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Best Affiliate Programs? How To Pick The Best One To Market For Cash!

Best Affiliate Programs? How To Pick The Best One To Market For Cash!

hey how’s it going Aaron Chen here hope
you’re doing well if you’re watching this video right now then you’re
probably doing some research online about affiliate marketing and some of
the best affiliate marketing products out there okay and basically what you
should be doing what you should be best affiliate programs choosing in order to market the best
affiliate marketing products so for those of you who don’t know me my name
is Aaron Chen I’m an online entrepreneur I’ve been online for nine years eight of
those nine years though made a lot of mistakes in my business really struggle
to find out you know how to make my business profitable but over the last a
year year and a half figured some pretty amazing things out you know have since
done hundreds of sales online okay and what I wanted to talk about today was
how to choose the best affiliate programs so that you knew know exactly
what to market how to market them and you know how to go about being really
really successful in this space okay so just doing this video around
christmastime you can see that the Christmas tree is still up but it’s
probably gonna go down soon cuz it’s gonna be it’s it’s pretty you know it’s
New Years Eve today so I gotta take the tree down shortly but I’m gonna talk
about the three things to look out for when you’re choosing an affiliate
program okay because the truth is is that a lot of affiliate programs out
there aren’t that great okay that’s the unfortunate truth right so if you’re
looking on places like jvzoo or clickbank com
you’ll find a lot of programs on there but for you to find a program that’s
really really good it’s very difficult actually alright so the first thing I
would say to finding an affiliate marketing program that is good is make
sure that the product is of very very high quality okay so the thing that your
marketing it’s everything all right because if you’re gonna be spending the
time you know branding yourself building up a you know an authority building up
your credibility and all that stuff and you’re you know you’re building your
blog out maybe you’re building your YouTube YouTube channel and you’re
marketing all the you know different programs if your customers or the people
on your list your audience if they buy products from you and that affiliate
marketing program that you’re marketing or you’re representing is not good then
it’s gonna affect your credibility okay and it’s gonna affect your reputation so
make sure the programs that you’re selling okay or the programs that
you represent make sure they’re good guys okay because if they’re not good if
they’re not quality if you wouldn’t buy them yourself then don’t market them
okay so the question is is you know people say well Aaron how do I know
whether program is good well by the program that’s that’s the thing that I
would say okay don’t market stuff that you don’t own yourself right because if
you’re marketing stuff that you don’t own then you don’t know the quality of
the program right and if you’re marketing stuff that is just crap then
you’re basically setting your customers up for failure right and you don’t want
to do that so that the thing that I would suggest is by every single thing
that you’re gonna market test it out yourself right take it for a test drive
you know whether it costs you know 50 bucks or a hundred bucks or $5,000 buy
it you know buy it use it be a user be an owner of that program and then you
can have moral authority to sell it to other people okay that’s that’s very
very important right so that’s that’s step number one I would say the biggest
thing with choosing good affiliate marketing programs is to know whether
it’s good or not okay the second thing when choosing an affiliate marketing
program to to market or sell is you have to have a look at the sales funnel right
is it a good sales funnel so for example there are a lot of Phillip programs out
there where the sales funnel is it’s pretty much nothing guys it’s literally
it’s just a little headline and it’s got like a little sales video and then
that’s it somebody buys it it could be $50 $100 $500 $1,000
you know the Buy button pops up and they buy it and then that’s it that they they
just kind of get all the information now to me that’s not a very very good sales
funnel right because a sales funnel like that is not gonna maximize the long but
what you call the long term customer value the LCV of your customer okay and
what a long-term customer value is is how much does that customer spend with
you when they buy your programs okay so on average I would say the most
affiliate marketing programs they only have one sale it’s just a front-end sale
right so if you can imagine if your customer comes
and they buy your program which let’s just say for example for for argument’s
sake let’s say cost a hundred bucks okay so that means when they buy it you make
a hundred dollars now if there’s only one sale on the front end where you make
a hundred bucks that means you only make $100 per customer okay which is actually
well you know in hundred bucks is not bad but but in most cases most affiliate
programs you only make like twenty bucks or fifty bucks so it’s not that much
money right but if you if you if you’re marketing a good program that’s got a
good sales funnel that means it’s got a front end offer it’s got a middle offer
and it’s got back end offers as well what they tend to do is they tend to do
a very very good job of upselling your customer it sort of takes them through a
customer journey okay it offers them valuable products and usually the
products are a little bit more expensive than the front end so the front end
product might be a little bit cheaper so maybe it’s 50 bucks right and then maybe
it up sells them in a program that’s you know 100 or 200 dollars okay and then
maybe there’s a back end program that’s a little bit more expensive it’s like
five hundred dollars or a thousand dollars or maybe even two thousand
dollars right or maybe even five thousand dollars right now as long as
the programs are good you’re basically best affiliate programs giving people the option on whether they
want to buy or not okay it’s completely up to them but what this does is it
averages out the lifetime customer value of each of your customers so instead of
people only spending twenty dollars with you when they buy they might end up
getting an average of maybe five hundred dollars of lifetime customer value now
if you’re making five hundred dollars or let’s just say $300 per customers
throughout their lifetime that’s why it’s called a lifetime customer value
right then you’ve got all of a sudden more money in your your bacon basically
earning more money per customer and that allows you to spend more money on your
traffic on the front end does that make sense right whereas if you’re if you’re
working so hard to generate or bring in new customers but you’re only making
twenty dollars per customer that’s why you’re going broke it’s because you
can’t afford to acquire a customer on the front end in a profitable way does
that make sense right we’re so so a lot of people their
sales funnel isn’t powerful at all it’s very weak actually
along with the time they just this they’re just selling one product they
cost $20 or it costs $50 and then once a customer buys that’s it they don’t they
don’t buy anymore right but if you have a program where the sales funnel is not
you know one day long it’s actually six months or 12 months long and people were
caught you know continue to buy products from you because that the funnel is so
long and so powerful that’s the type of affiliate program that you want to be
marketing okay so that’s number two make sure your affiliate program has a very
very long and structured sales funnel okay the third thing I would say that is
kind of linked to the second thing is that your affiliate program must have
multiple price points so that means like I mentioned earlier your program must
have multiple price points that your customers can actually buy from you okay
so that means that they it shouldn’t just be one thing alright because if
your customers oh like I said earlier if your customers are only buying one thing
from you then imagine if you wanted to make $10,000 a month right how many $20
sales would you have to make to make ten thousand dollars every single month it’s
a lot okay so ten thousand divided by twenty I don’t know what the math is but
it’s a lot it’s like five hundred or something like that okay now ask
yourself this question do you think you can make five hundred sales every single
month forever for the rest of your life that’s pretty tough you know most
marketers can’t make that even the really really good ones right but if you
had multiple if you had multiple products that you were marketing your
customers right and they had multiple price points that means maybe some some
some products are twenty dollars some products are fifty dollars some hundred
dollars some are thousand dollars some are two thousand dollars some are ten
thousand dollars then ask yourself how many products would you need to sell to
then earn $10,000 per month well probably not that much because maybe a
couple of them by you know maybe ten of them by the twenty dollar product and
then maybe five of them by the hundred dollar product and then maybe two of
them by the two thousand dollar product right so if you divide that all down you
don’t have to actually make that many sales to finally come up with a final
figure of five to ten thousand per month does that make sense right so
look it’s it’s it’s just as difficult to sell a $20 product as it is to sell one
thousand dollar product okay it’s the same right teaching or getting people to
take out their credit card and to spend money online it’s it’s a skill okay it’s
learning how to give people lots of value it’s learning how to convince them
it’s learning how to get them to know like and trust you for them to spend
money with you so again you know you might be thinking well Aaron it must be
much much more difficult to get someone to spend a thousand dollars than it is
to spend 50 bucks well actually not really okay it’s just about taking them
through that process by the time someone’s willing to spend money with
you it’s all about whether they have one best affiliate programs thousand dollars or whether they have
fifty dollars okay it just depends some some people will spend a thousand bucks
with you some people only spend fifty bucks with you okay
but the fact that they’re spending money with you that’s what you have to get
really really good at okay I hope that makes sense so those are the three
things that you need to look out for okay whenever you you’re trying to do
research and you want to market a new affiliate marketing program look at
these three things number one okay is it a quality product okay if it’s not a
quality product don’t market it okay your reputations on the line okay now
that’s the second thing is does this program have a good sales funnel okay if
it’s a if it’s just a one kind of you know if it’s a static website in the
front and there’s nothing in the backend at all don’t market products like that
okay it’s got to have a very very structured a process driven sales funnel
okay the third thing is does your program have multiple price points can
people purchase products at multiple price points if it only has one price
point on the front end don’t market it that’s not a very good a very good
affiliate program okay and all these things combined will help you to
maximize the amount of money that you’re making inside of your online business
okay so I hope you enjoyed this video today let me know in the comments below
what you think have you been marketing programs where it’s just one price point
maybe maybe you’re selling an e-book online which only cost twenty bucks I
mean think about it you know how many ebooks at twenty dollars do you have to
sell before you make five thousand dollars a month a lot okay it’s not
gonna be that easy alright so these are some of the things that you need to
about when you’re structuring your business all right it’s not just about
selling random products it’s about being strategic in your business and when you
understand how to be strategic in your business then it starts to become very
very easy okay give me a thumbs up if you got some value from this video today
and hey if you’re not subscribed to my channel please click on the red button
would really really appreciate it I always come up with videos like this
probably a few every single week okay I focus very much on internet marketing
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this stuff okay and I teach you how to build a business online from scratch
going from not knowing anything to learning how to build a very very
powerful business online and I’d love to teach you how to do that so again my
name is Erin Chen I wish you all the best have an awesome new year and I’ll
speak to you very very soon in 2018 take care


If you're new to affiliate marketing start with physical products and with amazon. Yes amazon's commission's suck but they're trusted and it's A LOT easier to sell than overpriced e-books on clickbank

Hey Aaron, I just stumbled upon your channel, watch a few videos and digging your sincerity, and the valuable contents you have been cranking out. I find it very informative, and you are dropping some golden nuggets that experienced, and popular marketers only drop in their seminars. Thank you for that. Question, I was back tracking your uploaded videos. This video in particular caught my attention, and you mentioned funnels, and some key components within them. I got an email in one of the programs that I have joined in the past, and they mentioned about a fairly new software launched called "Lead Funnel Cloud". I opened up my email, and it was pretty enticing, granted that it is pretty much a click and go type system where its already hosted, capture pages inside, affiliate link can be added via JVZoo, or Click bank, etc., etc. They even have email responders already pre built in. I know that Click Funnels cost a pretty penny, and its a monthly recurring payment. I tried to look up Lead Funnel Cloud online, and on youtube, but people are just offering their link, and offered bonuses. I can't seem to find a good, decent, honest review on it any where? I did discover though from a youtuber that there might be an up sell inside the software itself. But I was wondering if their standard $29.00 price would be sufficient enough to get started? I know and have heard this from many people that it is a major tool in the online marketing business model. I would like to see what your take on it is. Your honest opinion regarding this matter would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance Aaron and much respect. More power in all that you do!

This is good advice.
Most people just go on Clickbank, sort by gravity, then pick whatever product appears at the top. They don't even know what they're promoting haha
I feel better knowing that what I'm promoting is high quality. I've actually read the books.
Dispelling the gravity myths, my best converter has a gravity of 2, and nobody knows about it.

@3:00 Isn't there a simpler way to do it? You cant just buy and test every products just to see if they're good! Would be way too long and expensive.. ! We'd need a centralised review site of all affiliate products, or any product or services for that matter… That's the next big thing. That's the next billion dollar idea. Who's got balls, cash and time to implement it?

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