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Amazon Got My Nintendo Switch Stolen

Amazon Got My Nintendo Switch Stolen

Look I have terrible patience okay? So bad patience in fact i’ve run out of
patience for my patience and i’m making a video about it! …thats a lot of patience. I mean take this script for example; every
time I’ve tried writing something comedic for this script I’ve given up and just thrown
all clever and original ideas out the window and decided on some terrible joke that breaks the fourth wall! pretty boring and lame right? …please laugh. But the worst thing is that im impatient in
one of the worst ways possible I OBSESS over time. “woah madz that’s awesome! You must get loads of things done with all
that extra time!” *uncontrollable fake laugh* *inhales* no. Thing is most of these decisions I choose
end up with me LOSING time in the long run. I will pay a friend for a lift home thanks
by the way, Ben and George), just to get home quicker and avoid the bus… ugh. But if I get home earlier then this usually
goes through my head. Oh man If I was taking the bus, I still wouldn’t
be home for another 40 minutes! …my bus takes a lot of time. Looks like it’s time for some video games! Then I end up wasting my time dieing in games like PUBG (eww I don’t play this anymore) and feel like a genuine buffoon. Then I think to myself “man… did I just
waste £5 to get frustrated at a shooty-bangy explody game? Probably. WHY DIDNT I JUST DO WORK ON THE BUS!! I HAVE A LAPTOP! But of course, being the buffoon I am, I never
realise about the long term implications of something and only look at the short term
gains! … why did saying that make me sound like
I know what I’m talking about? Well if that sentence made no sense to you
I have several scenarios that I’ve gone through that demonstrate what you SHOULD NOT
DO. Such as, what happened exactly this time last
year, my nintendo switch getting stolen… Wait that doesn’t really cover it let me give
some context on the story. So back in January 2017 nintendo held this
being a massive nintendo ner- I mean legend, I stayed up until 5AM with my bro to watch
this. “Madz you were up till 5AM!? On a school night!? MAN, you must be really cool. Indeed! It may have made me completely exhausted
for the next day at college but for the amount of hype I got, I didn’t even need sleep. So with me being so ecstatic I HAD to preorder
it instantly. I couldn’t contain my excitement for march
3rd! I decided to preorder a switch with those
hip and cool millennial NEON CONTROLLERS! Along with this special edition of zelda because
it came with a cool sword. It’s… a pretty cool sword! …kinda… I almost snapped it like four times. I usually never splurge out on those “MEGA
TURBO COLLECTOR EDITIONS” of games but c’mon guys, IT’S A ZELDA GAME. DID YOU SEE THE TRAILER??? So for the next two months I was waiting!…
and waiting… and waiting… AND WAITING Until it was finally… The Big Day. It was finally time! To wait some more for the package to finally
arrive… Wait did you notice something I said there? “Parcel” not parcels, PARCEL. But I’m sure there’s nothing to worry about! Maybe they put both packages in the same box! The console might just be really light and
small! THE SWITCH DIDN’T ARRIVE!! The anticipation… the wait… WHAT SORT OF TORTURE IS THIS!? REGGIE! YOU EVIL MAN! I got an email from amazon which went along
the lines of “Hi there insert first name here! We apologise for any inconveniences this may
of caused, but your package out for delivery “Nintendo Switch Neon Red & Blue” may
have been stolen or destroyed during shipment.” What!? STOLEN OR DESTROYED!? That’s ridiculous! How crappy must amazons security be to have
that happen!? Now there’s probably some sneaky robber
out there playing my favourite game and he didn’t even have to pay for it! However… We currently have one more “Nintendo Switch
Neon Red & Blue” in circulation for purchase! YES! Maybe I can play tomorrow! I’m fine with waiting ONE more day. I can handle it. Although the system is currently located in
our department in Italy and may take up until late April or early May for dispatch. Late April… Early May!?… ITALY!? WHY ITALY!?!? This switch is pretty cool ey Luigi? So I have the GREATEST GAME EVER MADE and
I won’t be able to play it until a month and a half at the least? WHAT AM I GONNA DO!? So I ended up cancelling my switch order and
requesting a refund from amazon; luckily amazon was NOT being a massive pile of human excrement
and gave me back my money pronto. Okay so just over an hour had passed and website
after website I saw only two words; SOLD and OUT. I was beginning to give up hope… I was so close yet!… I was so far…like 2,500 kilometers far. Then, I SAW IT! A NINTENDO SWITCH WAS ON SALE, AND TWO WERE
IN STOCK! …however it was £30 more than usual… and only grey. Come on madz, go for it and you’ll be able
to play the switch instantly!… tomorrow. Instantly tomorrow. Madz don’t listen to him! You’ll save so much money if you wait a
while… Yeah true, £300 is a bit steep… Exactly! Don’t be a impulse buyer and think about
the long term! Too late, I bought it. WHAT!? I’m finding that I keep making decisions
always in the moment. Then when my vision is less blurred and fuzzy,
i realise I probably make a mistake. There’s actually a study done for exactly
this topic called ‘the marshmallow experiment’ where scientists would offer a child two choices;
they could either get a single marshmallow provided to them immediately, or two marshmallows
if they waited around 15 minutes. They also sometimes give out pretzels instead
of marshmallow but the pretzel experiment sounds kind of funny. In latter studies, these researchers found
that children who were able to wait longer for the rewards tended to have better exam
scores, BMI, and educational attainment! Whatever that means. And this perfectly fits in with the dumb decisions
I’ve been making! Like my friends giving me rides home I talked
about earlier; I end up wasting that extra time because I’m looking at the small reward
of “ooo I can get home early!” rather than the bigger picture. I’ve been actively trying to avoid this
kind of behavior for the past couple of months and it has actually improved my happiness
as well as productivity! Such as doing work on the bus! And that’s it. So, if you’re ever about to make a big decision,
don’t always jump for the one which can give you that satisfaction. Rather, you should think about the consequences
of your actions. I sound pretty cool! or in other words, GET PATIENT YOU BUFFOON! Hey everyone! Thank you so much for watching this video,
sorry if i sound a bit sick, its because… well its because i am sick. Im hoping to upload once every two weeks at
the bare minimum now, so thats pretty exciting. Umm. Lots of stuff to come guys and hope your excited,
also hears a sneak peak at my new character design. But let me know what you think! Alright guys thanks for watching and uhh drink…
drink a lotta water. It’s a… it’s quite good for you. Anyways… bye.


I got my Nintendo 2ds xl stolen I cried for a month

Here’s the story

It was my birthday November 30th (me and my family don’t celebrate birthday) I wanted to bring my do to school and played it all day and at the end of the day I went on the public bus and some crazy person snatch it from me and ran off I chased him but he got away and apparently I couldn’t do anything about so I cried all the way home and just cried. So my parents feel like if I want something so badly I can save money for it, so I worked for 8-10 months by selling candy for 25 cents to buy it and they don’t just hand out money for chores or anything for that matter. So that day was pretty crappy and I justed cried and cried because I spent so much time and effort in to this tiny peace of technology my parents said “you live you learn” and I just accepted the fact it was gone and got over it in like a month but this video reminded me of this story and encouraged me to say something. Moral of the story don’t bring expensive items to the public transit

Graeat another copy paste of some quirky artist with a cartoon character talking about life. Get this shit off my recc YouTube

I feel sorry for you brits…
England and Wales love the idea of Brexit, while Scotland, Northern Ireland, and London all hate it. The thing is though… If the brexit never happens because of those… things… the All-American 1st Amendment, and every meme in existance with it, shall perish in the courts of Europe. Only in Japan, South Korea, Canada, and the United States will memes still exist… Memes are vital to the survival of humanity, and the loss of them edges Earth closer to her sealed fate of nuclear war… It'll be sad when aliens arrive, thousands of years into the future, and say: "Humanity could have been a good civilization, had humanity just not banned memes."

tbh, I am kind of depressed now…

You would have more patience if you were locked up most of every school day inside a room with a teacher outside the day waiting.

I was about to order a Nintendo 2ds. In Amazon I swear I stopped to listen to you and now I won’t buy it cause of your story

And this is why I preordered from my local gamestop and clearly asked the clerk "If I preorder, I am guaranteed the system that day right? No lines, no tickets, I just walk in with my receipt and you hand me my stuff?" The answer was yes (I preordered the day after the presentation with my bf). My bf and I had an Organic Chemistry test the day the thing came out so we had to get through that pile of anxiety then run to the gamestop because the hype was real! (We both got A's on those tests so that felt awesome). We then got our systems and immediately put them into large paper bags that we had gotten ahead of time out of precaution that someone may try to break into my car to get the systems (we had heard horror stories from the Wii era). Best day ever

why did you not just take back the money, and go to walmart or something. and preorder a box from they're company

More like they had to many pre orders and couldnt meet demand so they obviously lied to you lol fuck companies these days

Thanks to James from TheOdd1sOut for helping me with the script

Madz: And they gave me my money back pronto
Me: Is that a Penguins of Madagascar reference?

GetMadz: Im Not Really into the Collectors Edition Of Games, But Zelda came with a "Good" Sword And i Had to get it.
Im holding it in my hands right now! (The game, not the Sword)

Me: Buys A Book On Amazon
The Next Day….
Amazon Message: Sorry But Your Package Catwad: Its Me Two Might Come 1-2 Days, If Does Not Come On Friday, I'm Just Sorry

I had no patience the video took something that felt like hours before it worked! Your not patient guy when I order something I just can't wait 1st day 1 minute later I'm like "Is it here yet?" I'M THE NO PATIENTS KING!

Dude amazon lost my switch lite and broke my charging station on the same week i feel what you saying i was soo mad but waiting was worth it

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