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Bing Ads partner DyGen shifts client digital campaigns into overdrive

Bing Ads partner DyGen shifts client digital campaigns into overdrive

We are DYGEN Digital, and we’re a subsidiary of our
full-service automotive advertising agency called
Moore and Scarry Advertising. We’ve been in
business since 2002. We are the largest Tier 3
automotive exclusive agency in the country. What’s always separated us from
everybody else is the fact that we’ve always
embraced digital and we were always on
the cutting edge. What we’ve seen in digital
has changed quite a bit, where people have gone to a set
it and forget it type thing for their clients. And where we think that’s
a problem is the fact that two things got left behind. One is the personal account
management because everyone of our clients is
a little different. And then the other
part is creative. We wanna hyper focus on people
that are actually in market for our clients. And so we utilize Bing for
exactly that. But what we do is we take
it a step further and write custom creative for
every individual client, which we see much higher
conversions and click throughs on that as opposed to
the cookie cutter standard ads. We have a very light account
load per account manager. And so that enables us to truly
build custom campaigns for our clients, not just
the cookie cutter stuff. We love Bing because, and
this might sound bad, because so many people ignore
it and they shouldn’t. And we love it because
it helps lower our cost per conversion, cost per clicks,
everything across the board. One in three searches
is done on Bing and it’s just a place that
you have to be in and we wanna separate our
clients from everybody else. And so we’re all over it. We are extremely happy with what
Bing has offered us so far. And we appreciate just
the attention that we get from the company overall. [MUSIC]

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