKEEPING TECHNICAL MANAGER MUSTAFA Everything about beekeeping HOW TO MAKE BUCKET MANUFACTURING. Hello friends. Welcome to the beekeeping technical manager Mustafa channel. how do we make our own hives with you today. and how do we produce cheaply I did her work Let’s practice together, I hope we will be successful. How happy if I can help you. Do not forget to subscribe to the channel and like the videos and comment. we can start the application phase Have a good time everyone. Yes friends. our required materials. plastic cover, base, wooden part. and our laths. their costs. bought on the internet 25 tl cover 35 TL pollen trapped base. I bought the wooden floor with 40 TL spare slats. The total cost was 100 TL. these materials are available on the internet and sold. I practice this way The normal selling price of the hives is around 120 TL. we produce it for 100 TL in this way. Available in the desired size and quality on the Internet. In this way, you can manufacture according to your own budget. now let me start assembling our sleeve. Let’s take them with priority. we place it as shown. the important thing is that the laths do not step on the floor There is approximately 1.5 cm of space at the moment. That’s enough. if the lath is pressing on the hive bases. what we have to do. it is necessary to put the lath in the required distance. in this way, it does not press the bar the bees are not crushed. One of the most important reasons why the bar does not step on the floor the moth is prevented from nesting under the bar. we don’t want the bees to be crushed at the bottom. can be crushed in the main bee. we need to pay attention to these issues. The biggest capital of the beekeepers is the hive. we can start assembling. we install in a balanced way the bases change according to the dimensions of the hives. need to be careful when ordering. The places to be screwed are determined. we assemble the screws from here. If desired, glue can be applied. i don’t use when we burn with fire in the cleaning stage. the base may melt. The process of removing and burning the screws can be done easily. cleaning is done by wiping the bottom with soda or vinegar water. we provide hygiene. I install these screws 4 pieces. 4 screws are enough. now we attach the front cover. the flight hole needs to be flush. we do it by centering. Let me show you. ready in the flight hole of our hive. it was nice pollen drawer available. pollen tray We mounted our pollen trap. if we take this up the bee will enter from below. Pollen spills as it passes through the pollen trap. the bee will pass itself to the slats. if we bring this down. we close the pollen trap. bee is entering from the normal entrance from above. It will reach the slats and leave the honey and pollen. Now we can place the slats. The most important thing is that the slats are standard. We attach the cover. The cover is also beautiful. the process is complete.


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