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Affiliate Marketing Beginners Guide – Affiliate Marketing Dude Marcus Campbell

Affiliate Marketing Beginners Guide – Affiliate Marketing Dude Marcus Campbell

Aloha, my name is Stacia Kennedy and welcome to the Stacia kennedy show episode 1 and this episode I wanted to share with you an interview that I did with my friend marcus campbell who has been an Affiliate marketer has been online since he was like 22 years old very young age and now it’s been over 18 years that’s almost two decades and I decided i’m gonna just take this interview and share it with the world and turn it into a podcast So I hope you enjoy the episode All right guys we’re live Inside of the group inside of the art of affiliate marketing for influencers. Thanks so much for being here I’m going to invite a few people make sure We are live here I’m super excited you guys to have my Friend and buddy. He’s actually my accountability partner Better ups and downs here, but we have been accountability partners You’ll be holding each other accountable Maybe not doing the best job but we’ve been getting to know each other and I’m like Oh, I couldn’t believe when I was in the group and asked someone I need someone who’s experienced. I’m not really a newbie but I definitely need a push and Marcus volunteered and I was like, oh my gosh Marcus needs an accountability partner But anyhow, um, we were just chatting and he has an awesome an awesome Step-by-step program that he has going on on Thursday and I thought hey We should I should just interview you and get to know you a little bit more About how you got started because I know you’ve been in the business for like 20 plus years Yeah, pretty close yeah, okay great. So tell us where you were before You found out about this whole affiliate marketing stuff. Yeah, when I started when I was young I was I think 20 at the time And I used to be a magician. I did magic shows and stuff like that and I noticed that changing the words on one of my magic ads made the difference between Like for sales a month or four gigs a month and like 20 gigs a month And so I’m like, okay, that’s crazy. You know, you just changed the words on an ad and you get more sales So I was immediately hooked on marketing. I was like, okay, this is crazy You know, I just changed the words and boom we get more people And so I started studying marketing started learning a little bit about website design. Although I wasn’t very good at it I remember back in the beginning There was a program that I used to design websites and it was basically you would design your webpage But it would be an image So the whole page was an image and it was a huge image and if you could imagine back then on dial-up it took forever So it’s like a, you know, four minute load time per page, but back then people didn’t mind waiting for pages to load And so, you know, I learned a little bit about that started doing SEO ranking on the search engines that were around back then got some traffic and then in about 2003 I branched out from getting traffic for customers to driving traffic to affiliate offers and I started with a little Cable site it taught people how to like get cable cheap and stuff like that and then a little site about like teaching kids to ride bikes and things and I noticed that those two sites over one weekend the first weekend. I set them up. They generated like 1,200 bucks I was like, whoa. Okay, cool. So Here, I got 1200 bucks and I didn’t have to go find new customers. I didn’t have to do ranking. I Didn’t have to do billing and there we go, right we’re just off to the races. I’m Making money and the cool thing about that is the 1200 Kept going, right it was like every weekend from then on I was making 1,200 bucks and throughout the week I made a little bit too. And so I went like crazy. I was like, okay Well if I can rank this and get paid for basically just setting these up then you know Why not rank a whole bunch? And so we went crazy I got I think at one point I had about 300 sites that were ranked on the search engines Some of them did really well some of them, you know kind of just floundered around and made a couple bucks a day or whatever And then our biggest one was for downloads, right? So one of the biggest sites I ever did I didn’t even sell anything We were just giving away little downloads from a company that paid us three or four dollars to get a download and then you know anywhere from 70 cents to four dollars depending on the download and That one went crazy. I remember the first day. I set it up within 48 hours It was making 300 bucks a day, which you know, that’s like 120 grand a year or something like that and then The next day it just kept growing and then when I got into paid advertising with the same site We got up to like 4,500 bucks a day And that was on one site, which if I showed you guys the site which I will show you on the webinar on Thursday It’s a joke, like it’s a little one-page site with little Cartoon things on it and you know, it just did crazy. I Love how everything that you do is like super simple like yeah people I know I make it really more complicated than it is. How were you able to just? Make things so simple for people. Uh, it’s just kind of how my brain works I’m one of those people where if I can’t figure something out in ten minutes I give up But I look at things in terms of delegating tasks. So like as Marketers as affiliates. What’s our highest paid task, right? Our highest paid task is being able to find the right person and link them to the right product. That’s it no, we’re in that equation is like HTML or learning site building or big SEO stuff You know, and I was talking on an interview last night this guy was like, you know SEO seems very difficult to me and I’m like well That’s it’s difficult. If you’re trying to do things that are difficult like for me if I try to rank for the word make money It’s not gonna happen that’s gonna be extremely difficult I’ll probably spend like I don’t know a year trying to get that ranking and even after the year, I probably still won’t have it So instead what I do is I just go for something simple that I know I can get That I know will bring the right customer to me Because when you’re dealing with Google you’re dealing with four million searches a minute, right? That means for the eight minutes We’ve been on this call That’s 32 million people have searched Google. It’s a lot of people in eight minutes and when we look at that, it’s like Okay. Well how many of them search for like Qualifications for FHA loan, or how to set up a blog or maybe how to fix a shopping cart on a blog or Why isn’t my form working? You know all those things that we get struggled with or we get burdened with trying to build the same thing happens for other people and the cool thing is is like even though You might not feel super advanced as a marketer or as a tech guy You know stuff like the fact that you know that clickfunnels exists and you know how to set up a page on it that’s like more than 99.9 percent of the world population Right. So you’re in like this stack of people and you can help others with that and the key is just finding out what they Need help with finding out where they’re at going to them and promoting your stuff What advice would you give to people or just starting out or you know maybe a lot of people always say like well go with you know what you’re passionate about and a lot of people are like well Like like people like me and my husband were like passionate on a lot of things like where would you start? They wanted to get started with an affiliate business What I do is I always start with the market first So a lot of people will tell you to do your passion and your passion that’s good, and you can do that but what it does is it leads to linear thinking so you’re gonna be like, okay I’m passionate about You know Whole Foods or Green Drinks or whatever and you’re gonna be like, okay That’s what I’m passionate about or I’m passionate about working out Right and you’re gonna go and you’re gonna try to build a site about working out and you’re gonna find that it’s extremely competitive I mean, there’s people in that market making so much money not even like you’re dealing with you know The gyms so like Planet Fitness and everything like that, you’re dealing with Herbalife people and all their affiliates You’re dealing with Clickbank and all their affiliates. So the competition is absurd so what I tell people to do is Instead of going after what you think the market wants or what you think is important Go after what they tell you is important, right? So you could go to the Google AdWords tool and what I start with is trigger words Right and a trigger word is a word like download find cheap learn Spreadsheet Calculator it’s a word that says nothing about a market right? They could want to calculate their weight loss They could want to calculate their mortgage. They could calculate like the distance from here to their mom’s house, right? It could be any kind of calculate now when we go into the Google AdWords tool and we type something like calculate You’re gonna come across all kinds of things. It’ll be like calculate monthly budget right in my brain I look at that different cuz most people are gonna look at that and be like well They just want to calculate a budget who cares and I look at that and I’m like well, you know You got people like Suze Orman and Dave Ramsey making millions on people that want to calculate their budget Like that’s pretty much what they do And so we look at that and we’re like well budget is tied to a lot of things Right and this is the myth of the buyer keyword. Okay. A lot of people say you gotta have a buyer keyword They got to be looking up, you know how to buy this or price of this and that’s a myth All right. It doesn’t a buyer keyword is no different than any other because we’re salesmen so our job is to make people buy And do things and stuff like that. But when we look at these we’re like, okay a budget spreadsheet now I just got a list of people that are coming in every day every month month after month that one a budget calculator What do I give them? Oh, I make a cool budget calculator. Take me you know ten minutes to make on Excel and then I can pay someone 20 bucks to convert it to be on my website and Now I got something of value for a group that wants something and then budget is tied to credit cards. It’s tied to mortgages It’s tied to refinance It’s ID – all kinds of stuff that you could literally build a business around and if you’re passionate about it Then you could build a coaching business about you know budgeting and stuff like that. Does that make sense? Yeah, that’s awesome yeah, I always say you bring a lot of value and and we talk about You know, how do you make yourself different from all the other affiliates? Like you said, you know with certain programs that Thousands of other people are promoting – Mm-hmm. Yeah, and you just I mean you do the opposite of what they’re doing So the majority of the affiliates are gonna bid on obvious words. It’s like obvi It’s like obviously I’m gonna go find a weight-loss product and I’m gonna do weight-loss words. Okay, that’s too simple. It might work Try it out, you know throw 50 bucks at it and see if it works If it does you got a winner but nine times out of ten that’s not going to work because the numbers don’t fit So what we do is we go through and we’re like, okay I want to go through and I want to find exactly what they want. And I want to provide value Based on what they want and it’s easy because I could sit here and I could be like well What is value in the weight loss market? well, maybe a report or Or something like that But I like to go through it I like to break it down and say well what kind of weight loss do they want and you will find That people search Google for like how many calories are lost running It’s like wow, okay That’s easy to provide value for I just tell them how many calories they lose running and maybe give them a running guide or whatever And then push them to other stuff and here’s a difference. You’re gonna go for weight loss on Google It’s gonna be three to four dollars a click you’re gonna go for calories lost running and it’s like three cents a click So you get a much bigger list nice What do you say to people who are just getting started and they’re like, oh well You’ve been doing this for 18 years and Stacia you’re such an influencer and you already have this big list What how can I get started? Find a simple problem solve it So I could go into the Google Adwords to let me see if I can open it here and see if I can give you an example If I go into the AdWords tool, which basically the Google AdWords tool shows us what people search for in Google Plain and simple. It’s like okay. It’s like the back door So if people are searching for it in Google it shows up and let me see. I can’t multitask so I got it. Okay Okay so if I go into the Google AdWords tool and let’s say I put in one of my trigger words and this is I mean You’re always going to be able to do this as long as people are searching the internet until it goes to like Mind-reading search engines, which I think is a couple years away Um, but let’s see. Okay, so I’m gonna go into this planner here and I will do a search and I’m just gonna type in Let’s do ways to Ok, so ways to you know to get started and this will all be I’m actually gonna show my screen in the webinar on Thursday So, let’s see here. So I’ll do ways too And then what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna find out what people want to know the ways To like ways to lose weight ways to make money ways to whatever And when I do this, I can see that we have like ways to save money now That’s low competition best ways to get sleeeeep. That’s for cents a click Quick ways to make money that’s a little more competitive Here we got ways to get to sleep Okay, so ways to get to sleep seems like a big one I got ways to get to sleep ways to make you sleep Let’s see ways to make yourself sleep and lots of lots of different Sleep ones there so I could go into this and I could be like okay ways to get to sleep these people want to get to sleep and they can’t and they’re frustrated and they’re irritated and They’re staying up so their brains going crazy and they sound like me when they talk and so they go through and it’s like Okay, we want to sleep. Okay. Now there’s affiliate companies like the Sleep Number bed and Different things like that right mattress world or whatever and they’ll pay you for a lead. So like I could go through and Generate a lead. This guy’s like I want a new mattress. Okay, what do you currently use? What’s your address? How much you looking to spend on a mattress that? Company will pay me just for the lead. They don’t got to buy a mattress They don’t got to get a credit card out. Nothing to just there you go. Here’s 15 bucks 50 bucks or whatever for a lead Now when we look at that if I’m getting traffic for four cents a click that means I can afford Let’s say I get $40 a lead. That means I can afford like a thousand clicks I’m just gonna do my math right because it’s early and too early for math. Yeah That means I can get a thousand clicks. So out of those thousand people that can’t sleep Can I get one of them to fill out the lead form? Probably I could probably get 10 of them and that would be you know, like a 10x ROI And then of course I have a mailing list and everything like that of all these people who can’t sleep and I can go sell them like meditation CDs or mp3s whatever people listen to now I can get them like one of the things I do to sleep is I listen to audible books every night and fall asleep to them audible pays on a subscription Right, so I get them to sign up for audible. There’s 20 bucks there And now do you guys do you notice the difference between that like I had no idea what I was going to market Until I typed in ways to found out what people want the ways to and boom now It’s product solution centered and I have a complete business around one of these simple things nice I’ve I’ve listened to actually watched a few of your videos I’m kind of want to share a little bit more about your story about how how are you? I just think it’s amazing that you’ve been able to sustain yourself for the last 18 years in an Affiliate as an affiliate marketer as a business. What are Some of the things that you’ve learned across the last few years that has been able to keep you going Um one you got to be flexible. So things are gonna change right like you got to think about it when I started Google was not popular It was a college search engine which by the way if you understand That Google started in college and how it started its gonna open your mind to how SEO works in a crazy way Because for those of you who went to college I did not I had to learn this the hard way What you do is you write a research paper, right you write a research paper at the bottom. It has references and Google built their whole structure around that it’s like okay. Here’s an article that references this if there’s 5,000 articles that reference this one article and all those articles are about like, you know Taking care of elephants. Then this site that’s referenced is now gonna rank for how to take care of elephants, right? Does that make sense? Yeah, cool. So yeah, I was around before Google got popular I was around before Facebook a lot of things like most of the internet marketing stuff. That’s out now Wasn’t around then and so what you got to do is you got to be flexible You can’t expect to push your product that you want to push to people who don’t want it Okay, so you have to be flexible. You have to let the market Dictate what you do you let the market dictate where they’re at. Are they on forums? Are they on Facebook? Are they on YouTube? Are they searching Google? Where are they – you have to be flexible with how you’re gonna reach them Right, if you’re gonna go for like 90 year old people who need health insurance You probably don’t want like a big Crazy website with all kinds of tech stuff, right? It’s gonna be simple. Here you go. You want this click here, right? That’s why the phone with the big buttons Works for that market because that’s what they want So one is be flexible and really look at what’s going on because marketing more or less is just a testing game Okay, there’s those of us who have been at it a long time who can teach you guys how to test? Loaded, right? You’re like, okay, I’m gonna test you with a loaded idea of what these people want I know kind of what they want. I can pretty much get but at the end of the day, it’s all 100% a test I can guess that something’s going to work, but I’m not 1,000% sure, it’s gonna work until I test it so you got to be flexible You got to focus on results that you can get now don’t build your business trying to rank for weight loss Instead go for all the subcategory words and then by default you’ll start to rank for the big ones Do something today that you can get a result in by the end of the day, right? Like now you’re doing this this video here anyone can do a video. It’s not that hard You just make a video like turn on your webcam and you’re like hi. How you doing? Here’s what I got Here’s what its gonna do for you. Here’s where to get it, right? That’s John Carlton’s a copywriting secret there but that’s what you do, right and you can literally focus on people because When you get into affiliate marketing people look at the internet as select not people That’s why people are total jerks on Facebook because they’re not really saying wow There’s actually a person like if I say something mean on Facebook – Stacia, it’s not like saying it mean in person because you know it’s just that internet but really look at it because when push comes to shove you are talking to people and These people need something like those people that want to sleep think about them. They’re up there frustrated I’ll bet you most of the traffic is in the middle of the night I’ll bet you they are just irritated as heck because they can’t sleep and they want a remedy now, right? They want something fast You look at people who are looking to retire right? Look at all this stuff. Oh, man Have you been if you lost money in the market crash? Have you had this? Understand that they go through things and understand that that markets probably pretty skeptical right address it right up front Hey, I know you’re skeptical but check this out. This is how it works. This is how it’s different. Here’s what to do Does that make sense? Yes, I’m taking notes. Yeah, cool cool and we’re gonna go over this all on the webinar, too And I wanted to mention that too. Yes you guys Want to know more and he’s gonna go step-by-step through everything you can go to I’ll put it in the comments below too as well, too Cool awesome Yes, so Yes, cool And that’s Marcus with a CE o you spell it the right way here. Yes We are see us yes Marcus cool and You I love your videos man. If you guys haven’t English videos as well. You can check out his youtube channel he does some really cool like split screens and he’s just really funny and Where are you from Milligan? You’re who I’m from Southern California. I lived in Northern California for 15 years and then I moved to Florida. So I’ve been to Florida about two years now. That’s right yeah, because you kind of have like a personality to you, and I’m sure how did that take kind of over the past few years kind of build your personality brand It took a while to kind of wind down cuz in the beginning I was kind of like hyped up And I thought it was like a big thing. I was like, okay, we got it. We got to make a video It’s got to be perfect Now I just kind of like, okay, we’ll just film it, you know get kind of an outline of what I’m talking about But the personality think that’s just kind of how I am So it was funny because when I first started on YouTube doing big YouTube stuff because I had done it for years But when I got big into YouTube about a year and a half ago People were like dude. I love your YouTube set and I’m like, what’s a youtube set? you have your like your shed and your your office and your Chalkboard and stuff and I’m like, oh, okay. I guess I have a youtube set Yeah, but I didn’t know I mean I just built it for my office I didn’t know it was a set or anything. It actually worked out pretty good to be a set so yeah, you know you just kind of you roll with it and you learn and you understand where people are and you just kind of Make your personality fit what they want and if you don’t want to do that find where your personality works because it’s a huge world There’s a lot of people looking for a lot of things online and Someone’s gonna gravitate to you. I mean unless you’re like totally mean but even if you’re mean, you know, I got a lot of people in my family who are mean Oh watch your videos Just look at that and it’s like you’re gonna fit somewhere online and you just go after the market you help them out You get involved, you know, and and you just promote things in a cool way. That’s not that’s not pushy, right? everyone has this idea that sales is the guy at the car dealer Who’s like you’re gonna buy a car and you’re gonna get ripped off and I don’t care about you and it’s not like that The right sales have changed Internet marketing is more about helpful stuff. And the cool thing about affiliate marketing is you could promote whatever you want, right? You don’t have to shove one thing down your markets throat. You could be like well, hey, here’s three things. I use If you use WordPress, maybe you should use this one if you’re not using WordPress Maybe you should do this if you’ve never set up a website Maybe this is good and you get paid no matter what they buy which is cool. So Yeah, I’m hi. I’m a big believer in building your own personal brand and you know It’s to me it’s like your sales us like the biggest right? Market or target that you can make the most money and having your own brand you’re Warming up the market. Well, what would you say to people of I’ve had friends that tell me well
I’m just I’m not as outgoing and maybe I I’m kind of scared because I don’t want my I don’t want people to know that it’s me is To me I’m just like shocked. I’m like what like yeah, you people get six be successful without Being the face, I guess totally yeah, I mean my biggest sites the ones I’ve made the most money on No one even knew who I was I didn’t even have a mailing list for some of them so the idea that you have to be out there like me or Stacia and you know We do live videos and stuff. People don’t even have to know who you are You can do it under a pen name and remember Gary Halbert used to say a great copywriter He used to say nothing is more powerful as words on paper write in and that’s really what it is is words on paper are super super powerful and You can do this by the written word. You could do it by just saying. Hey, you know what? I’m whatever just make up a pen name obviously register it and be legit and everything But you can you can make that work. You can even outsource it and have someone else be the face of it But the fact of the matter is is people don’t really need to know who you are specifically they just need to know that someone cares that someone’s helping and that they’re getting the result they want and there’s There’s a difference right? There’s a difference between simple stuff So when I give away toolbars and I get paid that’s simple. No one cares Who I am When I do Like the bed example four can’t sleep no one needs to know who I am could just be Marcus the sleep guy or you know, Bob the sleep guy or whatever No one needs to know who you are doesn’t matter And you can do your mailing lists the same way and you can have a Facebook group the same way They don’t need to know who you are. If you don’t want to do that now, is it easier? I believe if you want to like crack the seven-figure market. Yeah, it’s probably easier But again, I’ve had seven-figure sites where people had no idea who I was So it just depends on you. It depends on your market and it depends on how you interact But let me tell you this this is kind of to show you the example if there was someone creating videos all day Every day and he was great and he did good content any good good value But you couldn’t get ahold of them Right. You were like, there’s Marcus, but you know what for some reason I can’t email him luckily You can email our support and if it’s something I need to answer it’ll get to me But let’s say that happened, right? So like you have something like clickfunnels. Okay. Clickfunnels is good. Great wonderful program But the clickfunnels staff can’t possibly answer every single by newt little detail They can’t do it just like for me I use clickfunnels. I use Infusionsoft and views soft is Crazy confusing but it’s good. Right it used it for years and there’s little intricacies Like how do you build your own order form with Infusionsoft? Okay, people don’t know how to do that. I know how to do that. Well, I know how to hack it I had a programmer make it I know how to edit it And so that’s something that I can share with them on So yeah, you can have a guy making videos who’s like the internet marketer guy But if you email me, right? If I have an email that says if you need help email me and I email you back and I say check this out Here’s a little template who you gonna buy from Mm-hmm. I don’t even I could just be like, thanks Whatever, you know, it doesn’t even have to be a person So the power is in the personal reach and that’s the key and it doesn’t matter if it’s your face It doesn’t matter if it’s a video. It doesn’t matter if people know your name. It’s just that personal reach for me. I have live chat on my website, which if you guys are affiliates and you don’t use a live chat software and You’re complaining about money use a live chat software. I have a joke where I My wife likes to watch Judge Judy and I can’t stand It and so I have a joke where it’s like, okay, it’s time to make a thousand bucks, you know And I’ll crack open my live chat. I’ll talk to people and every night I’ll be able to make a sale just because people want the personal touch and That’s another thing you can outsource if you want and all it is is typing and it’s like come type demarcus and okay go here and order and Affiliate marketing could be as easy as that like go here and order, okay One of the things I use is I tell people well order while you well I’m on here with you so I can give you your bonuses personally. Boom get the order right then and there And it’s just these little subtle things that that you’re gonna learn on the webinar that are going to teach you Hey, it’s time to stop playing affiliate marketing. Let’s do it big-time. Mm-hmm Great thank you so much. Um one last question before I let you go What do you think how has the affiliate marketing and this business changed your your family’s life and your life? Well when I started my business I was a magician I was broke we were living in a mobile home that my brother had and Everyone else who lived in the mobile home except for me was a drug addict. I was a street preacher I probably wouldn’t be our drug addict if I wasn’t a street preacher, right? and so I had to get out like my wife my girlfriend at the time is my wife now was pregnant and I was like, what am I gonna do? You know Southern California ain’t exactly cheap and So that’s how we started and by the time we had our second kid two years later I was doing like 150 to 200 thousand a year So it has it’s made our life. It didn’t change it it made it And ever since then I’ve been able to work from home. I watch my kids grow up. I had a little joke where My daughter she’s my oldest daughters a teen and sometimes when you have teenagers you’ll learn this when when yours get older They just are like, you know, I just don’t want to talk to mom or dad today. Oh, yeah. Yeah and He’s gonna be 17, okay I saw the little guys on your on your Facebook so I was thinking that but yeah 17 year old so, you know the drill and Sometimes I’ll be out here working and I always like to see when they come home from school I like to be in there and I remember one day I was like, okay I’m just gonna work because no one wants to talk to me. So I’m gonna work I’ll go in there when it’s time to cook which if you have teenagers cook they will love you and so my daughter was like Complaining for a week. Why isn’t he coming in here? Why is he staying out there? Cuz I didn’t go in there after she got home from school And I just thought that was the greatest thing to be able to do that and not only do that But make a pretty darn good living at it Which is good, you know, so it’s not always just about the money. It’s about staying home. It’s about having my office in the backyard About being able to do the things we want to do Without the stress. I mean we take a vacation and the kids were telling me a couple weeks ago, they’re like the best vacations we ever have are the ones where you’re just like Whatever. I need a break let’s go and we go that day and then we’re on vacation and I’m like hey You guys want to stay another week and they’re like, yeah, let’s stay another week so being able to do stuff like that is really for me where it’s and for for that I’m grateful because you know affiliate marketing has done a lot for me and a lot of other people too being able to Do what you want to do being able to live the way you want to live? The cars and stuff are nice. I’m Personally, I like my Jeep and you know you just you just live with it and be home with the kids and so I couldn’t Have picked a better life if I organized it myself, so Awesome. Thank you so much for being on here. Just a quick recap on Everything I think from my notes was number one to be flexible right and Focus on the results you can get right now focus on people and what they actually need and put it in front of where they’re hanging out, right and Understand that people are gonna be skeptical you’re gonna get people unsubscribe You know, you people are going to be kind of you know, who is this girl? Who’s this guy? right, and so you want to be able to just be of a value give people resources that have helped you and Promote products that you know something about you know, yep Yeah, and if you don’t learn something about them, yeah learning a little bit about it, but there’s all kinds of different Strategies as well and Marcus is gonna break it down with for us very simply That’s what I like about Marcus is simple and he teaches things that you guys can’t understand if you’re just getting started and all you got to do is go to Go dot Stacia. Kennedy comm slash Marcus. I’ll put it in the comments again Thank you so much again Marcus for being here any last words for us? Um just start something and start it based on what people do Watch the webinar go there take notes. If you can order the notes, we have the notes on sale for like 17 bucks I’m not making anything on that it all goes to the affiliates and the credit card processor But we’ll give you the download of the actual webinar and the notes You’re gonna take notes on your own but you’re gonna want the other notes as well Because they’re going to show you what I want you to see Which is important because there’s some things that you might brush pass and be like, okay, that’s kind of cool But it might be like the pen that’s gonna make a difference. So check that out Follow my stuff after you sign up on the page for the webinar There’s I think the video is hosted by YouTube. You could just click it and subscribe And then there’s like a subset you’re gonna be going through you can use it to promote anything that you want, right? Even your own products. Yeah, even your own thing. Yeah Definitely. I know a lot of people in this group, you know have coaching businesses or you know they have either in real estate or different types of You know Fitness whatever industry it is Marcus had like a hundred and nine but one hundred and seventeen signups in like nineteen days hundred and Seventy seven, I think Yeah, oh my gosh guys If you guys want this kind of results make getting it super simple Marcus is gonna teach it So make sure to jump on that webinar Thanks again so much Marcus, and I’ll see you guys at the end of the week. All right talk soon. Thanks love and aloha. Bye


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I've been following Marcus for a while. He's got great content. I just joined Marcus mentor me. I'm excited to learn the ins and outs of this business. Thank you for the interview.

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