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Affiliate Marketing Funnel Conversion Boosting Secret: 4X Your Results

Affiliate Marketing Funnel Conversion Boosting Secret: 4X Your Results

if you’re an affiliate marketer who is
struggling to get more conversions after your initial click then boy are you in
for a treat today because I’m a member of a bunch of groups but one in
particular and a dozen or so of us affiliate marketers got together and
brainstorm some ideas and one of the people one of my friends brought an idea
that they’ve been using to the table and it allowed us to increase our conversion
by four times our typical conversion rate was somewhere between two and three
percent and we were able to get our conversion rate over nine percent on
average using this method and I’m going to show you how to do this super simple
thing right now hey everybody I’m mark with adventures in Econ and this is a
dead simple little tweak to what most savvy experienced affiliate marketers do
that is dead simple and it has allowed us to get these kinds of results that
you see here over the course of about the last three not even quite four weeks
we have seen a dramatic increase in our conversion so one simple little tweak
I’ll show you real quick here I’m in funnel enix and this is what most people
do so you have a traffic source say YouTube you’re driving traffic to some
sort of an offer and it is let me just pull a sales page here and basically
what most affiliate marketers do is this exact thing right here
they take traffic and they drive it directly to a sales page and this is
about the absolute worst thing that you could possibly do one step better than
this is that they don’t use the hop leak their clickbank hop link for this link
right here they they use bitly or something like that and that’s great but
you need to do way more to this so here’s what we’re going to do I’m gonna
get rid of this guy and I’m going to insert where are you opt-in okay so an
opt-in so what I always preach and what we always do is at least collect an
email address for the traffic that we’re sending we we put a PD
in here PDF download that’s relative to the offer whether it’s weight loss or
how to make money online or whatever the case may be then we send them to the
sales page right so we do we do one of these guys
traffic opt-in page to a sales page now what we need to do beyond this and what
good email marketers do an affiliate marketers do is they start sending out
emails right they start sending out emails to the people that have opted in
to try to basically get them to come back to the sales page hey you know this
one says hey thanks for you know opting in to something short and sweet
I hope you enjoyed your PDF download and got value out of it don’t come over to
the page the next email says hey I don’t know if maybe you didn’t see my first
email but I’m saying the same old thing and I want you to go to the same old
place and my next email says something that is very very similar to that and
hey I’m guilty of that with something that we’ve done for a long long time and
forced sales and forced conversions by way of that but you can burn through
your email list pretty quickly so what do we do now like I said in the last
three or three and a half weeks what we’ve been doing is we provide let me
see if I can find something here I’m just gonna use this so I’m providing
value in each of these emails right I’m not asking for more I’m giving more so
in this email and in my case what things that we’ve been testing this with is how
to make money online so and how to do affiliate marketing and things of this
nature so basically we’ve been able to provide value in the form of content by
sending along an attachment to a YouTube video that I’ve already made so I’ve
already made the content and we’re attaching it to the email so that people
are getting more value I’m teaching things for free while still then
directing people back to the sales page so you always want to be providing value
that is what is going to create a relationship between you and your
audience and that is ultimately what’s going to get them
to buy into whatever program it is that you’re promoting so you know if you’re
just doing this then you know that’s kind of phase one for beginners if
you’re doing this short of adding value then that is what most people are doing
but if you’re doing this whole thing if you’re synchronizing this whole thing
just by simply adding extra value then you’re gonna be able to increase your
conversion rate and make more money and by increasing your conversion rate that
means that you get to spend the same amount of marketing dollars going in
except you’re making more coming out and if you turn that back around that means
you get to spend more on ads and ergo make more money so this one simple
little methodology has really helped us in the last three weeks for what I’m
doing it’s great because I’m getting more people back to my youtube channel
and I’m seeing a little higher a little increase in subscription rate etc so I
think that it’s just a win-win scenario so take these little tips this little
win today if you will it’s Friday this is my Friday tip take this into the
weekend try to add this into your mix and let me know in the comments below
next week or the next week if you were able to see an increase in your
conversions because of this hey if you thought this was a good valuable video
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see you guys on the next video

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