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Affiliate Marketing For Beginners 2019 – 5 Mistakes To Avoid As Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners 2019 – 5 Mistakes To Avoid As Affiliate Marketer

what’s going on everyone Attan here and
today’s video is going to be about affiliate marketing for beginners in
2019 and I’m actually going to share with you five mistakes to avoid as an
affiliate marketer all you have to do we stay with me but first if you’re new
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be notified every time I upload in your video all right so I’m gonna cover five
mistakes and most of them are mistakes that I learned the hard way so I wanted
to share them with you here today so you can avoid them so you don’t have
to spend countless hours and thousands of dollars by trying out and
experimenting on these mistakes make sure you stick around and watch the
whole video here so you don’t miss out on any important information and at the
end of this video I highly recommend you to check out my number one
recommendation right here below on how to make a passive full-time passive
income online and it goes hand-in-hand with hangul what i’m gonna share with
you here today also alright with that being said let’s get started with a
mistake number one okay mistake number one
is not building an email list now if you follow me you probably heard this before
but highly really learned this the hard way and the hard way was that I thought
that I didn’t need to build an email list in the past when I got started so I
had a Facebook page I started to drive traffic I spent thousands of dollars
there and I just woke up one day and have seen that my page was taken down by
Facebook so I of course couldn’t get it back and that’s where I felt totally
lost her and started to dive in about email marketing because I heard all the
time the money’s in the list the money’s in the list and that’s where I realized
how important it was to build an email list
there and also I actually later on wanted to expand on it so I became a
solo ad vendor I learned even more about the email list building and I also
created a course which is daily list profits this is where I share people I
show people actually how they can get started with making their hundred dollar
plus per day and it’s all about affiliate marketing and list building
also so basically the formula is really really simple okay so if we have the
traffic here what you’re going to do is you want to drive it to a squeeze page
or an opt-in page there are many names for it actually but it looks something
like this and this is actually where I have the copy here you can see the
headline how I made four hundred twenty dollars in less than 24 hours and how
you can do it too okay and it is about a free video case
study so I want your email address in exchange for you to see this video and
later on when you have opted in of course and we are going to stay
connected there because you read my emails and it’s all about like and trust
because usually most of the times people don’t buy the first time so they want to
stay connected with you also there so it’s definitely important to build an
email sequence there provide some value not only bombard with offers because I
seen it all so many of them the affiliate marketers when they start out
they’re just bombing every single day twice or three times a day only
promoting and promoting and nothing else so make sure you provide some kind of a
value of their also after they have opted in the recent alternative you can
create a breach page with a video if you’re not afraid to be shown at the
video because it will definitely help in branding purpose and also the like and
Trust which I mentioned earlier here and then they can see the offer now some
people will buy straight away some will not buy straight away and that’s where
the email sequence comes in here so this is basically the formula really
simple and probably the most important to keep in mind as an affiliate marketer
all right let’s move on to the next one which is not doing a research about the
offer and it’s really super easy to do this because if you have decided to
promote an offer and you can’t find the appeal eight-page just go to google I
just took an example here two week diets affiliates this is a Clickbank product
and you can arrive to the page here where you can see that there is tons of
information for you to use here as an affiliate marketer ok so it doesn’t
matter in what way you’re going to promote here you can see you have coupon
codes you have banners you have videos email swipes press releases there is so
much content so do your research well because it’s going to help you a lot of
course to promote okay so you can use a few things here
to send an email and talk about the product it’s definitely going to help
you to promote the product er all right let’s move on to the next one have this
is also an important one most affiliate marketers they are trying to sell
instead of pre sell because affiliate marketing is actually what this is all
about you want to pre sell okay so if you take an example for the two week
diet again these are pros okay this is a professional company that stands behind
this product they have spent thousands of dollars in their video sales copy in
the pre sell material in the product in everything let them do the selling for
you okay all you have to do is provide some kind of a value in your emails
build your trust sir and have them to watch the two week diet okay so make
sure this is what you want them to do you want them to click and see the sales
page okay and let them do the selling so this is definitely an important one also
and not testing okay you don’t don’t listen to what others have to say many
times I listened in the past and they say oh it doesn’t convert this is not
working and so on and then I just wanted of curiosity of course test out an offer
and it seems that it converted for me so what converts for me might not
convert for you and vice versa so don’t just listen to what others are saying
all the time okay find your product there that you want to promote test the
similar product you can do this by doing an a/b split testing the split testing
is that you send hundred people to two different offers so they are seeing
fifty and fifty and you can see what converts for example okay I’m gonna
expand on it a little bit more on the next tip here so what we want to avoid
another thing which is were very very important so make sure you test okay
don’t be afraid test products that if I haven’t seen it never before I mean for
example two week diet is a huge product but there is other products that are
similar and they might work better for you and your niche there okay so let’s
move on to the next one and this is also a very very important not tracking okay
if you’re on track you’re totally lost you don’t know where you spend your
money your effort you need to track okay and you need to track actually and
results your conversions there you need to track your a be split testing so as I
mentioned earlier split testing which splits we send 50 50 people or to one
page and fifty to another just to illustrate an example of actually to
show you real example here is my squeeze page this is what you saw earlier here I
tested it out with this page okay and I noticed actually that I got 10%
more conversions on this page and 10% a lot okay I mean 100 people it’s actually
10 people that opt-in alright so you don’t need to do this actually on a
daily basis test every single day I mean what you can do you can use exact the
same page here and you can take away that free video for example
use the free use the video reveals only use another color here okay so make sure
you test one thing at a time also this is a very important and you can do this
really really easy by using a software like clickmagick clickmagick is a
fantastic tool in over all actually because it covers everything that i
mentioned here okay so it has a rotator you can actually promote two offerings
two or three things so if you have seen the first offer they are not buying that
they can see the next offer that is how rotator works you can do actually some
even pay-per-click keywords here on this one you can do the geo on mobile
targeting the results of facebook and google analytics and it’s definitely
probably number one tool which is very affordable also and there is actually a
free trial for 14 days here so i will leave a link below here if you want to
you can have a look at it if you don’t have anything to track this is
definitely my number one recommendation on how to do the tracking the split
testing and everything so there you have it five very very important mistakes to
avoid okay because they can cost you a fortune and you will spend countless of
hours if you don’t implement those tips here that I share with you okay so as I
said in the beginning if you’re interested to expand more and if you’re
interested in making a full time passive income online you want to check out my
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that’s it for today thanks a lot for watching and I’ll see you soon


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