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Are Solo Ads Profitable For Affiliate Marketing In 2018

Are Solo Ads Profitable For Affiliate Marketing In 2018

What is going on guys my name is Anthony
Villa welcoming you back to yet another video here on the channel where today
guys I’m gonna be answering the question are solo ads profitable for affiliate
marketing their ads this is a big topic in the influent marketing community
because a solo ads our big topic of discussion because there are people on
either side know people that love to you stole I’ve never people would absolutely
hate so wet and despise them and they’re people with very strong opinions on
either side and of course in this video I’m gonna give you guys my opinion on
solo that’s what I think they’re good bad or profitable for affiliate
marketing that way you guys can decide for yourself whether or not you actually
want to use them in your own affiliate marketing campaigns and endeavors with
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at the top of the description with that being said leur guys I’m gonna dive into
my computer right now and start this video off for you guys alright guys we
were now my computer as you can see on my whiteboard or solo ads profitable in
affiliate marketing know guys I figured the best way to actually answer that
question will be to give you guys a pros and the cons list first solo ads and
then kind of dive into a little more detail and explain my answer whether or
not they think they’re profitable on a flight marketing and whether or not I
think you guys should actually use them yourselves with that being said guys I’m
not gonna waste any more time I’m just gonna pull the Box way for the pros list
now and give you guys the kind of my top four points for pros for our solo ads
with that being said guys the first one is that they’re gonna be very fast and
easy to set up on sites like udemy of course you need me is probably gonna be
like the number one of Seoul wags a marketplace for selling and buying solo
ads I’ve used them a ton myself definitely dropped a few hundred dollars
on solo ads on udemy and what’s great about them is that you actually get very
cheap clicks for like 35 cents like 95 cents depending on how quality the
traffic is how much of its tier one and of course the sellers themselves I
actually dictate their own price with that being said you can get cheap clicks
for as low as thirty five cents which isn’t that bad of course using Facebook
ads and other platforms you can get cheaper clicks in that but for thirty
five percent click isn’t that honestly I was forgetting about solar
biases you’re actually gonna be leveraging somebody else’s list since
you don’t have one yourself and for those of you who don’t really know what
so lines are that’s a pretty good definition for exactly what one is
you’re essentially gonna be leveraging somebody else’s email list since you
don’t have one yourself or you may be trying barriers up more what are
essentially gonna be doing you’re gonna be giving somebody money in exchange for
them actually sending an email or on your behalf to their email list and
we’re so one site still gonna mean for example guys you might pay like me 50
bucks for 100 clicks and you’re essentially gonna give somebody like an
email subject line and then like the body of an email message they’re gonna
take that copy paste it into their email autoresponder and then send it out to
the newsletter and get you like 100 clicks to your landing page or to your
affiliate offer or whatever it is that you actually want them to go ahead and
promote and my last Pro for sold ads so they can convert into some quick quick
sales and the reason for that is guys let’s say for example you’re buying like
200 clicks 300 clicks from one solo ad seller now of course as soon as they
send that email out I suppose they send that email blast out to their newsletter
you’re gonna get those hundred 200 clicks potentially within like a few
hours which is essentially means you’re sending a lot of traffic to your landing
page or to your photo offer very quickly which means that of course guys if it
does converge to like 1% you have make like two three four sales just have that
one sole wet so we can give her into some very quick sales and that’s what
you’re looking for guys you also have to remember that sales are not guarantee
with this so it can convert into some quick sales but it is not interesting it
is going to every time you might take a loss you might not even make a profit at
all so of course has with soulages gonna be risk and reward just like any
investment this is gonna be paid advertising so of course is gonna be
risk reward and you might not make your money back maybe you’ll make more money
that’s essentially this kind of how advertising goes with that being silly
guys those are pretty much my pros for using solo ads in affiliate marketing
with that being similar does not want to move over to my cons list so same thing
let me just delete that so there’s ever a few more here with that so guys my
first con first little ads that you know have unknown traffic and you’re not
really gonna know they cut the following thing guys you don’t know how the list
was built where they were built using free traffic paid ads Facebook ads and
Google Bing ads whatever it is or guys it could have even been built by using
solo ads somebody could have essentially just bought a ton of solo ads and built
up their own email list that way and now they’re actually selling solo ads and
that’s probably going to be one of the word
sellers you guys can buy from this because people who built their list up
using Soulwax and now are then selling solo ads it’s usually not a very great
formula doesn’t usually convert that highly just because solo ads again are
gonna be very bad for the long term but that’s gonna be further down point
they’ll kinda get into later but guys that’s the problem is and you don’t
really know how the list was built and the problem with that is you know how
quality the traffic is so it’s gonna be hard to determine whether or not it’s
actually to me like well worth your money is how valuable it’s really gonna
be with that being so guys the next thing that you’re not gonna know is you
don’t know where the traffic comes from whether it’s first second or third tier
countries or if it’s even like bot traffic and it’s completely fake traffic
so of course guys if you don’t know the first second or third tier country is
the first few countries are gonna be places like the US Canada Great Britain
things like that place and have a lot of money and are actively spending money on
digital product and affiliate marketing products and then second and third your
countries are gonna be other countries that have a little bit less money that
are actually buying as much so of course they’re not gonna be as quality because
they’re not gonna be converting into as many sales which is why they get labeled
as second and dirtier countries and not first the problem is you don’t really
know how quality the traffic is like I mentioned before guys you know if it’s
coming from the US Canada Great Britain or was coming for some some random
durable country across the world that’s the problem guys of course with sites
like udemy they have ways to actually tell where the traffic is coming from
which is of course good but if you’re not buying on udemy or if you’re buying
from like a solo ad to some random solar cell you found unlike Facebook or
Instagram or something you’re really not gonna know it’s gonna be very hard to
determine exactly how quality the traffic is because that’s you might pay
for a hundred clicks but it could be a lot of but if you’re paying for very low
quality traffic that isn’t gonna convert it’s definitely not gonna be worth it on
top of that guys the last thing that you don’t know is how active the list this
and how actively they buy of course guys when you’re actually buying a solo from
somebody else you’re leveraging their list you’re essentially renting out
their list never send out an email on your behalf but the problem is guys
because it’s their list they have only information they have all
the stats the analytics exactly how I can their list isn’t how actively they
buy so of course guys they’ve all in information but you don’t answer the
problem you’re not sure how after that it may be a very inactive list who isn’t
purchasing a lot or really ever purchasing anything at all and it’s not
gonna be worth your money and it’s not gonna be very valuable to you actually
go ahead and purchase a soul at I’m person because of course is not gonna
convert to sales leads or really anything valuable for you so at that
point it just kind of becomes a waste of money with that being said guys those
are the top three things that you’re really not gonna know and that’s that’s
come my problems with so legs that series I kind of stopped using them you
normally know where the traffic coming from my quality it is and on top it I
got some more last my last two points or and you’re more reasons why I’m gonna
use toll ads anymore the first one being that it is really
bad for the long term that’s because you guys the people you’re actually getting
as leads from these so lot sellers are getting a ton of email guys think of it
this way guys you just purchase like 100 maybe 200 clicks from this sole ad
seller but you have to think about only other variables like I go into that
guy’s the first thing you have to remember is yeah is there gonna be a
sole ad seller which means they’re consistently gonna be sending out emails
to the list pretty much every single day every time somebody buys clicks well so
you bought 100 let’s say five other people also bought 100 that day this
person is sending off 500 clicks from the from their email list but guys that
the problem with that is if they don’t have a very large email list they’re
essentially running through the same people over and over and over again
they’re running through the same traffic the same people are clicking and because
that nobody’s gonna anybody purchasing and that again creates the problem of
maybe this so I doesn’t pay off maybe don’t get your money back and maybe you
actually lose money on the sole wet hop like guys all the leads you actually
generate from that soul head all the people actually opt in and sign up to
your email list you have to remember they’re all now they’re on your email
list but they’re still on that sole add celery email list which means that solo
i per seller is can any be consistently sending them on email and on top of that
guys that means they’re consistent getting bombarded with solo ads pretty
much emails from other people they’re consistently opting into other people’s
email lists but of course guys they just keep opting into other people email list
as a solo ad seller kinda continues to send them out emails what’s gonna happen
is guys they’re gonna end up being on like 50 maybe 75 different email lists
and of course guys your email is any loss along only the email marketers that
are actually sending email to that one specific person
well that’s my problem here you guys is it’s really bad for the long term just
because the people you’re getting onto your list as leads they’re getting a ton
of email from you from the sole ad seller from any other person who’s
Leslie opted into recently or in the last a year or whatever it is guys but
that meeting so much email is that your emails you actually sent to them you’re
gonna get this completely lost in this last see it does it
of their inbox along with all the other like 99/100 a slate marketers also doing
email marketing to them so I know it was kind of a very long drawn explanation
but I hope you guys kind of understand what I’m saying here and you’re just on
that point here with that being something as my last point is that they
become very inactive over time for the same exact reason guys your emails we’re
just getting completely lost in the ocean of their inbox with all the other
Philly marquees all the email marketers that’s the problem guys they’re very bad
for building up a list long term and those are kind of my main core problems
with Soulwax I haven’t used solo ads personally in a few months I personally
recommend you guys don’t necessarily mess around with them too much you guys
can definitely test and dabble if you want to well I guess I guys my personal
and opinion on them is that they’re not really worth it just because they’re
very bad for the long term like I said in the short term they can can they can
convert to some pretty quick sales but if they don’t convert to those quick
sales in the beginning there’s not a very high chance they’re actually gonna
make sales on down the road in the long term it’s because they’re gonna become
very inactive you just get a ton of email sent alert inbox every single day
on top of all those things you still don’t know how quality that visitor is
anyway how quality that traffic is anyway because again you still don’t
know how that person built that list though it’s free traffic pay traffic
whatever it is guys there are just too many problems for me and there are too
many things that I can’t really control when it comes to so lines that I
personally just rather spend money on Facebook ads and different advertising
platforms with that being simpler guys you guys are fully capable of doing what
you want it is of course your honor marketing business I’m not gonna tell
you how to run it this is my personal opinion on solo ads and whether or not
the profit on affiliate marketing with that being said I guys if you enjoyed
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top link in the description with that being said guys my name is Anthony villa
I will see you in the next one I am out peace


You say "with that being said, guys" a lot. With being said, your videos are well made, well prepared, and consistently provide good solid information.

You say in your description you don't really like solo ads, so what do you really like ? Ok, just heard you like FB ads…cool. 🙂

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