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After hundreds of thousands of years of science fiction starry sky, they finally took control of a b

After hundreds of thousands of years of science fiction starry sky, they finally took control of a b

This is a planet far away from the earth. So far that people have almost forgotten the distance between them. Neron 3. At this time of the night, a few sparse stars occasionally flash. Under the dark night, there is a deep tunnel. A little boy at the bottom of the tunnel said in his tender voice. Mom, where’s dad?. The woman anxiously clenched the boy’s hand and said. Dad went outside and the woman’s face was full of anxiety. She may be the only one who understands the danger outside the tunnel. And the fact that the father of the child may never come back. Under the constant questioning of the children. Finally, the woman decided to tell the story to her children. One million years ago. We found a huge black hole and named it “god heaven”. So thousands of scientists headed by Captain kasad were sent to study it. Captain CASAD is an excellent woman captain. Several successful missions. But as she steered the spacecraft closer to the edge of the black hole. But attracted by a planet. The planet has a blue ring like Saturn. And to her even greater surprise, zoom in. This blue star ring is actually made up of countless dense spacecraft. Captain CASAD told the headquarters the news immediately. Report to headquarters, we found a large number of alien spacecraft. There may be potential risks, whether to take the initiative to attack. After a while, a deep male voice ordered. Under no circumstances can you use any force. Even at the expense of you and your crew to prove our will for peace. Especially considering that the technological level of species there is far more advanced than that of human beings. Remember the captain, it’s an order, in any case! Over. After hearing the order, Captain CASAD was filled with anger. Yes, the commander in chief of this mission is his father, commander hitches. Yes, the commander in chief of this mission is his father, commander hitches. She wants a fit. But as a daughter, a soldier can only stop complaining!. Captain CASAD was driving the ship with the determination to die. Towards the blue planet. As we pass through the ring of spacecraft. A strange scene happened. These alien ships did not fire at them. And when they were about to collide. Timely adjust the hull to avoid collision. Instead, they landed on the planet. After a little rectification. Captain CASAD and the scientists immediately set out to observe the nerons. Slowly they found that these aliens used millions of spacecraft. Is pouring something like dust into the black hole. This behavior looks like our human seeding. Even some of their spacecraft will accidentally fall into a black hole. But seeding continues. And they are building a huge cube. It looks like a huge building and a wall. Over time. They found that these aliens planted seeds on the black hole. It’s something aliens call “control particles.”. At first, scientists just thought they wanted to use this “control particle” to remove the black hole. But unimaginable. This idea is not the original intention of aliens. The gears of time are slowly turning, and the behavior of the nerons is still going on. After more than 100000 years of “sowing”. All of a sudden one day the aliens disappeared completely. All their people and animals were loaded into huge spaceships and flew away from the black hole. They also stopped building the building and stopped planting seeds. So they disappeared into the unknown space. Scientists want to catch up with them. But the ship was too slow and the scientists were left alone. What all scientists didn’t expect was one day. A terrible disaster happened. At that time, scientists were still doing research and work as usual. Suddenly the ship rocked violently. The ship’s meter creaked. The magnetic field strength indicated by the meter is on the rise. It’s clear that the spacecraft is in some kind of magnetic field. But the intensity of the field is too strong to imagine. The human spaceship was torn to pieces like foil. The captain and his crew were thrown into space. Hit the mysterious alien building and it finally died out. Yes, that huge cube. The wall is a super strong magnetic substance. That wall is a super strong magnetic substance. The wall is a super strong magnetic substance. It is called a magnet by human beings. It is also changing the intensity of the magnetic field around the star. There are only a small number of scientists on this planet at this critical time. Hiding in an abandoned tunnel after human transformation. The tunnel generates energy and is not disturbed by magnetic fields. These talents are finally able to reproduce. Said the mother to the child. Children, we are the descendants of those scientists. After years of research. We find that the electromagnetic force is billions of times more than the gravitational force of a black hole. Just use a magnetic material big enough. Not even as big as a black hole. To counteract the gravitational pull of a black hole. We finally believe. The particles that the neronian seeded into the black hole. It should be some kind of particle with electromagnetic induction. And that giant magnet can pull everything out of the black hole. The resulting magnetic force may not be able to act on the center of the black hole. Because objects deep into the center of a black hole may have lost control. But some objects outside the black hole, magnets, can act on them. And then slowly increase the radius of the black hole. For a black hole, the radius is the decisive factor. To escape a black hole. It means that the escape speed of the object is faster than the speed of light. But nothing can go faster than light. So there is nothing to escape from the black hole. But the escape velocity is not only affected by the mass of the black hole. It is also affected by the radius of the black hole. If we can make the radius of the black hole increase, we can pull away the things inside. In fact, the black hole has shrunk in disguise. It took nearly 400000 years for the neilons to get results. Since then, stars have appeared in the sky every 10 years. Stars hidden by black holes that have never been seen before. We think these stars are the stars once in the black hole!. The mother told the child seriously. I don’t know where a man’s voice came from. Hi, are you waiting for me?. The child first discovered the source of the sound. Dad!. A man was staring at them from the top of the tunnel. A man was staring at them from the top of the tunnel. A man was staring at them from the top of the tunnel. What they don’t know. The man rushed out of the tunnel at the cost of his life. The search has been successful. Originally, once in ancient times. We have discovered the theory of magnetic field or the gravitational force that can balance black holes. But the theory has not been proved. Researchers found that in dozens of observed black holes. The magnetic field is as strong as the attraction of black holes. A black hole model is established. The model suggests that a black hole can maintain a strong magnetic field. The magnetic field is enough to significantly change the way gas is drawn into a black hole. And the way in which the gas flows out. When the two forces are in balance. Gas clouds appear at the top of the magnetic field. It can even neutralize the gravity of a black hole. The research was published in a journal called nature. NAAAS. NAAAS. The research was published in a journal called nature. The research was published in a journal called nature. And the way the nerons did it. The external magnetic field is created and overlapped with the magnetic field of the black hole itself. In the end, it balances the black holes that once threatened the planet. That giant magnet stopped working 100 years ago. The nerons have succeeded. The father of the child did not just bring back his ancestors. Earthlings. And the nerons are back. It took them more than 400000 years. After unremitting efforts and countless sacrifices. Eventually, they saved their home, the planet neron. They are now converging on the edge of the remaining black hole.

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