Affiliate Marketing: The Main Reason You Are Not Making Sales

Hi guys welcome to my channel. You most
likely clicked on this video because you’re asking yourself this one question,
“why am I not making any commission sales with affiliate marketing?”. You might be
promoting your products on different platforms, sharing your links and lead
generation funnels here and there, but no one is biting and now you feel like
you’re wasting your time and money. Essentially if you’re not making any
commission’s then you must be doing something wrong..
right? Well today we’re going to uncover this “hidden secret” as to why you’re not
getting any sales. To get into it,
the real simple answer as to why you’re not succeeding is because you are not
giving before you take. Now we are all guilty of this especially in the
beginning, where our main focus every day is to log in to our affiliate platform
account, like Builderall or Clickbank or whatever you may be promoting, and
check if we made any leads or gain any sales; and while there’s
nothing wrong with doing this. You checking if you’re making sales is NOT
going to make you any sales, so it’s time to break the habit. The only thing that is
honestly going to make you commissions it’s by giving to people before you try
to take their money or make the actual sale. So now the question becomes, how do
you give? Well the only way to do this effectively is to simply provide
value. It’s one of, if not the TOP rule in affiliate marketing because I promise
you if you’re not giving this you’re not gonna get any sales. At this moment your
mindset is focused on promoting your affiliate link and counting clicks on
that link. Then you move on to obsessing on why you’ve received 50 links but no
sales and why your offer is not converting. So don’t just think about, you
know, optimizing your funnel or ads or maybe that you’ve joined the wrong
Facebook groups to sell too because you’ll just begin to overwhelm yourself. Instead of obsessing on these elements on a daily basis, just shift your mind to
a “business content creator” and start sharing value to your audience. THIS is
what you should focus on every day. You must make sure that whatever content you
are putting out whatever information you’re sharing about your affiliate
product that it can clearly show and offer value to the audience you are
trying to market to. Your content must show why your product is great, how it
can help solve their problem and make their lives easier by purchasing or
signing up for it. See what a lot of people will do is put together a quick lead
generation page to a free ebook or free training to try to
reel some people in. But more often than not, it’s rushed and it comes out pretty
shitty so even though you got an email out of it the big payout won’t come. Why?
Because the content from the e-book or the webinar provide a no true real value
for them. It all becomes psychological at this point. If you put out a rushed
product or lead magnet, your audience one way or another will pick up on the lack
of quality and they will begin thinking, “hmm,
this person isn’t really putting a lot of time and effort into this, it feels a
bit half-assed I’m not seeing any true value, so I’m just gonna ignore anything
else they might send my way because it doesn’t feel serious or helpful enough.”.
Now if you actually take the time to consider your niche markets needs, their
pain points, and how you can help solve their problem through the affiliate
product you’re trying to promote and be able to relay that information through
great content then you will begin to see a shift and not only your marketing
strategies but more importantly sales because if they’re receiving that value
it triggers something positive within them and fulfills an instant need; they
might think to themselves “this is really good, stuff I wonder what else they have
to say.” So now you’re getting them to think of you as an authority and someone
who knows their stuff, they’re gonna be more prone to actually listening to you
when you begin to talk about a product and take more actions because you’ve
begun to gain their trust and it’s all because you did this one thing — you
provided value. It’s about giving before you take. As an affiliate you’re just
recommending products to people but no one is going to listen or trust you if
you don’t provide the initial value. So now that you know you have to provide
value your are probably thinking “how do I provide this value? what do I have to do?”,
well I will tell you. One of my favorite ways and the best ways of providing
value is to take advantage of free traffic through content marketing
especially since the costs of paid advertising keeps rising. So what do I
mean by that? Pick a platform and create content on it,
like YouTube. Like the video you are watching now. I’m personally beginning to
enjoy video a lot more now that I’m doing it more often.
At first it was nerve-wracking, my sound quality was horrible, lighting was bad as
well, I’m still working on that but little by little I’ve been trying to step up my game to be able to connect with my viewers more and I feel
that with video I can engage better and have more of a natural voice.
So I highly recommend you put yourself out there and create your first video
today if you haven’t done so already and the more you put it into practice
the more comfortable you get with it. Now if you’re not looking to grow a huge
following on YouTube or Instagram or Facebook you can still use your videos
and send them via email. Consider this there are 5.59 billion
active email users as of 2019, that means they’re 5.59 billion people who are
constantly checking their emails and reading content – this offers a lot of
potential to tap into. So you can grow your email list organically and then
create an automated email sequence to send out your emails every other day or every few days or every other week. Here you can have more of a private one
of one voice with your audience making them feel a bit more exclusive. Here you
can send your videos and content, and provide non-stop value. It can be value,
value, value, offer. That way you continue gaining their trust but still pitching
your products to make sales. Once again value, value, value, offer. Other
than YouTube and email, you can also create and offer valuable content on
Facebook and Instagram, IGTV. One thing about Instagram
though is that people tend to have a shorter attention span on that platform.
It’s more for visual appeal where you just “like” and keep scrolling, “like” and
keeps growing, so you’re really have to create eye-catching videos and content
to get people to stop stick around and engage. This could be a great second
platform to repost on but you might be more effective on Facebook than IG.
There’s also writing your own blogs on your website and aiming to rank for
keywords on Google and Bing. This is a great way to grow organically and have a
big reach. There are sites like Quora which is a question and answer style
website. Many people will go into it and ask a question about a topic and other
users will click on the question and provide an answer that is meant to help
that person solve their problem, once again it’s about offering value. So what
you can do here it’s do a search for your niche, look up as many questions as
you can and answer them and start offering value and your knowledge. You
can send them to your YouTube video or a lead generation page to be able to
collect their email as well and get them as a lead and then enter them in the in
your cycle of being able to provide them even further value and be able to sell
to them as well, so like your email sequence. So keep that in mind
every day — offering value should be your top goal not just looking up how many
clicks your links have gotten or how many leads you’ve brought in. Focus on
value! So all of this is a beauty of content marketing, it allows you to
provide value and gain free traffic – these two elements need to go together
because at the end of the day traffic really doesn’t matter if you’re not
providing anything worthy or useful. So by using free traffic to deliver your
content to you can also test your process without burning money and
stressing about gaining leads so remember the more valuable content you
provide the more free traffic you will gain, which in turn will convert into
leads and sales for you. So if you’re not making sales at with affiliate marketing
focus on content marketing. If you do this I promise you, you will begin to see
a change and if you find yourself doing this and still not getting any sales
take the time to evaluate your content. This is when you can do that. That means
you’re probably not providing as much value as you may think you are, you might
think to yourself, you know or you should think to yourself, “what can I do to help
more?”, that’s your main goal offering value. I know I’ve said it a million
times but it’s to offer value and when you go and do recommend your
product after offering all that value that is your cherry on top and that’s
really how you’re gonna make all of your money. Even if you’re using paid traffic
the core of success is still the same – providing value. All right guys I hope
you found this information useful and I know that if you do this you’re going to
see a change in your leads and sales. And if you’re having difficulty finding an
affiliate product to promote or even if you’re looking for a new one, I always
like to recommend Builderall which is a subscription-based product, it falls
within the digital marketing niche, which can help a lot of businesses solve their
problems so it would be something great to promote and be able to get people’s
attention with and best yet the offer two- tear commission payout system. So I’ve
added a link below for you to click and learn more about and you can always
follow me here on YouTube as I will be providing some insight on how to be
successful Builderall as well. Remember please click the thumbs up on this video
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