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What is going on everyone its rob here from steps to success Amazon FBA So I want to make a video for all you guys because yesterday through the livestream us talked about Q4 and how to prepare for it, especially since it’s not too far away We’re already, you know, finishing the second quarter of 2018. We’re approaching q3 So it’s time now to find those profitable products to sell on Amazon and how to go about you know Once you found that profitable product from moving to the next stage making sure that you’re tracking everything So hopefully you have track and you know tested a few products before q4 is even coming up so now you actually know that you can expect that consistent sales and how to go about You know ordering enough inventory so you can actually make tons and tons of profit for q4 guys So let’s first go ahead do some search using VAR launches product discovery for Amazon FBA product research tool Where we can find some profitable products to sell and I’ll show you exactly what steps you guys need to take You know going from step a all the way to Z and exactly what kind of things you guys want to watch out for So since already have a ton of videos on product, which is I’m just gonna go over this really quick So let’s say we’re looking at the Electronics category. We want the minimum monthly units to be 300 Which works out to about selling 10 units a day monthly revenue minimum five thousand maximum 30 thousand again you don’t want a product that sells a hundred thousand a month because Once you go and find those type of products for you to get ranked for you know Some of the keywords is gonna be extremely tough And as most of you guys know you have to do a ton of giveaways and giveaways becomes extremely expensive Especially if you want to get started with two three thousand dollar investment You don’t want to start giving away all your inventory and then you can’t even get ranked for your product So price point we want to be at twenty to thirty eight dollars again You want to stay at least above the fifteen dollar mark and you don’t want to go over anything fifty So in this case, I just picked around two numbers that I’m comfortable with, you know Especially if you have a thousand two thousand dollar investment. This is some of the best products you can find within this criteria. So if It’s below 1500 guys. The fees are gonna eat through your profit. Margin a special Amazon ba fees above this again It’s hard for people to invest too much money and you want someone to land on your product page like the photos like the description the board points and the product itself and Check out without even really thinking too much about it review counting anything less than 100 You can go in there and counter the market real ways. So then go ahead and click view filter results and You want basically what you want to do is you want to scroll down on it? so in this scenario, let’s just go ahead and pick a product here and We want to analyze it using VAR launches market intelligence So it’s a Bluetooth speaker, it’s a touch side bedside lamp 1300 BS r vs. Our graph let’s go to the market trends. So estimated sales trend has been increasing This is what you guys want to make sure is happening with your product So, you know you want to see it that consistent increased price trend as you guys can see it’s been relatively flat It’s actually increased in some areas, but let me show you guys how to actually read this graph So as you can see, this is October September, but look at what happens in q4 guys And this is what I’ve been getting message yesterday and including today from a ton of people saying Rob What did you mean by q4? How much inventory should I have in stock? You know, how do I know how to price my items? So take a look at this guy What ends up happening to move sellers in q4 and no one can ever expect how well they’re gonna sell out in q4? But I can I can tell you this that your sales are gonna easily Double if you do the exact same strategy that you’re using in q2 or q3, but take a look at this So this seller was selling the product at twenty four twenty five dollars, then all of a sudden in November. He started realizing that his DSR is dropping His daily sales is increasing. I look at what he ended up doing because he knew he’s gonna run out of stock He started increasing his price from twenty five dollars all the way to thirty five dollars That’s thirty to forty percent extra just how much you’re charging. It’s not even your profit margin So at this point he probably was making eighty to a hundred percent net profit margin So this is what I mean when I say guys prepare for q4 Because this is where everyone flushes down into Amazon and they just want to buy all these random gift products So if the product that you find he’s an actual giftable product for Christmas It’s gonna even do way better that you know 2 X 2 3 X that you can expect from Q 2 2 Q 3 again review trend has been increasing for Launch gives it a home run Possible is 800 guys. So if this is possible 800 within the offseason in q4, you can easily expect yourself 3,000 to 4,000 even a lot higher if you if you chose to review 60 with 5 to 10 reviews you can actually You know compete with this other cost bar launch gives you 14 and 38 per unit that you’re making so I always recommend everyone makes at least 10 to 12 reason being if you’re ordering say 500 units and you have to use that initial 100 units of the 500 to do the giveaways at least now you have 400 units that you’re ranked for that you can actually Make this pure profit. So let me show you guys exactly what I mean by this So if you have 400 units left out of the 500 after your giveaways You can expect to make five thousand six hundred Pure profit after Amazon FBA fees after everything and this is why you want to do all these guys So let me go and show you what you want to look out for as a next step for you to you know Do well with this product. So again, we want to go and search for a knight like Bluetooth speaker Find a product that is similar to yours. Again. We have this product here. You know, it’s the 2018 model 100 reviews 141 reviews. So what I always like to look at is the keeper 2 and I’ll show you guys exactly how to read this So as you guys can see this seller started selling it out here March or before that. He actually ran out of stock So here he got his stock again. He’s been selling consistently. Well out throughout the year But let me show you the entire year trend guys Take a look at this and this is what I don’t want happening to you guys So, please please please pay attention to this video if I can make you guys an extra five to ten thousand profit, you know Just for December one month or one and this is net profit margin I think you guys are all gonna be happy with what I’m about to teach you in this video today So look at this guy’s seller was selling consistently throughout the year, June July August September October November But take a look at this PS are increasing This is bad guys what this means is the seller look take a look at this He was going from seven thousand five thousand four thousand BS are you 165 you know what this mean hundred sixty-five It means that his sales was Exploding not even selling a what it was exporting to the degree that he was actually probably selling instead of say Three twenty units thirty units a day to selling a hundred units a day two hundred units a day and take a look at this Guy’s one hundred sixty rank. He ran out of stock Best month is here guys, December not November, but actual December. He had no stock This is the period that if he had stock he would have easily made another couple grand profit just off of this one product But again, he reordered it. He got his talking December he started to selling again and he had enough stock this time to go. Well throughout the year So another tool that I like to use is camel camel camel and what you do with camel camel camel is again the same thing you go and copy your a scent of the competitors product you’re interested in selling and They show you the BS are but the nice thing here a camel is actually shows you the highest price The seller has had it for so check this out So this exact seller glass has been selling it for forty dollars for this exact same product The lowest point has been sixteen average twenty four So if you go on you say you find this on Alibaba at five six dollars profit a unit you want to use your Amazon FBA calculator and let’s Say that we find that this Product again, we’re gonna copy the ace in here. We’re buying it for five bucks It’s gonna cost us three to ship and we’re selling it for twenty five bucks So we have 41% and this is what I mentioned having that ten to twelve dollars per unit profit. Margin if You change this guy’s in? November/december to forty dollars. Look at what happens to our numbers? sixty percent Net profit. Margin, you’re making 24 net profit a unit so if you sell let’s say 200 units or actually say 400 units just that month at 24 you’re making 9600 net profit margin after all expenses including Amazon fees Papa means fees everything and This is exactly what I want you guys to be prepared for so another tool that I also like to use is Sonar so sonar you can actually use a free keyword research tool which you can ping shows you the top keywords that you can actually You know, you have to put in your description bullet points Tata to get indexed for Very good keyword for PPC campaigns sonar actually tracks which keywords are performing Well on PPC so speak here with string lights mini wireless speaker Bluetooth speaker purple again – color-changing speakers So that’s why sonar is picking all these up Solar also has an index tracker guys again If you don’t know what an index tracker is you want to make sure that some of the top keywords That you know, you want to get ranked for or index for for Amazon Fe is included in your description so once you use merchant words, or you know, let’s say you’re using a viral launches keyword research If these keywords are not in there you want to make sure that you stop them and somewhere in your product listing So let me show you guys exactly what I mean. So Bluetooth speaker night light speaker changing Bluetooth speaker Portable whoo – speaker and then you just want to go in and click search Take a look at this So this specific seller with this Aysen has been ranked And actually indexed for all these keywords and that’s exactly what you guys want to do again for sooner You can actually pick different markets. So if you’re selling in Amazon Canada, are you selling in UK markets? So that’s and again all of these are free You can use the profit dashboard guys which again they have a 14-day free trial which will actually show you, you know You can input how much the product cost you how much is of your sales is organic Versus PPC how much you’re paying for taxes? How much are you paying for and fees? How much is Amazon charging you? What’s your actual end line profit per unit guys? All of these tools through salads will actually help you guys dissect really important information that you otherwise would have to create tons and tons of Excel documents to track it yourself and again another tool that I want to also mention to you guys that is a must to especially if you’re selling on Amazon in 2018 is the Amazon PPC again, what Salix does for you is it tracks your revenue and your cost your a cost over keyword how your Revenues been performing day over day month over month how your a cost has been performing is your e-class increasing? Is it decreasing are you optimizing all the right tools? And Keywords to have an fully optimized PPC campaign again guys, not too many people talk about this But I want you guys to use all the best tools for Amazon FBA to actually get Ranked for so what’s the next step after we’ve done this? How do we find all these backend keywords? How do we find out? What keywords you know to use? For our Bluetooth speakers. So I use the boot the keyword research tool for viral launch again guys If you don’t use var launch, or you haven’t use it, I highly recommend that you do I have a 50% off coupon that I have in the description box. I’ll also post it below in the comment section So make sure to use it to get 50% off your viral launch. It works with product discovery Amazon FBA product research – with market intelligence with keyword research, even if you’re planning on doing launch again. I talked so much about initially getting those You know 5 to 10 reviews and doing your launch just so you can get ranked for some top converting keywords So it’s really important and again You know having that coupon helps a ton with you Doing that launch initially because anything helps guys an extra $50 you know that you save here is gonna go and work 10 times better for you once you’re invested in PPC and bring in and Drawn in more sales. So again Here you wanna talk bluetooth Speaker nightlight So Usually it takes a couple of seconds for a viral lunch to pull that data for you And you can always again if you’re not sure how the market intelligence numbers look or on Amazon. You can go and click it here You can also pin the keywords, which is similar to jungle scout you can Go and come and check up on it. Later Especially if you’re tracking and using the I 99 trick method again guys What I 99 Trick method is let me show you real quick for those of you who are new to Amazon what you need to do? So sometimes bar launches estimates can be really off so what you guys want to actually do is add it to cards change the quantity to $9.99 and Sometimes you’ll see that the seller has a limit for in this case has 30 unit sometimes they do not so you can actually track how much inventory they have the over there and once you track it over a five to seven day period you Actually know how many units you can expect to sell as well day over day if you were to bring in the same product again always remember, you know, I always recommend bundling your product differentiating through product photography custom packaging which goes to create a differentiation factor because you never really want to copy another seller and just do the exact same thing that he’s doing especially if you’re going Into market to compete with them. You always want to try something, you know, that is different so the customers don’t compare you versus someone else so you want to set that differentiating factor from yourself and Again, if you see us you know the limit here guys use keeper and Check the BS art versus other sellers who are selling similar products so you can track it So in this case take a look. You can actually find other sellers who are selling similar products so you can see if this guy is selling for example You don’t know how many is selling but there’s another seller that has the same or similar BSR Of two thousand and he’s selling twenty units a day. Then more than likely this guy’s selling exactly twenty units a day Alright guys, so our results are up. So what you want to do is you want to go ahead and download this Again, you want it? You want to open Excel or if you don’t have itself there’s also Google Spreadsheets, which is absolutely free so go ahead and drag this and open it and Take a look at all the data that you can find here guys. So what you want to basically look at is the opportunity score Along with the keyword So these are some of the top converting keywords and what you want to look at is the the opportunity score should be a thousand because this is some of the missed keywords that not too many people are actually Optimizing for so look blue space to speaker again some of these are misspelling but again, you’re actually targeting and you know a Keyword that not too many other people are doing and because of that your cost per click is a lot lower you’re targeting keywords that Will actually convert for you and this is something that is missing from merchants words Which is what a lot of people use and this is what I highly recommend that if you have been used by launches product research That you do again. I’m gonna include a 50 percent coupon code for you guys down below in the description on the comment section So you can take advantage of that but take a look at some of these keywords guys Bluetooth speaker That’s Bluetooth speaker, you know bluetooth bluetooth Yeah, Bluetooth speaker again misspelling guys. They actually do wonders for you Not too many people talk about this, but you can include this in your back end keyword to get you know Indexed and rank for as well. So I Hope this helps you guys You know bettering your Amazon FBA business and getting ready for that cue forces and I wanted to release this video for you guys Just so you can at least you know, get five to ten products, you know Once you’re tracking product cars using the i99 don’t stop product research product research is something you should be doing Daily or every other day spend at least an hour a day. So you’re actually tracking 10 products So even if you find out two three four five seven of them are not good products Then you find out three amazing products that matches the i99 numbers that are is actually accurate with viral launch You can actually start negotiating with the surprise getting those quotes and so you can start selling in q2 q3 So by then you actually have the dealer statistics that supports the numbers. You’ve already started selling you’ve already grown the number of reviews and Getting ready for q4. So for example, if you’re selling 10,000 a month in q3 You’re stocking up the inventory and all of a sudden you’ll see your sales will go from 10,000 15,000 a month December you’re gonna start selling 40,000 a month fifty thousand and one and instead of making five to ten thousand profit among you’ll start making thirty Thousand profit a month and this is a net profit margin guys. So, please please focus on this video take notes Make sure that you get those products going make sure the numbers are you know accurate there you are making that Consistent profit if you’re interested in that one-on-one mentoring make sure to join the steps of success FB you know course where I actually Mentor you one-on-one I help you with finding the product tracking it going over with you shipping the product negotiating with the supplier and you Know once you get the product in Amazon appears warehouse I’ll actually help you with your PPC campaign product optimization, you know Make sure the product the overall product listing looks good and you can start making that consistent sales So everything all be you know involved with you Through the one-on-one mentoring which lasts as long As you need it to I know not not too many people offer. This one-on-one mentoring But I truly want to make sure that every single person who’s selling on Amazon FBA ends up making money, you know There is a ton of free content on YouTube which you can actually go check out learn from but just like any business once you start getting You know started you need guidance You need guidance from someone who’s been selling on Amazon FBA who can actually point you in the right direction And that’s what I’m offering the one-on-one mentorship rather than just putting a course out there saying hey guys, you know I’m a seven-figure seller on Amazon FBA buying my course because it’s come from me I’ve actually proved, you know selling this much and you know If you follow my tactics, you also make this my that’s not what I’m trying to do here I want to actually offer you my time My service is to make sure that you learn how to do the same and again this lasts for as long as you need it To so if you’re still making twenty thirty thousand a month and you still need my help to going out to 50 60 100 thousand A month, I’ll be there with you every single step of the way guys So if you guys are new to this channel Make sure to subscribe and give this video a like if you enjoyed the content leave me a comment Let me know exactly what you thought of today’s video if you want me to cover anything in detail Let me know in the comments down below and let me know if you’re ready for q4 guys, you know It’s one of the best seasons It is actually the best season to be selling on Amazon FBA and I want to get all you guys prepared for it So once again, I thank everyone for joining me on this video and I can’t wait to see you guys on the next one

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