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Agile DevOps on IBM z15

Agile DevOps on IBM z15

IBM’s z15 and LinuxONE the latest in a
series of announcements to bring the enterprise platform to you in a way that
lets you fit it seamlessly into your cloud environment and allow you to take
advantage of all the latest capabilities while still getting the security and
reliability of your existing enterprise platform. When we think about IBM’s z15
and LinuxONE you now have these data passports that allow you to secure your
data no matter where it flows in the system. The other thing you have now is a
standard rack to fit in with all the rest of your systems. I guess now it’s
gonna hide in the data center, you won’t be able to see it as that separate ‘off
thing’ that you had to deal with in the past. Let’s think about that from the
development and operation standpoint. We’ve done everything as part of the
platform and as part of the system to allow you to do open development for the
platform. So it doesn’t matter what your tool chain is. It doesn’t matter which
tools you’ve chosen to use from the open standpoint, from the distributed
standpoint, it doesn’t matter if you’re using git or Jenkins or git lab. Take
your choice of tools. Whatever that pipeline is – it works just as well for
the IBM z platform with z/os and with the latest announcement you can be
running those containers wherever you want in large numbers within a single
frame. You can scale up with a LinuxONE system and you can even bring those
containers into the z/os environment. So no matter what kind of
development you’re doing, how you want to do development, you can do that on the
latest of the Z platforms.

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