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Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: Part Two Make Money

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: Part Two Make Money

affiliate marketing for beginners this
is my affiliate 101 marketing series and this is the second video in that series
so today I’m not only going to show you what to do but I’m going to show you
some different methods on how to do it and we’re gonna get to that right now before we continue please take just a minuteand subscribe to the channel so that you will be notified of the latest in EECOM news and how to make money online now
like I said a second ago this is the second video in my affiliate marketing
for beginners playlist you should be able to see the link to the full
playlist right up around here and since this is our affiliate 101 video series
I’m going to start with a basic series of our basic set of skills and things
that you need to know and move our way up to a more advanced set of skills as
we progress through this series and one of the most important things to
understand is that knowing what to do for affiliate marketing and knowing how
to do affiliate marketing are two totally different things but you need to
completely understand both of them ok so what is affiliate marketing anyways well
wikipedia defines affiliate marketing as a type of performance-based marketing in
which businesses reward one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer
brought by that affiliates own marketing efforts to put it quite simply affiliate
marketing is a referral based system you just link over to a product and get paid
now it’s a little more complicated than that but it takes so much out of the way
for traditional business models that you can set up online like e-commerce and
drop shipping etc because you don’t have any products to manufacture you don’t
have logistics and shipping or importing from China
you don’t have those all of those initial costs you don’t have customer
support to deal with you don’t have platforms
like Shopify and Amazon to deal with you really remove 95% of all of the
obstacles that you have to do and just focus on marketing for somebody else’s
product okay let me give you my red shoe example let’s say that you know we’re
the best pair of red shoes are they’re the best price shipping is great
everything is great about them and you’re at a party and somebody says hey
I really am in the market for some red shoes so unlike a traditional business
where you would try to sell them your red shoes you say hey I know we’re a
great pair of red shoes are and I just got a pair for myself they’re amazing
customer service is great and shipping was super fast
and all you have to do is go to this place and get those red shoes and
because those people went to this place by way of your referral link you get a
commission you get 10% of the sale and like I said a second ago you don’t have
to deal with any of those things customer service shipping logistics
platforms anything you just get a commission of the sale and if you like
the videos that I make then let me know by liking this video when you like the
video it lets more people have the opportunity to see it okay now let’s get
into the first phase the first of the two phases that I said earlier and this
one is knowing what to do for affiliate marketing and let’s jump over to the
whiteboard so I can show you a little illustration okay so the three steps are
well it starts with step one step one is to pick a niche and in that niche we’re
going to build an audience now that niche might be gardening or computer
electronics or computers whatever that happens to be whatever you’re into
whatever you want to get into that’s fine
just pick a niche and build an audience and they say well how do I build an
audience well we can build an audience by we can blog we can use Facebook we
can use Instagram we can use anything we want to really kind of drive traffic
build our audience in our niche the second step is going to be get rid of
that the second step is going to be to create
a lead capture page and what we want to do inevitably is drive this audience
traffic to our lead capture page because ultimately we want to collect email
addresses we will have the most success in affiliate marketing if we build an
email list and then the third step go to a different color here the third step is
to find an offer now the offer is going to be the product or service that we
choose to promote as an affiliate so we will have a niche build an audience
drive it to our lead capture page and send it on to the offer and we can if we
start out here we’re going to start out by choosing products because this is the
easiest affiliate to see success in and we’re going to go to either Walmart or
Best Buy actually we’re gonna go into Amazon to
start with and use their affiliate program to sell products but there are
other places like Clickbank is an affiliate network that hosts a ton of
offers and that have higher commission rates than that do Walmart Best Buy
Amazon etc and then ultimately at the ultimate prize would be leading up to
and learning how to sell high ticket items in the affiliate world so people
like Marie Furillo she launches a b-school almost every year it’s a
training program or James Widmore training these types of high ticket
affiliate items cost several thousand dollars so if we’re going to ultimately
do the same amount of work we might as well point it and direct it to a higher
ticket item where we will get paid the most amount of money so this is really
the three steps I know that it looks super oversimplified here but we’ll get
into how to do it in just a second one other thing that I want to mention is on
these links that we these referral links so if this is our referral link and
somebody clicks on our referral link and it sends them over to Amazon
to buy a product the referral link at Amazon is only good for 24 hours so
Amazon will drop a cookie in the browser of the the user and anything that they
buy from putting their shopping cart and by for 24 hours is going to get credited
to your affiliate account other affiliate programs like I said Clickbank
or james whitmore they have different time frames on their affiliate links and
can be anywhere up to 90 days or 180 days it just depends so picking the
right offer and making sure that we’re aware of the timeframe that it’s valid
for are two things to consider in moving into the next phase so quite simply that
is what to do and now for the second phase we’re going to talk about ways on
how to actually do this right this is where the rubber meets the road and I
have three different methods that I’m going to share with you that you could
get started today right away for free okay so method number one is really to
do review videos product review videos so let’s take this let’s take this shark
vacuum for example right I have this shark vacuum cordless stick duo vacuum
and I could do a product review video on this particular shark people look up
before they buy products like this they look up online shark duo reviews or
product unboxing or something along those lines they want to know a little
bit more about the product before they buy it now I don’t necessarily mean the
ten dollar items that people buy or knee-jerk into I mean the higher ticket
items this one’s like $275 on Amazon so people are gonna do a little bit of
research and a little bit of looking around and it’s so easy to get started
doing this you could literally take your cell phone your iPhone or your Android
device and shoot a nice succinct video there are free video editors for both
Windows and Mac you can clip out some of the fluff and just do a review video for
these products and use your affiliate link to send them over to Amazon once
they’ve made their decision to go ahead and buy the product that’s one method
that you could use today that wouldn’t cost you any money
you could just look around your house you have all sorts of products you’ll
have to go in buy products you can use products that you already have the
blender the mix are on your countertop the black & decker toaster the whatever
it is you have you have a bunch also you can borrow items from your friends your
neighbors that have something neat you can say hey let me borrow that I want to
do a review video about it and you can start producing these review videos now
another neat little point is to use a tool like jungle Scout or black bird
sweet and they allow you to go in and search for the product you want to make
sure that you’re going to do reviews on products that have a high number of
sales on Amazon already right you don’t want to do a review video for something
that makes ten sales a month 600 sales a month is great a thousand ten thousand
sales a month those are great products because you know that people are gonna
inevitably buy those at a high rate and the higher the rate the more money you
make you have any additional tips and tricks that you’d like to share go ahead
and leave a comment down below if you don’t have anything to say then just
hashtag affiliate marketing for beginners
alright method number two really kind of builds on top of method number one you
take it a little bit more to the next level and that is to start to build a
review brand for yourself you can start a youtube channel and remember YouTube
is the second largest search engine in the planet on the planet and people go
there all the time to do their product reviews they want to find out
information on all sorts of things how to change the brakes on the car
what is this shark duo like in use etc so people are already going to these
places and you really want to be product and consumer focused when you do these
you want to really take your time and dive deep and it’s okay if you’re not an
expert on the shark duo or you know a toaster oven or a blender read through
the product manual go to their websites they’ll give you bullet points of
information and highlights that you can really dive into and go deep and people
will watch these videos and then you’ll be able to send them at the bottom of
the video or somewhere you can have a link that refers people back to
Amazon to buy the product you can also have links to maybe the user manual
people search that all the time ultimately you just want to be able to
provide good value for your YouTube audience
okay so method number three it builds even more off of that you could still do
method one and then you can start to do method two and then you can ultimately
roll it all into method three which is a little more advanced but really since in
method two you’re building your own brand your own review brand ideally more
in a specific niche you can start to this is where in the first phase in step
two I talked about a kind of a capture page a lead capture page where you’re
collecting somebody’s email address this is really where you would implement that
step two is when you build your own website you can do a free WordPress
website you have to get a little hosting but you can get a free wordpress website
and the videos that you’re putting on to youtube you can embed them on your
website and you can really start to provide people a whole lot of
information on your website about that product you could do a review a price
comparison review for people of course in addition to the product review but a
price comparison you could do a links to service manuals people are always
looking up how to find user manual for the shark duo or whatever product it is
they’re looking for but you can offer that to them on your page also coupons
if you can get a coupon for a particular product you can offer the coupon on your
page but each page on your website or your blog could really be all-inclusive
of all of these kind of things and offer extreme value to somebody when they come
to your website offer them a big link to click over to Amazon and buy that
product today and that is how you can start making money with affiliate
marketing I suggest start with number one test it out move your way through
method number three and you could be on your way to making some good affiliate
money now I want to say this about affiliate marketing about any of the
businesses that I talked about on my channel and that is it takes time there
is no magic elixir there is no get-rich-quick scheme
if there is please let me know in the comments below so that I can review it
and share this with you but you need to dedicate yourself to doing this and you
could see some results in the near term but in the mid term you’re going to see
more results in a year from now you will see more results you have to build
something to make it sustainable so I hope that you were able to get some good
value out of today’s video and stay tuned for the next one be sure and
subscribe to the channel to stay up on the latest in Econ and be sure and like
this video so that other people get a chance to see it and now watch this
video been a near near near near near near near


You are right on the spot with your mindset comment. I am a French speaking engineer and I have a knowledge to share on internet. As you said I have to start…

Hi Mark. Please give me and advise: How many subscribers are suitable to generate at least 50 dollars per month when I promote USD50 offers with one or two upsells?

Mark. Thanks for sharing your knoledge. I have years of knowing this business model but so far I decided to implement it completely and I have selected your videos to carry it out because your videos have convinced me that it is a model that really generates money, before I did not think it possible and today I need urgently generate income and finally believe in it. Thanks to you.

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