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Amazon Mechanical Turk Hit Groups Slave Wages Reward Affiliate Marketing Science & Technology

Amazon Mechanical Turk Hit Groups Slave Wages Reward Affiliate Marketing Science & Technology

okay so this is going to be a part two
to my previous video about the word green so it’s part two related to green
and affiliate marketing and stuff like that and this is inflating the search
and so so the this is they call it hit groups and so they know that sounds
terrible hit groups but it is they were calling early on people would be calling
websites hits and in views they call them hits and things like that and so
that’s kind of funny when you think about how it could be taken out of
context but look at how little they get paid so sixty cents
this one is would petty and so these are they call it their they’re using these
names which may or may not be real names they could just be made up by you know
they don’t have to be real names and so the people who go and do this stuff you
some have to be approved not everybody is approved to do this
stuff so they’ll get paid like 60 cents they cut they call it a reward and see
not all of them are even open to be so you have to be at a certain level to
even get up there to do the woods where you get paid a higher about a buddy but
look at that their offer b1 pity and then even the five cents that was 15 and
described a specific object in the scene and so oh this could be interesting let
me show you this this this would describe an object I’m going to show you
this is how the algorithm is trained let’s see if if we can I want to preview
it first so when you’re describing the object yep this is how you treat
artificial intelligence so when you describe the object this is this is
where I learned about training artificial intelligence was when they
have the CAPTCHA and they say check the box that you’re not a robot well your
training artificial intelligence is what you’re doing so
by describing what’s in this box you’re teaching the computer what it is so by
describing you know like me right now I’m teaching someone search engine
somewhere what like this is a little gold round ball you marble it’s bronze
look at your color kind of brownish this one is turquoise turquoise in color it’s
a it’s a cylindrical sphere of some sort we got a great background and then we’ve
got a gold little marble II type of a ball right here and this looks like a
little green type of it let’s see what that is it’s actually kind of fun
because it teaches you about artificial intelligence but then at the same time
it’s teaching you that you’re teaching artificial intelligence how to view
pictures so you just are and and so it says see it says inside the red box
there’s a small shiny green cube the cube is near the front of the seed
behind the cube to the right is a shiny yellow ball and opposite the ball is a
large blue cylinder poor quality work will be rejected even you will be
blocked from completing any more of our hits please describe the indicated
object in each of these images and so that it wants you to describe everything
in detail and so like this would you would describe it like there is a red a
red type of a box or some sort it looks kind of like a box and it’s rounded at
the top and there’s a little ball he adhere to that has sort of brown and
it’s got a little light on it and there’s some gray in the background and
then the box itself is red with a square around it and so so it wants us to
describe each one of these and so we’re trading the artificial intelligence is
what we’re doing and then not getting paid very well for it either that’s
what’s happening and so yeah and so that’s how you trade artificial
intelligence you’ll get a little CAPTCHA code that says check this
to make sure you’re not a robot well the robots already know how to do that
anyway the robots can actually check the box and so yeah so you get paid very
little like this task is what is it 15 cents yeah 15 cents and the task itself
could take you like two or three minutes to get paid 15 cents to teach the
computer and I’m thinking that’s kind of a skill in itself of describing things
in detail of what they are and and I mean vivid detail if you want some vivid
detail there’s a lot of people who can actually do it but but for 15 suits
that’s a skill too so vote for 15 suits that’s not very much that is is it’s
that slavery so yeah right here under the Mechanical Turk this is slavery and
I would even ask this question to like is this a way that you that there could
be Foreign influence and money laundering from foreign countries and doctor that
you can’t use it but it could could there be buddy laundry you know like my
husband said earlier too about the rabbit he he said something about the
rabbit that there could be buddy laundry with that rabbit that was on TV that big
shiny silver rabbit because the price is artificially inflated so high and so in
all reality yeah so would you have artwork and things like that could there
be money laundering you need those circumstances as well and so but this is
a good place to get some words some technology type words to you know
computer vision Turk James Billy’s computer vision Turk content research
and so these are words themselves that are being used in artificial
intelligence and so so these would be probably paid words to promote someone
else’s properties in some way possibly which could skew and so if you have
something for example if you had someone who wanted to like put Donald Trump’s
name in here or they put it Donald separately and then Trump
separately they could actually artificially inflate his name in the
Mechanical Turk they just could and so yeah and so that
would push his name up higher in the search engine optimization results and
you wouldn’t even know where it’s coming from because a lot of people don’t know
about Mechanical Turk but this is a good way to yeah do do a lot of work and not
get paid for it copy-editing warteg this hit may contain
adult content worker discretion is advised
that’s funny people should be paid actually it’s not that hard to do this
work and and that’s why it’s really for us unless they’re just don’t we any
think I’m thinking is that this is specifically the computer itself doing
this a lot of this work I don’t know I mean because the ones that’s available
to be is really really low and there’s higher woods that I could do but there’s
just various tasks that people do on here it’s not worth your time
I earned like ten dollars I don’t even know where it went I had ten dollars at
one time see vacation rental when you put the word in there and then there’s
names in there Turk pastor well Turkey is a popular word to begin with anyway
what is a Mechanical Turk but can’t at what textual choreography Mechanical
Turk to be would be artificial intelligence actually the Amazon
Mechanical Turk so this may be this is the artificial intelligence for Amazon
and so maybe possibly this is how they raise certain companies higher to get
them promoted I mean instead of them advertising I don’t know it just seems
really not a very good way to do business because you know it takes
time to do the tasks and then you get paid very little so well you know when
people protest Amazon this is why because look at the pay that’s slavery
right there that’s slavery


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