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Amazon SiteStripe – How to add Affiliate IMAGES and Affiliate LINKS to your WordPress Website

Amazon SiteStripe – How to add Affiliate IMAGES and Affiliate LINKS to your WordPress Website

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this Video💡 for the people who do not know me my name is Rochelle my Brand🏃‍ is
the DIY Affiliate💎 and I help new Internet Business Owners to choose a Niche Create a
Brand🏃‍ and Navigate through the Jungle of Affiliate♟️marketing in this if you
have not chosen things in a niche yet then it’s time to do some research you can watch
the five Video💡s I created while doing the research in choosing a niche you can learn
about the top 5 free keyword research tools have you chosen your Brand🏃‍ yet a second
Video💡 is about choosing a Brand🏃‍ strategy for your domain Brand🏃‍ name
how important it is and a Key Element✨ in starting your online business by the end of
this Video💡 you would have Learned about SideStripe☑️ how to post your Affiliate♟️links
create banners and Product💼s on your WordPress website just the facts let’s get down to business
or you can search by the categories that Amazon puts its Product💼s into you can also search
by your niche now my niche is Survivalism and everything falls under the Sports in the
Outdoor you can refine it you can go through the different options here
and then use your Keywords🔑⌨ click on the Go and this will bring up what you are
looking for go into your Amazon Associates🛒 SideStripe☑️
on the top left and click in your text and image this will bring up your HTML which is
computer language this is what your banner will look like and
then you just copy this HTML go back over to your post click on the plus button look
for custom HTML click into the custom HTML and then paste your highlighted copied text
in and then click preview go back over to the Amazon roll down to frequently
bought items click on the next item text an image
this is the fastest way to be able to get your Product💼s on your WordPress pull up
a sticky note here you can see you have other images coming up for the LifeStraw Personal
water filter for hiking camping travel and Emergency Preparedness 🎒 go to text and
image highlight the HTML copy it go back over to
your post click on HTML go down to where it says the iframe make sure that you have a
space in there and then click paste preview so now you have your main Product💼 and
also a supporting Product💼 that’s frequently bought together ant in you doing that for
the last Product💼 and you don’t need to have to put any other information in at this
point and this is the last one you do the exact
same thing you click into it then you get your text and image HTML and post it into
your post make sure that you are in your HTML and you’ll
see the iframe make sure that you leave a space and then click into paste
click on preview and there you have the three frequently bought Product💼s together
click update and then view your post so this is the featured image right here here
is your gallery items frequently bought together and these are links the categories and some
of the tags now with this theme you do have the option and I’m going to go here is to
actually put Product💼s in so you can add Product💼s to your WooCommerce you can use
your external Affiliate♟️links you can also sell your own Product💼s just gonna
go into my Product💼s just gonna go all Product💼s because I think I have already
added this one got it to add a new Product💼 you would click on the add new just gonna
edit this Product💼 just by clicking in my edit so this will give the appearance as
an ecommerce store for Product💼s so you would put your title in here wait till this
is fully in once this is fully in you would put your title in here by typing it in it
doesn’t need to have you can add a Video💡 or you can add some other type of Video💡
some other type of media by clicking in the add media
you would put your your information about your Product💼 so that would be your description
your Product💼 data would be the external Affiliate♟️Product💼 if you click in
the downward arrow you will see you have simple Product💼 group Product💼 external Affiliate♟️Product💼
when you are with Amazon you are using external Affiliate♟️Product💼 your Product💼
URL your button your price and if there is a sales price and the tax status it is taxable
and the standard ok and then you have your Product💼 short description and then you
can add a review so if you add a review you would then go add Comment 🤔
you would go back to your first-aid kit and then you would look for the reviews which
are cure where you see these stars just click on the stars and then here you can see the
ratings and then you could see all customer reviews ok so why do you want to add a review
you want to add a review because it gives the Product💼 credibility that other people
have bought it and this is what they think so then you scroll down to the bottom and
you can see here our customer image just here is something reviewed in October on October
9th 2018 verified purchase is a top review that’s 2018 if we click in here
it also says 20 people have found this helpful so this looks like it is a five-point review
so you want to copy this whole review and copy that go back to where it says edit Product💼
information where it says add Comment 🤔 and then you’re going to paste this information
in there it says five out of five stars so what you want to do is is add an emoji stars or I have mine in my
keyboard up here okay and then you’re going to click on add
Comment 🤔 okay so even though I have added it this is what the person has said okay and
then of course your Product💼 tags in which you can easily add in here let’s just add
another one okay and here are your categories you would choose where you would find this
end the Emergency Preparedness 🎒 and you can always add a new Category⛱that new Category⛱you
can also choose from the most used tags that are Relevant showing your sharing buttons
and your sharing buttons are located in your settings
and then we can you can add Product💼 gallery images so these are going to be images that
are relevant and you can only add one at a time it seems so we’re going to add one at
a time we’re going to make sure that we have both text our title our description short
description so I’m just going to use this one here add to my gallery and you go through
each Product💼 and you do that that you are adding and then add to the gallery and
at any time you can take Product💼s out and you can also move your Product💼s around
the title in caption and description and then add to your gallery you need to click update
and make sure visibility is public status published catalog visibility shop and search
results view Product💼 there is the review people want to see it and this is by me but
I have copied the information from action an actual person right there thank you for Watching 😨this Video💡
if you have found it helpful then please click the like button if you have not subscribed
to my channel then please subscribe to my channel this is a DIY Affiliate♟️wishing
everybody a wonderful evening

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