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Amazon v4 pour PrestaShop

Amazon v4 pour PrestaShop

Here is a quick explanation of how to use the
Amazon Marketplace module to synchronize your
offers on Amazon within 20 minutes. The module is preconfigured, however you can
enable the features you need in this tab Context-sensitive help (a giant tooltip) shows you
how easy it is to obtain and insert your Amazon
access keys You can also customize your export: rounding,
pricing, rules and filters, among other features The module works with any Amazon platform: United States, Canada, Great Britain, Europe, all
Amazon’s countries The module parameters are explained in tooltips,
here in yellow, but also in online documentation. Each tab has one page of simple documentation. Everything is explained in a single page. For your convenience, the categories are already
checked The module automatically adds scheduled jobs,
the cron jobs The module automatically interacts with the
Cronjobs module from Prestashop An optional tab is available on the product sheet
to enhance your feed, but also to customize your offer for Amazon:
price, delivery, leadtime, and many other features For example, here you can enter 5 advertising
catchphrases or product key features to highlight
your offer Here you can override the product price Simple and clear explanations are provided as
tooltips, here in yellow Let us now send the offers on Amazon. The interface is simple and clear: one button to verify, another button to send, and
a few minutes later your offers have posted on
Amazon The report will inform you that the operation
succeeded Importing orders is also very simple: one button to display them, another button to
import them Here is an order imported by the module. Everything is properly imported: name, address,
products, taxes, and shipping The invoice is automatically sent to the customer

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