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5 steps to start a #food business Start Selling Food Local #amazon

5 steps to start a #food business Start Selling Food Local #amazon


Any suggestions on how I can wholesale my BBQ sauce to someone that would like to sell it In there Amazon store?

I am very interested in selling on Etsy and Amazon. I would like to know if you have to promote your products once you have them on Amazon and Etsy? If so, how do you go about getting more exposure?

Thank you for taking the time out to post this amazing videos. I did have a question for you. You said you sell over 600 items. Some which just look like bulk food product that you privately label. How did you find companies that provide bulk quality products?

having A issue starting from home- Currently I am making Frozen Lumpia and Asian food and selling to family friends- It is taking off but I can not operate with a cottage licence because it is temperature kept food- so it does not qualify…I am thinking the only other option is to make it in a commercial kitchen? There is non to rent in the area though? In a bind… My long term goal is to open a food truck but wanted to start small with family orders and farmers markets and fairs. ect. but trying to become legal first! hahah and its not easy!! at all! I have a great product, cheap to make good margins and great customers- just need the legal side of it to come together- then I want to apply for a grant to start my food truck in a year or so! HELPPPP I am in FL.

Hey Damien! Thanks for the great info… ! 600 products?? That is awesome! I am an entrepreneur at heart…I used to own a Deli, good fresh food, homemade soups, desserts etc. for health reasons I had to close it : { I hate working for the man…how do I get going on selling my own ? I do have a homemade salad dressing that I made at the deli that was loved by all! I worked with product developer who helped me to get it into a measured state for manufacturing….you make me feel like I can do this!

As usual I love your videos they really do help me Grow my upcoming food business. I know this is extremely selfish… but My confession is I hope your channel stays small. The info you give is beyond words and knowing you have a small crowd makes it like a small family gathering and you’ve got the goods! Lol vs mass produced info that gets put out once a channels get big. Also my question is I’m home baking GF & Vegan cakes here in Florida and I want to start selling to farmers markets. What’s an idea of how I should approach it? (pre buy special packaging?

Great advice! In contrast, some colleges will tell you, "You need not love your product; just love the profit".

Thank you thank you thank you for not being like other people on YouTube and beating around the bush for 20 minutes you got straight to the point and I appreciate it

Nice and simple bro. I'm desperate to make a product, but guess what? I can't make it at home and it has caused me to be stuck. These are great tips. Thanks alot. I've suscribed because I really want to learn from you about what you do and how I can implement so of those things.

Hi Dear ,thanks a lot .Can you tell me that sending fax or mail (but not email)to wholesaler or distributor would be good idea?and redo it 2 or 3 times per year?

This my first time watching your videos and I'm so hyped up!! I've been wanting to launch a food business for months but I've been so fearful of the process that I've kind of created excuses not to follow through with my dream. After watching your video I feel so encouraged to jump in and START! I'll be watching your videos and subscribing for sure! Thank you!

My mom makes the best homemade coleslaw. Literally and my dad makes his own bbq sauce. I brought co-workers down and they tried it and they couldnt believe it. Im in Atlanta they're in alabama, a hour drive. Atlanta is a city of entrepreneurs. Hopefully I can get them started up. Thanks

I have an amazing sauce/dip. I,m all set with my class A cottage kitchen permit, business license, llc, but the food list limits me. I am a former chef and savory is more my style. How can I change my recipe around to meet cottage kitchen rules so I don't have to use a commercial kitchen yet.

new subscriber.Thanks for getting straight to the point.i will be writing down these 5 steps and the rest will overflow in due time..Cooking is my passion.And I want to do small buisness love what I'm doing.

Just found you, I have just subscribed to your channel now. I just made something in my kitchen that I buy in the supermarket, so I'm thinking 🤔 why not try to make money from it.

thanks mate
me and my sister are wanting to sell.some.home made chicken biryani from.home in the local.area but just wanted some advice start
what we would need to get started and also drive order and how to get regular weekly orders to.keep.this business ticking

thanks mate

R thanks for the information I was really in need of some kind of information because I do want to start selling some baked goods and I want to make sure that I have the proper vending license since lately we've been seeing people call the police and I don't want that to happen to us but thank you so much and hopefully if this works out will send you some if you want

Thanks for the video! You're right about 'find something you love'. Most entrepreneurs today really struggle to get the money and they had to do things they do not love. It's a poor situation.

Omg..I love your Video..very informative…especially for people like me who just want to start my very own small food business which i have no idea where to start and how to market them. I have been struggling to survive and how to hold on everything i have. Bw honest to is not easy.
Btw I can are very detail oreinted person….I hope one day i could make it BIG…as you said…it has to start somewhere….Thank you for tge video🙏🙏

Hello my name is Venus and I just came across ur videos and I see u have alot of information to offer.
I live in NYC and I sell sweet treats for family n friends occasions I wld like to know if u can help tell me how I can become a street vendor w all the requirements as far as licenses I would need so I can do it legally
My Instagram is applebeauty718 THANKS

So if you're starting small, like in your kitchen, do you have to have a license? Or is it optional? I don't want to get sued lol 😂

Excellent video series; honest and feasible. Can you do a video on how to open a pizza shop in a neighbourhood where a big chain pizza shop is in very close proximity? The training and management part is of no concern, but the initial steps of greater significance that are critical regarding establishing and making it profitable. Any opinion related to the topic is appreciated.
Kind regards

If you invest time money and effort into something you didn't initially enjoyed doing, you'll develop a liking towards it

I completely agree that finding what you love to do as being number one! Passion is the real key. If you love what you do it is likely that someone else will too!

I am working on making/selling herbal tea blends. I was wondering if you had any input. I looked online at kitchens to rent as well as on the FDA site about producing teas. In your knowledge, have you seen it be okay to make these type of products in a kitchen legally? i have not had much luck with getting this question answered. Any help you could give that would point me in the right direction would be much appreciated

This is very helpful, thanks, i have a question that how many ingredients I should put on my label, is there any limit or numbers bc I don’t want to put all my secret ingredients on the lable

Hi damien im your new subscriber i got a food dessert that is $25 for all the ingredients im having a hard time knowing the price, how can i price my food product? Thank you i love your videos by the way. Im 21yrs old too 🙂

This is great to point 5 steps to starting a food business! If you have questions and need one on one consulting one hour call WITH Damian schedule one here :
If you want to start a food business ANY TYPE of food business then this offer is for you! Thank you for all the support and as a thank, you here is 1 HOUR on me!


Thank you so much this video. It encourage me everytime I watch your video. I hope I/we can work this out with the help of my husband in the future. I want to have my own little business too.

I like this video and im in the process of doing my own Catering. and most my business deals in pastries. Is there anyprograms that help with budgeting and doing the profit from sales etc

Do you know if I can turn my converted garage into a small food manufacturing business for my own products?
I do live in clark county Washington state. I haven't seem to find any information on if I can or not. If you have any information, i would love that! Thanks!

Great video and the information. Thanks for creating this as I was looking for info on how to start and get my business legal

Why do some states say no to cottage food law and how I’m in Florida and Weston Fl city said is not allowed or how we sell on eBay which is the best way

The cottage food laws here in Florida do not allow you to sell any fish products. Sadly, it’s not very clear what type of license you’d need in order to be able to sell a homemade product containing fish.

Where would you recommend looking for info?

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