Affiliate Link Cloaking Importance & Benefits For Affiliate Marketers

(Indian traditional music) What is link Cloaking? And how does it help
in affiliate marketing? That’s what we are going to learn today. Hey guys, welcome back to the fourth video of Affiliate Marketing by ShoutMeLoud. This is a free video
course to educate users around the globe about
affiliate marketing. And if you have watched
my first three videos and if you’re one of
those who liked the video, first of all, thank you. Now this video, we are going to learn about affiliate link Cloaking. And this is one of those techniques that I recommend to every
Blogger, every YouTuber, to start using from day one. So let’s dive into
affiliate link Cloaking. So, here is how it works, whenever you sign up
for an affiliate program you get one affiliate link, that affiliate link is
linked to your account and usually most of the Bloggers use that affiliate link
directly in their blog post or on their YouTube
channel in the description, which is great, which works but those links are usually
very ugly and very long and they don’t look very safe. Now, when you use link locking technique that means you basically
make those affiliate links, those long, ugly affiliate
links into pretty links which looks very clickable. So that’s where you can actually
use a link cloaking plugin or a tool like to
manage all your affiliate links. And it gives you a lot of advantages and some of the advantages
are not very obvious but when you move ahead in the
field of affiliate marketing you would realize; how does it help. So, let’s understand some of
the benefits of link cloaking. Number 1- As I said, it makes your ugly
affiliate links look pretty and that actually makes it clickable. The second one, you actually
get to see the stats, like how many people are
clicking on the links, how many people are
interacting with the link, which is perfect. The third one, you can
actually re-direct users based on their geolocation, so you might be using one link, but if a user is coming from U.S. or is a user is coming from India, you can re-direct them
to two different pages, which is a very big advantage. And as the companies has started
creating separate websites for different countries, it’s very important that you
should start geo-targeting. Now there are few solutions out there which we’ll discuss in
the upcoming videos. The fourth one, and this is something which I believe surpasses
all other advantages, so let’s say if you’re
using an affiliate link, let’s say you’re signed up for Shopify, and you have that link
in 50 of your blog posts or 50 of the videos, now tomorrow Shopify decides
to change the affiliate link, now what are the options that you have, you need to go back and
edit all the links manually. But when you’re using a link
cloaking tool or a plugin, from one place you can
update all the links. So in case you are not following it, let’s understand this
with another example, so, you have this long
ugly affiliate link, now you use a link locking
plugin like Thirsty Affiliates or Pretty Links on your WordPress blog or something like, now what it does is, instead of using this ugly affiliate link, you will be using something
like, Now tomorrow you are using
this link at different places and you need to update the affiliate link so rather than going back and
editing all the blog posts, you can simply use this
affiliate link locking plugin or tool that you are using. Just click on edit, change
the affiliate link once and automatically users will
be re-directed to the new page. And this becomes really
beneficial in the longer run, especially when you start growing in your blogging or YouTube career. Rather than managing and going back and editing all your blog posts, you can do everything from one place. And, as we say, “Data is the king.” so now you have all the
stats like how many users are clicking on the links,
where they’re clicking from. It will help you to understand
a lot about how people are interacting with your website. And that will actually help
you to make much more money. Now if you’re using WordPress,
I highly recommend you to use this plugin
called Monster Insights, its a Google Analytics WordPress Plugin and it has a module which lets you track on which blog post people
have clicked and interacted with your affiliate link. And I think it’s very powerful
especially in the future when you’re planning to optimize your article for more sales, this kind of data is going
to be really helpful. But the most important thing is that you should be collecting this kind of data as soon as you can. Now there are a few other
uses of link locking, for example if somebody’s
clicking on the link, you can actually add a
pixel, a Facebook pixel, so you can re-target those
users again on Facebook. Now those are the advanced
uses and something that you should definitely
consider exploring. We will definitely explore
that in the upcoming video. Now, there are a few more
videos which are coming out and it will help you to learn more about affiliate marketing. I hope you’re enjoying this free series of affiliate marketing. And if you any suggestions, if you want me to do
any particular videos, do let me know, it will help me to add it into our content calendar. With that, I’m your host Harsh Agrawal, see you in the next video, bye bye. (Indian traditional music)

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