PA PA PA PA PAW WHAT IS UP, GUYS? #1 GAMING YOUTUBE CHANNEL BRINGING YOU ANOTHER GAMEPLAY Hooray Smash that subscribe button right now, if you enjoyed this video and haven’t subscribed already. Today, we’re playing a really wacky, crazy game. So if you enjoyed it, make sure to smash that subscribe button right now. SA-MASH Smash that subscribe button. Make sure to smash that subscribe button. OOHHH This game is so crazy. It’s called “Baldi’s Basics” version- Baldi’s Basics in Education and Learning.. THAT’S MEEE Ugh- FFF The graphics looks really bad. Excuse me, is it not 2018. What is this? Mouse sensitivity?.. PFFT Not to brag, but I’m a PRO. So, I’ll put it on max. Let’s begin this game. Can’t wait. If you enjoyed this video, make sure to SMASH that like button right now. My god. Look at the graphics guys. You need to collect two notebooks before you can use these DOORS. Can you just not talk to me and look at me or do anything related to me? That would be great. THENX. Hey, look a notebook. Wow, this game is easier than it looks. ‘Now it’s time for everybody’s FAVOURITE subject, MATHS Answer the three questions correctly and you might get something special’ Something SPECIAL? ‘Write the correct answer into the empty box’ *CYKA BLYAT* DAMMIT. Okay, fine. Twelve. Ten. “I hear every door you open.” OK WHOA! Jesus. What the hell is happening? What are you doing in there? Okay, fine. I’ll get the notebook. My god. Nine. Two. Oh, okay. Great. Let’s see here- *SMASH DAT KEYBOARD* Did I break the game? What happened? OH *SMACK* Okay. What’s with the butt smacking? No running in the halls. SH*T OH JESUS. ‘Detention for you, when will you learn?’ Ohh “When will you learn?” (in high pitched voice) WHEN WILL YOU LEARN? What is this game? Fine, two more seconds. Why is everyone making a D sucking face? Seriously.. What? What was that- despite her poor- Oh AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, HAHAHA Fantastic. Okay. So, what is that? What is this? I got a coin! Okay, that’s always good. All right. We’re just in school. This is like a regular school game. Hey, we got chocolate now. Wow! What a great game. What a great game, guys. (???) OH NO NO Dammit. Oh god. I should know better. He’s right. Okay, we haven’t gotten spanked yet. So, I think we’ll be alright. I’m a little spooked out. There’s something… something not quite right about this game. What the hell was that? Alright, I guess we just collect more notebooks. Alright.. I’m just gonna do- I’m just gonna do them all correctly. WHO’S ANGRY AND WHY? I’m the angry one. I am the one. Another notebook! Is there any point for me to do these? Oh my god. Oh, wait. Edit that out. That’s right. I used to study math at university everybody. Okay, we found school cafeteria. Cool. Can I use the item somehow? Aw, I can’t. Oh god, there he is. SH*T Don’t spank me ba- Don’t spank me. Oh god. Oh god. No! Nooo! I run if I walk too! Dammit. Screams sweep All right, I guess not. I guess we won’t go in Oh God That is a beautiful picture. You know, I didn’t want to say it, but I think we’re looking at some game of the year material here. Is there even any point for me to do these? Oh wait, I’m a good moron (something sweden) NOOOO- no running in the halls- I don’t care Damn. 3: DETENTION FOR YOU. Your parents will hear about this one. Please don’t tell my parents. What the hell is that thing? A fidget spinner. A FIDGET SPINNER! LeT’S plAy Let’s not Yes, of course. This game makes too much sense it hurts Okay, I play the cassette. Oh god he’s coming, he’s coming He’s coming. Oh Oh, oh I’m not scared ain’t scared and nobody. Hey, we got cars everybody. Yes Principals keys. Okay, that’s good. We might need those. Yes. We’re doing great. What is this be soda? Great. I’m glad Why did we have that? Okay. All right, our fourth notebook. We’re doing absolutely… fantastic How am I supposed to know that I am so okay. That phone can’t hurt me Right. Hello, mr. Phone. Oh, I have a quarter lEt’s pLAY Let’s not, let’s not Someday deep inside Okay, that’s great,that’s great, that’s great, honey. All right, let’s check out you how you how do you do This is a bully. Okay. I’m not going near the bully. That’s for sure. That’s for you No, it’s not sweeping time, it has never been sweeping time and there will never be a sweeping time No He’s coming here by I can hear him. Oh there is me sorry. I finally it’s mine Okay, cool, oh this is where we weren’t in the beginning? shit, oh, this is real bad this is real bad guys NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO What is that Jesus Christ this game is annoying. It’s worse than the PewDiePie video. Am I right geesh? I’m so ridiculously focused to just beat this stupid game, which I know is a li’l silly guys I know it’s a little silly of me. Great he’s right there. That’s fine (SWEEPING TIME) oh my god Please don’t sweep. I don’t wan- (GOTTA SWEEP SWEEP SWEEP) Jesus Christ, what was that? I know about this one. Okay. So we we need to go on the right (GOTTA SWEEP SWEEP SWEEP) WHAT THE HELL OHHHHHH Come on! Two more! Come on! Oh god he’s so fast now I’m actually doing quite well, I know where the last one is. Why do I not hear him here? Oh god Ohhh I’m actually spooked. That’s the sweeping room damnit! Let’S PLaY- NO, NO NO ONE! TWO! THREE! Come on I just need one Get the hell out of my way. I know where it is. I know where it is. I know where it is I know where it is. I know where it is It’s here somewhere. It’s here somewhere. No. No, it’s right here. It’s right here. It’s right here There Come on! You … FKAAAH! COME ON!! D-R-R-RA Three, uh, fifteen! BAH JA! AHH OOH OOH HOO WOO 3eah! (Congraaadulations! You found) Thank you! (all SEVEN note books!) (Now all you need to do is …) WHAT DOES IT MEAN?! G E T O U T W H I L E Y O U S T I L L C A N What do I do?! I did it guys GOYS, I did it, Ali A here. GOYS, we bleeding did it goys It’s absolutely mental- I didn’t even do anything!! No, no. No, no, no, no, no, no, no (barking) Not giving up that easy boy Oh God. I don’t know where the exit is I do not know about das exit. This is ridiculous guys guys this is ridiculous AHH- hahaha D-R-R-RA I’m trynna AUGHHHHH … I wanna die BOH! (dying crow) Well that was it for baldies basics everyone, clap it up everybody if you enjoyed. Smash that like button and do remember (something sweden again) Pewdiepie with the six-oh M
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