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Anxiety At Grandpa’s House – New Places and Autism

Anxiety At Grandpa’s House – New Places and Autism

– [Asa] What are you doing? There’s no, gimme your lunch bag. There’s nothin’ in there. (zipping) – [Priscilla] (muffled) – [Asa] What are you, what’s in it? – [Priscilla] Oh, she wants her water. – [Asa] Do you wanna a drink? – [Priscilla] Drink, here. – [Asa] Want that? Yeah, okay. – [Priscilla] That was
good communicating, Abb. – [Asa] A little thirsty. – [Priscilla] Parched. – [Asa] Me too. You want me to hold it? Or you wanna just put it in your cup? Look, you have a cup holder in the door. Put it in your cup holder. That’s not a– – [Priscilla] Oh, geez. (chuckles) – [Asa] Here take that. – [Priscilla] Wait, I don’t do that. – [Asa] No, no, ah, she
threw it in the back. – [Priscilla] It’s gonna
get all over my car. – [Asa] It’s probably not. Okay, I’ll get it, I’ll
get it, I’ll get it. – [Abbie] Whoo, whoo, whoo. – What is those noises? Your sounds. Come on, get your stuff. Hi, everyone. Good afternoon. – Hi. – [Asa] What do you have in the trunk? – Nothin’, I was fixin’ the. – [Asa] Come on little one. You gotta get your backpack. Nope, nope, nope, nope, backpack. – You’re supposed to be pointing, not. – [Asa] Well, humans talk to each other. I know it’s ABA, but it’s
less prompting, I get it. But like, we talk to each other. That’s how we communicate. She understands when
we talk, why not talk? Just point at stuff. – [Abbie] Eh, ehhhhh. – [Priscilla] Where’s your lunchbox? – Here, come here. Come here. – So a lot of times when you do prompting to teach skills,
– That was a good job close the door without prompt.
– to teach, them to do things independently, is you try to reduce prompting. You don’t wanna prompt too much. So there’s a least to most prompting. Like you start with the least possible, and then work your way up as needed. And then there’s also most to least. Like you might start with the most, and then work your way down to the least amount of prompting. I think it’s kind of, it’s bizarre to me. It’s one of those things
I’ve always struggled with, with ABA is like how talking is more prompting than pointing. Like you don’t point with people. It’s just not normal human behavior. Right? Am I wrong? – [Priscilla] You’re not wrong. Tell me, you ABA
therapists in the comments. How weird is that? Like what if you walked
around, and people were like. Abbie. (kiss) (laughs) It’s weird, right? 45 minutes later, we’re in the house. What are you doing? Oh, you’re hiding for the puppy. She’s hiding here. What’s up? Stand up, stand up. Here, go to the couch and
she’ll leave you alone. Come on, come on, come with
me, come on. (laughing) Come with me if you want to live. Come on. No, no, no. – [Abbie] Eh, eh, eh. – Go sit over there. Okay, go up there then. Holy chaos. – I just went to the
bathroom for a second. – The puppy was attacking Abbie. And look now, he’s chasing her. And then he came in a
attacked the the balloons. So Abbie thinks it’s funny, when she’ll stick her arm
down in the puppy’s mouth. The puppy doesn’t know
how to bite gentle yet. So it’ll leave little
scratches on her arm, so can’t let her do that yet. Abbie used to play like that with Maverick when he was younger too. Yeah, the door was locked,
somehow the doorknob got locked. And we just use the deadbolt,
so we couldn’t get in. So we had to find our house, I don’t even know where
our house keys are. So I had to get us in the house. Not gonna show you how I did
that, ’cause lots of people watch our YouTube channel. I didn’t use a credit card
this time like I did last time. That didn’t work, tried it. The whole family’s here. Look all the– – Oh, the turtles not Dad. – [Asa] Don’t go get
the turtle, salmonella. – It’s like a parrot, but it’s a cat. Just over my shoulder. – Are you guys so excited that we’re going to Playlist tomorrow? – [Summer] I can’t believe it. – Holy crap.
– Really, I can’t believe it. The amount of years I
just watch YouTubers go and watch their vlogs and stuff like that. It’s gonna be so weird
to actually to be there. – [Asa] It’s weird being there. Maverick, chill bud. You know, are we doing a packing video? You gonna talk about packing? – We can, yeah. – [Asa] You had talked about it, so. – Nice Michael’s there, the
guy that smiles when he dances. – [Asa] Oh, yeah? – Yeah. – I’ve seen a lot of people
lately on the Playlist page. See you at Playlist. See you at Playlist, see you at Playlist. – [Asa] So we’re late then. – Yeah, a lot of ’em go down
way early, to like hang out before they go into Cracker Barrel. You know how they do. – [Priscilla] Well, the creators– – Cracker Barrel apparently– – The creator were able.
– Stop. – To do today. – The Florida thing too – The featured creator.
– The featured creators were able to do today. – [Isaiah] Mark and now featured creator, do you what the heck, Playlist. – [Asa] They don’t like us. Playlist doesn’t like us. I’ve come to that conclusion. – We’re not Tok chasers. – [Asa] We’re not ah– – Channel TikTockers. – [Asa] Yeah, we’re
not channel TikTockers. That has a lot to do with it. (laughing) – Abbie, get on the TikTok, they want you. – [Asa] You’re the only one
close in age range, Abb. So you guys are baddest. How are the cats doing with the puppy? (laughing) – [Priscilla] No one stares like that. – [Asa] Why don’t you take her upstairs, so she quits stressin’ out. – I don’t wanna move. She’s gonna claw me. She won’t just, Sandy move. – [Asa] She’s not a fan, not a fan of you. You’re a little too much. – [Priscilla] She’s
like, yes she is, she is. – Sandy you hear me, come here. – Stop, stop, let go.
– Come here. – Go ahead, go upstairs. (clapping) – [Priscilla] I’m a huge
fan, I’m a huge fan. – It’s okay. She’s like luckily her little legs can’t make it up these stairs. It’s okay. – [Priscilla] You got me,
that’s all that matters. Meow. – You’re scary.
– I’m a huge fan. – [Isaiah] You’re scary
when you’re mad. (chuckles) – [Asa] What do you think
about all this chaos? – Say you love it.
– Yes, so yes. – [Priscilla] I’m huge fan. I love you so much. – [Asa] Had to sit down on the patio, while Dad broke into the house. (sighs) – [Asa] We’re ready. Okay.
– Okay, we’re ready. – Girls are always in the car. (laughs) – [Isaiah] I was busy. [Asa] Ready? – Ready. – Let’s go. – [Asa] Look, you can’t keep
Cilla out of the kitchen. – I know. – [Asa] She’s gonna go in the
kitchen wherever she’s at. – [Isaiah] Doing all my jobs,
I will (mumbled) together. – So we are having dinner
at Dad and Nana’s place. The vlog has not been here, since we got everything moved in. They’ve barely even seen it. – [Priscilla] Yeah. It’s so good you guys, I’m impressed. I love your kitchen. – The more I’m in it, the more I love it. – Good. – When we started — – [Asa] You were ready to
go back home, weren’t ya? – I was, for two weeks, I coulda cried. – [Asa] Yeah, ah. – Every day, every day. – Ah. Well we’re glad you got over that. – [Asa] Hey you, come here. Go wait in here, dinner
will be ready in a minute. Go, go sit down. – [Priscilla] Go sit down, Abb. – [Dad] Yeah, Abb, come
sit down, right here. – Go relax,
– Just come relax. – [Asa] Dinner will be ready in a minute, you don’t have to be going. – I’ll show you how relaxing is done. – Come here. Come, come here. – [Dad] Ah, just like this. – [Priscilla] So antsy in new places. – [Asa] Sit down. – [Abbie] Eh, eh. – [Asa] Abb, go sit down, sweetheart. She’s having a really rough time. – I think it might be cold to open these glasses with ice, so. You gonna want Diet Coke, Ase? – [Asa] Yeah, you got Diet Coke? – Yeah. – [Asa] Heck, yeah. I’ll take two of those. – They’re small. – I’ll get out some glasses
with ice, soon as (mumbled) – [Asa] No, I can drink right
outta the can, I’m good. – [Isaiah] You ready for the other can? – [Asa] It’s okay Abb. It’s okay, sweetheart. – [Abbie] Ooh, oooh, oooh. – [Asa] I know. – She’s crying. – [Dad] It’s my favorite season. – [Asa] It’s hard huh? New places. It’s a lotta sound in here too. You got the fan over top of the stove, a little bit of music, the ceiling fan. – [Abbie] Ooh, oooh. – It’s okay. – [Dad] That’s quieter, there we go. – Is that better? – [Dad] Shhhhhh, really soft. (quiet music) – [Asa] Better? – [Isaiah] It’s okay, Abbie. – So new areas sometimes will
give Abigail a hard time. And she hasn’t been here
since we were moving in. Turn the fan off over top of the stove and she calmed down a lot, so. – Yeah, I think the fan may been a huge– – Yeah, it’s very, it’s very possible. – It’s very loud. It was like a fan that’s over
your stove, it’s really loud. – [Asa] She’s doin’ better now. And she ate, so that had
somethin’ to do with it. Was that good? What are you doin’ over there, Summer? Are you guarding? Ah. – She’s taking croutons off my salad. – [Asa] Hey, let Summer eat, come on. Stand up, let Summer eat. Come on, go sit down. – [Dad] You see the
hibiscus Asa, we put in? – [Asa] Oh, yeah, look at that. Looks good, Dad. I went up and laid down
with Abbie for ever. We tried to get her to go to
bed a little bit early tonight, ’cause she was, she was kinda, – Neh. – Yeah, she was having a rough night. I don’t think it was all
like my parent’s house. – Right. – I think it was just her night, you know? A lot of it was like not
doing what she wanted to do, that kind of thing. And then just set her off. But so, I put her in bed
and laid down with her for a bit while she
poked at my face forever trying to convince me that
she didn’t need to go to bed. I think she’s tired though. She’s out, out cold right now, so. Tomorrow, we leave for Playlist. I’m really excited, I actually am. Yeah I haven’t– – You were kinda dreading it at first. – Yeah, but I’m really excited to go. It’s just gonna be fun. We’re gonna have a good time. Everybody’s gonna have a good time. We got have Becca there
for Abbie this time, so she can you know, do her
own thing and have a good time – And I think Summer and
Isaiah are gonna go to classes. – Yeah. ‘Cause it’s not just Playlist,
it’s Orlando, you know. – Right.
– It’s a good time. – I’m working. – Okay, well I have to go work, too. – Okay. – We’ll see you guys tomorrow, Playlist. – Bye. – Bye. (loud crowd chatter) – So we’re going to the West Wing. So we go that way.


With so many people in a small place it can be overwhelming (i know i have trouble with large family gatherings and will have to step outside to decompress and away from all the sensory input sometimes) have you tried setting up a room where she can go for a few till she is ready come back out may help with family gatherings.

Pointing is much easier to process when you’re struggling to cope with people using verbal communication. I’m autistic and when people talk to me its exhausting for me brain to process. Even if i,’m not verbal at that time, my brain still responds in my mind which is exhausting. I ask people to not just keep saying stuff over and over or to not talk when i’m tired or clearly needing some down time. Mid afternoon is the worst time for me for people talkingto me and using verbal commands and prompts because thats when i’m most exhausted and needing time away from people and noise etc. Pointing may not be “normal” for you but thats because you find verbal communication the easiest and best way to communicate for youurself. But for non verbal people or autistic people who have communication difficulties, pointing and hand gestures are the easiest and least brain exhausting way for people to talk to us.

Pointing is less prompting because she is processing what she needs to do without someone telling her. The point is to get her (or whomever)to automatically do the task at hand. It seems weird but verbally saying something multiple times can become exhausting. Although I see what you are saying about talking being a typical way to respond to a person.
At least this is the way the prompting scale was explained to me.

I've just be recently diagnosed with mild autism. I can remember when I was younger and I would visit a relative that I didn't really know very well as being a little stressful. I have all these people trying to grab and hug me and even though I knew they were relatives I hated being touched and hugged. I think that is one of the times I have had a sensory and social anxiety issue.

Asa you movie the camera all over the place is giving me vertigo lol jk Abbie is darling my 19 yr old son is on the spectrum high functioning but his social anxiety he has a hard time I’m also on the Autism spectrum so being a single mother with Autism and having raise a son who has high functioning Autism let’s say our house is interesting lol… I watch your videos daily I just started a week ago watching the oldest videos in order till know I’m OCD like that

I've always wondered that about why pointing is considered less prompting than talking. Since talking requires receptive language skills, I would think it would be a higher level challenge. And, I bet that which is actually more or less assistance may vary across individuals and tasks.

My guess would be pointing would be for stuff you eventually want her to do one her own and vocal prompting would be more conversation. But that’s my guess 🤷🏻‍♀️

I am actually in college for ABA therapy and I am learning talking is better then pointing. It's because of your channel I finally choice a field to go into. I love your family so much.

Good God, Priscilla just looks great! I don't like to comment a lot about that sort of thing but she has tried hard and it shoes

Asa needs to make a "Thug Life" video clip of Abbie throwing the juice box. Someone needs to make that ASAP!! 🤭🤭

As a high functioner on the spectrum aged 28 with a 12 year old brother that is low functioning, i constantly deal with cruel words by strangers making jokes about autism. (The "scream in autism" memes frustrate me to no end).
People dont know im on the spectrum at all until i tell them. I got straight a's in school, have my own place, was a father for a while, was engaged, etc. A "normal" life (what is normal, anyway?)
I have a few idiosyncrasies and prefer certain things in certain ways, am VERY shy in public or around others, etc. But most don't know until i tell them. They just think i have moderate to serious anxiety… which i do. I have a hard time making new friends, as im aloof and distant. Also suffer from horrid depression…. so.. a normal life.

My baby brother on the other hand MUST stick to his routine unless people are prepared for a MASSIVE meltdown. He must ALWAYS carry 3 small red lego bricks with him, and if he loses them he shuts down.
So in our parent's cars, my car, and the purses my mom and sisters carry, we have freezer bags TOTALLY filled with extra red bricks for him JUST in case.
People make all sorts of jerky and ignorant remarks and jokes about him and his stimming. Breaks my heart. He signs a little.. but i can tell when he hears the cruel jokes and remarks that he is hurt…
Idk the point of my comment… i guess i just needed to vent.
We are not freaksm…
We are NOT mentally challenged. We are people!
He is the best! Better than me..
Im SO darned frustrated about this…

I'm so depressed i can hardly function. Im so darned depressed…
I wish i was better. I wish i was ANYONE other than myself.
I wish i could be happy…

I HATE new places. They’re weird. There’s different sounds. I don’t know where everything is. Stressful to the max.

EDIT: I forgot to mention I just got my first weighted blanket and I love it!!! I would take it everywhere I go if it weren’t so heavy!!

If I am allowed to assume, it looks like Ab was offering you a drink of her juice at the beginning of the video, then got annoyed when that wasn't communicated 😅❤

Okay I maybe laughed out loud when she threw it instead of putting it in the cupholder. Like, yeah, this whole place can hold a cup since you wont 😂

I absolutely love this family , I feel the father can be quite condescending. It could be his dry sense of humor also but either way I love their channel. Priscilla looks absolutely stunning ! Congrats on 500,000 they deserve millions and I hope they get it!

I’m a new viewer and I really love the vlogs. Where does Summer fit in? Is she part of the family?

I love watching your videos Asa! I am learning so much about autism. I don’t have a family who’s autism or my kids who have autism but I am learning so much from your daily videos and I love your channel! You guys rock and I support autism! I think autism folks is very unique and fragile with big heart!

Please share how you can keep your comments to Special Books with Special Kids, and Angie and Ruby channels.

I laughed so hard when you said “put it in the cup holder”
Abbie: chucks the Capri sun across the back seat 😂

It’s not that you’re wrong in terms of pointing, but it was wrong to “correct” your wife on this video, and then continue to go on a tangent regarding the pointing/talking debate. You’ve done a few videos where you have specifically used pointing as a means of prompting, so it isn’t like it’s something unheard of for Abbie… As a mother, I would have been embarrassed and confused if I were in Cilla’s shoes with you filming that, and then posting it. Cills obviously knows how to communicate with her daughter, and her opinion on how others communicate with her is just as valid.

I agree with you completely. I see no harm whatsoever in verbalizing to convey a message because that's what neurotypical people do with each other.

Unfortunately, it's relatively common for people with autism to have anxiety over being somewhere different from where they normally are. It's part of the obsession with routine.

I'm only a minute in but I just have to praise you on your patients and reaction or lack there of when she threw the drink. So many parents would instantly raise their voice before even thinking.

I just watched your SBSK video. I remember watching it a couple of years ago. You have helped me to better understand autism. I enjoy the videos. You can tell that there is genuine love and care for Abbie. Thank you.

It sometimes takes longer to process language and organize the task at the same time. Many times, visual cues are faster and will be there when you arent there to tell her to do something.

Poor Miss Abbie, don’t worry girl we all have rough days! I’ve been having a rough week and seeing Abbie smile has helped a lot💕

Hi ABA therapist. I totally get the talking vs pointing thing. Talking is more “normal” but it’s a more invasive prompt. Whether or not prompts are looked at as “normal” doesn’t change there hierarchy chain. Pointing is a less invasive prompt because it would require Abbie to look and focus her attention where saying it to her she doesn’t have to be so involved with her eye contact and your voice is the clue to pay attention not her own drive to get the task done. I hope that makes sense and this is honestly just my opinion

Did abbie put on her right shoe first??? I remember asa telling that she only puts her left shoe first.

I have always wanted to ask if there is a significance in the number of puzzle pieces on the stem of the sunglasses. I love your vlog so much. My sister-in-law and I watch every day. We have a friend with that has four children. All of them are autistic. We introduced her to your channel. It has helped my family understand her children,and others, so much more. It has also made her feel less alone and has given her some helpful ideas. Never stop what you are doing. It has a very real impact on others. Much love and respect.

Lol Abbie just tosses everything like "trash!"

I'm CRACKING UP at Nala hissing from Isaiahs shoulder 🤣🤣

i know this is completely off topic but Priscilla looks like an actual goddess at 1:10! what a beautiful woman inside and out! you're so admired

We my family and I used to have a cat who loved sitting up on your shoulder he was so cute!! 😍♡♡
Haha Nala hissing at Sandy from on top of Isaiah's shoulder, as if to say 'If you come any closer puppy you are going to cop it' 😂😂♡♡♡♡ Sandy is so adorable love her antics 😁♡♡ xo
Love Abbie she is super cute as always! 😄💖 xoxoxo

Nala and her "tortitude" towards the dogs is hilarious. She'll come around.
They're very sassy cats. But also very talkative, cuddly, and are purr monsters! Such a pretty girl.

Hey I think you guys and Abbie are amazing and wow Abbie communication skills amazing and I like say that the you guys approch teaching her is great.

Abby put her right shoe on first today. She usually puts the left one on first. Have you all been working on that?

Asa, when you said, come with me, I was litteraly waiting for the " come with me, if you want to live" sentence. And you did it🤣🤣🤣 Love it. My day is complete 😁😁

When one of our boys gets a bit stressed we have to use less words and by less I can mean none . And there are times when he says no words please and will literally tell us to stop talking .

Asa just to prove you wrong about always putting her left shoe on first Abbie put her right shoe on first at the beginning when you got home. Made me smile. Cilla how big is Sandy going to grow?

Great video. I agree pointing is weird and sometimes it's wrong and rude. Talking with each other is the best.

Maybe practice the cup holder while standing still. I'm with you on that Asa… You wouldn't point without talking when it whas Isaiah.

It’s generally considered rude to point. It can make some people feel uncomfortable. However, personally I consider communication important. It doesn’t matter how it’s done as long as the message you’re communicating is understood. I communicate with Sign Language as well as verbally. I’m deafblind. But have some residual sight and hearing. So I need both. There are members of my family who also have varying degrees of autism. So I can imagine that having to listen to verbal communication can sometimes cause stimulation overload and the simple action of pointing is way much easier to process.

I’ve been watching your videos for a few months now. You guys are amazing !! And I respect you. Sending love and support 💕

I think you are amazing parents. Such an amazing family!! I have watched your channel a while now. I work as a para in a low income public school district. My skill set is in working with kiddos on the spectrum who are non verbal. It's my life and It is so helpful to me to watch videos like yours.

I teach an inclusion Pre-K class and we always encourage kids to use their words and not point (even when we know they don’t have a lot of words). I don’t know much about ABA.

My two year old reminds me alot of Abbie. She is non verbal and tends to throw stuff like that when done. Recently she took up screaming really loudly. They are so funny. Just throws the juice lol

In my experience as being an RBT, I pointed a lot to prompt because it could be too much for them to process. I noticed that my clients had a longer processing time with verbal prompts as opposed to nonverbal prompts.

"Come with me if you want to live." Thanks for the laugh Asa. Abbie has had a rough couple of days. On top of autism, she has just being a teenager too. That has to make it even harder for her. I hope she will get used to your Dad's house soon. Congrats again on the 500K.

The way she threw her juice is my grandson completely. He throws everything his drinks, food, and toys. Hoping to get him to stop doing it so much one day

My son responds well when I speak to him. I rarely resort to pointing. Communication can be a struggle at times but when successful, there's no better feeling!

Asa you do a lot of videoing we need to record my granddaughter who has autism singing for my Mom's funeral 🙁 It is this Friday so little time not a lot of money . I've been googling it but it dawned on my you might be a short cut for me . I know you have a lot on your plate and also may not know .Any body that knows would be welcome to comment. I thought of recording onto pc then burning off of it but want a decent sound ?

I know yyou hate pointing but not saying what you want Abbie to do next is teaching her to think about what step comes next. Eventually she may be able to do so much without even prompting…. 💕💕 Hugs Abbie, you got this…

My Mother couldn’t have the stove fan on .The sound was too much for her too.We never turned it on only Mom could turn it on when in a weird mood. She didn’t like the sound of it at all at others homes either. Not like a box fan more a skidding across metal sound

I haven’t been an ABA therapist in years but for the child I worked with, the pointing was to model her nonverbal world. Now, she was only 3 and a lot of it was to gauge how many words she actually understood. Love you guys!! 😘😘

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