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Ask a Question, Get an Answer in Google Analytics

Ask a Question, Get an Answer in Google Analytics

Digital marketers have access to more data
than ever before. Even for experienced analysts, insights
are hard to find. What if you could cut through the noise? Introducing new Intelligence features in
Google Analytics. Just ask simple questions… …and get the answers you need,
when you need them. Whether you’re at your desk, or on the go, whether the question is at the tips of
your fingers, or on the tip of your tongue, [new voice]”What percent of India’s
traffic is from paid search?” Intelligence is there. For those mid-meeting fact checks… [new voice]”Total conversions are up
10 percent from last year” [new voice]”Actually it’s closer to
20 percent” …and last-second saves… [new voice]”Meeting’s in five, do you
have those numbers for me?” …for strategizing… [new voice]”We need up-to-date audience
numbers now” …and celebrating… [new voice]”Hey, take a look at our growth
since Q2″ (applause, champagne cork pops) So go ahead, ask a question. [Google Analytics]

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