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8 Annoying Things Retail Customers Do

8 Annoying Things Retail Customers Do

Cash or card? Card. You can just stick it right here in our card
reader. I can’t. You just kinda… you stick it in. Ugh, I don’t understand. You just, you just put the chip, this gold
thing, and you just stick it in like that. This way. I’m just going to try a different card, ok? Uhh, that’s a library card. I’m going to try this one. That’s Dunkin Donuts… that’s a Dunkin Donuts
gift card. This has gotta work. That’s a birthday card. It’s not working. Hi guys! Welcome! We’re just looking! Okay, well just let me know if you need anything! We’re just browsing. That’s great! Uhh, we got a lot of new stuff in today. We’re going to leave now, okay? Okay… Please don’t talk to us! Please do not talk to us! We don’t wanna buy anything! Why don’t you get it? Hey girl! Do you have this in a size 4? Uhh, no, unfortunately. We’ve put all of our inventory out. Did you check in the back? I would, but we’ve put all of our inventory
out here actually. You can’t just go have a little looksy? There’s nothing back there! I was back there this morning. Nothin’ back there. Oh my god, I just had an idea. Crazy little thought that just popped into
my head. Okay so why don’t you mosey on over to the
back and look for a size 4? Yeah, the only thing back there is my lunch
and a bathroom. What if you go in the back and you’re like
crawling through all the pretty dresses and all the tank tops and you find, like, beneath
this hidden, giant X, my box of size 4’s so that I can wear this and look fabulous! If I go back there, I’m going to pee, eat
a bite of my sandwich, and then come back. Is that what you want me to do? I’ll wait. Ok. Bring a snack! Excuse me, but do you have this in another
color? Umm, no, that one only comes in black and
green. Okay, so you don’t have it in red. No, just black and green are the colors. What about blue? No, just black and green. No other colors. Lilac? Do you have it in lilac? No. Are you sure? Yeah, I’m sure. Ugly though. Okay… Excuse me, I want to return these. Oh, there’s more. Okay. Oh wow, okay!
*laughs* Did you buy these here? I did… umm, I bought them online. So you need to return all of these? Yeah, none of them worked. This is going to take you a little while if
you don’t mind, I’d love to shop around the store some more, maybe grab a bite to eat,
the new Rock movie is out. I’m going to go check that out. I was thinking about getting my hair braided
too. And then, see ya around like 3? That’s fine. Thanks so much, girl. Ok. Bye. If you guys are watching Jaws, I’m not going
to movie night. Are you ready to check out? Because sharks are scary, Carrie!
*clears throat* Yeah? Are you ready to check out? I’m on the phone. Sorry about that. That was just some person. What were we talking about again? If you could just move aside because there’s
a- I get that it’s a classic, Carrie, I get it! Alright? Sharks will eat you alive. There’s people behind you-
Great white sharks teeth are the size of my fist, alright? Please be mindful of my triggers. You’ve been really stepping on my toes lately. Jaws is a good movie. Could you shut up and take my money? I need to make a return. Okay. Was there something wrong with it? Umm, it’s just not good quality. This is completely destroyed. I mean, I bought it like that. You’ve written Gina’s Bachelorette 2018 in
puffy paint on this dress. Oh, I mean, that’s like the newest trend. You haven’t seen that out? I mean I see it like, “Gina’s! Gina’s bachelorette party…” Everywhere. It’s everywhere. I think some rapper just started it. I cannot make this return for you. Look, is there someone else I can talk to? Like a manager? Somebody? The manager will tell you the same thing. What happened to the customer is always right? I think it died at Gina’s Bachelorette Party. I can wear this dress again. I don’t need your help! If you liked this video, I also have restaurant
and bar customer videos linked in the description below! If you really liked this video, you can buy
me a coffee at Those tips are going to help me pay my long-suffering
crew and actors who either work for free or they work for me for a very embarrassingly
low stipend. I really want to pay them. They’re all amazing and any amount that you
can give will help me do that. Thank you so much and, as always, have a lovely,
lovely day.


Having customers try to return something when it's a month past the return window and demands to speak to a manager and thinks they know things simple by saying can't a manager do an override. Sure let me get the manager that will tell you the same thing. Also when you tell the customers you can't open the item or try it on they do it anyways and say you are a rude sales rep. Like wtf?

I hate people who open packaging with no intention of buying the product. The picture is on the front. Don’t wreck the fucking package so no one will buy it.

Great video as always Abbey and yes I do feel your pain lool. I currently work in retail and the things that I hate the most is people on their phone, customer's shopping after closing time when we order them to make their way to the till etc…

Working at Macy’s was the worst, because the managers would always have you return things that were destroyed beyond comprehension. No backbone with them whatsoever. I tried to tell customers no, then they’d cry to the manager and they’d say yes and make me look like the asshole when I was just following the policies they gave me in the first place!

the people who split up the transactions to abuse a 10 off 25 coupon…just no, the people who trash the entire place then look grumpy at you the whole time while saying "oh this thing that is 40% off is "too much" and even worse when they proudly hold the item but when you tell them a price they don't want to pay they act suddenly like the item is the grossest thing ever. Kind of funny though

No one ever says all of that angry stuff about 'just looking' out loud, but we're all thinking it on the inside…

You know that feel when you're looking the customer in their eyes and they're looking at you. You say "Hi, how can I help you" and they turn their head and just walk past you. Then after a minute or so they come and ask for help.

I have social anxiety. If I am respectful and say "I'm just looking" once don't try to talk to me again unless I ask for your help as an employee. Tbh if you try to show me stuff around I'm leaving asap, I made it clear I didn't need your help.

What I hate the most;

Them: "Excuse me. Do you know where insert item that is in the side of the store I don't work in.

Me: "No. But I can find someone in the area who does-"

Them: "You work here. That means you should know exactly where everything is, right?"

Me: Internally screaming

Me: Working in sporting goods area checking out ammunition Customer leaves with a small bag.

New Customer rolls in with a buggy full of groceries and a thousand items.

Them: "Can I check out here?"

Me: "Sorry. I wish I could but I-"

Them: "But I saw you rung him out."

Me: "Yes. But it's for sporting goo-"

Them: "Then why can't I be checked out?"

Me: "I don't have enough bags for so many items. Nor do I have a scale for your produce-"

Them: "This is so inconsiderate. I want to see a manager."

Me: …

"how much is this/are these?" dude the price tag is literally on the product. big enough that if you were 4 blocks away you'd be able to read.
"do you have this product in the store?" no. they're all out here. "could you loo-" I SAID – THEY'RE ALL OUT HERE IF YOU CAN'T FIND IT, IT'S SOLD OUT!
"could you lower the price of this product?" Do I look like I'm in charge of anything besides checking you out?

I've worked in retail before but if I go into a shop and have a sales staff ask me if I needed any help more than once within 5 minutes, you can bet I'm walking my ass out. If I needed help with something I'd ask.

How about the ones who can clearly see you have your nametag, or uniform in hand instead of whearing it, but ask for your help anyway? Err shouldn't it be clear that because it's in my hand that I am off duty such as my shift just ended and I clocked out, or leaving for my lunch break, or maybe on my way back from lunch and haven't had a chance to clock back in yet?

I worked at a shoe store where we kept all the inventory on the floor, like Rack Room or Off Broadway. People ALWAYS thought we had more inventory. But even though the stock room was a fraction of the size of the rest of the store they just KNEW we had the show they wanted in the size they needed waiting on a shelf in the "back." We were just keeping it to ourselves because, somehow, that's good for business.

tbh i'm lowkey that "just looking" person. When I say "I'm just looking/no i don't need anything" ect I expect that you don't talk to me after that. I'm super awkward person and I get very uneasy if they keep after two or more times in a row

sorry, but what is the problem with just looking around? I mean, I walk in a shop for some things to buy but if I don't like I walk out. So I was just looking. Looking for something nice, something I like. Everyone is different, not everyone likes everything.

Hahaha for the customer on the phone, cashiers need cellphone jammers to turn on when the customer is on their phone. If only they were legal

When I worked in retail a lady tried returning stuff that she had bought over a year ago. She got mad because I told her she couldn’t return the stuff.

Another time a guy tried returning stuff without a receipt or tags. The manager told him he couldn’t without those things. Turns out the stuff wasn’t even from our store.

Every time they ask for me to check the back for an adapter or airpods I just go in the back and chill and look at my phone for 3 minutes

30% of your customer base don't like pushy salepeople. If you come up to me the first time thats fine, if you come up more than that after Ive explained I'm looking, I will probably not buy anything. You are there to sell me something, but sometimes to get the sale you literally just have to back off. You are an annoying customer service

I work in a Starbucks and I had this group of men that came and ordered something worth 50 pounds. First of all they were using a weird method to pay. Such as instead of inserting the card they would write down the card details and while I was explaining them what to enter the guy kept adding the account number…. While it was asking for the expiry date then the number. He just started saying he'll be back in a minute with his friend that's sleeping in the car because he knows the pin. I had to freaking cancel a 50 pounds order on my till and then spend 10 minutes explaining what the hell happened to my manager in morning so I don't get in trouble for trying to steal money from the till. Because that's what they accuse you of when you cancel tickets or even void items on the till….

I got called “useless” once because I didn’t know where [Insert item] was. Probably cause I work in grocery and not clothing

As an employee: I dont care for just looking the rest are annoying. And as a customer I don't like upsetting an staff member!

I've never worked in retail and these videos always remind me to be extra polite and courteous to the staff. You really don't think people are That bad until you either see it for yourself, or read the comments on these videos.

idiots that think i own the store and hate me because the coupon that says "15% of of every thing" but they refuse to read the fine print that has a list of items the coupon does not work on, and then force their problem onto me saying it's a bad business practice, as if I owned the place.

Just yesterday this girl purchased a lot of items and after that transaction was finished she wanted get this plant that had been marked down to $3 then asked for a discount so I told her it was already marked down then she asked to speak to my manager, oh yes let me get my manager so she can tell you the same thing and waste her time. So she comes over there and I go to another register because I had people waiting in my line and this girl starts yelling by my manager saying “look she’s so rude she ain’t even gonna y’all to me” then yelled at my other costumers and said “y’all should just go to another line she’s a bitch” but my manager told her the same thing and she stormed off and threw the plant at me…..retail really don’t get paid enough

The just looking and check the back are so true. Just looking even if u leave them be will complain 5 minutes later that their not being helped. And everytime I had to go check the back, I'd just go play on my phone for 5 minutes come back and say it's not there. Working retail was balls.

Earlier today, a customer just handed me their money with a huge, sticky, wet, booger attached to it. It stuck to my hand. Lucky me. I will wear gloves forever now at work.🤮

There isn't anything wrong with politely listening to a retail worker's informative chat and declining help, btw. Or stating that you are indeed just looking…Customers do not always know precisely what they are shopping for, I browse with a general idea and only ask for help if I can't find the section is will be in. That being said, it isn't ok to be snarky and rude to retail people doing their jobs.

I hate when I'm on register for back up, and it's super busy and when I turn off my light to take my last customers, to get back on the sales floor because that's my position, the line is short because obviously it's closed. You k ow the lights and what ever, are offfffffffff. I hate when they get on the line and I tell them no and they wanna have a hissy fit or beg and say I only have a few items or so. No! I told a whole bunch of people no, and they're watching because they only seem to be observant at the wrong times. I also hate when the people who sneak online ignore me when I them. I had to keep telling this guy the line was closed. He was alone, and after I told him the lines closed a little bit later he's their with friends I don't know if he ever left the first time I told him but their was a group of friends he proceeded to talk to and ignore me and engage in conversation and purposely ignore me after I kept saying excuse me to get his attention. I had to whistle to get his attention and tell him and his friends to get off. Now you wanna hear me.

I worked in retail for three years and I can say this is true. I used to have this repeat customer, she would come in and buy around $100 worth of clothes then try and return them a few weeks later, but they always smelled like pee so we could never take them back. Another time, this woman came in with I shit you not 2 shopping carts full of returns and all the items spaned 3 receipts. but she did not return them right away, she waited till we closed to come to the check out with her new basket of purches. so we had to return a shit tone of items them ring up all her new stuff, plus as I was doing the return she was still shopping, she grabbed a bunch of clothes off the rack then decided she did not want them so she handed them to me. then another time, this lady came in with a bunch of clothes to return and repurchases because we had lowered the prices. Safe to say, I no longer work in retail.

Customers from hell really sucks ..They want u to check the stockroom even how many times u told them it's out of stock …ur there to sell not to keep things n ur stockroom…stupid people everywhere ..whahaha..and sometimes, they even fight for size that the brand never had…

I fucking hate when people come in 10-5 minutes before closing. I don't care how fast you say you'll be, I need to close, so gtfo.

When they say look at the back I'll take 10 mins and say we dont have the item. Then they go to the manger who say the same thing

I had a guy yell at me for talking too loud. Said my music was too loud. And I hated disabled people because I talked too loud.

Then there's the cafe customer who picks up the food, settles the children at the table, fetches cutlery and generally settles in before remembering to come and pay, while I stand there waiting behind the counter like a wally.

Hi-key though, 99% of the time when I say 'just looking' it's because I have social anxiety and having an employee question me is very stressful. And if they keep asking, I get uncomfortable and leave as fast as possible. Some people like being attended to–I do not.

Everything else I'm with you, though. I hated working retail. I've found open drink cups on shelves with expensive books before–they're lucky I didn't see them doing it. And I found a carton of ice cream in the toy aisle once, too. Just…ew.

Working in retail so hard and need patience more than anything. I am a manager in a big supermarket. I wanna punch many of the customers in the face.

Someone today insinuated that I was pregnant I have to ask how do you deal with it without getting angry

Worked retail for years, but I relate to the “just looking” customers. Just back off, workers; some people don’t want to chat and it’s fiiiiiiine.

7 was just a week ago… I hate my job… A woman just screaming at me bacause I say hello when she came into the store…

I used to work at kohls. I worked all over the store but the worst customers were at customer service. Kohls has no time frame (except for electronics… unless you bitch enough) for a return. People would literally just clean their closets and return things they’ve the most random junk. Like I once had this lady who brought a bunch of old used things ( it also doesn’t matter if it’s used or not) items. Like an old wash cloth that was falling apart and some other items she didn’t use anymore that she came to return. She returned like 5 items and only got a store credit for like 7$ and her reaction was well $7 is better than nothing. People would do it all the time

That’s the funny thing the customer is never right, that’s why they things go wrong and people are treated like crap in retail

It’s funny cuz we know what the store has or doesn’t better then the customer but we are always wrong and treated like a babay

Dude like that check in the back thing, nope ain't gonna happen for one person specially if we are super busy but if you are kind we might do it and we don't have a lot of work we might do it 🙂

I have to do certain prep work at my register and customers tend to have this super annoying habit of dropping their shit RIGHT on my work.

What annoyed me:

Asking me if I worked there
Leaving the dress room in a mess
Getting an attitude
Knocking stuff over and don’t pick it up
Using the dressing room as a bathroom
Acting a fool over an item that wasn’t on clearance
Coming in the last 5 minutes before closing when you had all day to shop.

Literally today a customer: "Will you give me a discount because I'm buying so many things?"
Me: "Sorry, we don't have any discounts like that."
She: "So you will not give me a discount?!"
Me: "Sorry, we don't have any discounts like that here."
She: "Just give me a discount anyway."
Me: "Sorry, it's not possible."
She (blabbering about how rude I am and how unfair this is): "We drove so long to get here and you are telling me, you are not even going to give me a discount?!"
Me: "Sorry, there is no way for me to create a discount, I don't own the store I just work here."
She: "But like you can give me something for free, right?! What about this?"
Me (internally screaming and wanting to murder her on the spot)
Normally, I would probably just ignore it but it was afternoon after five days at work, I didn't sleep much during the whole week and I forgot my lunch at home, so I was starving. Also, she obviously didn't need a discount considering how many stuff she could afford to buy.

I loved your video! I worked at Wal-Mart for 4 years. Wal-Mart attracts the dregs of society. This story is one of the worst I have in my arsenal. Beware It is a long story. Enjoy!

A couple and their 7 year old daughter approach my register. The first thing the woman says when she reaches me is "can ya call up the deli and order me some potata salad?" I said "no ma'am. You would actually have to go to the deli and tell them what size you want, get a barcode for it and bring it to the register." To which she said "so you don't have their number?" "Ummmm yes ma'am I don't have their number."

So she starts to unload her cart onto the belt. Harmless enough right? WRONG! She has a full cart and she starts to go through it to determine what she does and doesn't want! A good 1/4 to 1/3 actually makes it onto the belt. The rest gets put on the floor, on top of the drink cooler, up with the candy and gum, on other registers, etc. You name it she put it there. Well at one point she picks and drops a pack of 12 count canned soda, which of course caused some of the cans to burst and make a mess. She sends her bf/husband back to get another pack. She hands me a few more items to scan. I looked down for a second. When I looked back up she was gone! She had left her 7 year old at the register alone! No mother and no father. Her cart was still half full. She hadn't taken anything off the bag table. The entire surrounding area was a mess. And to top it all off I now have a child in front of me, who of course wouldn't tell me where her mom had went or talk to me at all!

So I put in for a CSM to come to my register. You guys know how long it takes for a manager to come help you. I figure the manager or one of the parents would eventually show up, maybe. I wait a few minutes when the kid suddenly starts to walk away with the half empty cart. I was not about to let a child wonder around alone in the store. So I went and grabbed the front of the cart and guided it and the child back to the register. I told the child that we were going to put the rest of the stuff in the cart on the belt and put the bagged stuff into the cart and all mommy will have to do when she gets back is pay. So we start to do that. One minute or so later the woman comes back, sees me putting the items on the belt, and starts to yell at me for touching her stuff. I don't like yelling and confrontations. So I just shut down. I didn't look at her. I didn't acknowledge her in any way. When she saw that I wasn't even paying attention to her she quickly finished her transaction and left.

Do you want to know why she left? What was so important that she left her child with a complete stranger and didn't say a word? Yup! She had gone to get her all important potata salad!

i work for one of those franchise fuel stations our card readers are wierd the contactless is on the side and people seem to have no idea what to do they try jamming the card in the side putting their hand on the picture next theyll probably shove the card up their ass

What baffles me is when a customer looks you dead in the eye and places the product that they were looking at in the wrong spot.

The. Stare. I FREAKING hate when a customer asks you for something that doesn’t even exist and then just STARES AT YOU. Like no and I can’t just whip it into existence.

I work at a tj maxx store and the thing I hate the most is when a customer bring something and they said “ I found this in the clearance section but it’s not mark down and I really like it can you lower the price” I ask if this should be mark down and it’s not I go back and tell the lady it can’t and she said “ then why is it there I wanna talk to the manager “ and my manager tell her the same thing and she just leave

Funny trick we do at work.

We have the door to the storage wide open. That way anyone can see that we put all our products straight in the store because our storage is fucking tiny.

Funnily enough people don't believe us. Could you check the back, that's the back? No i mean the real back.

The first one is on the retailer …if a customer is browsing, don’t harass …just be available if the customer needs you because then that puts pressure to make them buy things they are unsure of …now customers being on the phone while needing to interact is rude though

I recently worked seasonal cashier at Kohl's. One night, a couple who had been waiting in line came up to my register. Instead of deciding whether or not purchase a particular item of clothing while they were actually selecting it, they waited until they got to my register to debate the subject between themselves. The wife asked her husband to try on that particular garment to see if it would fit the person they were wanting to buy it for. When I looked questioningly at the woman, she replied with, "It's okay. There is no one waiting." (Not true, by the way.) My thinking is why they did not make that decision prior to heading to checkout instead of being such dingbats!

Personally, I strongly believe that EVERYONE should be required to work retail…especially at that particular time of the year. Not meaning to make this a form of punishment for them (although that has crossed my mind a few times), but to simply (and hopefully) provide them with some understanding regarding what retail workers are subjected to on a regular. I realize this may be somewhat idealistic, but the customers who showed me the most empathy were people who had actually worked retail in the past. They could truly feel the pain.

I’m pretty sure customers think that the backroom is a magical place containing large amounts of excess stock as far as the eye can see, when all it is is a dingy room with maybe 2 to 3 boxes of excess stock and a breakroom.

It is embarrassingly painful just how close to the truth this video was…. I want to actually laugh and cry simultaneously!

Customer: "I wan't to return this."
Me: "Sure, may I see your receipt?"
Customer: "I don't have one."
Me: "Well, then i'm sorry but I can't give you a refund without it."
Customer: "Bro, I just want my money back how hard is that?"
Me: "The entire purpose of a receipt, is to be able to return your items."
Customer: "I don't have one, I already told you that, why aren't you listening to me?"

Me: "….."

I hate when customers come in at 9:55 pm and we close at 10pm so we can’t start closing until YOU leave. Then they spend 30 minutes and get like 20 clothes to try on in the fitting room. So I have to go and put all your crap back on the shelf after I spent all day running the fitting room and making sure it was completely clean JUST SO I could get off on time. Now here you come!

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