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Amazon, Ring slapped with lawsuit over camera hacking

Amazon, Ring slapped with lawsuit over camera hacking


Amazon, Google, Apple, Facebook… Cameras and microphones watching and listening to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week… For 10 years.

This “expert” is lying. The technology does exist and there is a 100% secure home control system available for purchase right now. Go look up Karl Denninger and his system that is for sale. It’s all run thru a VPN so it’s actually secure.

A "government backdoor" is a backdoor to everyone = Its Not security.
US government admits it's stupidity by making such moves.
How do you expect to be successful globally running a dumbed down society.

Actually these may be the systems where the default password was still being used..The one in the girls bedroom still had the original password…If so then its parents responsibility.. Being Amazon it will go on years and cost hundreds of thousands and in the end they will likely lose if they didnt change the password..

I'm not surprised that this is happening. Anything that you have that is high tech and involves the internet is going to be fair game for a bunch of tech savvy weirdos that have nothing better to do than breach the security of technology. Im not a big fan of having a bunch of electronics in the house with camera internet connection etc. hackers the ever so watchful eyes of big brother and god knows what can easily violate your privacy.

It's ring horror movie thing when a santaclaus comes out of the well with long frock and long hair 👹.

Electronic camera on internet smartphone, DSLR cameras/videos with GPS fitting are spooking into your personal lives because you desired to see other's bedrooms/bathrooms thing's.

Amozon should have to pay for all damages caused by those security cameras getting hacked into… They have the funds to compensate ever holder of one of those devices….THEY CANNOT WORK THAT GOOD IF A HACKER CAN GET ACCESS INTO THERE SYSTEM… WHAT GOOD ARE THEY THEN ?????

They are stealing ring cameras
How prevent it if it loses power you but password in they did with other devices this comes from factory
It would be 3 passwords giving hackers very hard time
Work with company that did that years ago

Two-factor authentication people. If it’s an option, there’s no reason other than laziness that people wouldn’t use it.

Isn't technology great?! It has made us all safer and more secure, just like they promised decades ago. By the way, my phone has been hacked 5xs in the past 2yrs, my wife's identity was stolen 7yrs ago and her tax returns stolen every year since. IRS too lazy and corrupt to do anything about it. Easier to go after innocent people.


This isn't going to get better because the American business model is to make things as cheap as possible.
And then there is China.

Anything wireless or with an IP address can be hacked, home security, cameras, appliances, AC with wireless thermostats. Great convenience but there are evil people out there….do you trade privacy for convenience?

Stop being naive people.. If it has a camera or audio AND IS CONNECTED TO THE WEB, it's a great potential to be used for evil intent.. Refrigerators, microwave, Television, Alexa, or what ever, even your phone. They are hacked daily by the IC and any other pedophile organization out there.. Look at the perverts that created these devices. They do it for there own fetishes…. So stop buying them or deal with it…

Talk about connected.. doesn't everybody desire to live in a "smart" city? It is made to sound so cool. Computer controlled everything, even the people. The Sims brought to real life. Now come on people.. stack and pack housing can't be beat! 🙄😒

At what point did our society become cool with all this creepy spying? Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Amazon, etc. all spying on us. Even our phones spy on us. They record us when we don't know it, take pictures and videos without our knowing, record our calls, steal our contacts, data mine everything we search, where we go, what we buy, where we click, what we view. Do people know they're waiving any Constitutional expectation of privacy when they use these things? This means our government can access everything data mined by Big Tech without violating the Constitution because we freely gave it away to Big Tech. This is why our politicians will not create laws to protect our data and privacy. Why are more people not creeped out by this? Where did our sense of privacy and security in our homes and personal life go?

You stick your hand a mailbox and take someones mail. It's a felony. Yet Software companies steal you Mail. Contacts. Phone Numbers everyday. Then sell that information. Yet that is legal. Time for Government to move into the 21st Century. Pass laws that make those a Felony…As they are breaking and entering into your homes and office..

As any computer hacking, it is always user error. Probably Nancy and her new ring camera with default config and password set as "Pass123"… "OMG HACKERS"

Are the buyers of this product NOT aware that Amazon and RING has ALL of their electronic products made in Chinese factories? Is anyone using these devices also so uninformed, that since this device can transmit data to anywhere ‘you’ are, it could also be transmitting this same data to everywhere! C’mon people…stop being so stupid and naive. Only a completely closed CCTV system hard wired to a central hub with monitors are extremely hard to get into and the only true security systems other than a vicious watch dog that is truly safe and doesn’t abuse the word ‘security’.

Ring wasn't hacked. These idiots who have these cams used the same passwords for years and were also easily guessable. 1,2,3,4,5. That's the same combination I have on my luggage.

Of course Bezos and all those liberal cowards want in your house , bank account , OOPS Facebook had ANOTHER security problem !
SORRY ! Are we still good ?! People need to stop using Amazon , it’s ruining the world !

Call me old fashion…
At my home…one mean Doberman with 42 teeth and one mean owner with a Smith&Wesson. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I’m glad that Fox News thinks that they can shove liberal ideas down our throat, while the media and the justice dept do nothing about the over take of the country. It’s not going to be funny anymore when violence starts in the streets. FOX YOU WILL TAKE SOME BLAME IN THIS TOO.

These guys are insane to think that Americans accept that Law Enforcement has live access to camera's in your home⚠. If I Had cameras .. and I don't, just like don't use the cloud for the same reason… I would not want ANYONE but me or someone I have designated to have access.

Having ring or Alexa in your house is basically putting a spy camera in your very own home for anyone to watch. No thank you.

I could care less who looks through my Rind doorbell, if you put a camera connected to the internet in your child's room you are an idiot.

Fox is obsessed with over-representing Africans and Asians on air. If Africans and Asians are a tiny minority shouldn't they be given minority representation on TV…you know to reflect reality of Americans being the majority. Why is Fox pushing the Anti White agenda?

Yea meanwhile everybody carries around cell phones with front and back cameras with a microphone that can be hacked at any time with a IMSI catcher Stingray man in the middle device. No cell phone is safe and encryption does not work against a IMSI catcher. I talked to a kid at the grocery store who built his own and uses it to spy on the kids at his high school, and then he snitches them out to the cops

How about the users use better passwords……..the average user never changes password for Router, AP's, and phones……This will be thrown out…..

Wait till the hackers are shutting your cars off, as they're going down the street. Isn't that going to be great? You can't operate your throttle. You can't operate your brakes. You can't even steer yourself out of absolute destruction… Because a hacker, has taken over your autonomous vehicle. And the Beautiful part… Hacker thinks it's a toaster.

Not my truck. Not today. Not tomorrow. Not ever.

Information is the new heroin. And technology is the new needle.

We don't need better Internet Security … We need a 12-step program.

By the way Fox… The only get out of debt program that actually works. Is Dave Ramsey, Total Money Makeover. Wish you would quit putting this guy in our face. Last time I checked… 21 million people weren't using his program… To get out of debt.

And nobody, calls your television station. To do their debt free scream.

What happened to buyer beware? When you smoke you’re susceptible to lung cancer. When you drink you’re susceptible to cirrhosis of the liver. When you use the internet you’re susceptible to hackers.

What about Amazon looking and recording what you are doing. Who is dumb enough to have Alexa, Ring, or any other surveillance device.

Ban cameras, Ban microphones , Ban computers, Ban mobile devices 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 there's a better idea change the frequency of communications so HACKERS cant do this .

I don't personally feel as though this is likely to be Amazon's fault or liability. I am drawn down the middle on a lot of these comments though. I know the default configurations and passwords never being changed is a valid issue being brought up, so I think that if people are that clueless, they probably shouldn't own technology. However, I also believe that if a hacker is talented enough, it's not going to matter; not much will protect you. However, not many people out there are gifted AND targeting you; doesn't mean it can't happen though. So really, it all comes down to what you consider acceptable risk vs benefit, just like with prescription medications. The biggest factor is going to be knowing what you're talking about.. I do have strong beliefs about how much exposure our children have to technology, though. Raising my kids in a techy home, I didn't see an issue for a long time; I thought people were exaggerating and blowing it out of proportion due to their own dislike of technology; I'll keep it simple by saying "I was wrong. VERY wrong"

GEEEEEEEEEEE? Are you serious. You mean hackers just invaded home privacy by hacking into these ingenius devices. Come on. People need to be smarter and think with a bit more awareness. No camera would ever go on to my home. Not unless it is hardwired into private servers. I recommend utilizing your 2nd amendment rights

TRUMP 2020🇺🇸

Hope they go bust they've ripped me off and im not buying from them ever again and i was a good regular customer absolute rip off parcels not delivered and no refunds..thanks Amazon, also same problems with eBay…forget it


👋Nest is as bad . It’s all designed to take away all privacyOh yeah losing our freedom for security is what they all are buying into . They want you to believe theirs a murderer at every door in America . Bring in the cameras and there will be

The Amazon ring is flawed I got rid of it after my first month of owning it I logged in to my house and low and behold I was looking at someone else's home I couldn't believe it after confirming I was looking at someone else's home I did immediately log out log back in then again and I was looking at my home I did it a few more times and I didn't have a problem again but to think I was trying to sign into my ring and I was looking at someone else's home is frightening

Exactly why I DO NOT trust technology such as that,Alexa,etc. I cover my video cams and don’t buy up to date technology.

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