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Best New Amazon Prime Video Arrivals Of January 2020

Best New Amazon Prime Video Arrivals Of January 2020

2020 is already shaping up to be an incredible
year of entertainment, thanks in part to Amazon Prime Video. Whether you’re a fan of the Star
Trek franchise or more terrifying fare like Midsommar, rest assured there’s plenty of
great stuff to look forward to in January 2020. If you’re a Star Trek fan, January 2020 is
shaping up to be your month. “Admiral!” “This man’s sick. Here, take a look.” On New Year’s Day, you’ll be able to stream
most of the franchise films that featured the original cast: Star Trek: The Motion Picture,
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, Star Trek V: The
Final Frontier, and Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. And if you happen to be equally enthralled
by Star Trek: The Next Generation, you’re very much in luck: 1998’s Star Trek: Insurrection
starts streaming that very same day. As a wise man once said, “Live long and prosper.” Our prediction: In early 2020, The Goonies
will once again be good enough for you. “Down here it’s our time. It’s our time down
here.” On New Year’s Day, Amazon Prime Video starts
streaming the classic 1985 adventure-comedy. You’ll gasp, you’ll giggle as lovable children
trek through underground caves in search of buried treasure – all while outmaneuvering
a slew of baddies and booby traps. Wanna wrestle? Wanna laugh? Thanks to the
2019 film Fighting with My Family, you can do both. Based on the true story of WWE wrestler
Paige, this comedic biopic tells the story of Saraya-Jade “Paige” Bevis – played by Florence
Pugh – who finally gets her shot at superstardom in the wrestling ring. A certain Dwayne “The
Rock” Johnson co-stars, playing himself. The film comes to Amazon Prime on January 30th. Horror hounds, take heed: You’re cordially
invited to kick off the new year with every manner of chills and thrills. Available on
Amazon Prime beginning January 3rd, Midsommar tells the story of a troubled American couple
checking out a mysterious festival in Sweden. Their trip – and their relationship – quickly
devolves into a druggy, darkly comic disaster. This is the second full-length film directed
by Ari Aster, who made a name for himself with his hair-raising debut, Hereditary. Midsommar
is yet another exercise in mounting dread, and its myriad horrors dare to unfold in broad
daylight. Honestly, this folk-horror film makes The Wicker Man look like Encino Man. Meanwhile, if you’re in the mood for some
freaky futuristic fare, we’ve got some good news for you: The entire Cube series will
be available to stream starting on January 1st – including Cube, Cube 2: Hypercube, and
Cube Zero. Run, don’t walk! Each Cube film involves a group of strangers
trapped in a massive structure outfitted with futuristic booby traps. Let it suffice to
say, things get very dicey indeed. And hooray, there’s so much more to fear in
the new year! On January 1st, you can check out Robin Williams in The Final Cut. The film
is set in a dismal future in which everyone’s lives are recorded from start to finish – and
Williams edits those recordings for funerals. His life takes a turn for the worse when he’s
asked to hand over the memories of a recently deceased millionaire. That’s not all: In Knowing, Nicolas Cage stars
as a neurotic fellow who finds a list of numbers in a time capsule… and comes to believe
there’s a world-ending disaster on the horizon. You can check it out on Amazon Prime starting
on January 1st. Happy New Year to all, the impending apocalypse notwithstanding. Craving adventure? Not to worry. On January
1st, you can take a close look at 2009’s Sherlock Holmes, an overly slick reimagining of the
19th-century sleuth. Robert Downey Jr. stars as the titular hero, and Jude Law plays his
ever-loyal partner, Dr. Watson. The film involves a dastardly jerk by the name of Blackwood
– played by Mark Strong – who has more than a passing interest in the black arts. After
being executed for a series of brutal slayings throughout London, he seems to have risen
from the grave. Soon enough, Holmes and Watson are splashing headfirst into the darkest margins
of the occult in order to solve a diabolical mystery. If swords and sorcery are more your thing,
2011’s Conan the Barbarian will be available on Amazon Prime starting on January 6th. The
film stars Jason Momoa as an exceptionally strong warrior who blazes a trail of righteous
vengeance across the land, grunting all the while. Meanwhile, his confirmed nemesis is
trying to get his hands on a magical mask that will give him incredible powers. Can
Conan conquer him and save civilization from dark supernatural forces? We’re guessing he
can and will, or we’ll be wanting our money back. Two Amazon Prime originals are coming your
way in January, and neither should be missed if you know what’s good for you. Before his 1989 execution in the state of
Florida, serial killer Ted Bundy confessed to killing 30 women between 1974 and 1978,
and many people suspect the list of victims is even longer than that. Available on Amazon
beginning January 31st, Ted Bundy: Falling for a Killer is a five-part docu-series that
looks at this horrific human being through the eyes of the women who knew him. “This story has been told many times by men.
Now’s the time to talk about our own story from beginning to end.” Too bleak for you? Not to worry. In Troop
Zero, a young girl named Christmas Flint – played by McKenna Grace – is determined to get in
contact with extraterrestrials. See, she’s obsessed with outer space because she hopes
her dead mother can be found amongst the stars. So imagine her delight when she hears that
NASA wants regular folks like her to contribute to a very special project. “We are putting together a record of life
to launch into space. We will be recording people at the Jamboree.” You better believe the Birdie Scout Jamboree
is a talent show, and we should probably mention that Christmas Flint is considered something
of an outcast among her snippy, close-minded peers. The question is: Can Christmas rally
a troop of friends together and put on a killer show in order to finally make her mark on
the universe? Well… we certainly hope so. Find out for sure on January 17th. Check out one of our newest videos right here!
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I could swear they already had all of the Star treks. The only thing kind of good was the Sherlock Holmes. The rest looked like garbage, and even Holmes is so old, it’s like big deal.

I'm wondering why no one has the any reviews on the do los in space episode that have just big released on Netflix I liked it

Midsomer was just awkward. It just seemed like a discovery channel episode gone wrong lol we went to see this at the cinibar where most are drunk as they watch it and we all groaned at the awkwardness and then laughed we were dying lol. Everyone started cracking jokes it was a good time lol

Watched all the cube films when they were on Netflix best movie marathon ever I'd never heard about the movie previously but I'm glad I watched it

All I know is boycotting American gods they took out anansi Orlando Jones character literally the only reason I was here

Loved Midsommar. The Nicholas Cage Wicker Man is a joke, but the 1973 Wicker Man is widely recognized as a horror masterpiece.

I remember accidentally watching hypercube when I was 8. I was traumatized for months thinking I'd wake up there. I can't wait to watch it again

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