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5 Ways to Make Your Credit Card Work for You (Amazon Metal Card Review)

5 Ways to Make Your Credit Card Work for You (Amazon Metal Card Review)

I buy everything with a credit card that
is right I don’t have any cash this is my wallet and I don’t know if you can
see that or not but there is no room for any cash in this wallet and in this
video I’m gonna tell you why I pay everything with my credit card and maybe
you should – welcome back to the channel guys my name is Bruce Wang I am a
dividend investor of real estate investor and in today’s video I’ll be
talking about credit cards and why it might be a good idea if you pay
everything with a credit card so back in the days when I was a lot younger I used
a lot of cash whenever I bought stuff and I used a lot of my debit card as
well but in the past five years or so I switched everything to just paying with
credit cards and I stopped holding cash there are so many reasons why using a
credit card is so much better than using cash or a debit card the first benefit
that I realized was if I lost my wallet with cash in it that cash is gone but if
I lost it with only my credit cards I can cancel my credit cards and I can get
a new one within like a week probably even less than a week especially with my
Amazon Prime card it’s gonna be alright if you lose your credit card even if
someone stole this and swiped it a few times all you have to do is just call
the credit card company and let them know that someone stole it and and these
banks that own these credit cards they have a fund just for like lost and
stolen stuff so that fun covers a lot of that issue as well if you guys didn’t
know these banks they have a large fund that covers lost stolen damaged stuff
like that especially when you lose your card so they got you protected and
covered for issues like that later on in this video I’ll go over two credit cards
that I use almost on a daily basis both of them have no annual fees and you can
use them everywhere as well the second reason why I love using credit cards and
paying everything with cards is because of the customer protection you get from
the banks if you ever scanned or frauded by any
company as long as you paid with your card you should be able to get your
money back and that’s what I loved like I’ve had a lot of issues where I’ve been
overcharged by some companies and all I’d even have to talk to anybody all
I did was just go onto the website list my issue and they eventually refunded me
the money no questions asked I had a case with Comcast where they overcharged
me for whatever reason and a lot of people know that Comcast is one of the
worst companies out there they have a monopoly on the internet and on cable
all across all across all across America so they overcharged me on my cable bill
they added something to my they added something to my account that I never
bought I contacted Comcast first and they would not remove it for like the
first time that I called them and after that I would call the credit card
company and they actually refunded me the money before Comcast even refunded
me the money so customer protection from credit cards are amazing so the third
and probably one of the best reasons why you would want a credit card is because
of the rewards so this card in particular is an Amazon card and Amazon
card is probably the card that I use the most I swiped this on a daily basis
doordash uber eats any food any restaurants it is all paid for from this
card right here and every single time that I swipe this card I would get
rewards 1% 2% 3% depending on where I am shopping or where I’m buying from so the
card that I’m using is an Amazon rewards card from Chase and right here you can
see that I have fifty five thousand points I have no idea what I’m gonna do
with these points I think probably at the end of the year I will just do a
cash back so I think that if I were to cash this out I would get back around
five hundred fifty one dollars another thing that I can do I can probably book
my next vacation I never buy any gift cards I hate gift cards so I never do
anything would gift cards and what I would and what I would most likely do is
buy some more stuff on Amazon so the credit card that I have is right here
the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature card and if I’m buying anything on
Amazon I would get back five percent back that is a lot of cash guys I don’t
know about you but I shop on Amazon weakly I buy all my diapers for my kids
there I use those subscriptions to refill a lot of my
supplements that I buy for my workouts and for fitness and exercise and
throughout the year stuff like that really adds up so so right now is the
halfway mark for 2019 and I already made $550 back from this rewards card the
second thing about this Amazon rewards card is you would get back two percent
at restaurants gas station and drugstores that’s a really
self-explanatory I don’t really need to get too deep into that and the next
rewards that you get is 1% on everything else so I don’t know about you I like
free money I’m all about that free money and that’s why I use this card all the
time the second card that I own is a Costco credit card and that is through C
Bank I show up at Costco all the time and I’m there probably three to four
times every single month so stuff like that really adds up and the one thing I
love about Costco is that they come out with a gift card that product I think I
got one of these I get one of these once a year I shop at Costco so much I think
that their rewards that the reward certificate that I get is able to cover
the Costco membership one piece of advice for me is that wherever that
you’re shopping all the time try to see if they have a credit card or rewards
credit card and if they do sign up for it it’ll pay dividends for you if you
guys are shopping there all the time so that is another great benefits from
cars like these so going back to the Amazon rewards card someone actually was
able to steal my credit card information and somewhere across the country and
they were able to swipe it I like a doughnut shop and they were able to buy
coffee and like donuts with it chase called me back within one day they shut
my account down and they were able to replace my credit card within the next
day or two so if you guys don’t think that’s efficient or amazing then I don’t
know what is another thing about these cars is that they I think they’re made
out of metal because with my last card I tried to destroy it in a credit card
shredder and it didn’t really turn out well I think it actually destroyed my
shredder instead that that shredder was not able to even take half of this card
so I think I have I think there are special instructions to destroy a metal
car like this and I would have to this back to the company so they can get
rid of it for me so next reason why I love credit cards so much is because
they get the like button smashed if you are enjoying the video don’t forget to
leave me a like another reason why you want to start using credit cards is
because you want to build up your credit having good credit having amazing credit
will really help you down the line especially if you want to jump into real
estate whenever a bank or a loan officer is
looking at your credit that will determine the interest rate that you
will receive and the better that your credit score is the lower the interest
rate the better the interest rate that you will be able to get so you’re gonna
be saving a lot of money there and it took me a long time to build up my
credit I think the lowest I ever I think the lowest my credit was was around like
650 and I was able to get it to 773 within the last probably a few years and
ever since then I’m trying to actually hit over 800 credit score and that is um
that is my next goal when it comes to this credit card journey of mine so one
last thing before I let you guys go credit cards are not gonna be for
everybody alright if you guys have a credit card if you guys have a spending
issue where you cannot pay your credit card back in full every single month
before on the statement date or before the statement date then you should not
own a credit card don’t spend money that you do not have especially if you have a
credit card I’m a wizard when it comes to my expenses I know exactly how much I
spend every single month I track that on my mint account I track that on a
separate spreadsheet and I pay back my credit cards on time every single month
in full my phone bills on there my internet bills on there
I pay back in full every single month so I don’t get charged any interest from
the card if you if you cannot pay back your card every single month if you’re
not able to do that you probably shouldn’t be using credit cards that
much or at all make sure you use your credit cards responsibly because the
world will start to open up for you if you do I’m able to get free I’m
literally able to get free money with these credit card rewards and I’m able
to travel I’m able to have everything that I buy somewhat protected by the
credit card companies and and on and on and on so I’ll leave a link in the
description if you guys are interested in any of the
cards that I was talking about and if you are still interested in watching
more videos about personal finance dividend investing go check out some of
my older videos here I go really in depth into every single topic and if you
are enjoying the video leave me a like subscribe if you’re brand new I have 3
videos every single week coming out hit that notification and I’ll see you in
the next one I love you 3000 bye bye now


My ENTIRE Camera and Recording Equipment:

Amazon Rewards Card
Costco Rewards Card

Got to get those cash back rewards! My favorite is Alliants credit card-2.5% cash back on EVERYTHING regardless of spend category

Dave Ramsey kills me much of the time and his bs view or credit cards is one of them. Pay your credit card off every month and get free money for using it. Why wouldn't you? I with you, I use a credit card on almost everything.

I honestly should of got the Amazon Prime credit card instead of the Sapphire Preferred. My next one is going to be Amazon Prime card.

I currently have 7 credit cards the main ones I use is the Uber Visa Card it has 4% cash back in bars/restaurants 2% cash back in uber rides, my Amazon Prime Rewards Visa 5% cash back in Amazon/Whole Foods, Amex Blue Cash Card 3% cash back at grocery stores, and Capital One Savor One Card 3% cash back on dining/entertainment and 2% on grocery stores. For everything else I use my Bank of America Cash Rewards Visa card 3% cash back on a category of your choice.

I recently got the uber credit card. The main reason is that there are no annual fees and it pays 4% cashback at restaurants. Another benefit of credit cards is sometimes you can stack your cashback. For example, I have a chase freedom unlimited 3% cashback the 1st year. I'll go to BestBuy purchase something. I'll get 3% cashback on whatever I purchase at bestbuy and also get best buy "my reward" points. Sometimes I'll do the same thing with Acorns investment app if they have a juicy "found money" promotion on something I was going to purchase anyway. Free investment money into Acorns and I'll also get 3 to 5% cashback depending on the credit card I use. Most of the credit cards have some type of free money promotion get anywhere from 100 – 500 dollars after spending x amount of dollars within the first 3 months on the card. Look out for those, I"ve signed up just to get the bonus if it's in the 500 dollar range. Usually, those cards with the higher bonuses have an annual fee; so you have to be careful with them.

I agree that credit cards are not for everyone. I still have one for online purchases, but I used to have one that I used all the time that gave me 1% back. Although I am good with money normally (I'm investing half of my salary these days) I used to spend too much because in the back of my brain I was thinking "Don't worry, you are getting some of that money back anyway." : )

If you have a family though you will have some big expenses without even trying, so I can see why it makes sense for some people. Just remember the old adage, it's not a bargain unless you were going to buy it anyway!

That amazon prime card is amazing. I have several but it is my go to card. I made it to the 800 credit score club. It's amazing when you can get a 60k car loan at 1.5 apr 🙂

if anyone is on Tmobile, they have a checking account with 4.0% apy and 1.0% for non mobile accounts, also anyone holding any stablecoin, nexo offers 8% daily interest on quite a few stablecoins also soon to offer interest on btc and more

All the diapers for your kids? How many kids do you have man? Sounded like you have a dozen. No wonder your investing.

I try to use my credit card everywhere, but some business don't take them or charge a fee to even use them. For example, there are fees to use my credit card if I purchase anything below $5.00. Other locations don't even accept American Express or Discover it's irritating. When ever they try to charge me a small fee for example, a $2.99 purchase I just pay with a one hundred dollar bill – makes them mad.

As you get older you'll want to keep your life simple by cutting all them all up. The only credit card I have left is City bank Costco card and my credit score is still above 800.

The other day the restaurant overcharged me, so I made dispute and the CC gave me the money back!

nice man! I'm thinking about starting a credit card series on how to gain free flights by using their rewards

Have a couple questions on upgrading a card. Late 20s only card I've ever had was capital one silver. I rarely use it but whmith my loans my credit score is above 750 I get alot of credit card upgrades what's my next step do I apply before canceling? Keep both open? Thanks in advance

Comcast does not have a monopoly. Very common misconception. I worked for Time Warner for 9 years and people who always say they had a monopoly. It is false.

before you apply on this card do you guys remember about the insurance they offer, that they will cover 500 up to 10,000 of the your credit card balance if get laid off or unemployed. I tried to contact amazon and they said that they know anything about that insurance, I dont know how to contact them, any help?

Subscribed. I just got approved for the Amazon Prime credit card and I am very curious if I would get the 2% cashback for stores like Peet's and Jamba Juice.

I'm really hoping that you use other credit cards as well to negate the 1%. It's all about knowing which card to use. I would recommend getting the Chase Freedom unlimited to cover any expenses that fall in the 1% for your cards.

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