8: Creating a Marketing Plan: Product Positioning

One of the most important parts of positioning a product is to do it as efficiently as possible. Where do you start? Positioning is a marketing strategy to give a brand a specific place in the market. It’s position is compared to competing brands. So, understanding the competition is important. Image Branding is also important. How a product differentiates itself from other similar products. Ok, but product positioning lives in the mind of the consumer,
so wouldn’t it be important to start with the customer? You mean how a brand’s perceived by the customer? Yes, how a brand gets in the consumer’s mind, and, how it’s
image attracts and keeps customers. Both are important to
understand. By doing market re-search. Yes, but before you can do that, you need to do a couple of other
things first. Where do I start? Luckily someone has already formulated a method. It focuses on the key stages of the whole plan, listed under the
acronym A O S T C. Oh, I know the those stages:
Analysis, Objectives, Strategies Tactics and, Control. That’s right! So. Start from the beginning with the first one. A situational
analysis. It really depends on the marketing campaign. You want to be
efficient, but cover all the bases. You need to seek balance in your campaign by considering all
the different variables in any marketing project you are managing. Word. She’s preaching the truth!

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