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Amazon Alexa AI-enabled Mystery Board Game | How to Play St. Noire by X2 Games

Amazon Alexa AI-enabled Mystery Board Game | How to Play St. Noire by X2 Games

Someone’s been murdered in the small
town of St. Noire. The killer dumped the body in the town square before vanishing
into the night… leaving no witnesses, no prints, and no clues as to where the
murder actually happened. As the detective assigned to the case it’s your
job to find out who did it. St. Noire is an Alexa powered game, so
make sure your Amazon Alexa device is turned on and then say “Alexa, open St.
Noire.” To win the game you have to identify the killer. In order to do that
you need to gather and corroborate evidence from our 12 suspects. Since the
player doesn’t know WHERE the victim was killed, the only clue at the beginning of
the game is the cause of death. The victim was either shot, stabbed, beaten or
poisoned. So for instance if we know that a victim was stabbed to death we also
know that the murder location is a location that contains a stabbing weapon. The killer then will be: One, someone who on the night of the murder was at the
location that contains a weapon that matches the murder weapon type. And two,
someone who lies to you no matter what you ask them. If a suspect only tics one
of those boxes they can’t be the killer. Lying on its own does not make someone a
murderer and being at a location with the murder weapon type does not on its
own make someone a murderer. Only if both are true at the same time
have you found your killer. The game takes place over the course of seven
nights. Each night you can perform three actions before the night ends. You can
use your actions to question a suspect allowing you three different types of
questions. To question a suspect – for instance Mayor Alves – simply say “Alexa
question Mayor Alves.” You can now ask the suspect where they were on the night of
the murder. This tells you where a suspect was or at least where they
claimed they were. Remember some suspects lie. Place the correct suspect card on
the location they claimed to have been at, with the unverified part visible. Once
another character corroborates their story you can cover the unverified space
and flip the character card honest side up. You can ask a suspect who they saw at
a location on the night of the murder though take note that a suspect will
only know another suspects whereabouts if their locations are within each
other’s line of sight. Finally you can accuse a suspect of
murder. But careful, you get this wrong twice and it’s game over.
Aside from questioning suspects you can also examine a location in town. This
reveals what murder weapon is at that location. Place the correct weapon token
in this locations weapon slot to keep track. Whenever you discover a weapon
that is the same type as the murder weapon, flip the token so the red side
faces up. This will help you keep track of which locations have the right murder
weapon type. If you make a wrong If you make a wrong accusation twice, you’re taken off the
case and the killer gets away. Game over. If you don’t accuse the right suspect by
the end of the seventh night the killer also gets away. Game over. All right
that’s it. Ready to solve your first murder?


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