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Amazon Creates New Influencer Program for YouTube Creators

Amazon Creates New Influencer Program for YouTube Creators


I'm not an affiliate yet and I'm not really understanding this new thing with Amazon. I'll have to look into this more.

Derral I spent $30 a month ago on one of your channel review superchats and never received a quick channel review or even a shout out? Apparently you were going to do another video covering all the youtubers that you missed in the first live stream yet I still haven't seen any mention of my channel. I'm only making a point of this because 1. I spent my money in the knowledge that I'd receive your professional opinion, and 2. I actually respect your professional opinion and insights.

HI BRO..WHATSUP….??I NEED HELP BRO….SOMEONE USING MY CHANNEL NAME… channel name is 'TIGER BEATZ" someone took this name and named his channel '"TIGER BEATS"…..Whats should i do now….i hope you will help me out BRO…should i report to youtube about this??…if i should report…HOW CAN I DO THIS BRO….??????plz bro i hope you reply my commet…GOOD LUCK BRO… #DerralEves

Hey Derral, I find your videos really useful, especially as a new channel. Could you please make a video on (or maybe you already have) how to compress your video so that it uploads more quickly because even short 3 minute videos after I compress them take hours to upload. Thank you. x

Can not wait till my channel grows so I can start this. like the sound of it, you can always use other ways to bring in the $$$$$$

could u please help me i want to create a top ten list channel bt without copyright issue i have seen some videos where they use short clips from different channel bt dnt get a copy right strike

I think it is a great idea. I love the idea that people can go to a amazon landing page to buy. I am in crafting and I send my viewers to amazon to buy things that are hard to find

Hey Derral. So recently I was thinking about changing the name of my channel, which I have decided to do. However, I am not sure whether or not it will influence the traffic that is coming to my channel in a negative way, do you happen to know if it will? Given, I only have 8 subscribers and I donยดt get more than like 1-10 views a video, but hey that is still views, right? So yeah, do you know if me changing my name will effect the algorithm in a negative way? Thanks in advance, I am a big admirer of your work, keep doing you and keep being awesome ๐Ÿ™‚

I would love to be part of that but it sounds like it like everything else you have to have a lot of people following you before they will look at you. I have try the affiliate program and if your not selling at lot of stuff you are out.

Good Video Derral Eves. I Think it is good to Few creators & This program is not for every one. Good to hear but this is not for me. ๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜ž

I think it's interesting. I can't see this really affecting the creation process and content. The whole reason You Tube is where it is today. All this focus on money has allowed Twitch to find its self but then who bought that? Yes you guessed it Amazon.

I went to this page and it showed me things I've purchased in the past on Amazon..not things I'm trying to sell now.

Hey, derrel. Huge Fan here. I was hoping you would clarify something for me. I'm confused. Ad revenue is going down, and in another video you said not to post outgoing links very often. I guess I'm wondering how are we supposed to make up the money lost on ads if i can't post outgoing links? And then in this video you talk about pushing traffic to other sources. My wires are crossed i think. Thanks for the videos, keep it up! you are my number one source of youtube info. ๐Ÿ˜€


Your channel seems a lot more to the point than Tim Schmoyer's. He seems to tease a topic and never really gets to it.

Unfortunately, my photography channel isn't quite large enough to warrant Amazon to award me a brand page as I make pennies through the associate program. But I do know of a photo channel "Chris Winter" who could actually take advantage of this new thing and make it work!

It would be awesome to get a checklist of what to consider before submitting with Amazon! Thanks for the info!

DARREL, can you advise on a quick question?? For that "one shot", should we ensure our content drives a lot of external traffic, or should that be SPECIFIC traffic to Amazon? For instance, I lost tons of beauty products, but to the retailers websites directly. Would Amazon be impressed by these numbers, or not care because it's not to them directly?

This program is really cool for everyone who has shoppable content but for other people like idk vloggers, gamers they will struggle to get a partnership deal ๐Ÿ™

#AskDerral Thanks a lot for all the tips you share with us. I wanted to ask: when I put in an affiliate link in my description is there any other setting that I need to adjust tin the video manager settings to tell YouTube and my viewers that I'm using those links and that if they click and buy from these links I get a small percentage?

Thank you, this is very interesting. I am not big enough to apply yet, but have been making a few affiliate sales so I may be able to apply in the future. Do you think Amazon may contact and invite creators who are selling a large amount through affiliates?

Great video always Daryl. I have been part of associate for years now & it has helpled monetize/fund content where YouTube has failed a smaller creator like myself.
This new program sounds very interesting might work for somebody like me. If channel ever gets to 50k plus subs. Plus as Amazon is being very selective right now on who let into the program might be best to wait and see how best to approach to this for long run success.

You do an excellent job of helping other video creators – very easy to understand and welcome since the online 'help' sections of YouTube / Amazon may as well be written in Klingon.

Very interesting, I'd like to get in on this at some point but I'll have to read more information regarding this. I do plan on doing product reviews within the fitness industry but I won't be that pushy sales guy. I want to provide helpful content to my viewers while suggesting only the important items they should consider.

thanks for the video Daryl and thanks for explaining everything especially that you're waiting. Definitely not something I need to worry about yet. as far as Amazon goes I am signed up there but I've never bought anything yet. EBay has always been my go-to place I have found things cheaper there than Amazon so far. it is an unsung hero because most people have to keep up with the Joneses so they go with Amazon. some people are intimidated by the auction like I was in the beginning but all you click is the buy it now and the free shipping filter, and poof it is just like Amazon! out of a hundred purchases I had 2 faulty products and got a replacement and a full refund. the boycott seems to be the Hot Topic on all of the YouTube help channels like yours and I can't wait till it is over, so I can learn more stuff to help my small Channel!

This is yet another smart move by Amazon! Perfect time to capitalize on a YouTube slip up. I'm nowhere near big enough for this yet, but I'll keep this bit of information in the back of my brain for a later date!

It's really interesting, but I wish they had an option where if you're rejected, you could reapply 6 months later or even a year. Hopefully, it will be available in France soon.


well no one watches my content anyway let alone cares, and i'll never hit the big 100,000,000 in my lifetime so i'm safe from having any dreams crushed. am i right?

hi Derral. I am a new youtube user.I'm so blessed to having come across your videos and and got to know you. I keep chasing you to get to reach have few problems with dark bars on my new uploaded videos and tried all ways and solutions youtubers advise, but in vain..any suggestions?? thanks

I made an "aStore" via Amazon affiliate program some years ago… The store link looks a little different, but you can do the same pre-shopping thing, customize the look and logo, and I believe that you get the "direct link" tier for anything purchased through that.

Hey, I needed to let you know something about this video. The ad for this video was the very same video. So I clicked on your video and your "Amazon Creates New Influencer" video was the ad… very weird.ย  After it finished, it played the same video again. this was definitely an ad because the yellow bar timer was on screen and the skip button was there to press if I wanted. I let it play in hopes you would get money from somewhere but I thought that was very weird. Is this a new way youtube is promotingย from google??!!

We were just accepted in to the Influencer Program and we're setting up the shop this weekend. It took a few weeks to be approved, and then a few days to get access to our account.

I personally am not sure I like affiliate programs, sponsorships, influencer programs or the like because I think that when corporations start dealing directly with creators, it will change the way creators create. One of the things that has always kept YouTube awesome is diversity. I'm just not sure what all the corporate influence will bring and it's nerve wracking.


So what would count as "a large amount of traffic" to Amazon if we were to apply? I have 17K subs and am an Amazon Associate which fits the description other than the question of how much "traffic" is needed to qualify.

On the surface this sounds like a really great opportunity, and, like you said, it is for those that fit the mold that Amazon is looking for. However, at the end of the day it will most likely be like the affiliate program or like iTunes in that there are top performers and then there's the tail where 95% involved will be found.

Do you think Amazon Video Direct is a real competitor to YouTube? What would be the advantages and disadvantages to setting up shop on Amazon. Thanks for the great content?

I think it's cool. We have a plan to eventually make a page on our website of all the products we recommend for long-term overlanding. I think once we do that, and the channel grows a bit more than we could do something like this. Thank you for letting us know about it. We have so much work to do, but it's too much to do from the road. We barely squeeze out two episodes a month.

QUESTION : Hey Derrel! I have a question for you,so,if people use my affiliate links I'll receive a small commission,but if I give the link to my family members,would that be legal and if I myself use those links,I also might save up a lot of money by doing that,what do you think?

Hey:) how are you?! I love your mission and Desire to become a influencer I know I can help build your online influence lets connect via instagram @thomasmesen

The programs are very confusing to me. I have an associates account but canโ€™t get an influencer account on any platform. Iโ€™ve had a large following on other social media apps but just started YouTube. Iโ€™m behind the times, yes, with YouTube but am working on that now. So, pretty much itโ€™s quantity over quality to become an influencer? I also spend money DAILY on amazon and have for seven years. I read the agreements and all resources 10 times and get its discouraging to know that Iโ€™ll have to cut back my spending on Amazon for my content I create and will be in he future.

And another thing…we only get one shot? I a have all the data that says to sign up, itโ€™s easy, and then they direct you to the influencer site. Wish I would have known this before reading the verbiage Amazon put out. So frustrating

It was strange, but Amazon actually contacted me to join the Influencer program. My Instagram account is not huge, yet very active, and they asked me to sign up, and it was approved. Now my issue is that I have some non-real estate related "side hustles" and I am branded for real estate, so not sure how to promote my page to those side businesses?

I am excited. I didn't actually know that you only get one shot but I was so excited about it that I just went ahead and got stuck in… interesting really as I have such a narrow niche. I talk about learning languages (especially Somali and Arabic) and only have 20K subscribers so not a huge channel. I was accepted and now just figuring it out.

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