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Amazon Haul Your Kindness Bought Me something Useful ! and Kitchen Chores

Amazon Haul  Your Kindness   Bought Me something Useful ! and Kitchen Chores

today we’re gonna work on one of my
favorite meals and it is chicken fingers it is cornflake chicken fingers as you
know I did a video where I can’t all of that mustard it was a beautiful brown
mustard and somebody said well you couldn’t possibly eat all of that well
I’ll show you one recipe where we use that brown mustard we’re going to dip
our chicken into the brown mustard and coat it with some corn flakes to make a
beautiful chicken finger that is healthy so let’s get started your fingers are
one of the easiest things you can make we have some of my brown mustard that
did not say oh so we are going to open up this jar of brown mustard we’re going
to put the brown mustard into a pan or kettle or a bowl whatever you wish so
we’re going to use all of this brown mustard up so the chicken was a dollar 69 a pound
and they didn’t have the chicken on sale that was the tenders already so a lot of
times you can save a lot of money by making your own chicken tenders
that’s what we’re going to do today so we’re going to cut up the breasts into
chicken tenders which is really simple all we’re gonna do is cut them into
strips I’m gonna go ahead and I’m going to cut all of these chicken breasts into
strips and then we’re gonna make a chicken tenders now I’m making these
chicken tenders to freeze so I’m not going to eat them today we’re just gonna
make them to freeze so I’m going to go ahead I’m going to cut all of these up
and then I’ll show you what we do next so I decided this time not to wash my
chicken ahead of time sometimes I wash it and other times I don’t I know all of
you have a different idea about washing the chicken or not but this time I
decided to just put it in the package just as it is so how do I read my garden my hands and
knees people ask me well how do I keep a garden weeded Tessie yes this is now on
my hands and knees on the most part it’s the carrot patch once again you
need to read it or you think this doesn’t look too much
this is a 75-foot row double so it does take me quite a while but I only have to
do it a few times in the summer so many people ask me about my pickles
and I have to be honest with you this is what I use I make hundreds and hundreds
of quarts of pickles each year and I always use the missus wages kosher dill
pickle mix every single time I make it it gets out perfect but I don’t can my
pickles after I make them I keep them in the refrigerator and they so far have
lasted me seven months seven months this way you’re not cooking your cucumbers so
you have more beneficial properties there so I really don’t need to can any
of my pickles ever because it lasts seven months in the refrigerator from
one season to the next just by doing it this way I really don’t know what my
issue is but I know this mix will get out perfect every single time and that
is worth it for me I want to thank everyone for using my
Amazon link and I want to share with you today what I bought with your money that
you use to purchase your own items I get a little bit of a commission from all of
the things that you buy using my Amazon link and today I’m gonna share with you
what I got I got 10 pounds of raisins all because you took that little extra
time to use my link to purchase your items and today we are going to vacuum
seal all of these raisins so let’s get started you pants it’s been another great day here
on the homestead I hope you’re staying warm and I hope you have a real good
night take everyone we’ll see you guys
tomorrow bye


My husband would BBQ everyday of the week if the weather would permit it. I think he'd like the way you make your chicken fingers, I'll pick up some corn flakes!
I love seeing the girls getting in on everything; they are so helpful! Blessings to all!

Enjoyed watching the video. I lived in California when I was young and we lived on a ranch where they had Grapevines. The Rancher would allow us to pick grapes and sun dry them for Rasins. We would use them in cookies and a Mexican dish called Capiotada (like a bread pudding) with apples, bananas, walnuts, cheese, raisins and we added a cinnamon tea mixture and baked in the oven. Sweet memories of my Momma. Your Grandchildren enjoy helping you in the Kitchen. Your teaching them so many great things. God bless you Tessie.

Your laugh and your happy vibe are contagious! it makes me happy also and inspired. I love the chicken fingers with the corn flakes idea. I have no idea why I've never thought of that before.

Still waiting for my cucumbers to be ready but farmers market is today so it looks like I’m going to make some refrigerator pickles tonight.

We use a lot of mustard β€” great recipe β€”- I weed my garden in the same method β€” Girls are adorableβ€”- need to buy a vacuum sealer β€”-

I love chicken fingers that way! But I do mine with honey mustard lol that girl is looking more and more like her mom as she grows! Just beautiful love you sis!

Finally the internet is back hi tessie thanks for the awesome video i was reading the comments from the awesome subbies and no worries with no gloves in the garden lol no gloves handling meat oh tessie you are hardcore they look so good chicken tenders oh wish I was there to sample have a great day what beautiful girls they are fortunate to have a Grammy like you great job tessie

Hard, hard work. πŸ˜…
One thing I can't do, that is go barefoot. My mom and brother always did, but me and my dad can't stand it. I don't even go barefoot in the house. My mom had feet so rough they were like the bottoms of shoes. πŸ˜„πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ™πŸŒΉ

Good Morning, Friends πŸ˜€
How everyone doing today ? I'm well and we are getting rain today in Jacksonville, North Carolina πŸ˜Šβ˜”πŸ’§β›…
Praying for everyone have a great and blessing Wednesday πŸ’Ÿ

Good Morning , Dear Tessie πŸ’ž
Great video, looking forward to make the recipe of chicken fingers πŸ”πŸ˜ŠπŸ’Ÿ
Your garden looks very beautiful, need too use protection in your hands does weed can get the best of you 😁😁😁😁
The girls help you with does raisins πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡they do a great job for grandma, what they call you Tessie? I'm a grandmother too and they call me MIMI πŸ˜€
Have a great and blessing day you and Kenny πŸ’Ÿ I Love you my Sister Tessie 🌷

Your Granddaughters are precious! Weeding on hands and knees….I dont know if I could do that. LOL. I'd certainly try!

Tessie,that weeding is back breaking!Hope you are!!!!!!πŸ’—πŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’œπŸ’

Love all the ways you are preserving food! Do you have an additional refrigerator that you can store all the pickles? I think I would have to can my pickles as I don't have enough room in my fridge.
Also we don't have that brand mix around us, I will have to see if I can find it on Amazon or somewhere

Love the variety in this video! Pickles look so easy to do. Haven't used Mrs Wages, but I'm sure gonna now! Your granddaughters are such cuties…. squeezable!! I don't go barefoot outside, but I do get down and dirty pulling weeds! Thanks for sharing, Tessie!

Good morning Tessie. Nice stockpile on the raisins!Β  I can see a lot of recipes coming with those.Β  Your granddaughters looked like they were enjoying themselves.Β  It makes me so happy to see the important things they are learning.Β  Now how much easier can making pickles be?Β  lolΒ  I am going to do that this year if I get enough cukes in the garden.Β  God Bless and keep you safe.

Your youngest grand daughter really loves her grandpa…she lit up when he walked into the room! Thanks for the idea about refrigerator pickles!

Tessie I knew you would have a use for all that nice brown mustard. I love chicken fingers we usually dip them in honey mustard after cooking them in corn flake batter. I'll have to try your method next time. Talk about hands on in the kitchen that's the way my mom does it too coat the chicken and bake. And in the garden with no cloves you just get right in there and pull. I do that as well though have to be a bit careful around rose bushes. Only time I'll wear cloves is when I have to work around the rose bushes. It's getting your hands dirty that makes it all worth while and a great sense of accomplishment. Your girls are so sweet they sure had fun helping out in the kitchen and working the vacuum sealer. Tessie you are most welcome. I'll be using your links to get some items very soon it's great you get a commission on things I did not know that. I'll use your links from now on to get stuff. Your garden looks great coming along so nice. That's a lot of harvesting. Your Marigolds are taking off here and they are so big. I have a few of them in pots I'll have to replant them so they can grow out more. I know they will come back every year too. Every time I look at them I see you out in your garden. Love you my sister. Blessing to you and Ken:)

It’s so nice seeing children doing things productive. And your grandchildren are lucky to have a grandmother to teach them things that’s important in life.Tessie have a great day.

You are making wonderful memories for your granddaughters. Love to see the whole family included on projects. God bless you and your family Miss Tess.

Good video , it’s 6:50 am here I have to go to the garden and do my chores before the the heat index hits over 105. Have a safe and Blessed Day

Blessings Mrs. Tessie! Thanks for another sweet glimpse into your homestead heart and home! As always, prayers for you, yours, and your viewers!

Good Morning Tessie and Friends, Yesterday was a good day it was a sunny day not to hot though a little humid. I was down to the beach had a walk and swam in the ocean. A very pleasant day. Today looks to be another sunny day though it will be a hot one. I'll be out and about with morning chores, hang out the laundry on the line, to the bank, and then to the grocery store for a few times needed. If it's not to hot I may go again to the beach. I find it helps me greatly to clear my mind. A few days ago I talked about depression and anxiety and how much it has affected me. I got a lot of response's from many. Coming here in the early morning and seeing Tessie each morning with coffee, reading every ones comment, just brightens my day. It uplifts me a lot interacting with every one. Love you all thank you for being a friend. Thank you Tessie for always being here for me your kindness and uplifting words makes my world a better place. Have a most wonderful beautiful blessed Wednesday my friends:) Keep smiling:)

Tessie, my children will not eat my homemade pickles…I will give this a try…maybe the combination of store mix and not canning will do the trick. Thank you!

Tessie, thanks for sharing. Those tenders look great .it's nice to have little helpers in the kitchen, plus they are learning πŸ‘

After being sick for a week and lots of rain I think I’ll be lucky to find my garden through all the weeds 😩

Hi Tessie, love the chicken recipe. I make mine with mayo and egg dip then crushed stuffing mix. Wow I make my pickles the same. Today I'm dehydrating oranges and working on a new crochet pattern called virus blanket. It's real pretty. So adorable are your granddaughter's. Have a blessed day.

Looks good I got to try refrigerator pickles my sister made for the fourth they are good. Have a great day

As kids mom made chicken with Frosted Flakes. I made plain flakes. Had to put a little sugar on it. Going to try using mustard. Love your videos

I really DO NOT LIKE weeding!!! It has to be done but when you have a bad back it’s awful. I’m definitely gonna try the pickles!!! I love seeing you work in the garden barefoot. I don’t work barefoot, feet have gotten tender. Love ya ❀️

Blessings, blessings, blessings, Miss Tess….all your vlogs are so useful…thank you for such a giving heart…have a great dayπŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»

I see the true meaning of kids are a blessing from our heavenly father awesome grandkids β€οΈπŸ™πŸ˜‡

Good Morning Tessie and followers, I recently discovered you and so glad I did! Tessie, finally I found you! You do hard work as I always have! I found you because I recently had to quit my job as a nurse (at 55y.o.) due to herniated lumbar disk and fusion surgery. Watching my You-Tubers has been a godsend during recovery. I have a lot of your videos to catch up on and can't wait to immerse myself in the Homestead Tessie world! Many Blessings!

The pickles sound really good! What good idea with raisins! Do you have a recipe for oatmeal raisin cookies. They are my favorite! Have a beautiful day!

That's a really cool idea. I never thought to can my raisins like that. Thanks for the idea. Oh how I loved the look of pride on your granddaughters face as she sealed the jars. After my son's marriage ended I helped him raise his 2 boys. They were 3 and 1 and last year he married again. Oh how I miss them. Love and Hugs. Take care <3<3<3 P.S. I don't use gloves either. I can't feel the dirt and what I am doing. πŸ™‚

Can't use all that brown mustard? One of those jars would cover the amount I use in a batch of quiches. πŸ˜‰

The chicken tenders look great. your granddaughters are having fun helping you, they are so cute. great tip on the raisins I am about out so time to stock up. have a wonderful day friend

What video app do you use or do you record and edit from you tube.??I was going to attempt to have my culinary class so a few videos and wondered what was easy for editing since I am not so technical

Great video. Will have to make the refrigerated dill pickles. Your grandkids are really learning a lot from you. Also like your vacuum sealer.

I have had pickles in fridge for 1 year and still taste fresh. My husband likes them better the klausen pickles. Your are very inspiring. Thank for sharing your life.

Always happy to see your little helpers with you. That was a lot of raisins maybe some raisin bread in the future? Keep smiling sweetie xoxo

Tessie, easy peasy chicken fingers and pickles! I learn so much from you! Have a blessed Wednesday!!❀❀❀

I do the same thing with mayo. I am not much on mustard, but for those that do I bet they would love these. You must have to weed every single day to keep up with that big garden. We have tried two years in a row to grow carrots. The rabbits have gotten them both times. It seems that the night before we decide to harvest the rabbits came out and ate THE WHOLE ROW!!!!!!!!!! Sheeeeesh. The girl look like they had some great fun with thsoe raisins. I am sure they ate a few along the way too. You are awesome. God bless.

I guess I never realized refrigerator pickles last that long in the fridge that you could keep them like that. Now the problem is if I made a bunch my refrigerator is only so big I need an extra one like my sister has LOL those chicken tenders look like they're going to be very tasty when you make them. Do you bake them or do you do them in your air fryer? I've never owned an air fryer or a other Gadget that people cook with I forget what it's called. All I have is my oven my stove crock pot but you know what I'm blessed and having that because there's people that are don't even have that. Now I have to find how you did and where you came across the brown mustard head I have today free so I've been trying to get some projects done and catch up on videos. Your granddaughters are growing up so fast there really looking like your daughter. The grandchildren that would be so helpful are the ones that live so far away here the other ones that are local are so busy so I don't get to do much with them anymore. Raisins so many things you can do with them but my grandkids love a trail mix and so raisins like that would go pretty fast with my grandkids they're always whining healthy snacks. That is a blessing that you were able to buy those with your Rewards. May the Lord just keep blessing you. I have a question my vacuum sealer broke so I've been trying to use the brake bleeder like you showed once and Heidi from Rain Country shows it as well I think that's where you said you saw it. Now my question is if I use that and try to seal stuff in a jar do you think the bleeder vacuum seals things as tight as the electric vacuum sealer? I've been trying to use it a lot but wanted to make sure. it gets a bit tricky for me some days with my fibro and rheumatoid arthritis how much I can squeeze it by hand so I'm praying one day the Lord blesses us with an electric one again but until then we will count our blessings that we have the brake bleeder .My sons had the funniest look when I showed him my new Gadget that they know is to be used on cars and other stuff and hear their mama's using it in the kitchen LOL I got the funniest look from Three Sons but they also learn something new and my daughter just had the biggest smile like brothers if you only knew what us women can do this is just the beginning she likes to challenge your brothers that's what you do I guess when you're the baby of the bunch. oh by the way you have to smile the biggest smile when you see the smiles on your granddaughter's knowing that they're helping their grandma great job Tessie

Hello Sweet Tessie, I hope you are having a nice evening. It was great to see the Grands helping you in the kitchen. I will have to try making my own pickles. hugs and love

Chicken Fingers, oh my… I don't know if you have it in the States but overhere we have something that we called 'Maggi' after the brandname. It somekind of lovage juice, and I like to dip a chicken finger in it. It has a bit of salty taste but it doesn't contain that much salt, so it is healthier. And mustard? I think that you know that basic Dutch kitchen and that we are mashing pretty much everything and putting a smoked sausage with it, there is another rule.. no smoked sausage without mustard LOL. Some people are really terrible and even put some mustard on their cheese sandwiches, and ofcourse I am one of them πŸ™‚

I love pickles, for a matter of fact everything that is a bit sour. To store things in that kind of way is old fashioned too. We do it with smaller onions too, sometimes with a bit of currypowder and a few other herbs (Amsterdamse uitjes) 'small onions for Amsterdam' and more hardcore would be the recipe of 'sour liver sausage'. I wonder if the last one could be made in the USA with common things, but I can give it try to investigate it.

I've been using Mrs. Wages since the 90s, never a bad pickle! I wish I could have my grandsons learning with me like you have your granddaughters learning with you . I have three grandsons, two live 800 miles away and my oldest lives almost 2000 miles away. I don't get to see them very often, sadly.

Hi Tessie, great idea with the raisins. How long would they last? I use sultanas so hoping I can get a longer shelf life vaccum sealing them. Thanks.

Thanks Tessie.. Youngest Grand daughter was just giddy about her job vacuum sealing when her grandpa was watching.. Too cute..

My grandkids love chicken tenders. Love the recipe and making my own. I can’t believe how easy those pickles can be! Hugs Sis❀️

Oh that chicken finger recipe looks good. I shall have to make some. The girls are sweet and they are learning some wonderful things and developing so much confidence. Take care ,stay cool and God Bless!

Tessie, I'm wondering how long do they need to "stay up" before they're ready to eat? I remember my mom hot bath canning (I think) dills, but they needed to "marinate" (not sure of the correct term) before they tasted right. Seeing this makes me want to give it a try!

Loved the video sis. Your grandbabies are just adorable. Your youngest loves here Grandpa her eyes just lit up when he walked in it was the sweetest. God bless much love

Wonderful !! And your garden is looking good πŸ‘Œ yay! For the gift,. That's wonderful. Like me I always think of doing something with food or gardening I have 3 grandbabies and they are always hungry, and they Love pickles so I will try this idea. Be ever so Blessed Tessy πŸ’žπŸ’ž

Isn’t it fun to β€œcan” with you’re grandchildren. It’s a priceless experience, teaching them a life skill and getting to know each other better.

Your granddaughters were very helpful and sweet. You’re making lots of good memories for them. It’s always fun to watch their little faces. I like to make bread & butter pickles with onions, but haven’t yet this summer. I might try what you did. We’ll see. I’m visiting some of my family in Savannah for awhile now. Take care!πŸ₯°

Oh got to try those pickles Thankyou. ! Girls are soo cute n good little helpers. God Bless you all πŸ€—

Tessie those chicken fingers sounded like they were delicious! So glad you got the big box of raisins. That was so sweet watching Sierra and her sister (can't remember her name) following in your footsteps! Love you Sis.

Thanks for sharing your vids! I've never seen the vacuum that you used… could you share what machine that is? Thank you. God bless! πŸ’•

Tessie I live on the west coast and cannot find any oil lamps. I had some many years ago when our power went out, but my hubby got rid of them when I wasn’t looking. He is gone now, so do you know where I can find some at a good price? Candles scare me.

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