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5 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs That Pay Big Ticket Commissions: Up to $8500 PER Sale!

5 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs That Pay Big Ticket Commissions: Up to $8500 PER Sale!

hey there are you looking for the best
high ticket affiliate marketing programs that are out there right now hey it’s
kind of tired with messing around with single-digit sales and walking for the
big sale I can set you up with just one set I can set you up for a whole month
I’m gonna stick around in this video I’m gonna share with you five of the best
affiliate marketing programs right now I know that I’m paying big high-tech
Commission’s that you can get started with today so hey if you haven’t already Hank
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get with the mindset alright and the marketing skill sets to make more money
get more results in your business and finally have that breakthrough alright
so let’s get to it alright we’re gonna get straight into it we’re gonna talk
about the five best high ticket affiliate marketing programs that pay
big-time commissions help even up to eighty five hundred dollars plus and
even more depending on the program alright so we’re just gonna get started
with it right about now so top the number five program I got for you is
well a program called proof so you may have not heard about proof but it’s so
it’s so interesting you probably have seen it so proof is a is a software
company that that promotes an arm they promote a software program that shows up
as social proof on different websites so if you just look at it right now
they have it on your website right now basically what they do is they showcase
the information sales and people that are taking action on it on a particular
website buying stuff doing stuff and it shows that a social proof to people to
other prospects who are on the website to get them to one a hey you know hey
your friend this person is by then maybe you want to buy it and it’s funny if you
look like probably all a bunch of sites that are having it right now is say hey
John just bought something just bought this product 10 minutes ago right you’ve
probably seen it I know I’ve seen it on like Expedia sites a lot too
when you’re booking travel so the whole idea is social proof is really powerful
and of course here they talk about how the fact that just using social proof
can increase your leads and sales and your business by up at least 10 percent
just by doing that because people are moved by what other people are doing so
it’s really it’s pretty cool it’s pretty cool software program they’re both high
conversions just by implementing it you say on acquisition you
Krisha visitors trust and it has the social influence right that makes people
want to buy when they see other people buying so it’s a pretty cool program so
so that’s what it does in terms of how much you can get paid from proof their
affiliate program actually has a recurrent commission basis which is
pretty cool so you get like a buck to 30% recurring sales on all of the of all
the people who opt in to use social proof through your link so it’s actually
pretty cool so you could make up to about 50 bucks for each referral which
turns out to be big money now that’s not exactly a big high ticket initial
Commission but it’s big for in terms of recurring commissions you know so we
love that as well so it’s only if you want to get started you actually have to
actually will find I’ll leave the link of the site to where you get started if
it was kind of weird trying to find it but it’s easy to get started it’s free
they give you the link and you can start promoting and you’re good to go okay so
that was proof alright so number four best affiliate marketing program with
big high-tech Commission’s right now is Shopify so you’ve probably heard of
Shopify right they are a massive ecommerce platform okay um pretty much
anybody that’s doing drop shipping right now that has an online store they’re
probably using Shopify to do it it’s crazy how powerful they are they have so
much they have pretty much everything you need which is one of the things that
makes it so nice so if you’re an online marketer or even want you have something
that you want to promote and you want to create a store then Shopify will help
you you know they’ll help you create your custom domain they’ll do all the
hosting for you they’ll do even kind of give you your own online store they’ll
help you fulfill orders they’ll help you track your sales they help you promote
in different new channels and new places they have so many products in inventory
that no matter what you’re trying to promote you’re gonna be able to find
something with it and like I said they’re pretty much everywhere right now
I mean a bunch of big-time brands are using using chakra fry right
now and even smaller smaller even that’s that’s what
nice even solo small entrepreneurs and small small businesses are using it as
well and which is really powerful so pretty much everything you need like I
said your e-commerce business you know website hosting shopping carts analytics
SEO everything now how did you get paid as a as an affiliate is you can come
down right here you can see they have an affiliate program right so if you click
on that that actually takes you here where they’re talking about the
affiliate program waiting get started you actually have to apply so you have
to they want to make sure that you are you know you have some way of promoting
you don’t have that a website but at least you have some way of promoting
maybe a YouTube channel some social media sites some type of place that you
have some influence and they’re all about empowering you to make money
because they realize if you make money and with the program then they make
money and you will refer more people so it’s kind of a win-win right that’s the
whole essence of filling marketing um so they have this really cool thing where
you can earn up to fifty eight dollars on average for each user and up to
$2,000 plus each referral something that they like to call affiliate bounties so
if someone get started in the first month or two they’ll pay you double a
month 200% I’ll fill the bounty on it so that’s pretty crazy so that is pretty
pretty cool so like I said this is where you get started to apply and become an
affiliate and that’s pretty much shot to fire right there for you right there big
big money big affiliate program okay so number three best affiliate marketing
program paying high ticket commissions right now would be net-a-porter so
another porter is actually a fashion website okay so what they do is they
promote a lot of huge brands a lot of designer label brands a lot of big names
that that cost a lot of money you know I’m not into fashion and design but my
wife will tell me how she’s you know she heard about this person is made from
some name that’s it’s like I don’t know who it is but the price is $5,000 for
the purse so it’s pretty crazy how much money can be spent and how much the
fashion industry is made up so when you look at it they’re talking about
designer I mean some of these designers like Anna
Mason and Derek Lam and less Ravana’s and 90% and you know Burberry and Gucci
some of the ones that you guys I see I know that I know Gucci Dolce and Gabbana
I know that right some of these newer ones right here you know they’re very
high-end so that’s what you kind of have to think of very high-end and it’s not
just cool clothes right we’re talking about shoes which you know which is huge
right we’re talking about handbags like I mentioned before very very pricing
handbags I can go up to the tens of thousands of dollars believe it or not
accessories jewelry monitoring things of that nature
so that’s what that’s that’s that’s what this site is about with you how you make
money is by promoting them if you’re into the fashion niche of course and
when people buy you get a certain percentage of the sales so if you come
down here you can see where it says affiliate if you click on that that’ll
take you to their affiliate page where you can learn more you can earn up to
six percent Commission’s on sales so six percent is not a lot what I mean what’s
six percent of like ten thousand dollars right that to talking my head 10% of
6,600 so 60 so 60 times 6 so that’s about 360
bucks right so that’s a lot to make from one from one turn from one sale so
that’s good that that right there is pretty good so that right there you can
be making some big-time big-time big-time commissions big dick
commissions from from this program and so yeah so I have to net-a-porter the
number two affiliate marketing website best affiliate marketing website right
now paying big titty commissions would be whole mix or call mix pro so home X
Pro is essentially this is kind of your financial sector I hate your find
financial niche okay so they’re basically a trading platform trading
platform where you can trade stocks trade you know commodities trade
whatever Forex whatever you want all right and so what’s pretty nice about it
is that they’ve been around for for a while they’re really big on making sure
that you know and understand what you do as a trader you know if you’re if that’s
something that you’re into you can you can make pretty good money with it
obviously by trading yourself but you want to make sure that you have a pretty
good platform so having done some trading in the past myself I like the
idea that there’s no restrictions on you I like that idea that you have 24-hour
support these different platforms depending on what your what your needs
would be and you can trade in the stock market US stock market and you can trade
in commodities and they’re definitely trying to protect you as you can see
they’ve got a lot of brands that trust them he’s a big name banks right that
are involved with Comex pros so they’ve been around for a while so it looks like
you can obviously obviously get pretty good value if you’re of your stock
trader that’s something that your name so let’s say you want to make money by
promoting it then that’s something that you can also do as well from my
understanding is you give up you’ll get 40% commissions for every client that
you convert and the way that Comex Pro works the way they do it is that well
for you you can apply right actually looks like you had to come to a
different site that they have Comex affiliates I’ll leave the links in the
description of the videos where you can apply and sign up and so the way it
happens is they have a tiered structure so first of all depending on where you
are it’s like basic gold and platinum or something like that and that’s
determined based on how often you trade so if you’re if you’re a model if you’re
slow trader if you do it if you meet the requirements with a number of trades per
month and that’s where they categorize you in terms of that category and then
when you refer someone who also has to trade as well that’s how you get paid
but if they refer someone to I think this is like a tiered structure there as
well in terms of how you can make money so really it turns out that you can make
really really big money right just for them promoting this and having other
people who are promoting and trading as well so there’s a lot of possibilities
as you can see you know there’s 2.2 trillion dollars being traded you know
in 2010 and I doubled up into 2014 so obviously you know that’s people are
people are making money doing it so you might as well
might as well look to do that as well so um looks like you can easily get started
here and to learn more about how you get part of the program and so that’s Comex
prophy right there and then for the number one affiliate marketing website
right now that I know of the best offering the biggest high ticket
commissions right now would be regal assets so regal assets is a company
that’s been a while for a long while now it looks like about nine years ten years
plus and what they do is they specialize and once again this is a financial niche
one to right they they specialize in investments in metals precious metals so
gold silver platinum things of that nature on the whole idea is that is that
you know is people people are you have you can invest in stocks and those types
of equities but when a stock market goes down people think that people feel that
metals or an insurance policy because they end up they tend to go up when
people lose lose trust in the stock market so that’s what they’ve been
specializing in and helping people do and diversifying your portfolio so you
can have stocks which maybe you want to have some goal that whatever metals you
want in your portfolio as well so that’s what they do they’ll help you set up a
whole IRA retirement account around the metals another thing too is that they’re
big on kryptos right now too which is huge on there and quick you know if
you’re in the crypto thing you know Bitcoin and interim and all those they
also can help you slip your diversify your portfolio using that as well
they’ve been around for a long while as you can see for smart money market watch
chase seeking out these are big names that are all featured regal assets these
are some big names with this even matters to you right did you see your
gurus on TV and like I said they didn’t burn around for round number twenty
ranked in an in the Inc 500 ready to eight plus from the BBB
you know they positive reviews of thousands so they’ve definitely been
around so waiting they work it’s pretty simple you know you just basically flock
for me and then you get started building your account so the reason why this is
such a big deal in terms of feel it money that you can make is that
imagine the way you get paid is by people opening up an account and
transferring funds and choosing a particular account and so imagine
someone open an account transferring ten twenty thirty a hundred thousand dollars
into a new regal assets account that you refer to them to that is big money right
there if you can just imagine so there is not there’s not really a whole lot in
terms of what they tell you the percentages you get or um but you can
people are making like five figure commissions five Pickers from one sale
so it’s pretty pretty big deal like you know these people got millions and
billions invested right so you probably mean maybe you’re not gonna have fine
some of that guys does that but you could you’ll find some people who are
investing quite a bit so you can see I mean Richard Branson here obviously is
invested in regal assets as well so that’s what they do and so to get
started I found that you actually have to call the number up here and tell them
that you know ask them about how to do it because there’s really no information
really readily available so probably they want to make sure that if you’re
gonna promote it you gotta you know know what you’re doing I did with it what I
mean I imagine that it’s you know if you’re if if you’re creating quality
content you have a pretty solid way to promote it then
then they’ll let you win so would you probably want to call that number right
there to find out more information how to get started exactly so that’s pretty
much it my friends hope you enjoyed it hope that was helpful hopefully I gave
you some ideas on how on some affiliate marketing programs the best ones and a
penny big ticket commissions right now that you can start taking an advantage
of making that one or two sale and being set for the rest of the month
alright so hope you enjoyed it if you did hang definitely give the video a
like or I get to subscribe to the channel and oh by the way if you want to
learn the best way that I know how to get to the simplest way without working
super hard with the least amount of time with least amount of stress to take
advantage of affiliate marketing in general and hey you want to
check out my free guy that guy’s the affiliate marketing fortunes lazy man
the lazy man’s cheap guy – massing massive fortunes with affiliate
marketing right so check that out and get your copy alright so until the next
exciting episode my friend be blessed a hunger out there and I see you on the
next one alright ina


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