Affiliate Links on YouTube 💥 How to Put Affiliate links on YouTube Videos

Most YouTubers add the affiliate links to
the YouTube video description. But do you know there are more effective ways
to put affiliate links on YouTube videos ? The first method is add a clickable affiliate
link to your YouTube video Yes its possible The way to do this is via the YouTube cards. To add a link to a YouTube card, you need
to have your website associated with your channel. Next, you need to get the affiliate link and
make a redirect url using your website. I use pretty links which is a plugin for my
wordpress blog. For example, I created a video previously
on how to make money from youtube without uploading videos. I showed how to find expired domains that
are mentioned in the YouTube description that still get traffic and how to make money from
those domains. The software I used to find these domains
was Video Traffic Genie The affiliate link I created was So you see my website followed by the name
of the product. I created this link via Pretty links. So when someone clicks on this link it takes
to the sales page of Video Traffic Genie. In a previous video I covered the best affiliate
programs for youtubers. Watch that video if you missed it. With these affiliate programs you can find
related products and get the affiliate link. the next way to put affiliate links on youtube
videos is to include the affiliate link as a readable url. You can do this as part of editing the video. The conversation rate will be higher if you
also say the url while showing it on the video. the 3rd way to add affiliate links on youtube
is to the url as a pinned comment. You can give a short text followed by the
affiliate link. Add a few emojies so that the comment stands
out. the most popular way to include affiliate
links on YouTube videos is in the YouTube video description. To get a higher conversion include the affiliate
link within the first few words so that viewers don’t have to click show more. When you include affiliate links it is important
that you add an affiliate disclosure and follow YouTube policies on affiliate links. Having such disclosure also builds trust with
your viewers.

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