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Adam Singolda, Taboola – NOAH15 London

Adam Singolda, Taboola – NOAH15 London

Adam the founder of tabouleh You know there are not many companies outside the world of Google in the advertising space Who? Get to scale and last time we met in New York You gave me little secret about numbers Tell me how big is tubulin oh by what in terms of whatever numbers you you can talk about? we Certainly is now eight years old which is unbelievable to me were 300 and change employees We serve a little over 10 billion recommendations every day to five what is the recommendation? So you know when you go to website like the independent or Daily Mail or you said today or? Bloomberg and yridian use at the bottom of it It says you may also like recommending you more content, so it’s a smart Adsense It’s a it’s like Amazon product Recommendation more than essence in my opinion so like an you know the nose you read this you should also write that And compare it to other people in your situation So you know people in that situation also like then the notion is to get you outside of? that specific thing you’re currently doing to discover more things that are either on the site itself or From all around the web, so you said ten billion a month all day. Tell me today Yeah to five hundred fifty million people a month and as the revenue You know it’s also generating significant billion links under an article going to one of your clients I guess right and you reach how many people per month 550 million 550 many people so that makes you one of the largest ad Networks apart from the known ones and your company seven years old or eight years Yeah, so according to comScore tabouleh is the second largest company in america reaching consumers And in that in the UK will reach about 65 percent of people living in england about sixty times a month Interesting and can you share some revenues, or is that not possible now? So we teachers a little bit we last year so the company generated for the first time revenue in 2012 so I started in 2007 so it wasn’t a great beginning from that perspective But it so it took us a lot of time to build the core technology We generated a little over like a few millions of dollars in 2012 We generated a little over 200 million dollars last year And these are about a third of a billion dollars and growing fast into next year Wow wow wow wow and you know the topic of the? conference is competition and You’re not competing with the ad tech giants of the industry But you’re also competing a thing with an Israeli startup called out-brained I mean what can you share with with the audience on? How do you actually compete? What can you do better? So I mean you know we have Few competitors depends on on what side of the business you’re looking at so you know and the marketing front? Which is who pays us money to promote content we compete with Facebook with Google with Yahoo and anyone that essentially is fighting for budgets with advertisers and The publishers front we compete with good companies like Outbrain and many many others that are trying to fight for real estate What’s good about tabula is that we’re helping? Publishers to do 3 things in a really unique way the first one We help keep consumers on the site to consume more content and by doing that people are happy they discover what they like Publishers generates more revenue the second thing is that every time a consumer leaves your site to discover a piece of content from other sites We pay you for that and as a revenue source who became one of the top two three revenue stores for most of our publisher Partners, so let me get that right so you have an article. Let’s say on The Times website about conferences and then You find a link to Nautica within the time site Which you don’t generate no revenue from but The Times Retains the user and makes money right free for free And if there is a link to another website not the times There’s revenue involved and you share this with the times, right? Paid by the new website acquiring the user right ingenious, and well, thank you and I it’s it’s been it’s been a long journey But what’s interesting is that there is you know? What nobody thought that there’s anything interesting at the bottom of the article? But what what we found was that there’s this magical moment when someone finishes reading an article And they have intent to do something further which is in many ways in my opinion like a reverse version of a search engine Which is I’m about to make a decision only with search. I tell you what I want and me tabouleh would predict What you may like I never knew existed Do people read a lot or have tried? To ever to put the links on top of the article we do that some time But the bottom of article funny enough is actually an amazing place to be Amazing now in terms of Americans and unicorns, and I want to talk a little bit about the ecosystems of Europe America And I think tabula originally started in Israel right so so why did you go to the US? And I think you’re in New York. Why don’t you come to London or Berlin or Paris or Barcelona? Why so far? I think you know I think for companies like us. It was really critical to To establish an anchor in a market where advertisers were looking for something else beyond display advertising and search so the way I think about what Tebow was trying to do You know pub advertisers pay about 120 billion dollars a year About half of it to display advertising banners that you don’t click so much anymore and the second thing is search when you search So we wanted to offer a third and build a new category called discovery and we thought that? America was a more mature market and if we can establish an anchor in America It will be an opportunity for us to then start to go outside of the US UK was our second market We have a big office here, and then we have also a French business, and we’re now getting into Germany Italy and Spain So for you it’s a lot about geographic expansion now. Yeah, so you know think about people need to discover things They like all around the world And there’s a lot of language barriers, so we we started in English and then we go language by language We we got funded by Yahoo, Japan Last year, so we’re now live in Japan We got funded earlier this year by Baidu, and we’re now launching in China so a lot of times We’re looking for strategic local companies. We can partner with and together go into into the market and offer tabouleh in a new language What’s the next step for you? It seems to me that the kind of links after the article thing is a well Penetrated market is there something new coming out of tabouleh Or is this so much still to take in the publishers world that you are more focused on Geographic than Launching out a new product. No I mean I think I think the core thing is that you will the user value right so I the future will be completely personalized I’m gonna wake up in the morning and something is gonna Tell me what I need to do today who I need to meet products. I need to buy content I need to read so tabulous started with the content Approach which is offer you content you may like and you should expect this to are for you over the next 10 20 years Everything you may like you never knew existed so really think When you know what the reader wants to read and you have like a profile an ominous of course because of privacy Nobody wants to know what I read then you can serve independent of the current web browsing activity content and basically satisfy readers needs yeah But over time I want to be anywhere you make decisions so I want to be in your TV I want to be on your phone I want to be on your operating system So every time you’re making decisions during the day during the week tabouleh wants to be there and offer you things that you know Think of the experience you haven’t trying to watch Netflix or trying to watch TV, and you go through you know 10 20 channels So that experience should be gone, and it should be fairly easy for you to discover what you need to do also I think as people and human beings It just we have no more time anymore doesn’t feel like the past year. That’s so much faster than 10 years ago No it took me at least and I think and I think a lot of it’s because there’s so much stuff for us to do So I you know if I think about where is it going? I think it’s less about search I’m gonna tell you what I need it’s going to be more about You tell me who I need to meet who I need to go so in that respect our vision is bigger than content And it’s bigger than articles and it’s more about personalization in general Do you use the data like Google has Google Trends, and it’s actually making some prediction. What’s hot what’s not? What’s what’s happening in the world what’s going on right now? I mean Do you use your data for PR purposes for public interests? Yeah, actually we’re thinking about launching a show a TV show called what America is clicking on Stick to the pros even guys they’re here Yeah, I mean I’m just you know we we index 30 million pieces of content, and we serve a lot of recommendations So it’s quite fascinating to see what people are actually this want to discover, so yeah We’re using that data primarily today to improve the service, and you know quality of what we do but there’s a lot of opportunities to Share this with other people and build an ecosystem around us so here Nora we often learned that great companies sell out too early What’s your plan you want to go public you want to get acquired you want to continue what you’re doing? What’s what’s the Adams dream? So I’m having a good time and as long as long as having a good time We think I should continue to do it. Yeah. I don’t know every time I see other companies I always think what should that tabouleh do in that respect so hopefully I’ll be doing it for a long time and Not going to public anytime soon wonderful Excellent European story, thank you. Thank you

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