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Affiliate Marketing Networks : Comparison – Online Success

Affiliate Marketing Networks : Comparison – Online Success

Hello and welcome to today’s video! In this video I’ll talk about 4 affiliate
networks that you can use in order to find and promote products. /Intro video/ Welcome back! If you like our video, subscribe to our channel
by clicking that subscribe button below. Also, check out my #1 recommendation for making
full time income online in the description… You have probably heard about some of these
networks before, but if you are a newbie in this business then
this is a perfect video for you. You already have a business or a niche in
mind that you want to promote and it’s a good thing to know
which of these affiliate networks offers the best products
to promote. The first affiliate network that I will talk
about is of course, ClickBank. My favorite and one of the oldest networks
online. Clickbank specializes in digital products. Clickbank sells digital products worldwide
created by entrepreneurs. It’s very easy to sing up with Clickbank. Once you start promoting products and earning
commissions you can get paid by check or directly to your
bank account. Some countries can’t do that, so you will
have to receive a check or sing up with Payoneer, Revolut or Transferwise
in order to have a bank account that you can actually
put in Clickbank in order to get your commission. You will see that clickbank’s marketplace
is filled with great products in different categories. If you click on any of these categories you
will see that for each product, you will see what’s the initial sale amount,
you will see the gravity, or the popularity of that product and you
will have JV site where you will get your promotional materials. Some products or vendors will require you
to fill out the application in order to promote their products. That is just for some products, not all. Again, depending upon what niche you’re going
to be serving when it comes to your business, if you wanted to use ClickBank, you would
just simply click on a category area. So with ClickBank, it costs you nothing to
actually set up your ClickBank account. You do not get an affiliate manager when it
comes to ClickBank, you are on your own. In order to create an account, you would go
to their page and click here on: CREATE ACCOUNT. I’ve talked about Clickbank before in my
previous videos, so I won’t spend a lot of time on it. The second network that I will introduce you
to is MaxBounty, which is an industry-leading performance marketing
network. Maxbounty’s job is to connect trusted and
skilled affiliate marketers with high-paying advertisers on a cost-per-action
basis. So they are actually middleman: connecting
affiliate marketers and actual companies/advertisers. Those companies come to maxbounty because
they want to have their product on this network because know you
that maxbounty will connect them with good affiliates that will generate leads. On thing that is worth mentioning is that
Maxbounty is a little bit different than other networks. Maxbounty have variety of different niches
just like any other network. Maxbounty doesn’t pay you per sale. Instead, Maxbounty pays you per lead. That is something that you need to have in
mind if you decide to use maxbounty. Companies that are on maxbounty will be paying
you and providing all the resources and tools that
you need to help you in promoting the particular offers that you might decide to offer through
MaxBounty. In order to become an affiliate, you don’t
have to pay – it will cost you nothing to join. However, they have a selection process – you
will have to fill out the application and have an interview in order to get approved
as an affiliate. But don’t worry, it’s not that hard. If you a brand new to this business, just
let them know. But also mention if you had a course about
affiliate marketing – that might help the process. Maxbounty will give you an affiliate manager
once you join. The affiliate manager’s job is to help you
pick out good offers that actually suit your niche and the way that you actually
plan to actually build your affiliate marketing business on the Internet. Of course, if you have questions, concerns,
if you want to find out the highest converting or highest paying offers or the offers that
are doing really well, you don’t have to sit back trying to figure
that stuff out on your own. You will actually have an assigned affiliate
manager that will help you with all of that. That is maxbounty in short. The 3rd affiliate network that I’d like
to talk about is JVZoo, which facilitate and automate online business
sales, marketing, and delivery. They have a very rich and expansive network
– which also includes tools that you will need in order to promote products. JVZoo can be a really great network to help
you find offers not only for yourself, but also as you begin to build your list… With JVZoo, a lot of their advertisers are
not the kind of companies that you will find, for example, on MaxBounty. JVZoo offers different products, and those
products are from people like me or you who – so you can create a digital product
or course and decide to advertise it on JVZoo.. If you click on marketplace you will see there
are many cool products and you can see which are top sellers and what are top categories. You see that e-commerce and business are top
2 categories. It’s free to set up an account with JVZoo,
and you don’t have to go through an interview process. and they pay you when you sell a product – once
you sell a product you will earn commission. Warrior+ is the final network that I will
mention… warrior+ is Best in Class sales automation, affiliate
network, and education for digital business owners
and online marketers.It says right here… They’re telling you right up front that
their network is all about supporting and providing products and services
geared for the digital business owner and online marketers. You can always click on an actual vendors
name and actually learn all about a particular vendor. You can even decide to do this before you
market their products to see what kind of a person you’re actually deciding
to sell products for. You will see, when you log in, under each
seller there will be statistics: how many products this seller actually has
and how many sales were made in the past and what kinda reviews there are for each
product. Warrior Plus always has a deal of the day. When you actually decide to register your
account with Warrior Plus, and if you decide to get emails from them, they will email you
the deal of the day, what’s hot right now, what’s selling really
well right now, all that kind of stuff, and really help you stay in the know of what’s
going on inside of their network. It will cost you nothing to join warrior+,
but you don’t get an affiliate manager like you get when you join MaxBounty. There’s no approval process when it comes
to setting up your Warrior Plus account. However, you do have to request permission
for all the various offers that you might be interested in offering through
Warrior Plus. If you end up having an account where it appears
that your integrity is in question, or you introduce a lot of bad business to
your business. It will reflect on the long term effect of
your business, and there will be vendors that will choose
not to do business with you. Be responsible and get information before
you start in this business. That’s it! Those are your affiliate networks you can
use. I hope you enjoyed this video and I hope to
see you in the next one. If you already haven’t,
subscribe to our channel below by clickking that subscribe button to get notified when
we have new videos. Take care!

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