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AMALYTIX Seller Dashboard for Amazon Sellers

AMALYTIX Seller Dashboard for Amazon Sellers

Success analysis is all about understanding
quickly how your Amazon business is developing and the products or brands that are responsible
for positive or negative trends. The Seller Dashboard shows you, in differing ways, key
success indicators such as revenue or sales. You can use the filters in the upper area
to confine the analysis to specific products or product groups. The “Select widgets” field allows you to specify
the widgets that should be displayed on the page. The time period, marketplace, brand, or product
title of the filters is self-explanatory. The tags filter is particularly interesting.
You can assign one or more tags to all your products, giving them each a label. You are
free to choose labels based on the way you want to group your products. You can, for
example, use the tag filter to confine the payments table below to one or more tags.
In this way, you receive a detailed cost calculation for each product group. Below the filter is a graphical progression
of selected key figures. Click on the names of these figures to show or hide them. By
default, you will see the history of the last 30 days, which can, of course, be adjusted
using the period filter. In the widget “Overview Payments,” AMALYTIX
gives you a breakdown of all the payments Amazon has made to you over the last few days.
Here you can also find a detailed view of the profitability of your seller account.
If you upload your cost of goods under “Settings / Seller Products,” then AMALYTIX will show
you the profit against the cost of goods as well. Payments are always delayed by a few days
compared to orders, which means that sales from orders and sales according to payments
do not match. In addition to payments, you will also find
a breakdown of turnover by country and an overview of the sales performance of your
products in every marketplace. Move your mouse over one of the circles to obtain detailed
information on the crucial figures in question. Click on the arrow at the top right, and you
will reach the relevant page for further details. Below, AMALYTIX will show you your top 10
products. Here, a distinction is made between order turnover and actual sales, on the one
hand, and individual products (child) and product families (parent), on the other. This
allows you to quickly identify the products/product families that are generating the highest revenue
or sales in the selected period. Click on the title to view product details in AMALYTIX
or click on the ASIN to go to the product detail page on Amazon. Below the top 10 list, you can see the development
of turnover and sales based on selected time periods. For each key figure, you can see
the value for the specified period at the top, and the corresponding value for the same
period earlier at the bottom. You can display the respective periods by moving your mouse
over the calendar symbol. With the help of the Seller Dashboard, you
can quickly carry out an initial success check. If you want to go deeper, then we recommend
our Seller Analysis module, which gives a breakdown of changes by product, brand, country,
and many more details.

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