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explores how a company shrouded in mystery leads you to join a multi-level
marketing company called a magic after attending a webinar and purchasing a
course that allegedly is to help you create your very own online business so
that you can have financial freedom and break away from the terrors of
nine-to-five if you have not watched the first video I did on this MLM it’s
called magic water you may want to do so before diving into this one so if all
this sounds good then get comfy grab a snack and come with me and just so you
know this is your first time you might hear some dog noises I know Tamale just
yawn so just have to deal with that the first video I did on an adjective two of
the companies actually have a name the third though it’s you know a mystery
company but like I told you it eventually leads you to joining an attic
in a roundabout sort of the way they start off selling you on creating your
own online business but eventually there’s the pitch for you to join the
magic since creating that video I actually have found that there are more
people who are with and magic that are doing the same things as those other two
companies and the mystery company are doing people who are at the highest rank
appear to use something outside of the MLM that acts as an entry ramp to their
funnel which then eventually leads you to joining the MLM this company and
magic it originated in 1974 and later changed the name to an attic in 2003
that’s 45 years of it being around now I have not found if it has been MLM
that entire time I don’t think it has but it is now those who are creating an
on-ramp you know sit at the top and so I just want you to think about this if
they’re at the top and have been doing this for a long time what is the
likelihood that you can compete with their marketing to market this
opportunity which starts with a paid affiliate thing you have to create
Facebook Ads and those cost money and if you are just
a regular person who does not have like a large marketing budget really how can
you compete how much money are you willing to spend each week on Facebook
Ads to hopefully maybe get people to click on this affiliate only can be
attached to you so you can pitch them MLL I find this
practice to be deceitful and disturbing businesses that lead you to join an MLM
in a roundabout way I believe are far more sinister overall then when someone
is at least straight up with you you know about what it is that you’re going
to be doing you know I mean this is to me I see it’s all about lining their
pockets through the paid affiliate opportunity never ever by the way
pay to join an affiliate marketing opportunity that is a huge red flag
because you end up promoting their affiliate thing you are paying for these
ads which you may or may not get people to you know say yes to you because of
the competition out there and then let’s just say that you do have people who say
yes maybe in a year’s time you get 20 30 50 people but you’re not getting any
traction anywhere where is that information going to go to it’s going to
go straight on up to who you signed up with so you see you basically you’re
doing extra marketing for them people who market for and magic will tell you
things like you can earn five thousand dollars each month for life to do so you
competing them with everyone else who is trying to get the attention of others to
join the same thing through the course or straight up purchasing these very
expensive water filtration machines the multi-level marketing business model
relies on an endless chain of recruitment eventually you just run out
of people and if that is not enough to make you go hmm then I’m going to put a
link to the research conducted by the late dr. John Taylor titled five causal
and defining characteristics of product based pyramid schemes or recruiting MLM
which is also available on the FTC site here are the five red flags that dr.
Taylor provides I’m not going to give you you know all the details around that
if you want to know more there’s going to be a link to his article in the
description of this video I will also provide links in the
description to two other writings of dr. Taylor’s multi-level marketing unmasked
why multi-level marketing is unfair deceptive and also the case for and
against multi-level marketing the complete guide to understanding the
flaws and providing and countering the effects of endless Qiang opportunity
recruitment or product based pyramid schemes there is also a link to Robert
Fitzpatrick’s blog pyramid scheme alert and David Breyers MLM the American Dream
made nightmare blog plus an article in which attorney Douglas Brooks who has
litigated a wide variety of civil cases nationwide including matters involving
franchising dealerships and product distribution as well as securities
antitrust and consumer protection class actions is quoted in an article titled
multi-level marketing companies like lularoe are forcing people into debt and
psychological crisis next I will show you images that are all about the in a
jicama sation plan distributors purport you can earn at least five thousand
dollars each month for life and this can be very appealing to those who do not
know the dangers of this type of business model one word I use when discussing MLM is
scam because I believe as does Robert Fitzpatrick Douglas Brooks and David
prayer as well as many others that this business model is a scam and here is the
definition of a scam in addition to this type of business being a scam and
fraudulent it is also a long con David Brewers blog MLM the American Dream made
nightmare provides insight to long con
I believe the concept of a long con relates to how these individuals use a
paid affiliate business opportunity to lure people into participating into that
MLM called in ajik here’s what David says about long con a long con is a form
of fraud maliciously designed to exploit victims existing beliefs and instinctual
desires and make them falsely believe that they are exercising a completely
free choice long cons comprise an enticing structured scenario of control
acted out as reality of our an extended period like theatrical plays long cons
are written directed and produced they involve leading players and supporting
players as well as process extras Kaushik scripts etc the hidden objective
of long cons is to convince unwary persons that fiction is fact and fact is
fiction progressively cutting them off from external reality in this way
victims begin unconsciously to play along
the controlling scenario and in the false expectation of future reward large
sums of money or valuables can be stolen from them classically the victims of
long cons can become deluded to such an extent that they will abandon their
education jobs careers etc empty their bank accounts and/or beg still borrowed
from friends family members etc David goes on to say the enticing structured
scenario of control fundamental to all rigged markets swindles if that people
can earn income by first contributing their own money to participate in a
profitable commercial opportunity but which is secretly an economically
unviable faith due to the fact that the alleged opportunity has been rigged so
that it generates no significant or sustainable revenue other than that
deriving from his own ill-informed participants for more than 15 years
multi-level marketing racketeers have been allowed to dissimulate rigged
markets windows by offering endless chains of victims various banal but
overpriced products and/or services in exchange for unlawful losing investment
payments on the pretext that MLM products services can then be regularly
resold for a profit in significant quantities via expanding networks of
distributors however since MLM products or services
cannot be regularly resold to the general public for a profit in
significant quantities based on value and demand MLM participants have in fact
then peddled infinite shares of their own finite money in the false
expectation of future reward after I originally posted my first video titled
and magic kickin water is an MLM scam I received a cease and desist letter here
is an excerpt I never called these people’s scammers I did use the term
scam me and I stand by what they do is being in
fact scanning I contacted Douglas Brooks who has represented this type of case
for many years earlier this year I read a paper he presented at an international
conference titled coercive techniques and business opportunity cults on my
channel I will put a link to part one here here is mr. Brooks response to the
cease and desist letter that I received after the cease and desist letter had no
results and the video remained up the next phase was for the two to send mob
dislikes to the video I created in addition to this one person who I
believe has a burner account left this review on my Facebook page and really
honestly I’m totally confused how I am running a scam when what I’m doing is
alerting the public and when none of this had any effect and the video still
remained up they then attacked with a privacy claim and this is a copy of what
I received from YouTube I was alerted to this overall scam by a friend who had
seen a Facebook ad and then had a facebook messenger conversation with
someone and I will share with you that exchange here what I find so awful about that whole
message exchange is how clandestine it is why so secretive and the procedure is
just to me totally sketch because it’s not forthcoming why why can’t you give a
straight answer if that happens to you my friend is time to put on your running
shoes just run away so what did I do well there’s an opportunity to attend a
quote free webinar and so I did I signed up for it and here’s the email that I
received by the way anyone who is involved in this sends out the exact
same email as a matter of fact there’s actually a series of emails that you get
from this marketing opportunity that you can send out as a sequence there’s a
series of 30 of them so you send out one email a day for 30 days what I find so
very disturbing is all the welcoming on this person’s Facebook page to quote
action takers in fact in the webinar the phrase action taker was actually
used and I just was like wow I kind of did a double-take and everyone wants to
be a winner and wants to feel like they’re included so you know that phrase
action taker is the way to psychologically manipulate you into
spending money to join the quote opportunity here’s an example of that
home welcoming to an action taker this person welcomes action takers and
business owners to her team from Quebec Dubai California the Philippines Israel
the United Kingdom and British Columbia I’m sure there are others because and
magic is international so this overall scam is happening worldwide and that to
me is cause for concern I attended the webinar which lasts approximately 90
minutes the information that I’m now sharing with you some of it comes from a
reddit post there’ll be a link to that reddit post and so that is also my
opinion after attending the webinar and doing all the other research that I’ve
done but this was the first screen and the video is titled how you can earn six
figures online this year as soon as I saw that and the names no note I do have
the names covered up for quote privacy reasons but I was smelling some bologna
sandwich I was smelling a lot of BS the two men featured in this video called
themselves marketing mentors and there’s a woman who appears who is a life coach
you are told about how you’ll be earning six figures this year it is absolutely
filled with testimonials from real happy people however it doesn’t really tell
you anything about that how of their system but you can pay a hundred and
forty nine dollars to join their system they even tell you to rewatch with your
sceptical spouse because everyone has one of those they advertise firing your
boss using their system that failed to tell you anything about their system and
what if you do not have a business how is it that their system can do anything
for you unless their system is for you to get other people to sign up for the
free webinar and then pay to be part of the system they never tell you how you
will make money other than to join their team kind of weird huh now remember I
showed you those different opt-ins each of those opt-ins the URL has a number
attached to it which is an affiliate code so indeed other people are sending
out something through advertisements for people to do the exact same thing to
attend this to pay the hundred and forty nine dollars so there has to be
something else don’t you think the two people who own the mystery company whose
faces are not shown in whose full names are not shown own workshop replay comm
and it’s registered in British Columbia and there’s also others that they own
wealth achieved Darren and Mike and achieve freedom today each website leads
you to an opt-in and I will show you what each of those opt-ins look like here is another or screen from the
webinar but again they don’t tell you what you’re going to do they don’t tell
you anything about the system they don’t tell you anything about how this system
is proven to do anything the Better Business Bureau also has questions on
this when the webinar draws to a close you then have the opportunity to
purchase their Facebook Ads training for 149 dollars you are still not told the
name of their company you are not told what you’ll be doing for your business
online at all it’s all very very vague however as the Better Business Bureau
states it appears as if what you will get is the exact same thing they offer
and opt in for others to attend it seems like you will be selling the exact same
things they are selling as an affiliate and anyone who joins will be selling the
exact same thing in my opinion this operates very similarly to enlist chain
recruiting used in multi-level marketing so here is the sales page that you are
led to but you still don’t know what the heck you’re going to do you don’t know
what the heck you’re going to sell well you know as you’re going to get a quote
system how are you gonna make money and you are going to get your own custom
tailored sales funnel solution which is all about this same thing it is all
about getting other people to get this exact program to attend the free
webinars so that they buy the system and that other people get this opt-in here’s
the second half of the sales page but what I find strange is that these two
guys have a testimonial for their own system isn’t that a little bit odd
and you still don’t know the name of the company but yet you’re expected to pay a
hundred and forty nine dollars for their system there are some testimonials and
in my opinion these are pretty much yes I am basing this on the fact that
they are selling you training and I have professional expertise as an
instructional designer I have a master’s in instructional design and technology
testimonials are opinions there are no numbers per se if you actually do an
evaluation you can get numbers this is really important because there is a way
you can capture numbers but they’re not doing that if you actually perform
training evaluation that’s where you can get some numbers that’s where you can
get the stats and really evaluate course effectiveness but they’re not doing that
personally when I oversaw assessments and evaluations I leveraged John
Keller’s motivational theory known as arks attention relevance confidence and
satisfaction in addition to using core Patrick’s four levels of evaluation
there is a way to determine the degree to which someone who will be able to
apply acquired knowledge testimonials are not it I knew if I kept looking I
would find the MLM connection and I did and a magic newsletter from June of 2018
features the pair on pages 16 and 17 there will be able into this in the
video description should you care to check it out magic is a water filtration
MLM and this particular MLM has a lot of disturbing health claims I created a
video in which I share some of the claims that I found on social media in
addition to the first video I did on this particular MLM there will be links
to those videos in the description as well what I find so disgusting is that
there is a long path to get you to the MLM you get sucked in a little at a time
and this is very similar to worldwide Dream builders who when you join you
don’t realize that you are going to be joining my they teach you things in
terms of like how to have a business online and then you sign up to sell and
wait products this operates similarly they’re teaching you about how
to read these Facebook ads how to get people drawn in and then leading you to
lead people to join the MLM you see all of these companies operate in a very
similar way multi-level marketing companies that is in terms of the mass
recruiting this one is just extra gross because it’s not well-known and it
operates globally it is just really hiding in plain sight here is a
definition of affiliate marketing that I wanted to provide for you and also we’ll
wanted to draw your attention to the very last sentence the majority of
reputable companies will not ask for a fee to join and that’s really important
because when you’re asked for a fee that should be an enormous red flag I found
information related to their opportunity on the Vancouver Better Business Bureau
website in the next video in this series I will read what they have to say about
the opportunity that I’ve shared with you in addition to what is included in
their course and exactly at which point you are directed to join in magic also
I’m going to share with you what one person’s experience was like after
joining their opportunity anytime someone is offering you a product or
service that seems like it’s going to solve all your problems
put on your detective hat if it is a product that will make you feel better
and of course you’re going to want it and most likely it’s probably going to
be MLM that is how people get sucked into MLM because they’re offering
something that you want and this is being offered to you in a roundabout way
because they’re going after people who want to have an online business they’re
playing on that people want health and wealth and you know more freedom and all
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a report with the FTC the SEC nor state authorities which can very there’s a
link in the video description to help with that I also created a video to show
you how to file with the FTC as well but imagine if everyone started filing
complaints Monday through Friday on every single LLM that exists on every
single scam that exists out there don’t you think that would be a powerful and
clear message that there’s something rotten in Denmark and remember change
starts now

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