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5 Things We’ve Learned From 5 Years on Youtube | 500K Subscribers

5 Things We’ve Learned From 5 Years on Youtube | 500K Subscribers

What’s going on ladies and gentlemen welcome back to Vagabrothers we are in the Shetland Islands, it’s a beautiful morning here in Scotland and We’ve had a bit of a realization haven’t we? well first and foremost we recently crossed a milestone of 500,000 subscribers, and this video is made in part to thank you guys all for watching and helping us grow this audience But we also realized that we’ve been doing YouTube for five Years and that the first real trip that we made for the channel was five years ago on New Year’s of 2013 We basically hitchhiked across the north of Scotland With the main goal of trying to understand what Scotland really means. We made that first trip to Scotland because at that time we were trying to make Vagabrothers A travel television show and we felt that making the trip to Scotland to make a series of videos would be basically like a pilot And it’s just kind of crazy to think about now five years later We’re back at the same spot with a completely different set of circumstances the idea of starting a Travel Show has been fulfilled But just not on television now We’re making the show that we always dreamed of making But we’re making it on YouTube and we have you guys to thank for it So what we want to do is share Five quick things that we’re thankful for and that we’ve learned in the past five years on YouTube Number one it’s allowed us to make the Travel Show we’ve always dreamed of making. Five years is a long time, but it went by in a heartbeat Five years ago we came to Scotland with the idea of making a pilot for a television show We had a great idea on paper but production companies were telling us that we had no chemistry and we had to practice making films and practice presenting and So that meant we had to make content and the only place to put it was YouTube so when we started YouTube Being youtubers was not the goal it was basically like having an online resume or CV In order to get something you have to have something to show it’s kind of like the “Field of Dreams” “If you build it they will come” So we decided to leave San Sebastián Spain where we were teaching English and go to Scotland over New Year’s Eve to film our first travel show Dawn on New Year’s Day and Scotland is dead Everyone is at home. There are no buses No trains and no cars on the road and yet Alex and I have to travel over about one third of Scotland So we’re starting off 2013 the rigth way by hitchhiking and we had to figure out how to get all the way up to the Outer Hebrides which is a really remote island in the north of Scotland and that’s where our plane back to Spain was leaving from that trip laid the foundations for vagabrothers and for what the channel would eventually become it’s kind of a life lesson in the sense that we had this one goal Making a travel show and initially we were thinking that it was gonna be a television show But just the way that media has changed over the couple of years. It’s shown us how YouTube went from being a means to an ends to being an ends in itself five years ago our number one goal was to get a television show and Five years later right now. That would be awesome, and we would still love to have a TV show but right now We’re making a TV show and it’s going directly to you. There’s no middleman It’s us and it’s you in the comment sections and on the other side of that screen and that is an incredible feeling So we want to thank you from the deepest parts of our soul Thank you so much for subscribing to our channel and helping Follow our dreams Number two Vagabrothers has allowed us to share stories from around the world Since that first trip to Scotland this YouTube channel has allowed us to travel to over 40 countries around the world if you think about what the world is, if you think about what culture is you think about what existence is It’s experience and story I think every time we embark on a new trip It’s really humbling to think that Our viewers will count on us to share a story from a culture We as human beings are intrinsically storytellers everybody’s a storyteller and For us To be able to go to different parts of the world and to hear other people’s stories and allow them to tell their stories and then To be able to share that with you It’s just a really incredible thing Before co-founding this channel with my brother I was working in journalism, and I really saw the limitations of just pure facts and strict news I think that the way the two of us have been able to collaborate To tell stories in an engaging and entertaining way has really been fun And I’m glad that you guys enjoy the content that we’re putting out there It’s always been such a blessing having my brother with me being able to collaborate together even though we have a ton of arguments even though sometimes our creative directions are going in different ways. We’ve always managed to find a middle ground and to plot a course together You know we always wanted to make a travel show and five years later here We are with the Travel Show on YouTube with five hundred thousand Vagabuddies out there and it’s it’s pretty mind-boggling number three the opportunity to learn Travel is always an opportunity to learn because you get to experience cultures firsthand To be completely honest when I was in high school I didn’t want to go to school that doesn’t mean that I’m not passionate about learning and one of the best things That this channel has given us is the chance to continue to learn and to learn about what we want to learn about and To share the knowledge that we get through our trips and through our experiences with each and every one of you out there Starting a YouTube channel is also a huge opportunity to learn because you’re essentially being an entrepreneur and there is no one To look at for reference on how to do it obviously YouTube has now grown and there’s a lot of people doing Doing YouTube these days But when we first started out it was really scary because there was no one to look at the closest thing that we could see for inspiration was traditional television shows or maybe travel writing but It’s been a huge learning process to try to take those Forms that have had success on traditional media and adapt them to the Internet and the farther down the road We’ve gone with YouTube the more opportunities We have to learn about camera techniques about new technology like drones and virtual reality all of which combine to allow us to share Stories with a worldwide audience YOU and that’s super important to us it’s one of the core pillars of Vagabrothers is knowledge and understanding Because with knowledge you gain understanding and in this crazy world that we live in understanding is very important Number four we are grateful for the opportunity to express ourselves creatively We’ve grown a lot. I think since our first trip to Scotland We’ve learned a lot about storytelling and how to express ourselves creatively I think that it’s an ongoing process But I’m always humbled by the opportunity to do this every single time we turn on the camera. I think as an artist sometimes it’s challenging to To share your work so many artists go throughout their entire life never ever Showing what they’ve created to anyone one of my favorite artists of all time is Vincent van Gogh And his story is tragic but beautiful because his artwork was kind of shunned when he was alive nobody really took him seriously As we continue to grow as we continue to get older We kind of are learning that Being artistic doesn’t mean that you have to kind of pander to a wider audience You can you can do what fulfills you personally And there will be people out there who find a meaning in that and that in itself is a really awesome thing There’s many different paths Alex, and I could have taken in life But the chance to express yourselves creatively is not something I take lightly I’m really excited every single time We’re able to start a new project. Whether it be telling the history of the Shetland Islands making a skit Making a short film like East of Eden or any other form of creativity that we might take in the next few years I’m really hoping that in the immediate future We’re gonna make more short films more documentaries and really try to expand the breadth of our creative storytelling We’re also thinking about making a book so if you’d be interested in that let us know what you’d like to see in the book Because we’re putting together a book proposal right now Number five making an impact It’s crazy to think that there’s five hundred thousand plus people watching from around the world that every one of you Watching from your cell phone or computer adds up to half a million people I don’t think we ever got into this with the goal of becoming influencer But we definitely had the goal of making Since its’ foundation five years ago Vagabrothers as a channel has not just been about us it’s been about the places we go the people we meet the stories that they have to tell us and to tell you five years later with one of these external Milestones reaching a half a million subscribers It just means to us it really feels like the message is being spread It feels like people are Engaging with this idea that we that we try to promote on our channel which is every culture is unique every culture is valuable everyone has a story to tell and If my brother and I can go out there and help other people tell their story then That is the most gratifying thing for us The world that we live in in 2018 feels crazy And if you watch the news it only feels like it’s getting more and more out of control and that this us first them mentality Is taking over, but it’s not we are a global community. The world is a mosaic of cultures and Every little individual tile is unique but as a whole it makes a beautiful picture the idea that the videos that we’re making are having a positive impact on people around the world from many different countries is super humbling It’s so cool to put on a video about a country such as India or anywhere else and seeing locals commenting giving travel tips and cultural insights to other foreigners who might visit that has really been the goal is Essentially to establish a forum and a way to allow people from different countries to interact and engage with each other the fact that we can do that is probably the thing that makes me the most grateful of all and That’s what we really want to try to continue to reinforce on this channel Is that cultural diversity is a good thing different languages and different beliefs can coexist we kind of feel like it’s our personal mission now to go out there and to spread that and to continue to tell stories and To continue to experience new cultures and to continue to share those experiences with you I Don’t know what else to say other than thank you Thank you for helping us achieve this milestone thank you for being a part of the community being part of the travel tribe being a vagabuddy Thank you for continuing to allow us to tell stories from around the world because 2018 we’re coming at you We have a bunch of great ideas and a bunch of big journeys that we want to try to accomplish And we couldn’t do it without you Alright, everyone. Thank you for watching. This was a cool opportunity for us to share some of the reflections we’ve had after crossing this milestone and taking some time out here back where it all started to think about what Vagabrothers has become over the last five years yeah, man. It’s crazy. Also a lot of you been asking about the t-shirts We just want to remind you that we’ve recently relaunched our merch store We got four new designs out there We got the nomadic by nature the traveller the travel tribe and the stay curious keep exploring Each one of those shirts kind of conveys the message that we’re trying to promote here on the channel and each purchase helps us Go to a new bucket-list country and make a new series so you can find these shirts at There’s also a card right here you can click and there’s a link in the info box as well So we’d love to hear from you guys and girls out there all you vagabuddies please share your comments down there in the comments section. We’ll be answering them. We want to hear from you we want to hear what else you want from us in 2018 and where you want us to go and Remember if you enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up share it with your friends and subscribe and turn on notifications If you have not already In the meantime stay curious keep exploring and we’ll see you guys on the road Peace! Five more years strong! You


Just started watching you guys a few weeks back. Although I'm not a huge fan of travel, definitely love the thought of learning about other cultures. Thanks to you, I get to do that from my living room. Your work is helping people come together and understand each other. It's a beautiful and noble mission and one that God has clearly blessed you with. Keep up the great work guys!

I continue to be impressed with your videos. Not just the production value (which is great) but the way you present the stories of the places and people you visit and it has made a huge impact on me. I have been inspired by your adventures and look forward to creating some of my own. Congrats to 500k subscribers and I'll keep exploring if you will. 🙂 See you on the road!

Come to Utah to the parks and monuments that some people want to reduce in size.  You guys would be awesome to create an interesting story.  I'd be happy to help, as would a bunch of locals in Boulder town.

Congrats guys I am a huge fan and you were one of the yt channels we look at for inspiration. You guys have paved a path for fellow travel channels to express themselves. Keep moving forward love your vision and love your purpose.

You are so talented in showcasing authentic culture of the places that you have visited. Here are some things that I would love to see from you guys.

1. Some discussions about the current state of inter-cultural distress in the USA.
2. A video about the psychological impact of travel on the well being of the mind and soul.
3. A how to/ encouragement for young people to take a gap year.

Loving all of your stuff and so happy that you have found more than what you were looking for!

you guys are the next bourdain – your travel channel is one of the most insightful on youtube! keep up with the great work and continue blessing us with your innovative, amazing content. #staycurious

Congratulations guys! I recently stumbled across your channel and totally love it. Good luck and hope to see many new and amazing videos in the future.

Congratulations Vagabrothers! I'm so happy for you guys. I have been following your journey for two years and I get very excited when a new video comes out because I know you guys put everything into them to make them better each time. Thank you for sharing your travel experiences you have inspired me greatly and have opened my eyes to new cultures and countries. I would love to read the book you want to publish. Love you guys

Hello from a girl from INDIA i just lovee you guys and watching you grow makes me sooo sooo happy.
but i also have the same dream as yours..i love travelling but not getting buddies like you..
would love to work with you guys💖

💛 🌴🌺 I really enjoy watching & learning & hearing about your insights , enthusiasm , compassion , unity in this beautiful world 🎶 🌸🍃 Thank you for sharing & inspiring

First of all, thank you for the video message. you know, I've had my channel for a little over a year and I'm sad about his performance, I was even discouraged and you inspired me by showing you his story.Thank you for sharing and inspiring newbies like me.

One topic I'd love to see in your book would be about the different types of people you meet from all the countries you've been so far! How different and similar the can be; how they face life… I would definitely buy it! AND PLEASE INCLUDE SOME OF YOUR PHOTOS!
Love from Portugal 😊

Guys your dedication is something we can only aspire to! 😀 Thanks for sharing your advice, here's to the next 5!

Congratulations on such an amazing milestone! We as viewers should be thanking you both for sharing your amazing adventures in such a down to earth way. Beautiful cinematography! Your videos of Ireland helped me with my group of nine that visited there last year! Good luck in 2018!!

You guys are amazing, congrats on the 5 years! A book about your experiences would be awesome to read! I love your videos and you inspire me and my travels everyday!

Awesome video vagabrothers. I love your channel and like seeing the different countries culture. And your presentation of videos is so capturing. Love it.❤

Are you kidding me?! Thank YOU GUYS for being so incredibly talented and hardworking and sharing your stories and experiences with us!! You are so inspiring and I am so grateful that I found your channel years ago. I'm always surprised when I see how many subscribers you have because for your quality of content, you should have 10 million subscribers! Tho I know you guys will soon! 
I would love to see a video of Israel. I'm also really interested in a video of Croatia. I've done a trip thru Italy, Slovenia and the mountains of Austria which was absolutely unequivocally incredible, and I would love to see videos of (Google Hallstatt and lake bled, you won't regret it!). And if you have the time, I HIGHLY suggest a winter trip to Kiruna, Sweden to see the Aurora borealis, the ice hotel, and dogsledding over frozen lakes. There is really nothing like it and it would be an amazing video. Sending love from New York!

Congratulations and Thank you for sharing your creativity by showing places beyond our borders.
Our planet is changing each day, putting it on print so younger generations can look back to what the place was is an exceptional idea. I am looking forward to that travel book. Keep going you two!

You guys have been such an inspiration since I've found your channel last year! I kinda want to be like you guys but from a hiking prospective (if that makes sense)? Anyways, stay curious!

The book sounds great ! I imagine it with chapter of the major destinations you’ve been to, illustrated with your photography of : landscape, local people and typical food ! And of course with some advice to do less touristy stuff !!
La bise 😽 depuis la France !

Vagabuddy, that's me! Thank you for the inspiration–helping me cherish and document the small and large moments in my travel.

Yep you have definitely changed from the beginning, even your looks lol but both for the better . You have progressed to a professional satire which is fun and entertaining to watch and learn about the places in the world you might want to go . Two thumbs up guys and keep up the good work and you will get the one million views in no time 😎👍🏻 from your crazy Canuck!!!

Loved the Scotland series !! I’m going there next year in July and can’t wait. It would be cool if you guys made a video of all the counties you have been separately and together!

Congratulations Vega Bros! Always love you content and your insight to different cultures. You guys are doing an awesome Job. Looking forward to the next video.

Love it guys!! Your story continues to inspire, not just me, but so many I know and others I don’t but read in your comments.
I am slowly building my channel. My 8 yr old daughter is named Iona Skye after the Hebrides Islands in Scotland. I hope to have a channel sizable enough to have tens of thousands enjoy the trip when we take her eventually.
Keep up the *awesome and amazing chemistry. Keep grinding and growing. And, I know you will keep inspiring so many. Congrats and Cheers!!

i hope that when the situation in Venezuela gets better, you can come here and explore and see how beautiful my country really is!.
i love your channel! <3

Congrats you guys, you're definitely my favorite travel vlogging duo out there. You make amazing videos that feed my desire to travel but also teach me lots. Keep it up, your hard work has paid off! 😊😊

congrats guys! honestly. you guys are one of the best travel youtubers that produce high-quality content. im always excited every time you upload a new video. stay curious and keep exploring! i hope i will see you guys on the philippine road

I loved your video on Budapest……I studied in PÉCS, Hungary…..what about videos on medicine in different parts of the world?

I found you channel very recently but I should acknowledge that every time I see you travel my heart starts beating and I fell so relaxed. Thank you for the motivation you give to all of us and me and I hope that one day I'll be like you. Keep up the awesome work!

I would never had watched you if you were on normal TV! So stay where you are cause normal TV is slowly dying! Congratulations

👏🏻👏🏻congrats!!!! I love your videos!!!! Thank you for doing what you do….your inspiring 😊

Congrats!! I love your guys' videos and often rely on them for travel tips in having a good time.

I'm in Boston and I'm curious – are most of your viewers from the US?

I have to agree with everyone else in the comment section that WE are thankful for y'all. Vagabrothers is a travel channel unlike any other I've seen. I watch a lot of travel content on youtube and subscribe to many channels, but Vagabrothers is by far my favorite. The standard travel video is about a blogger sharing their experience doing activities in a country and they give tips for visiting there. Your videos go so much deeper and really appeal to me because traveling is so much deeper to me. The reason to travel is not to check off countries and activities, but to truly SEE a place and gain understanding of it's people and culture. Y'all deliver that and that's why you're my favorite youtube channel. Congratulations on half a million subscribers!!!

Just found your channel and watched a lot of videos.. 🙂 thank you for inspiration.. 🙂 Things don' t always happen as planned but it may all be with a reason. 🙂

Guys, you are awesome! I realy love your videos so I became a Vaga Buddy. You guy inspired me and I'm going to try a travel vlog on my Canadia road trip this October. Please keep doing what you're doing!

Five years. Awesome. Do not stand too close to the cliffs. I hope to see another 5 years of videos of any kind from you two. Awesome your scenery, places you visited and content. So professional and awesome. A real proper travel guide. Even better than any I previously watched on TV. Amazing. It is funny how in just five years you both looked younger & your hair looks different. Maybe it's the beards 🙂

Congratzzz 🔥🔥👏👏 ! Come to Jakarta, indonesia please ? I Hope to see you here soon ! 🇮🇩🇮🇩

Five years ago you were much younger. The beard doesn't suit you, and moustache as well…and you chatter too much…

half millions congratulation bros, exciting to see you again in rajasthan. i love your way of explaining and respecting other cultures.

Hey fellas congrats on the milestone! I think the other thing you guys do is to inspire others to get out there, and create their own bucket list. My wife and I are heading off on our own trip to Europe. This is in no small part to you and others like you who travel and share and dare others to dream. So thank you from a couple of Aussies for sharing and inspiring.
Happy travels
Greg and Toni

Thank you for the quality content throughout the years! Wishing you best of luck for the next 500K subs 🙂

Great job, love watching your videos! Come to germany again soon, esp. Hamburg or the countryside with different local "cultures"

this is great, but you must have hired a huge camera crew and had lots of money to start…So lucky!!!!

Wow a book? In 2 years I Will graduate in Scandinavia in High School, then have some gap years and you guys have inspired me so much! You are really inspiring! I hope you’ll have some Nice guides in the upcoming book. When Will we know more about it?

пгнгпррльт ,.

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