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Affiliate Marketing Tutorial for 2017

Affiliate Marketing Tutorial for 2017

hi there my name is Ileane Smith and
today I’m going to be your tour guide as we talk about affiliate marketing in
2017 and how you can make money online so stay right there
that’s what’s coming up so I’m so glad you’re able to watch this in the replay
I’m really excited about this topic because I know that a lot of you guys
are wondering how can you use affiliate marketing how can you start to earn an
income online with affiliate marketing and affiliate marketing basically is oh
hello my moderators are here my Hashtagologist Tish is here and so is Larry
snow and so I really appreciate you guys for being the first ones here that’s so
kind of you I yes say hi to each other you know it’s
weird because YouTube as you know I’m on my phone right so I’m trying to get the
link for this video because I don’t want what’s happened to me the past few weeks
when I went live on my phone I was not able to capture your your comments from
the chat and a super chat so I’m trying to make that I’m actually sitting at my
computer but I wanted to go on the phone because I really didn’t want to get into
a lot of screen sharing with this particular topic I think that is
something that you probably really want to talk more about then see a lot of
screen sharing so let’s talk about affiliate marketing and some of the
options that we have out there first let me say how you make money with affiliate
marketing and why it’s a great way for folks who are just starting off so
you’re just starting off with content creation whether you’re a blogger you’re
a youtuber you start a podcast and you don’t have any of your own products to
sell that’s when I recommend affiliate marketing if you have your own products
then you probably need to think about the best way to sell and promote those
items first but if that’s not working for you or if you don’t have your own
products you want to start with affiliate marketing and so you find an
affiliate program out there and affiliate program where oh I saw
somebody gave me a thumbs up so hopefully everybody will give me a like
on this one so an affiliate program is where you establish an a relationship
with an affiliate a company that has an affiliate program they have some type of
products or software or maybe even it’s a service that they’re selling and
because your audience is their customer base you know they they can’t reach
everybody on their own and you have built up a rapport the know like and
trust factor with your audience and so they sort of recruit you or maybe you go
looking for them and you find that product or that service that is a good
fit affiliate marketing has never produced equitable dollar results for me
given the time it takes to deploy and and just saying okay great so barb I do
believe you have your own products – right so that was barbTUSA
so once you have established a need for your audience your audience needs maybe
they need a tool for example tubebuddy I’m an affiliate for two buddy and I
gotta say it’s one of my favorite affiliate programs – buddy’s a tool that
you can use to improve your YouTube channel in terms of the SEO and keeping
track of all of your statistics and your growth on one YouTube okay and a lot of
other YouTube gurus also are affiliates for – buddy and I know that a lot of
folks in my audience want to improve their performance here on YouTube I’ve
used the tool I really like the tool I’ve got results with the tool so I am
more than willing to promote it as an affiliate it’s something that I would
never do I would never go out and build a tool for YouTube because I don’t have
software development skills however I have an audience of people and tsch
thank you so much for sharing on your Facebook Timeline I have an audience of
folks that have YouTube channels because I’ve done so many tutorials here about
how to you know get more views on YouTube how to get better thumbnails on
YouTube and all that so as a result a lot of folks that are subscribed to my
channel and who will see my videos they know that I’m a – buddy affiliate and
they may or may not be sure about – buddy
but when they hear me give to buddy and endorsement then they figure hey if it’s
working for Eileen Eileen doesn’t just promote any old thing because there have
been some youtube tools that y’all never even heard me mention and I
I either obtained them because you know they wanted me to promote so they sent
me the tool and I’m like now I’m not promoting this thing so that’s the
affiliate relationship that you have with the affiliate program so one of the
things that you can do is develop certain strategies to help you with
getting more sales for that product and Oliver says he loves my laugh and I know
I’m not pronouncing your name right but I’ll try it
Olivier maybe that’s how you say it thank you dear you know there’s
different software there’s different strategies that you can use I’ll use
another example okay Olivier I said it right okay I’ll use another example guys
besides to buddy Amazon okay and you know Amazon Jeff
Bezos was just the richest person in the world for about I don’t know six or
seven hours so I’m sure that all of you have been customers of Amazon at some
point or you’ve at least gone to the website searching for things and you
know Amazon has all kinds of ways of reaching out to you to bring you back to
the site like remarketing retargeting and all of that but they also have what
they call an associate’s program I think they are starting to call it affiliates
program because when you log in you actually log into affiliates dot Amazon
but they used to call it associates I don’t know if that’s an old-school
terminology but as we know they sell everything literally from soup to nuts
and especially with the acquisition of Whole Foods they will be selling you
know but I talked about a lot of the gear like for example right now I have
the rode smartlav+ microphone maverick hi how are you and that’s one of the
product that I endorse but it’s through Amazon
and there’s been a lot of folks that have used my affiliate links to purchase
the rode smartlav+ mic and by the way that’s eileen / smart laughs
or something like that i’ll have the link in the description ok so you know
you can oh hi it’s been a while I simply love your channel I do use – buddy yay
John how you doing thank you so much for coming by and telling me that so you’re
making me look like a winner here so let’s move on to the next piece about
affiliate marketing and one of the reasons why affiliate another reason why
affiliate marketing is so popular is as an affiliate you kind of sort of can be
a little lazy you know you didn’t build the product
right the company that you have the you know the affiliate program or the
affiliate website that you have that relationship with they’re the ones who
either manufactured or produce or distribute that product or like I said
earlier could be a service based business like a lot of times there are
affiliate programs for insurance companies and things like that even
though I don’t do that because that’s not my audience I don’t sell car
insurance or life insurance or anything like that but I do understand from my
research that I’ve done about affiliate marketing that those products those
programs those affiliate programs are very lucrative you know cuz hey
everybody knows insurance ain’t cheap so what happens is you get a commission
or you get a split from the affiliate program that you’re in now a lot of
times it depends upon the level of sales that you have for example with Amazon
and I don’t know number details but let me just give you a general
generalization say for example during the course of the month someone came to
my website or they saw it on something that I shared on social media and they
click through and then they purchase the product or they purchase something else
because Amazon gives you a 24 hour window where if they whatever they
purchase in that 24 hours after you sent them to the Amazon website then you get
a commission from that so let’s say for the whole course of the whole month
let’s say only so there were only two transactions right then I probably would
get the smallest Commission level which is about 4 percent okay you’d like the
video okay I see now there’s three people that I’d like to thank you so
you’d get you start off with four percent and there’s a threshold where
that will increase so let’s say I had 10 people come and they or unless maybe
maybe it was a little higher maybe it’s 12 people okay then you would get a 6%
Commission and like I said don’t hold me to these numbers I’m just talking
concepts here right so you get a six percent commission they have the all the
software and all that to figure this out with their you know affiliate program
you don’t have to do any of the math you log in to your dashboard and they show
you they also have something called bounties bouncies is really interested I
like what I all of a sudden I see I’ll see a bounty because let’s say for
example you guys are probably all familiar with Amazon Prime right so
let’s say you click on one of my links and you sign up for Amazon Prime
then that’s a bounty and it would not work on a commission basis let’s say it
might be a flat fee sometimes they do promotions so let’s say it might be a
flat flat fee of five dollars so the person signed up for a trial of Amazon
Prime so they actually didn’t even spend any
money but Amazon knows the value of that potential customer and so they’re
willing to give their affiliates a flat fee now if you have a high volume of
traffic and you’re getting and sending a lot of folks over to Amazon and this is
how most affiliate programs work you can negotiate a bigger Commission yeah I’m
gonna say that again if you have the right volume of traffic or if you’re
sending the right volume of traffic to the Amazon site because Amazon will tell
you how many clicks let’s say you had 300 clicks but you only shipped 30 items
well that’s not actually a lot then that would be like a 10% conversion they tell
you all of that in your dashboard and so Amazon is a good one to look at simply
because they have been at this for so many years and they kind of have that
structured down pat however there’s a lot of folks that don’t like Amazon it’s
very easy to get banned and kicked out of the program if you don’t know some of
the rules like for example you’re not supposed to use email marketing to send
out your Amazon links a lot of people don’t know that and Amazon of course
they’re not gonna catch you every you know every time somebody sends out an
email to their list and they click on a link for a book or something like
they’re not going to catch you every time you know and people go on I think
it’s a problem because like I’ve been doing that for years and didn’t all of a
sudden you get dinged you know Amazon also doesn’t like you to have a lot of
competing ads you know like a lot of Adsense which is Google Adsense
I’m gonna talk about that one too today though you know that kind of thing so a
lot of people are just unaware that these things can get them banned and
then also Amazon is not available in every state in the US and or every
country so there’s all kinds of rules if you’re not doing the Amazon affiliate
program and you want to make money online and you haven’t started doing
that that’s a great way to dip your toe in the water is with the Amazon
affiliate program now I’ll give you another example and in this particular
example it’s actually one of the most well thought out
affiliate marketing programs and that is the one from my friends over at
leadpages now if you guys aren’t familiar with leadpages leadpages is a a
company that sells landing page software so if you want to have a landing page
where you can collect leads or you can host events and everybody can go to that
landing page and you need software to create a really snazzy looking highly
converting landing page then leadpages is where you want to go now of course
there’s all kinds of leadpages of alternatives out there and all that but
one of the things that I really love about the leadpages affiliate program is
that they have monthly training for their affiliates you know if they got
the private Facebook group and you’re not going to get that with Amazon right
there as far as I know there’s no Facebook group that you could go in and
if folks from Amazon will be in there answering your questions you’re lucky if
you get a response to an email there you know sometimes but I do know a few times
that some of my friends have contacted Amazon and they were able to get through
but it’s not like they’re tick they’re actually part of
the community of with their affiliates whereas with leadpages there’s a a
Facebook group they have webinars where you can come and they will not get off
the webinar until every single question of their affiliates is answered ok so
that’s one of the things so they give you all kinds of training materials to
make sure that you understand how leadpages works and to also make sure
that you know you’re equipped with the tools you need to promote leadpages you
know they have all kinds of banners for you every different size imaginable
leadpages also has a couple of specific areas products that they sell it’s not
just the landing pages they also purchased a company called drip which is
an email service provider sort of a competitor for Aweber and MailChimp and
all of that and so you can also use the drip and be an affiliate for drip as
well and there’s another option that you can do with leadpages oh they have
webinars for their potential customers they have that I think the last I heard
Tim page who does the weekly webinars most of the time was gone for the
Guinness Book of World Records for hosting the most webinars so he’s pretty
amazing when it comes to webinars and he’s got that system down pat I love Tim
I met him at yeah Tisch you you will would thought on the leadpages webinar
this week it was good right yeah and I’m like I said I’m not sure if Tim’s still
doing him because I know he had a his he and his wife had a baby recently and I
know they said he wasn’t going to be doing it for a little while but I think
he’s back and then cuz I think the baby’s probably like six or seven months
old now so oh you really liked him a lot
yeah Tim I met him in person he came to Philadelphia to speak at the Aweber
conference and this was before they purchase drip actually a weber hasn’t
had the conference in two years he explained well yeah he’s a pro he knows
it like the back of his hand he probably could do that webinar in his sleep you
know of course they change it because of the fact that they keep adding more and
more products and see this is when you’re looking for an affiliate program
to join you want to look for a program where the folks especially if it’s a
software as a service which is what leadpages is where they are taking a lot
of care with their product to buddy is the same way they take a lot of care you
know they take care of their developers they have that community to Buddy does
they have a forum there for folks to come in they reach out I just got an
email from Phil who is the co-founder of two buddy or might be just a founder I
don’t know about the Koch because I can’t think of who the other person
would be he emailed me a couple weeks ago and asking me some questions and we
kind of went back and forth so it’s like really hands-on with those top
affiliates you know so I was kind of honored I have been looking at doing
something with Amazon get started John okay I do have to say and I didn’t
mention it earlier so let me say you do need a web site in order for you to have
an Amazon because you actually have to apply for to be an affiliate with Amazon
and you need a website now if you don’t have a website don’t don’t get a set
don’t don’t leave yet stay stay I’m going to help you you can
set up a free blog on blogger or WordPress com well no I take that back
you can’t use WordPress calm because they don’t like they don’t like
affiliate marketing over there but you can set up I’ll just stick with blogger
because I don’t even know what the rules are over there on medium but blogger is
free so you can set up a blog over there and I know anybody who’s watching this
on youtube you know you all you have to do is just go over to the blogger link
and you know you already have you already signed into your Google account
if you’re signed in here on YouTube and you know start up a site and John I
think John said he has one so but I just wanted to remind you guys they want to
know that you have some kind of traffic that you have some kind of audience and
good good that’s great John he says he does so you know it it’s not like
they’re gonna stalk you for a week and making sure you’re getting comments on
your blog or anything like that they just want to see that you have a domain
registered and that it’s alive domain not like you know it doesn’t go to some
kind of a page that says this domain is coming soon or something like that so
they do want to see that so I give Amazon credit for that they don’t just
let anybody who’s got an email address become an affiliate you need to have a
website and you know that only makes sense guys it’s totally fair considering
that they want you to prove that you have an audience you know and really
social media is fine and all of that and you could probably use Facebook to do a
lot of affiliate marketing for your Amazon products
could you put some info up about it sure yes I’m in my youtube Church thank you
Tish hashtag I mean YouTube church you know and I think that Amazon they know
that a lot of youtubers as well are you know promoting their products but
there’s also like a little disclaimer if you
in a description of any of my videos you’ll see that you got a you’re
supposed to let people know that those links are affiliate links and I know a
lot of folks don’t do it and you know Amazon doesn’t really think about
enforcing that until you get a lot of sales and then that’s when they want to
look and see do you disclose to people that you those links are affiliate links
and so there is a little disclosure when you log into your affiliate dashboard
you’ll see there’s an area where you can grab that disclosure policy and it’s
just like three or four sentences says I am an alum as an affiliate and if you
click any links I will earn a small commission yada yada yada
something like that two sentences that nobody will ever read ba sorry I just
kicked the tripod I thought I had everything in nice frame – let me put
that back so guys I haven’t seen anybody ask any questions except John does
anybody have any questions so far about affiliate marketing and affiliate
programs I have some words to tell you you ready you ready for you the next i’li frame is right thank you I got a
new hashtag yo Aileen frame is right okay so now let’s say you have that blog
you have that YouTube channel you have that podcast you’re all signed up with
Amazon you already got your leadpages and I just usually pages cuz that’s what
I like but maybe it’s something else I just looked and saw who sent me
Commission checks less last week or last month maybe uh maybe it was last week
anyway – buddy Amazon which I guess free products all the time on Amazon and
leadpages so that’s why I’m using those as an examples isn’t that smart of me
okay so you have this content hub right we talked about content hub
Amazon and YouTube oh yes I got a little check from YouTube too so that is a
forum even though I said I wasn’t going to get really into the Adsense program
but in a way that’s amp adsense is unique because and it’s it’s more like
an ad network it’s not really an affiliate and the reason why is because
it’s all random you don’t even know who those advertisers are that are how do I
get started with which one with Adsense John first tell me what country are you
in good question yeah I got a check from YouTube too
yay it took two months to get it cuz with YouTube has a payout with Adsense
you have to reach reach the threshold of 100 dollars before you get a payout so
it took me two months to reach the 100 dollar limit well I actually was over
$100 but I think when the prior month I was just short of like maybe by 5 bucks
or something like that I was like wow so that’s how that works
so how do you I’m waiting for more questions from John to but I’m ready to
move on to the next section that I wanted to talk about now creating your
content took me 8 months for mine working prop but Larry you know what I’m
so sorry I didn’t realize I’m didn’t think in yes congratulations that’s
probably your first time getting and a payment from Adsense that is fantastic
it just goes to show what hard work and dedication you know and that’s not even
about how much money it’s the fact that once you get that first payment it kicks
in don’t ask me to explain it it’s just like you get the ball rolling ok and
then it starts kicking in and you just start seeing that it becomes
more frequently you know it might not the first I’m down from a year and a
half for $100 down to eight months okay hey Jan how you doing sorry this is my
first time I have no problem John no problem but just make sure you know come
back and answer the question when you said how do I get started John I just
want to make sure I understand how you get started with what with Amazon with I
had since I really don’t want to talk about because ad says this can be a
slippery slope sometime okay so on Amazon okay you got to have the website
John he wants to know how to get started on Amazon great so you got you need to
have that website so if you don’t have a blog you said you have a blog already
good or you have a website then you just go over to you can google Amazon
Associates Program or Amazon affiliate program on Google and you’ll see that
link there and then it’ll guide you through the process I’ll fill out the
application but I can tell you right now what they’re going to ask you on the
application there one there want to know what your website is I don’t know if
they still ask you how many how many visits do you get per month they might
still ask that but they want to know what your topic is they want to know
like say for example you may do gaming so you’re going to say you know you talk
about gaming consoles you talk about I don’t know what else to say about gaming
gaming manuals cuz books that’s a no matter what topic you cover in this
whole wide world that’s why Amazon is so perfect for everybody there’s a book for
everything and if there is no book you write a book and put it up on Amazon
photography oh okay and housepainter oh great wait that’s that’s excellent
so that means you’ve got all the photography equipment and gear and you
know that you can be you know just promote through your
content and so that’s the next thing I wanted to Oh Larry’s awesome so it’s
HTTP affiliate – program dot yes Larry that’s why you moderator man
you alright thank you honey okay so what are you going to write or
talk or do videos about what are your topics because you don’t want to just
put up a blog post that says I’m an Amazon affiliate please come and click
my link before you buy anything on Amazon that’s not gonna work you know
these products or services or software or whatever you want to have experience
with them so that you can speak from experience so you’re gonna do say some
kind of review or you’re gonna at least talk about it so what I’ve been doing is
using a site called answer the public and now I did a tutorial about this most
of you guys probably didn’t see and I’ll probably will post it again I did share
with my patrons over on patreon but I also uploaded it on my Facebook page a
while ago and I heard Pat Flynn talking about it the other day and I was
thinking and everybody was just like freaking out because Pat Flynn talked
about it in his webinar Larry thank you though he just posted the link answer to
public dot-com and it was so amazing to me cuz I looked at the date when I did
the video about it and that was a year ago and I’m thinking everybody was just
flipping out in Pat Flynn’s webinar last week and he did a podcasting webinar I
love Pat Flynn and if he has an affiliate program I want to join it
because honestly I don’t think there anybody else to learn podcasting from a
better person to learn podcasting from then Pat Flynn but any of it that’s
neither here nor there answer the public is what I want to talk
about because this is a site you can go to look for topics that you want to
cover and also the keywords that you want to use Oh cliff has outstanding
programs – he’s kind of pricey cliff is so I you know I love cliff too you know
I met both of them at social media marketing or actually I’ve known cliff
long or cliff has known me know who I am like Pat was kind of like I think I know
her I mean I could tell he had that look on his face like I think I know who this
is you got the link thanks Larry all John
I’m so glad you’re here when Larry’s here and Tisha’s here and
barb is here and I’m there’s somebody else here – who hasn’t said anything yet
because you know I love the community and seeing you guys all you know
conjugate together so make sure you click on those dots and follow each
other’s YouTube channel now that we know that you’re into photography and
painting John then you know what I gotta be honest with you and I do have my
glasses on just based on you’re at your avatar John I thought you were a gamer
so I have to look at it again on desktop but I just want to let you know that you
may not want people thinking that you’re a gamer maybe it’s just my eyesight and
what I’m saying it reminds me I still need to try to get that link for this
live video and it still does not say that I’m live wait yeah okay I found it
sure okay because I want to get these comments this time I’m gonna get my that
link for that chat I’m glad y’all said something cuz then that reminded me I
need to get over here and grab that link okay so answer the public I’ll give you
an example of what I’m talking about I like to even though I’m not screen
sharing right now oh I see your avatar a little bit better
now that I’m looking at it okay I know what it is because you have that tint
that orange tint and I actually thought that was like a fire because I’ve seen a
lot of gamers use that look like they’re on fire you just need to change the tint
that’s all let make it your regular conjugate become temporary United in
order to exchange genetic material just say thank you okay yeah just put the
regular image up um you do what you want to do that’s just my opinion and I
figured since you were here you might want to hear that from me because I I
got confused so I used answer the public today what did I do you go over answer
to public you type in your keyword into the box and I always changed the country
because it gives you a little pulldown menu and the only thing going to pull
down menu is different countries so I’m gonna assume everybody that’s in the
room now would want to use us okay or not less Olivier is still here
then he would want to use France if he’s in France or Canada I’m not sure anyway
let’s just say us okay can I can I get that so when I typed in affiliate
marketing here are some of the results that I got John’s in Vermont Vermont
okay good and you owe Johnson he did just change
this picture yet another picture a minute ago so I actually have another
tool that I use in combination with answer the public that’s called keywords
everywhere and this is the secret sauce I’m going to have to do it tutorial and
I show you how to use keywords everywhere but really quickly and I’m
not trying to change my frame because everything is all set up really cool
right now so I can’t show y’all what this site
looks like but the bottom line is at the there is different visualizations that
they give you they give you the questions oh yeah that’s right Larry is
near you John okay answer the public calm and and actually Larry posted it
okay so they will give you the questions so it’s like the hub-and-spoke kind of
thing so like a bicycle in the center of the bicycle is the word affiliate market
even though it doesn’t look like a bicycle this is what it reminds me of
and then it uses words like how why when where what who which and it tells you
what people are searching for when you you got a question okay hang on polo
King you can type your question because I actually have it up on my desktop too
so I’ll come back to it but type it and I’ll come back to it okay so for example
why affiliate marketing works that’s what happens when you combine the word Y
with the term affiliate marketing and I did explain why affiliate marketing
works and then what what is affiliate marketing example what is an affiliate
marketing program all of that right then there’s also a section for prepositions
so its affiliate marketing like or affiliate marketing for without with
versus and it gives you examples so you would use these as your topics those
suggestions are also great for YouTube tags yeah if they are you can use them
for tags but you can also use them as your titles of your blog posts okay so
after you do the prepositions then it also gives you an alphabetical listing
and tisha saying very true Larry so true that Ally’s so here’s the thing about
the keywords everywhere okay if someone does not have a youtube account and they
watch your videos does that count as a view when they watch your videos yes it
still counts as a view Yankee outdoor adventurer you’re in the house and I’m
glad you came because you’re a perfect person for using this tool call answer
the public but it works for YouTube but I would still use to buddy over this
because this is the wait a minute kick the tripod again this is the part where
my other tool call keywords everywhere comes in and I’m gonna take a
sip of water a lot of these keywords that come up and answer the public are
not ones that people actually purchase on Adsense okay so they may not be
profitable keywords okay now I know you’re not gonna use at I should say
Adwords you’re not using AdWords or anything like that but this tool
keywords everywhere gives you a little extra because it tells you how much
money people are spending big companies that have big budgets invested in
AdWords one on the Google search page right they’re spending for example this
is why you heard me say earlier let me look at one of the ones that’s really
high affiliate marketing strategies people are paying between five dollars
and thirty cents just to bid one AdWords for that keyword another one that was
kind of high affiliate marketing programs I know you guys heard me
mention that term these three times and that just made for people are paying
between $4 and 50 for cents and 71 cents for that term
affiliate marketing programs so answer the public gives you all the things that
people searching for and then keywords everywhere tells you the top
money-making words that’s what we’re talking about making money right we’re
only talking about making money I’m not saying for you to go out and buy AdWords
ads but these are the ones that you really want to make sure you create
content with these words in their affiliate marketing 2017 four dollars
and 42 cents and 39 cent guess what the title of this video is any guesses no
guesses affiliate marketing 2017 can I get a hashtag can I get a hashtag it is
important to say the words in the video that you put in tags it’s helpful it’s
not always important because sometimes it’s just sometimes you’ll find these
words are very awkward and it just doesn’t flow with the normal
conversation and I don’t know why there you go my boy Brian is here yes Brian
from ring lawncare woop woop I fire boo yes so you got a no space in
between affiliate marketing ring-a-ding yeah thank you thank you so much for
being here Brian so yes Yankees that’s a important
question sometimes oh and Andy’s here – oh my gosh hi Ellie little hashtag is
silly little hashtag me so be creative yes
okay so I’ll give you a couple of more without telling you how guys how much
money they’re being offered for I don’t I don’t agree answer the public shares
what people are searching but rather ideas for phrases to use Oh silly little
hashtag okay man two different things that I just read
out there guys now he says I don’t agree answer the public shares where people
are searching for okay well you would you know what you could do Larry
whenever you get a chance I’m not trying to encourage you to leave this room
right now but you could actually go and see what it says in a description of
answer to public but okay affiliate marketing 2017 that’s the hash tag yes
okay so a couple other ones that were profitable for affiliate marketing are
affiliate marketing strategies this is an affiliate marketing strategy how meta
is that affiliate marketing website affiliate marketing online and when I
saw that I was like oh yeah I got to use that because there are affiliate
marketing programs that are offline but what we’re talking about today is
online affiliate marketing or affiliate marketing one line right there’s a lot
of affiliate marketing programs that take place offline but we’re not talking
about Ponzi schemes and you’re Andrew hatchets
tsch can you spank him no that’s right y’all in different states Oh in Chicago
and down south for Tennessee too far okay so let me tell you what else I
looked up because you know I know what we were going to talk about right I knew
my favorite I told you guys my favorite programs are to buddy and leadpages so I
gotta be honest when I looked up to buddy to buddy not so much people
weren’t really paying for AdWords campaigns for two buddy
but they were still able to identify two buddy forums to buddy for Chrome I think
it was two buddy not working – buddy free trial
– bunny Safari tags reddit affiliate – buddy coupon co but there was no money
in it so it’s okay because the point is that folks will sign up for that free
and that’s probably why there’s no money people aren’t really spending money with
AdWords for – buddy because – buddy’s really a free extension so you know what
I mean a lot of people are signing up for the free thing and they never
upgrade so I don’t think people want to take chances on that so they’re not
spending money and AdWords but you’re still getting all these titles to see
what people are searching for so last but not least let’s just look at what I
found for leadpages because actually leadpages
came through with more money than affiliate marketing you know I’m I’m
trying to teach by doing so you guys saw me do some of these things and talk
about some of these things and you guys know I don’t even use MailChimp well you
may not know but I’ll tell you I have never used MailChimp
I always thought that you know it’s free but why would I want to use a free email
service provider that’s just my thinking I just feel like it’s free is
something’s wrong with it oh and I heard horror stories from people getting their
mail chimp shut down because they were using affiliate marketing and MailChimp
they seem to be a little foggy sometimes they allow it sometimes they
don’t doesn’t matter the number one most lucrative keyword out there is leadpages
MailChimp and that’s eight dollars and 71 cents according to keywords
everywhere I’m not making this up there’s another one leadpages
alternatives guys hurt me mention that as well so see you can do it naturally
does a blog work better than a website it doesn’t matter
as far as its affiliate marketing it doesn’t matter website or blog just that
you have to have content on there so how much traffic do you need on your website
for Amazon to work for you and how to get more driven views for it
I don’t know this specific traffic level but I would think that you would need at
least like 50 visits a day to get started and I don’t know how but that
translates into per month you know let’s say a thousand visits per month let’s
just say I’m not sure and that’s just my guesstimate I don’t know what the
parameters that that Amazon applies when you when you fill out your application I
don’t know what they consider as a good volume because it’s not always about the
numbers it’s about the quality of the traffic you know especially if since
you’re into photography that means you sell big-ticket items or when I say you
sell you’re gonna talk about the cameras that you use right so if you’re into
photography I’m going to assume that you have at least one high-end camera or
even if you don’t you have one that you want that you’ve been eyeing that you
know the specs for that you can talk about the specs and you can say you know
if you use my link maybe one day I’ll have enough money to get this camera
okay so your that’s big-ticket items whereas earlier I was talking about the
books the books are smaller ticket items you know Kindle books there’s a bunch of
Kindle books out there they’re only $0.99 not to mention that they have the
free ones as well right so they might not be as lucrative but I’m sure when it
comes to photography there are some books not Kindle books but books they
have a big price tag so it may be okay with them that you have a small amount
of traffic alright and you know all the techniques for driving traffic to your
website your blog or what ever property you have that’s just all
SEO stuff they’ll really teach I gotta be honest with you I hate SEO but social
media can also help you get traffic okay so I’ll think I’m gonna find one more on
the lead pages there’s another tool that I actually never used before call
Unbounce but I meant that guy Ali from Unbounce they also do leap landing pages
and so another one of the high paying keywords for that is leadpages versus
Unbounce so I just took you through that exercise guys to show you that this is a
way that you can find topics to write about or if you’re doing videos to do
videos about or if you’re doing a podcast to do your podcast about or even
if it’s not the main title of your content these are the things that you
weave into the content now let’s talk about since our friend Yankees outdoors
is here he does a lot of hiking I’m sure he’s got all kinds of tools right he’s
got some probably some night lights or something he’s probably got some bug
spray and you know not to mention all the other gear everything he’s wearing
while he’s doing his hiking right each one of those items you could put right
through the answer the public find out the ones that could you know be more
lucrative especially you can use brand names right so it’s not just the pocket
knife it’s the Swiss Army knife pocket knife
you follow me Yankees you got me I mean you just got a new sub okay great you
guys you know I love when you guys connect with each other so like I owe
your hats I love the hats at Yankees wears and there was another thing that
you had on that it wasn’t the boots I didn’t get a chance to see the booth was
a vest you wearing in one of the videos I think I
commented on it and I will go after that brand name you know and I would show the
vest one of the reasons why when I’m out here
camping subit okay and Jan asked us up in to everybody and please sub to Janice
because one day we’re going to get her on video and Jan even if you don’t make
videos where you on camera you can do voiceover on your videos okay and we’re
gonna talk about that and you and I and probably need to sit down and talk about
that whenever you’re ready you just email me all right you let me know when
you’re ready and so you this is that’s how you would
do that Yankees you know and that’s for any everybody even with the photography
for John you want to talk about not just the gear equipment that you’re using but
when you go out on a photo shoot you want to have a certain bag right the bag
that you put all your gear in or voiceovers are great I have a voice for
radio a face for radio Andrew okay Yankee saying great ideas that’s right
Andrew here’s something else Andrew your videos are really good so I think you
guys are one of the path to at least thinking about you know start off with
apply for Amazon you know and if you find ok Yankees is a perfect example I’m
going to use yours example for this Yankees because he’s doing the outdoor
thing right hiking gear right he could go to one of those companies let’s just
say there’s this pair of pants that he wants some kind of a cargo pants that he
can put his knives and all that stuff in there right and he wants them but
they’re two hundred dollars and he’s not going to spend $200 for these pants
right he could go to them and say look I I have this channel on YouTube if you
don’t think you have enough subscribers don’t even mention that tell them to
come and watch your videos because I know if I’m sitting there I’m mesmerized
by them they would be too because this is their stuff right and just tell them
come over I have a youtube channel come on and I was just wondering if I could
have some of your pants to show in my youtube videos and see this is how you
start to build the relationships you know we talked about these affiliate
programs but remember it’s about relationships too and mesmerise hashtag
eileen mesmerized Thank You Tish yeah and so built relationships with
these you know you know some of these companies maybe have already have an
affiliate team set up somebody who deals with affiliates all the time and then
some of these other companies may be small you know it’s like their cousin
deals with the affiliate Martin and they don’t know he’s waiting for you to tell
them how much is $50 a video okay Oh social Bluebook social Bluebook is
another thing you can use connect your YouTube account your Instagram your
Twitter your Facebook page and I don’t know if it works but LinkedIn or not
alaria if you’re still here I would love if you could just post that link just
just social Bluebook calm and they will show you just give you an idea of how
much a post on any of your social platforms or on your blog or website is
worth they have some kind of an algorithm that they use and I’ll be sure
to put that link in the description for those of you watching and replay and you
know I’ve taken screenshots I’ll post a screenshot over on my Facebook page
today of my latest social Bluebook I’m gonna write myself a note because I’m
saying it now so you just go to the basic blog tips Facebook page
and look for social Bluebook Thank You Larry you are still there okay great and
you want to connect your Twitter to start and then you can connect your
YouTube Instagram and all the other stuff that I said earlier and I’m just
going to put a screenshot I think I think my most oh actually I think I have
the screenshot on my desktop but it was from about a couple weeks ago and I kept
saying I’m gonna post this but I never did okay YouTube according to social
boot blue bit book ya know anybody can join you just it’s just us it’s kind of
like a service so it’s one of those tools kind of like to buddy where but
you never have to pay for it but it’s just something there to give you some
guidance how much like okay I’m gonna read out what I have let me just finish
right in his note social Bluebook or the screenshot that I took I just took my
youtube statistics so it tells me you know gives you your basic statistics
what your how many subscribers you have your viewership it gave me a C – that’s
because it doesn’t know about y’all yeah after this I’ll probably be up to a
c-plus it gives you the age country and all that but then it tells you how much
you could make from doing a dedicated video okay based on what their little
algorithm that they’re using so because if I did a dedicated video that’s my
suggested price that I should say to you know whoever this is in whatever company
that I want to do a video for would be $60 but my on the low end it would be 13
and on the high end it’s a hundred and five and this is YouTube I think my
twitter was probably even more I think my Twitter was up to 130 dollars for
tweet um and then they do other things not
just dedicated upload but they do something like what’s the other thing
they do I mention not you know not where I’m just doing a whole video that’s just
talking about a specific tool but where I’m mentioning them like I could go even
even though I’m already affiliate for leadpages I could go to them and say hey
I mentioned you in my video how much money would you give me but like I said
do many pages is not a good example but this is what you would do for somebody
especially if they don’t already have a program in place you could take them to
social Bluebook and show them what social Bluebook says that you’re worth
you got me on that one guys so there’s some of the tools oh okay I have it here
so all I have to do now is login and I can tell you guys it’s one of my other
one of the other options they add besides just a dedicated a dedicated
upload okay a shout-out a direct link or an activity fee promotion so for a
dedicated shoutout now I’m down to $99 last month I was a puppet 105 before a
shout-out I could get $35 a direct link $10 an activity feed promotion $5 wrong
even have Activity Feed here so $38 per upload for you on YouTube yes don’t
forget to put these links up later please I won’t I won’t forget and that’s
why I’m glad I have this chat yeah I’ll post them in the description
and when you come back and leave a comment on the video to John since you
don’t want me to forget uh-huh okay so let’s see I think like I said I think
Twitter is my best and yes I was right Twitter I could get right now 125
dollars for a tweet or it says direct link I don’t know
what’s the difference between that and let’s see let’s do it see what my
Instagram is doing my Instagram is like 29 dollars and 73 cents Facebook page is
20 bucks my daughter’s Facebook page is 40 bucks
I need to use her page no but see now remember way back in the
beginning of this and for those of you who are here affiliate marketing is
really good when you don’t have your own products okay
now my daughter she has her own products she’s got her own business and she also
has a book coming out she’s working on the anti hustle book be sure you get
your pre-order you go to better than slash anti hustle so she’s
not gonna be talking about a whole bunch of other books she has in the past and
her podcast she’s talked about some other books but now the only book she’s
gonna be talking about is an anti hustle book right in her podcast so you guys
gotta keep that in mind that doesn’t mean when you do get a product or when
you get to the point where you have your own thing to sell be it an e-book or you
know you wind up landing and deal with somebody where you get you know your
name you know like it would be Yankees outdoor adventures Lantern okay I see
you’re getting the whole line ring-a-ding-ding is here too right Brian
better not write about that auntie grindin yes yo you know what Brian is a
great business owner so see he’s another example right because he does long-case
got a huge lawn care business but not like my friend right and he’s got a lawn
care business but he’s you know he’s mowing people’s lawns
whereas Brian is you know he got people in the big giant you know they sit down
and so he could endorse any of those
sit-down mowers right and make Commission or like I said because of
where Brian is in his business zero turn mowers okay where he is in his business
he could be looking for landing a deal where he’s got his name where it would
be ring-a-ding-ding or ring-a-ding that’s
cuz that says you know that’s his little hashtag lawn mower you know and he’s got
his family business with his sons okay so you got to start somewhere though so
this is where you start with affiliate marketing and you watch these companies
too you know like Amazon uses that remarketing man they wrote the book on
that you know anytime you watch you go looking at something on Amazon even if
it’s not in your size that thing is gonna follow you around the internet
that’s why it’s great to be in their affiliate program because once you send
somebody over there they do all the rest of the work thank you it’s fine we know
each other okay great right right Amazon does all the work that’s why they
only give us 24 hour cookie and you know what I didn’t talk at length about that
so this is a good time to bring that up Amazon has that 24 hour cookie so you
which means that when I send you over to Amazon if you go over to Amazon right
now from one of my links that you’ll see in the description of this video
after 24 hours all bets are off you know Amazon doesn’t recognize it
because they have such a huge network and because you know they’ve got ads all
over the place so they only credit you for 24 hours but most affiliate programs
when you’re shopping around for an affiliate program or if you’re
negotiating a deal with someone you would never accept those 24 hour terms
okay it should be more like 30 days or 90 days for lifetime for example with
leadpages somebody could click my link and not buy leadpages for a year that
still should be credited to me I do believe and then if it even if that’s
not the case in my head it is you know it sounds good anyway but if you’re
shopping around and you’re decide trying to determine should I go with this
vendor or that vendor I like both of their products you go with the one that
gives you the longest cookie right y’all know what the cookie is that tracking
cookie where they know that person click to your link so you go with the one
that’s giving you the highest Commission the highest commission rate and the
longest cookie okay because like I said I probably wouldn’t have said that one
24-hour deal from anybody else except Amazon as you can’t you know what I mean
who else your gonna go to who’s got as many products as I have I’m an affiliate
of another another big-box retailer they’re not as online as Amazon right
they’re more like you know bricks and mortar store that we all know and one
that I’m always talking about that I love and I go to all the time and I’m
not gonna say who it is because I’m gonna say something bad haven’t sold not
one dime and I shared their stuff all the time and I’ve been an affiliate with
them almost a year and a half not one sale so I don’t know if that’s because
their ads are not attractive or if people you know ignore their ads when
they see me post to them or what and or if their affiliate tracking is not
working it could be that too but it’s nothing for me to do sleep over because
I really don’t care you know it’s not like I got my heart and soul into this
program but sometimes when it comes to amazon has that same product why should
i promote their link when i can promote the amazon link i know i got a better
chance right okay guys so you guys got any more questions let me see if I
missed anything my signal is real bad today I think oh okay Yankees so get a
quick answer out of me sorry no problem huh
Yankees is we know each other okay I think I answer all better not right
about that anti grinded yeah well ringing ding has his own hashtag hashtag
keep grinding ring-a-ding everyone knows Amazon tisha saying great
show yeah cuz I’m about to wrap things up I got to start making web hosting
wordpress video so I can use my affiliates yeah I actually started
promoting site ground instead of Hostgator yep and I’ll I will blame that
one may Anna man Anna where are you I’m blaming that on you because me Anna
supports or I shouldn’t say she supports she has nice things to say about site
ground in comparison to Hostgator and so because man is a trusted expert may Anna
Stephenson blog aid by the way for those who really want the lowdown one security
of your WordPress site and all that you want to go to blog aid and she’s got a
fantastic YouTube channel as well as a blog have a great day honey thank you
and it was awesome and yeah check out that anchor app to Yankees Adventures
that’s good for when you have low bandwidth and then yeah ha she’s so
hyper Andrew said she loves me Anna yeah Yankees check out anchored FM and
make sure you watch my tutorial it’s an audio app that you can use to talk about
your adventures you can search your podcasts and it’s free right now so get
on there anchor fm it works really good when you have no
bandwidth because it’s only audio so you might want to check that for foreground
has been excellent with me Jan asks have you tried the anchor yet
try anchor I am I’m hearing a lot of people that are on there that have you
know that are impaired so they loved it they loved that episodes anchored FM and
it’s Android and it’s on iPhone and I I have met I’ve been using it for what
three weeks most of most of the month of July so let’s say four weeks even though
it was it was more than that I mean less than that I probably met 10
people that are you know they love the app so yeah back to site ground yes site
ground as opposed to Hostgator even though most of my stuff is on Hostgator
I do have some one site ground so anchor FM will do and look it up next yeah and
you can watch my video if your but it’s easy it’s super easy it’s not like you
got to watch a long tutorial you just get on there sign in and start talking
evidence style and have script ready okay good good good good good good
Jan and just email me Jan if you have any questions about it okay
oh I see site ground has been excellent for you gene you know that’s the
autocorrect on iPhone I know you are our iPhone right Jan I hope you’re using
iPhone cuz iPhone as much would be much better
so I even though that all the transcription on it is sucks even when
I’m talking to Sirius like how come you never know what I’m saying
I don’t get that it seems like they will be working on that a little bit better
you know Google has that down oh good yes I felt great good good good good
good okay ladies and gents Larry super cute Sunday all Larry
you are swell Oh cyber hugs we got new hair shake now super cute Sunday Thank
You Larry you’re amazing oh my gosh yeah so let me
do it just do a quick wrap-up I talked about affiliate marketing I talked about
affiliate marketing programs and how to you know evaluate affiliate marketing
programs and use some of the strategies I showed you answer the public and how
you can use that in combination with another Chrome extension call keywords
everywhere it’s really a Chrome extension but it’s very simple but they
do want your email address and then at the bottom of the answer the public
screen where you get all your content ideas they show you the AdWords spend so
it’s a quick way to see which one of these keywords would it be probably a
better investment of my time with making content and Thank You Johnny buddy
saying that it was nice as always and so we talked about that we talked about you
know the different keywords you need to use and how we can use the social
Bluebook to evaluate our possible or even negotiate our possible deals with
some of these advertisers that we see that we want to promote their product
you know we talked about also being having integrity in your mark in your
affiliate marketing you know you want to use products or you want to promote
products that you use or that you familiar with and if you’re not directly
familiar with you’ve at least researched them you like we talked about the
photography and the cameras even if it’s the camera that you’ve actually never
used because you can’t afford it yet but you’ve done all your research you’ve
compared it to one you had in the past and you know you’ve watched videos
you’ve done some reading and all of that you talked about how the
advantages of starting with Amazon affiliate program even though the
Commission’s are small but we also talked about to buddy where the
Commission’s are big you know two buddies Commission’s is like 50% guys so
this is for anybody and this is my last call to action everybody in this room
should sign up for the two buddy affiliate program because they give you
and there’s no fee to sign up or anything like that and you don’t have to
have the pay program everybody who can sign up get that extension for chrome
you can sign up for that affiliate program because there’s 50% Commission’s
ok so you really can’t beat that you know they have the freemium model
there’s two buddy oh my link is eileen / – buddy
eileen that’s IL e a and e eileen / – buddy ok yes and also yeah
i always put a card I will put a YouTube card here for – buddy
I learned a long time ago that there on the left side so that’s another tip for
you guys a random tip when you want to put a YouTube card up you can always
point use your left hand and point and that’s where the cards show up on the
left hand side now if it just so happens to show up on the right I’m screwed


This was really awesome Ileane; we had fun. And your new subscriber Stacia Kennedy will come to love you as much as the rest of us do.

Thanks for doing this. I have a question. Where on do you find how much a keyword is worth? I cannot find it. Thanks.

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